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You Can’t Be Called a Man Unless You Have…

A man must stand erect, not be kept erect by others. ~Marcus Aurelius I remember being a kid no more than 4 years old watching my dad play hockey at a rink close to the townhouse I grew up in. I don’t remember a thing about the game, just images of a bent nose with […]

How Society is Making Winning, Evil

I couldn’t believe it. As the newscasters went through the different pros and cons of the political candidates, one candidate’s wealth was deemed as a knock, something that would be held against him as people went to the polls to vote for their next leader. (Read This: Your Idea of Equality Isn’t Very Fair) It made […]

5 Reasons Why Real Men Train for Strength

Being strong is about far more than heavy bench pressing. And although it’s nice to be able to deadlift 4 plates for multiple repetitions, it’s much nicer go to bed at night knowing that you’re able to protect your family. (Read This: The Code of Manhood) That’s why it’s odd to me when guys ask […]

How to Create The Perfect Day

Life is but a collection of days. A great life is nothing more than a collection of days won. A great life is nothing more than a collection of days won. Click To Tweet I have the habit of thinking about the big picture a bit too frequently. I’m always thinking about the end game, […]


Our society’s becoming emasculated. Our men are becoming soft, weak, and vain. If you’re offended by that statement then I’m likely talking to you. If you agree with it, if you see that the tides are turning for the worse, then I’m likely not. If you’re doing any of the things on this list, don’t […]

3 Business Lessons I Learned from Hiking

I hiked up a mountain the other day. I took my pup, Teddy, and my pal’s pup, Kaya, and we walked up a mountain. It seems like an odd activity when you say it like that. Of course, we know that it’s about more than the simple act of walking up something. There’s the physicality […]

Why Our Generation Will Never Produce Great Men

I write a fair amount about great men, trying to find the lessons that they left behind either in their words or their actions. I read about them a fair amount as well. I’ve loved the books on Teddy Roosevelt and Robert E. Lee that now rest on my shelf. I just put down a book […]