The human body is a well-crafted, fine-tuned machine…

And when something in the machine is off balance, you’ll know about it…


Well, the machine tells you: You get headaches, run a fever, feel light-headed, or get depressed.

The trick to better health, however, is learning how to recognize when something’s off – when your body isn’t performing like it should…

And then making the necessary adjustments…

Guys, when it comes to our testosterone levels, we have specific indicators as well…

Off balance cues that let us know something’s not right.

Now, there are lots of ways for your body to get thrown out of whack and for your testosterone to suffer as a result…

But one of the most common ways is due to your diet.

All around the world faulty diets are causing sickly testosterone levels.

Do you know the symptoms?

Check out these 3 physical indicators that your diet is killing your testosterone, and make the adjustments you need to get it performing optimally again.

You’re hungry after you eat

Do you ever get hungry right after you eat?

Fellas, that’s a sign that you’re eating the wrong types of food.

As men who thrive when our testosterone thrives, we were meant to eat diets that help our testosterone levels thrive…

And meals that leave you craving more food are not testosterone-boosting meals…

In fact, craving food after you eat is an indicator that your diet is killing your testosterone.


Like I cover in my free book, The Man Diet (you can grab a copy here), a true testosterone boosting meal is going to consist of plenty of healthy fats, a healthy portion of gluten-free carbohydrates (potatoes, fruit, leafy greens) and a moderate amount of protein.

Because your body takes a long time digesting fats and proteins (compared to simple carbohydrates for example), you shouldn’t feel hungry soon after you eat them.

Instead, you should be pretty well satisfied for a while.

So if you’re feeling hungry after you eat – take a look at the food you just ate…

Chances are they aren’t testosterone-boosting foods like eggs, beef, leafy greens, avocado and the other foods I recommend in The Man Diet.

Check out The Man Diet and write out a plan to get the best testosterone-boosting foods into your diet ASAP.

You’re sluggish throughout the day

Your energy levels say a lot about your diet.

When you’re eating a diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals, you’re not going to feel bouts of afternoon drowsiness…

But when you do, it’s a sign that your diet isn’t only killing your energy levels, but it’s also killing your testosterone.


See, a testosterone-boosting diet is organically going to provide you with plenty of energy throughout the day…


Because it’s naturally loaded with foods that are packed with the vitamins and minerals that you need to keep your energy levels up: Leafy green vegetables, berries, grapes, pomegranate, eggs, olive oil and loads of others that you can check out here.

The bottom line is that a testosterone-boosting diet provides your body with sustenance, so a good indicator that you’re not eating testosterone-optimizing foods is that your energy levels suck.

So I recommend that you add more servings of greens and fruits to your day for optimal energy levels…

Also, indulge on plenty of healthy fats.

Make sure you’re eating enough food, too… A testosterone-optimizing diet wouldn’t be much of a diet for men if it didn’t mean you get to eat like a man.

You didn’t wake up with morning wood

When it comes to your testosterone, morning wood is an indicator that you’re doing all the right things.

Morning wood is a symptom of having high testosterone while you sleep and when you first wake up, which is when testosterone levels are at their highest.

So I’m going to ask you a personal question…

(But you can keep the answer to yourself.)

Any morning wood, lately?

If not, it’s likely that your diet is killing your testosterone levels.


Like I’ve said throughout this article, the foods you eat actively contribute to your testosterone levels…

And if you’re not eating testosterone-boosting foods, or if your meal timing is off, you won’t wake up with morning wood.

So I have a couple of recommendations for you here…

The first is to stop eating a few hours before bed…

The reason is because every time you eat, your testosterone levels lower.

Which you don’t want to happen right before your body is about to enter that time of day in which it’s trying to produce enough testosterone for you to thrive as a man.

Next, you should try to have high-cholesterol foods during your last meal (a few hours before bed).

See, your cholesterol is a pre-cursor to testosterone production, meaning that the more good cholesterol you consume during the day, the more testosterone you’re body is going to produce while you sleep.

So have yourself some breakfast for dinner: Eggs, bacon, you know, everything that doctors have said to stay away from to make men less like men over the years. I also recommend salmon or mackerel cooked in olive oil. For a fruit, add some avocado to the mix as well.

the man diet free boo

Your Next Step

So what’s the consensus, fellas?

Do you see yourself on this list of indicators that your diet is killing your testosterone levels?

If so, I want to recommend that you check out my free book, The Man Diet.

I wrote it specifically for guys like you who want to boost testosterone, are sick of feminine diets directed towards men, and who want to, well, eat like a men.

It’s built on years of research on testosterone and includes everything you need to optimize your testosterone levels.

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