Man Up! Episode #15: You Can’t Win With This Wordlview

Man Up! Episode #15: You Can’t Win With This Wordlview

How you see the world can determine your degree of happiness, success, and pride toward the end of your life. Most, however, see the world as somehow owing them something, as success as something dependent on circumstance and not on the man.

If you think that circumstance dictates who you are and what you accomplish in life, you’re fucked.

I can’t put it any other way. If you know, however, that you determine where you end up in life no matter where you’re born or who you’re born unto, then you have the power to exact whichever reality you wish to exact, and create whatever life you want to create.

Choose the latter.

Man Up! Episode #14: 2 Lessons in Success from The Practicing Mind

Man Up! Episode #14: 2 Lessons in Success from The Practicing Mind

Practice for the Sake of Practice.

  1. Adjust your goals.

Instead of trying to create something, bring something to fruition in the future, focus on learning. Focus on learning skills, mastering those that you need to acquire to make that goal a possibility.

2. Focus on the process, and not the end result.

Get good at practicing. And not just practicing to create something, but the actual act of practicing. Learn to love it.

The 3 Challenges from the Podcast:

  1. Go slower.
  2. Focus on the process, on learning, not on the end result you want to achieve.
  3. Read 37 pages per day, or 250 pages per week.

Here’s a link to the book: The Practicing Mind

Man Up! Episode #13: The 2 Roles of Men

Man Up! Episode #13: The 2 Roles of Men

How to Man Up!

How can a life truly be lived in the avoidance of danger and pain?

  1. It’s when we push ourselves beyond what we can do, beyond our safe zones, that we experience life.
  2. Living is a verb, it requires action. It cannot be done while on your ass.
  3. Set higher goals. Explore. Adventure.


2 Roles of Men

1. Explorer.

It’s your duty to go beyond. That is, to set higher goals, to work harder, to explore more, to get out into nature and test yourself against the elements.

2. Defender.

It’s your duty to defend. But not only your duty to rise to the call to action, but be skilled enough and strong enough to actually be of some use when you do defend.

Man Up! Episode #12: The Approval Society

Man Up! Episode #12: The Approval Society

Man Up: Persist in Silence. Don’t Work for Fame.

It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness. ~ Seneca

Quietly become great, and quietly do good. To man up requires not fame but persistence in silence.

We live in an age and a society that promotes vanity. We do things to broadcast them and not simply to do them or enjoy them.

Your journey and your mission in life is to do what you must to the best of your ability, but without telling every Tom, Dick, and Harry about the work you’ve done or the deeds you’ve done.

The road ahead is rough. There will be losses, it will be riddled with failure. That’s just what life is. Create greatness by hustling and persisting, not broadcasting your every victory and moment of ease.

Buy your copy of Fearless here.

Article: Quietly Become Great

Man Up! Episode #10: How Men Are Acting Like Little Bitches

Man Up! Episode #10: How Men Are Acting Like Little Bitches

There’s no secret that masculinity is on the decline, and that the tough, gritty, masculine values that have built great nations and free societies are dwindling. But how? And why?I cover it both in this podcast, and in this article. There are certain areas, like political correctness, laziness, or the desire to have what others have worked for because of self-pity, that this weakness and lack of manliness in society is popping it’s ugly head. Just like in the lack of father’s being fathers, or men allowing their seeds to see light.

As our society becomes even further emasculated, we will suffer. But the change may not have to happen from the top, up. It can start with you. And in this podcast I cover how to do that even in your every day life.

“Because there is very little honor left in American life, there is a certain built-in tendency to destroy masculinity in American men.” Norman Mailer