Men Are Tasked With the Protection of Our Communities. This is Our Purpose. It Has Been for Millennia.

Whether you’re a women or child, old or young, you have to know that it’s men who are going to stand by you and for you and your values. It’s men, those who’ve defended city gates for thousands of years, who will fight for you against the evil that bad men do. It’s men who will create safety.

That’s what should be, but in cities like Cologne, Germany, where a thousand women were sexually assaulted by refugees without resistance, or Sweden, now the rape capital of Europe – again, thanks to the refugees who are welcomed with open arms yet have insanely differing values – where women in towns that are overrun by said refugees don’t feel safe, the men aren’t defending, they’re not protecting – ARE THEY HIDING?

The question has to be asked…





Success isn’t merely an option, but a duty. It’s a duty for every man, no matter his color, creed, religion, or birthplace. (Read This: To Reach Your Potential Is an Expectation, Not an Anomaly)

It doesn’t matter if you were born in slums or in your county’s biggest mansion, you must do the absolute best you can do with what you have and in every case I’ve come across we have far more than we acknowledge because acknowledging our hunger, our talent, and our ability would mean accepting responsibility for making the most of it.

Few in our society want to do this. We’d much rather play the victim role. We’d much rather see the odds stacked against us and use them as an excuse for mediocrity in every facet of our lives.

Admittedly, the exception to the rule is guys like you; the guys who’ve connected here and on other platforms like this clearly have a desire to improve, a desire to stop making excuses, man up, and take responsibility for their lives.

However – and this is a big one – we can always do more, be more, expect more, and achieve more.

The state of manhood in our modern time is one of dilution. For those that don’t know – and this seems to be a growing number – men and women are different. We are biologically different. Science shows us our differences very overtly and plainly. The masculine energy is also very different from the feminine. The masculine is colder emotionally, it sucks, but it’s just how we are. Our thought process is more chronological and logical.

We experience an event and that’s the end of it. We see what happened in cause and effect and in a linear fashion.(Read This: The Event Doesn’t Matter. Your Reaction To It Does)

The feminine, however, feels far more intelligently than the masculine. Their emotional intelligence is greater, and their strengths are very unique. Take my mom and dad, for example. My mom’s social intelligence in that she can read a person’s intentions, is greater than my old man’s. My old man’s strengths are dealing with problems and people without allowing emotions into the fold. Both are important. Both are necessary. Both are unique.

We’re also very similar in that we’re human. Men and women can be both masculine and feminine in how they deal with problems or find solutions or how we think, not, however, in who they are nor what they’re biologically here to do.

Women are incredibly tough. Giving birth is a gift that only they possess possibly because men are bed-ridden at the slightest hint of a cold.

To think, however, that we’re the same, and to expect the same from men and from women is ignorant. It flies in the face of thousands of years of evolution where each played a role in society, and because of their biology, each was asked to be and do different things within the tribes they existed in.

The Dilution of the Sexes Due to Innovation

If we were thrust back to a time before the home, central heating, cars, plains, and trains, men and women would once again have to fit into their roles for society to grow and thrive and for mankind as a species to grow and thrive.

When we don’t have to fit into the hunter or gatherer roles that our hormones once dictated we take up, we’re able to flow into whichever role we like. Men don’t have to hunt and gather, nor defend and protect. We have supermarkets and we have police.

There is nothing wrong with this, it just is.

There is much good in innovation, clearly.

The world has never been safer. And thanks to things like capitalism, it’s also never been wealthier and the wealth gap on a worldwide scope has never been so closely tied together. There aren’t kings and surfs. We rooted out and destroyed communism and socialism, at least partially, giving each a way out of poverty. Though the rich are still incredibly rich in comparison to the poor, there are fewer deathly poor than there ever have been. More people have access to the things they need to have access to in order to survive largely because of innovation, though much work still needs to be done.

Our lives are also easier. They’re likely easier than the lives that kings and queens once lived. We have to do virtually nothing to survive. We just have to show up, do what we’re told, and collect money for doing it.

There is also a bad side to innovation, and we’re not going to talk about war or the new nature of government control, yet, instead we’re going to talk about the soul of men and how innovation has, in part, allowed them to become little bitches.

It’s in knowing and understanding causes that we can understand solutions in our own lives, if, that is, you’re not a little bitch and you’re fine with taking action.

The Liar, the Bitch, and the Coward

When I say little bitches, it’s clear what I mean. The wuss, the sissy, the pussy, the complainer, the victim. It isn’t a disparaging remark hurled at women, and it’s silly that I even have to highlight that, but I do. So let’s move onward.

For a species to thrive and populate, men and women have to have sex, make a baby, and then see that baby to adulthood. Hundreds of years ago, seeing that baby to adulthood was far from guaranteed. In fact, it was unlikely. It required much attention, affection, love, and a watchful eye from its mother.

It’s in this beautiful gift, the gift of being able to have a child that we have the most necessary aspect to our species. Before daycare and nannies, women had to ensure the safety of their own child when it was at its most vulnerable.

The man didn’t have an option as to what he would do, and nor did the woman. He had to provide and protect his family while his wife had to give birth to and raise them. It was a harsh world. If a man or a woman wanted to carry on their legacy, they had to do so as a team.

A woman, having to cook and take care of kids all day likely putting time in the fields as well, would not want to hear a man complain about whatever he had to do no matter how tough it was. It was and still should be off-putting and a massive turn off to hear a man bitch about having to earn and hunt and gather food for his family.

His role was his role. It was so because of biology. A complaint did no good. To complain about the way things are is useless. Options didn’t exist so complaints had no place in a home.

In a societal scope things were different. Complaining wasn’t rampant, but the desire to be free, was. Freedom has been a goal for men and women, forever. Some even fought and died in its pursuit. They wanted to raise their families on their own land and not have to pay taxes to a king or emperor.

The roles within a home were set, but the roles within a society could be contended if enough men rose up and fought for freedom.

The result of thousands of years of tyranny was, at the time, a free Scotland – thanks to men like William Wallace – and closer to home, a free America. (Read This: To Live as William Wallace Lived)

What you have to know about America is that it was the first truly free society where men governed themselves. It wasn’t that way before Europeans conquered the land and Native Americans had tribal leaders and fought and warred other tribes (I’m reading a book right now on Tecumseh, they too wanted a free nation of their own, but it’s something that could never have happened so long as they and the Europeans saw themselves as living under different laws and rules. Anyhow, we usually gloss over how North America was conquered by saying it was “settled”. It wasn’t. It was conquered just like every other civilization before it, be it China, Japan, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and so on and so forth. In making it sound nicer, we make ourselves feel better, but we also put the Native Americans at an even worse place. As every society before assimilated those who they conquered and eventually lived with them, employing them, evolving with them, we’ve kept the Native Americans on the outside. Rather than including, we’ve paid them to remain on their own, and that’s resulted in horrible consequences for what was one of the greatest warrior cultures the world had ever seen. Natives warred with other tribes who had chiefs, or kinds or lords. They conquered one another’s lands for hundreds of years, but were eventually conquered themselves.).

This article’s going off on a tangent of its own, fast. Back to America.

America was the first society without a monarchy, without a single ruler but rather a ruler that was at the behest of the people. It’s even set up so that states technically rule themselves, with cities, towns, and county’s also having a say over how they’re governed.

In Canada, we’re basically subservient to one single rule. We didn’t fight for freedom and have always been a part of the Commonwealth. Our government does not reflect each region, but is centralized so that one body makes the same laws for everyone, no matter if they’re in a small town in the mountains or a big city on the water. What’s sad is that you’re seeing a shift in America toward a centralized government and in the process the freedoms of the individuals and the individual states are being lost.

America was born from a people who wanted individual liberty over personal power. It’s best shown in their first president, the man who could have been king but stayed in power for only a single term, setting the stage for leaders to follow his lead (I’m speaking of George Washington of course).

Freedom has always been something men have yearned and longed for. It’s in our DNA to want to be free. Moses led the Israelites through a horrendous and traitorous march just for freedom. Cato died trying to keep Rome a nation for the people. William Wallace died for an idea, one that he was never truly able to experience. Christ died for a different kind of freedom and now 2 billion people follow his teachings for that same kind of freedom.

Freedom has been fought for up until we, the little bitches. (Question: Are You Wasting Their Sacrifice?)

1. We’re Sacrificing Freedom Because of Fear

Men once knew why they were here, or at least what they had to do on a daily basis. They didn’t complain because there was no reason for it to exist.

Men once also sought something more, something greater that finally came to fruition with formation of America, as we’ve already discussed. Men now, however, would rather have less responsibility and as a result, less freedom.

We don’t want to be responsible for how we spend our money, nor what we spend it on. We’re afraid of being taken advantage of, and averse to due diligence, and so we regulate. We allow one bad apple to be used to enact laws that prevent others from even attempting to start a business or provide a service.

We were attacked, the lot of us, the free world. And so we enact laws that inhibit the freedoms of the masses.

People shoot other people, and because of this, we want to remove one man’s right to protect his home and hunt and stop others from taking what he’s worked hard to build. And so, we want to disarm. We’re afraid, and rather than being responsible for our own safety, we want to give that responsibility to a governing body. (Read This: The Coward Wants Rules. What We Need Is Freedom)

 Think about that point like this: America was born in defiance of tyranny. It was born in defiance of an entity that wanted to be the only one who was armed. When you have an entity that is armed and it alone is armed, you have a single entity that can rule. The Nazis and the communists of China and the USSR knew this, that to take control of a population, you must first disarm them. And today we allow our fear and our desire for safety to enable this same loss of freedom. We, the little bitches.

But it extends even further to the myth that is land ownership. Some guy, some time ago abused the land he lived on. And then it happened again. It could be 1 out of 1 million landowners did something wrong on their land that negatively effected others around them and in their community, and so we vote to take freedom away from all land owners. We’re afraid. We’re afraid that one guy will cut down the wrong tree or dig an illegal ditch. And so we create rules that, at least in North America, make land ownership a myth.

Another guy is a dick, and he has a big dog. The dog isn’t innately evil, but after having spent years with this dick, he becomes a dick. The dick dog then attacks another dog or a human or maybe he eats a cat (good for him on that front, cats exist only to shit in other people’s yards). Then there’s another dick who gets that same dog because it’s big and awesome. Another attack happens. Rather than stopping dicks from buying awesome dogs, we stop everyone from buying awesome dogs, because we’re pussies. We don’t want to be responsible for our own safety, nor the governing of our own neighborhoods, so we ruin it for the lot.

Men are little bitches.

We’re little bitches because we’re afraid of responsibility.

Another great example is the family. The family is fleeting. It’s fleeting on the whole and within subcultures. Black Americas once had the highest family rates amongst every group in America. They now have by far the lowest, and people have the gall to point to external reasons for the decline of a once proud and good and increasingly successful tribe.

We vote like pussies.

You ideology doesn’t matter. Whether you’re conservative or liberal is irrelevant. You cannot vote to inhibit freedom and still call yourself a man.

We do this because we don’t want responsibility. We don’t want to have to think. We don’t want to have to defend. So we vote in laws that go against everything that men have fought and died for, be it William Wallace or Mr. Washington, we’re unraveling everything that good, honest, strong, and free men have fought and died for.

We live like pussies.

We come home from a long day’s work, and we complain. We cry about our boss or how we’re being treated unfairly. Where we once had little option as to what we could do with our lives, we now have infinite options and with said options have come an infinite amount of excuses and things to bitch and moan about.

Where women once would tolerate a man’s complaints, they now want their men to open up, to talk more about the feelings that none of us really have and have to make them up just to give the lady what she wants.

We live like pussies because we buck our responsibilities daily. We take everything we have for granted and yet we want more. We compare ourselves to others and we want what they have. We covet everyone’s wife and house and dog, car, and job. We get fit not by living an active life, by hunting or warring, but in a gym where we’re surrounded by mirrors and we wonder why our society is so vain.

We’re seeing our pussification come about in wholesale movements…

2. We’re Leading Jealous, Envious, Lazy Lives.

Those lazy bastards we saw in the occupy Wall Street movement didn’t understand that it is not their right to get what someone else has worked for, but it’s their obligation to work for everything they’re capable of getting.

Success isn’t something that is nice to achieve. Success is something you must be for wasting what potential you have is a sin against your God, your parents, and the men who’ve died for years protecting the pursuit that you somehow feel you have the right not to engage in.

It’s these same people who want to remove systems like capitalism and replace them with socialism and communism. Capitalism is a system based on merit. The argument they have is that it gives certain members an unfair advantage over others. They’re completely ignorant to the notion that both socialism and communism make wealth a birthright as well as mediocrity. Wherever you are born in socialism or communism, you’re likely to remain.

Capitalism is freedom. Freedom is what the little bitches now fear, no matter what the evidence points to. They want to restrict laws and take what others have earned because they’re too lazy to earn it themselves. The inequality in our countries exists. The unfair inequality exists not because of too much freedom, but due to a lack of it. Every valid study of economic freedom shows that where it exists, equality increases.

Economic freedom correlates directly to greater equality. What sucks is that you actually have to work for what you want rather than camping around, chanting and crying, wishing for it to occur. The occupy movement was born out of both weakness and ignorance.

But what about taxes? Would a man who has a lot wanting to pay more taxes not be out of goodness and kindness and is this not more manly?

No, and for a number of reasons.

For one, the taxes we pay are largely wasted. A governing body who spends the money that others have earned cannot help but spend that money frivolously. If you have money and you want to do real good in your society, you’d best do it through the right charity, or by putting that money back into the free market and creating more jobs.

Second, increasing taxes isn’t helping your fellow man, we’ve already noted that more help exists in charity or giving to your church or creating more jobs. Increasing taxes is telling another man what he should do with his money, and this is incredibly weak.

3. We’re Bucking Our Fatherly Responsibilities.

We have a way out for every action. There is no consequence for anything we do. We have sex. Make a baby. And then kill that baby because it’s not the right time to raise it. We leave women alone to make that decision on their own. We leave the seed we planted in the hands of a killer because it would inconvenience our lives.

There is truth to the notion that the child will have a tougher upbringing if brought into the world at a tumultuous time. The woman’s concern that a child can’t come into the world without food or two parents to raise it is real. Who’s fault is this? How can it not be the man’s? How can food and security and direction be brought into the life of a child? Through parenting, and yet men are leaving or leading women to make the decision to kill their baby and society sees it as not only justified, but good?

This is clearly an article pointing men to their weakness, not pointing at women and exposing their faults. A man who walks his girlfriend to the abortion doctor isn’t doing it out of love or compassion, but out of a desire to avoid fatherhood, or at least push it back a few years. He rationalizes it by saying it’s done out of compassion, but we all know it’s done out of a selfish desire to have things go as planned.

Your desire to abort would be justified if the deed was never done, if sex never actually occurred and the baby just popped out of nothingness – but even in the single case of this happening, Joseph stood by Mary and raised young Jesus. If Jesus were to come back in today’s society it’s likely he wouldn’t make it out of the womb…

… Because modern men are little bitches.

4. We Pity.

Want to know who societies greatest feminists are? Soldiers. They’re in Iraq or Afghanistan where women genuinely have no rights, they cannot vote, nor show their face, and they’re fighting for the majority of the Afghans and Iraqis who want freedom. Men and women who start businesses and employ women and men based on merit are feminists not because they see the feminine as weak and needing a hand out, but because they see the intelligence and work ethic that they need in their company. Their feminism is about action, not pity. Then there are those men who don’t listen to statistics nor logic nor are they willing to fight for women.

We call them male feminists.

The gender wage gap, for instance, exists, just not on a per job basis, and no matter what evidence you look at, male feminist’s pity for the opposite sex gets in the way of logic. Rather than seeing freedom as a solution, male feminists want more racist and sexist laws to single out those they pity and see as incapable.

They want women in the military or in firefighting to have a different set of tests to pass that are far easier than the ones that the men have to pass, not because they love women, but because they view them as a lesser being, a group that needs a hand out.

It’s these same feminists who will walk their lady to the abortionist. It’s these same feminists who won’t open a car door nor pay for dinner nor protect and defend his lady – nor even call her his lady nor him her man. If these modern feminists were thrown back to a time without technology, they wouldn’t know what to do, nor would they be able to fit the role that biology dictated they fit. Rather than seeing the uniqueness in women, the strengths that men don’t possess, they see the success of the modern women judged by masculine rules.

In their eyes, women cannot be successful unless they’re successful in ways and areas where men thrive. They want rules enacted to “help women”, blind to the fact that the more economically free a society is, the greater the equality. They want rules to create equality when it’s freedom that allows merit to determine who deserves what, and women and men being equally intelligent, end up being far more equal where freedom is enabled.

5. We’re Becoming Hyper-Sensitive.

PC is rooted in weakness. It’s weakness because it’s a hypersensitivity that creates more division than it does bring people together.

We have different skin colors and cultures and backgrounds. We have different shapes and sizes. These things are important to notice and identify as our lineage makes us feel connected and a part of something. But, scientifically speaking, we have only a single race.

There isn’t a group that needs a helping hand, nor another that needs to be punished. It’s political correctness, however, that forces us to see how we’re different, be it by sex or race, and to rush to judgement when someone is comfortable with our differences, even joking around about our various cultures and creeds.

Political correctness is the weak brainchild of the pussified male. It’s what will destroy him as other cultures give a rat’s ass about political correctness. We can’t call a terrorist a radical Islamist even though he follows the religion. It’s in this weakness and ignorance that we don’t allow a religion to reform. Christianity needed reformation, as does Islam, yet it’s political correctness that refused to see this reality and by the numbers, it’s Muslims to are being slaughtered far more than any other group as a result.

To act with love you must also act with strength.

Where there is no strength, love cannot come to fruition, and it’s things like political correctness, borne of good intentions, that have allowed weakness to control them and turn them into evil.

The rise of political correctness has also brought about the rise of the sensitive male. There has never been a man I’ve respected who’s uttered the words, “that’s offensive” or “I’m offended”. To allow someone to offend you with mere words or insensitivity is cowardly.

How to Stop the Pussification of Men

I just went over how men are being pussies not to point the finger but to open the blinds.

We’re ignorant to this stuff. I know I am a lot of the time. I slide into being a little bitch when I complain or I look at another man’s life with envy or I sleep in or I don’t do the work that needs to be done.

There’s a part of us that’s always going to be a little bitch, but we’re also bred warriors. Our ancestry is filled with warriors. Men like Washington and Wallace, Napoleon and Tecumseh. The Vikings, the Scots, the Anglo Saxons, Romans, Chinese, Samurai, and Maori. The Spartans and Zande and Aztecs and Persians and Arabs and the Mongols.

We all come from hunters and gatherers and are here only because some man in our lineage fought and defended his family better than the others.

We live in a society where we have to do very little. We can get away with laziness. We can very well thrive being little bitches. But we cannot truly experience the gift of life if we complain and quit, cower in fear and wilt under pressure. We cannot be free if we constantly succumb to fear.

Where men are strong and self-reliant, men and women are also free. Equality and economic freedom go hand in hand. Where an economy grows freely more people enjoy in the wealth.

Forget about society for a second, and focus on yourself.

Do the things in your own life, both the big decisions and moments, and the smaller, daily actions, that will make you tough. Get up earlier than you are now. Do your chores everyday. Keep your house clean. Work hard. Work harder. Set bigger goals. Push yourself. Persist. By God, persist. Don’t you dare quit. Life isn’t a race. It isn’t a quick burst of hard work. It’s long and arduous and often unkind. But you’re a man for fuck’s sake. You’re a man and a warrior and the world needs you to act as such, to live as such, to vote as such, to father as such, and to be as such.

Man up.

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