In 1911, three men set out on the adventure of a lifetime. They wanted to trek the unknown territory of Antarctica and link it with other known portions of the desolate continent.

The three men were ages 33, 30, and 29 respectively. They were ambitious, strong, courageous, and unwaveringly committed in their endeavor, so much so that two of them died along the way and one barely made it out alive. He was all alone on the ice.

This is a far cry from the 30 year olds that walk in our midst today.

Instead, they have traded their ambition for something far less virtuous.

Men have become soft, emasculated, and lazy.

This is due in part to real men having become reclusive and passive, and our culture becoming impervious to masculinity.

Look around and you will see that men are more concerned about the pants that they wear and the way their hair looks than how to make ambitious goals, and pursue their dreams. They have become afraid of their own shadow and doomed themselves to a life of mediocrity.

Chances are, that if you are reading this, then you go against the status quo, that you as a man have found yourself on the other side of society. You have been called “rough around the edges” or “insensitive”.

Take this as a compliment

Unfortunately, our culture has deemed men who are passive, and relinquish their manhood virtuous, and esteemed.

What men really need is self-awareness, mastery, and other men to learn from.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” – Proverbs 27:17

Men need to pursue mastery and be in constant pursuit of huge ambitious goals. They must constantly challenge themselves and push themselves to learn new skills and to grow in strength, endurance and mindset.

These things can only be developed if they are done with discipline and consistency.

The Lost Virtues of a Man


Men need to have some sort of consistent physical activity that they do, whether it’s lifting weights, martial arts, running, swimming, biking or a combination of all of them.

When men don’t do this, they get fat, injured, or have health issues. Don’t believe me, look around.

They also need to have a why, a reason for existing. They need to know their why, so that they can work in their Strengths and become who they are made to be.

Socrates said it best: “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

If you are not pushing your limits or putting your body under deliberate physical stress every day, you are denying your very essence.

Men need to know what they are capable of. When you lift weights, move heavy objects, destroy your goals and win, then you become confident and more alpha minded.

Lifting weights just to lift weights is not enough. You have to train. Life is going to come at you from all angles and you need to be prepared to handle whatever it throws at you. The more you exercise your body and your mind and put it under good, deliberate stress, the easier the problems will seem.

Learn how to do heavy Lifts like the Deadlift, Squat, and Olympic Lifts. Get a trainer, or go to a fundamentals class to learn these lifts. Proper form is key.


Men don’t play the victim. They take ownership.

Your mind will tell you that you can’t do something. You have to be able to tell it to shut up.

You have to build your mind by repeating positive habits. There are two very important ways that this can be done.

  • Lift Weights and Exercise: Lifting weights boosts testosterone, builds confidence, and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction long after the workout. I quote Jocko Willink “If you want to improve mental toughness, try this: BE TOUGHER
  • Read Good Books: You have to read books that set your dreams on fire, and grow your library of manly books .If the only time a man is getting information is from Social media, Netflix or the TV, then he must just like being useless. Every great man in history was a reader, Marcus Aurelius, Themistocles, Teddy Roosevelt, Solomon, and many more.
  • I’m not talking about hippie yoga crap. I’m talking about shutting up and listening to what is going on around you. Take five minutes every day to sit, breathe deeply and remain quiet. Focus on who you want to be, and your ideal day. Then go out and do your best to be that man.

Do these things every single day.


Men need a battle to fight, and a challenge to face

John Eldredge in his book “Wild at Heart”, said that men need three things.

  • A Battle to Fight
  • An Adventure to Live
  • A Beauty to Rescue

If a man wants to know what he is made of, I would urge him strongly to take on some sort of endurance event. TriathlonSpartan Race 13+ miles, Biking, Marathon, Ultra-Marathon, go-ruck event, being away from your family or loved ones for an extended period of time.

A man will find out a lot about himself by physically and mentally challenging himself. The thing you don’t think you can do. That’s the thing you need to do.


Men need to continually learn new skills and become proficient at the ones already developed. If you want to build a website but don’t know how…then learn. If you don’t know how to bench press…then learn. If you don’t know how to shoot a gun, then go learn. Do manly stuff!

Men know that there is never an arrival point, there is never a destination. This life is asymptotic. Meaning you will continually come closer and closer to perfection, but never reach it. This should be encouraging because the sky is the limit.

Once you have a skill, work hard to hone it, and incorporate it into your daily life.

Every day you have a choice as a man, you can settle into mediocrity and passivity that this culture nurtures and cultivates, or you can set yourself apart and be the man you are made to be.

Being that man isn’t easy, because doing things the right way is not popular, and others will go against you because they are shallow scared little boys.

Boys hide and do what feels good, they don’t take responsibility or ownership. They are cowards, afraid of the success they can achieve, afraid to be dangerous and harsh.

It takes a man to make men.

How to obtain Mastery

  • Don’t look for shortcuts. First, say to yourself what type of man you want to be, then be that man. No one is going to push you more than yourself. A man doesn’t wait for things to be perfect, he takes action.
  • Stay Consistent. Don’t give up because something gets hard. Becoming the man you are made to be, takes time, effort and practice. Lots of it. Epictetus said: “No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen.
  • Remain Teachable and Humble. These go hand in hand. Humility leads to being teachable. When you realize that you don’t know anything that is when you are ready to learn anything. Remember that you are a warrior and that you were made for greatness. Warriors are teachable, and always ready to learn.
  • Be willing to adapt. Things don’t always go as planned, but if you remain strategic in your approach and are developing your skill and strength then you will be able to adapt and change as new opportunities and openings arise in your life.
  • Challenge Yourself. Never think that you have arrived. That you have reached your destination. A man’s journey lasts a lifetime, and you can’t do things because you think you are going to get noticed or because you want accolades. Do the things you need to do because they will make you better as a man, not because you think you will be rewarded for doing them.

Don’t ever settle into mediocrity. Always choose the higher road. You will be a better man because of it, one that is born hardship, pain, discomfort, and grief. Life is never guaranteed to be easy, and as a man, this is the first step in developing a warrior mindset and a never quit attitude.

Be Legendary, Be Authentic.

Do Manly Stuff, Create goals and then conquer those big audacious goals that you set for yourself.

Kick ass. Ever. Single. Day.

Be the man that you were made to be.

4 characteristics a man needs to learnStephen Dull is a Navy Veteran, Cross-fit Enthusiast, Blogger, Podcaster, Engineer, who loves to lift weights in his garage, and help men be the men that they were made to be.
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I was talking with a buddy and his lady the other day about them possibly getting a dog.

I love dogs, so obviously I was trying to sell them on the idea.

We went from talking about breeds to the specifics, like should they get pet insurance and so on.

Finally, the conversation dove into how stupid regulations are, namely the fact that my dog is banned in 7 countries.

If you’ve ever met Teddy, my 3-year old dogo Argentino, you’d know he’s an absolute sweetheart. The guy’s a teddy bear (hence the name).

Granted, at 110 pounds of solid muscle, you wouldn’t want to break into my house if Teddy’s inside. But isn’t that the point?

Part of the point of owning a dog is, of course, companionship, but they’re also working animals. They serve a purpose. Part of Teddy’s purpose is to protect and defend the house, especially when I’m not home.

Some governments – be they national, provincial, state, or municipal – look at the capacity a dog has to do harm to other dogs or humans, and they punish owners (by making them pay higher for licensing or insurance) or by outright banning the dog, regardless of what the evidence says.

For instance, chihuahuas bite more humans than pitbulls.

And dogo’s, well, they’re not even on the list – any list for that matter.

If you know dogs you’ll know it’s 100% dependent on the owner. If the owner is a prick, then the dog is likely going to react accordingly.


Punishing the masses for a few bad apples is always horrific policy.

Regardless, Teddy is a wonderful companion, and a GREAT guard dog.

That’s his purpose.

It’s also MY purpose, and YOUR purpose.

While we’re here to provide for others, to lead others, to inspire and motivate and so on, we’re also here to defend.

That’s our role.

Men are bred over thousands upon thousands of years to guard the village and city gates from other men and animals who would do its inhabitants harm.

Just like societies try to limit or even ban dogs who have the capacity for danger, they’re trying to make our men softer, more timid and malleable.

You have to fight that.

I have to fight that.

While we need to be caring, kind, and good, if we don’t accompany that with the capacity for danger, it’s all for nought.

lessons learned in 2017

And while you’re going to the gym to build bigger muscles, to get lean, and to increase your testosterone levels, you’re also there to train your body to be dangerous, and to have that potential running through your veins.


Because, as a man, in the end, it’s not about you.

You’re dangerous so those around you can be free, safe, and creative.

You’re dangerous so those around you don’t have to worry.

You’re dangerous because that’s what real men have been since before Moses wore short pants.

Take this quest with you next time you’re in the gym, and I guarantee you’ll put more into your training because when you think of your purpose on these terms, there’s a heck of a lot more at stake from your training.


Be Legendary,

Chad Howse


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Let me preface this by saying that I don’t watch the news. This isn’t about current events. It’s not about politics.

It’s about you and helping you become the most powerful man you can become.

Earlier this year I mentioned that I’m splitting my reading list up.

On one hand, I’m studying guys who’ve accomplished great things and either through their own words or their biographies, have left clues for what has made them over-achievers, winners, and even billionaires and conquerors.

The other part of my reading is learning marketing. I spend time reading articles and studies about testosterone and training and self-improvement, but knowledge on that front is useless if eyes don’t see my site, my youtube page, or my programs or books.

The first guy I’m studying is Trump, and I’m doing so because of something I noticed in a few of his interviews…

… His self-talk is POWERFUL

You can tell he doesn’t let doubt or negative talk enter his mind about himself by how he talks about himself, his accomplishments to others.

This can come off as incredibly arrogant. He doesn’t doubt himself. He talks himself up. He brags and boasts, but he also works.

Having true humility dictates that you understand that you have to work to get what you want. If you were arrogant, you wouldn’t work because you think you’re God’s gift to the world and that you’re entitled to what you haven’t yet earned.

3 powerful lessons I learned from Donald Trump


Trump works. He sleeps 3-4 hours a night so he can work more than his competition. THAT is humility. Most people won’t boast or brag, but they also won’t work. They’ll think they’re entitled, worthy of what they don’t have, but they won’t vocalize it so they think they’re humble, they’ll show it in their actions, their laziness, their complaining.

I want to get into the mind of how a guy goes from starting his own real estate company, tackling the insanely tough New York market, to becoming the President of the most powerful nation in the world.

It’s fascinating.

We’ll split this into two parts. Read both. Whatever your politics, forget about them for two days and take something from a guy who’s figured out to accomplish much of what he sets out to achieve.

Intelligence cannot be kept as a theory. It has to be put into action. I don’t count people who can talk about theories and intentions as intelligent. You’re (I’m) only intelligent if you create something, accomplish something…

… And those people who continually set massive goals and go out and achieve them are the most intelligent among us, so let’s learn from them.

Here are 3 lessons I’ve learned from Donald Trump that will help you become a more powerful man.

Lesson #1: You’re a king, you’re a killer.

In the early 90’s, Trump was in MASSIVE debt. He owed billions of dollars. The people and media outlets that had previously praised him were now calling him a moron. He was a piraya.

He admittedly lost the work ethic and discipline that got him his initial success and started believing his own initial hype (and going into billions of dollars in debt is a tough way to learn that lesson).

Everyone was after him. Bankers, media, colleagues, they all wanted his downfall. His old man, however, wasn’t buying this ‘end’. He wasn’t worried about his son or his future.

When Donald asked his dad for advice, his dad said two phrases:

“You’re a king. You’re a killer.”

Trump believed it. He believed his dad. He stood taller and faced the obstacles head on.

Here’s the truth:

YOU are a king. YOU are a killer. Act like it.

Don’t doubt yourself. If you doubt yourself, everyone will. Don’t diminish who you are. Don’t talk about yourself like you’re anything less than a king, a killer. And ACT LIKE ONE.

Work like a guy who can accomplish anything. Work harder than your competition. Hunt down your prey like the king of the jungle.

How you view yourself is the most important thing in the world.

You can see yourself as a king and a killer, or a failure and a weakling. But however, you see yourself is how others will see you.

You will not get the respect from the world that you crave if you don’t first give it to yourself.

Give yourself permission to be THE MAN.

Forget about sounding arrogant. Forget about being conceded. You’re going to do the work. You’re not entitled or lazy. So start seeing yourself like the man you can be, and talk like you’re that guy, too.

Self-talk is powerful.

It can be powerfully destructive or helpful, it’s up to you which one it is.

Lesson #2: You are who you think you are, who you say you are.

If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right. ~ Henry Ford

Ever since I started reading a couple books about Trump (How to Think Like a Billionaire, and, Think Big and Kick Ass), I’ve been paying close attention to my self-talk.

And it sucks.

I have a book that I’m releasing in a few days. And I’m worried abo


ut how it’ll be received. I’m thinking about worst case scenarios, I’m doubting myself and my abilities.


There’s no benefit to it. Even if the book is horribly received, I can write another one, a better one. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s more likely that it’ll be received well. It’s a good book. It’ll help thousands of guys learn how to eat and live in a way that’ll boost their testosterone levels.

Think like a winner.

Think like a billionaire.

In innate talent and ability, many billionaires are no better than you or I. They do, however, have more confidence, they give themselves permission to live to a higher standard. They talk to themselves like they’re kings and killers.  

You and I HAVE TO do the same.

We have to get in the habit of not doubting ourselves in any way. We’re X on the way to become Y.

Trump talks about this in his book, Think Big and Kick Ass.

Don’t see yourself as a law student, but as a law student on his way to becoming partner.

Or a fitness pro, but a fitness pro on his way to creating a powerful publishing company.

Think bigger, not just in terms of goals, but in terms of who you are. And don’t you DARE doubt yourself. Don’t let those weak thoughts get anywhere close to you.

Lesson #3: It’s easier to get a $100 million dollar loan than a $50,000 loan.

The competition resides in being mediocre.

There are only a few hundred billionaires on the planet. That’s not a lot of competition.

There are billions of people who think small and set their sights low.

In one of the books, Trump makes the point that it’s easier to get a loan for a massive project than it is to get one for a small project.

Banks want to attach their name and brand to something big, not renos in a poor part of town, but a big project in a big part of town.

It’s interesting.

Most aim for the small things. Few aim for the big things.

For Trumps first few deals he had no money. He had to go out and raise a ton of money, but also pit the banks and the city against one another. In one deal he ended up PAYING LESS THAN ZERO because the city gave him a massive tax rebate that was more than the initial loan he got from the bank.

He went into the deal with literally no money. But that didn’t stop him.

It took years of negotiation, but holy hell did he get a good deal.

Most of us aren’t even aware of the bigger options.

We’re so set in a smaller way of thinking that we limit our options all-together.

Thinking big requires you to step back and truly see the possibilities. A part of this is studying what’s possible.

Spend time studying the biggest players in whatever game you’re in.

See what they’re doing. Study that actions they take, and live on their level.



Everyone can teach you a lesson.

The reality is that there are people who are playing on a bigger stage than you are, but their abilities don’t differ all that much, the same for myself.

How you talk to yourself, what you set your sights on, who you think you are, these are the things that determine the man you become, and what you accomplish in life so long as you’re willing to work.

Get after it.


Be Legendary,

Chad Howse




Mediocrity is a trap easy to fall into.

It’s everywhere around us. We’ve been schooled in it since the day of our birth. And, inevitably so, as the population rises, there are even more mediocre humans attempting mediocre things.

What we aren’t shown is truly daring.

We don’t have examples of impressive audacity.

In our own lives, we can’t even dream about what that would look like.

So we set ‘big goals’, and 10x them, and increase the dollar amount, but we don’t live daring lives.

We don’t live in a way that would lead one to think that we have an understanding that our death is coming, sooner than we’d like to believe.

We live like time is infinite.

I mentioned earlier this year that I’m splitting up my reading into two parts:

  1. Marketing – something I need to get a lot better at.
  2. Greatness – men who’ve accomplished truly great things, both in our present time and in history.

So far, I’ve read about a lot of great men. Few of whom were born into a position of greatness. Even those who were born into power – like Alexander – did more with that power than any of them.

That’s a point that needs to be driven home…

We see some success stories and we search for advantages they had that we don’t. But we ignore that it’s our duty to do the best with what we have. That’s it.

Take Trump. People lambaste him for taking a $1 million loan from his old man. They say, “if I got a loan like that I’d be a billionaire too.” Odds are they wouldn’t. Not even close.

If you make $30k/year you’re in the top 1% in the world. And yet we choose to see ourselves as have nots rather than haves.

Hence, you and I have to study great men. We need to see what true greatness is, and how you don’t need a hand-out to attain it. Here are 3 guys you should study and the book’s to begin with:

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon became the emperor of the country that conquered his homeland. Think about that, first, then think about it in terms of title being everything during his time. The title you were born with was the title you would die with.

Yet, he had no title. Still, he become emperor of the very country that overtook his own. That would be like a Polish man ruling the Soviets during their reign, or an Indian becoming king of England when they ruled India. It’s incredible. The scope of his accomplishments need to be studied.

avoid mediocity by studying the life of napoleon bonaparte


James Cook

Cook, too, was born in a time when title and birthright determined what you would do with your life. He was born to a farming family. Yet he ended up becoming a Merchant Marine, gaining command of his own ship (which was a lucrative career back then), only to quit and join the Navy, starting again from the very bottom.

He worked his way up and got command of his own ship there, too. He did what no men did before him, and he did it all in the pursuit of adventure.

james cook - farther than any man book and avoid mediocrity


John D. Rockefeller

Rockefeller was born poor, dirt poor, but died the richest man in the world. Not only was he born poor, but his old man left his mother for another lady and another family.

He acquired wealth as much through audacity and daring as discipline. In fact, discipline was the main driver behind his insane ability to grow and gain power.

avoid mediocity - life of john rockefeller

Study great men as a means to get into their mind, their way of thinking, setting goals, and dreaming.

Mediocrity is all around you. You do not have to be a part of it.

Books can transport you to another time, another way of viewing the world. They’re a tool. Use books to understand what’s possible.


Be Legendary,

Chad Howse




Your choice in life is simple; you’re either disciplined or you’re unsuccessful.

Discipline equals freedom. Jocko Willink says that over and over again as a way to explain discipline and its true benefits. Without it you cannot save, nor can you earn. You can’t live life on your own terms without discipline, instead you’ll be a victim to every wish and desire that comes into your wee little brain.

Discipline is the route to freedom, and freedom is necessary for happiness, yet discipline is avoided, it’s chided, looked down upon by those who aim to live life on whim, without direction or purpose or meaning, claiming to be in the present, yet for no good reason.

You have a choice in life, and that choice is discipline or failure. Failure is dependency, it’s never creating something of value, it’s being a slave to your desires and never fully understanding that desires are often the distraction, not the true source of happiness that we all crave.

What do you really want in life?

Are you fine with accomplishing nothing, with choosing ease over meaning?

What you want is what you give your time to. Most people give their time to dreaming or TV. Winners give their time to activities worthy of their time, understanding that time is limited, fleeting, and disappearing.

Choose discipline, and not just in your work, choose it in how you use your time, to give your time to things that you deem important, beneficial, things you may even call living.

Don’t get lost in the lie that is doing whatever you want in a given moment. That’s not how happiness is earned nor created, it’s how it’s avoided, it’s how life is avoided. Have the discipline to decipher what is good and the balls to act upon only what is right.



The Man’s Guide:

How to Be More Disciplined

Discipline equals freedom.

Many have a distorted view of freedom. They think it’s the freedom to be a useless shit bag, to kneel at a national anthem, to burn a flag, to sit in front of the TV for hours on end because it’s your ‘right’, to not look for work and collect checks paid for by others tax dollars because work is something you just don’t feel like doing.

That’s not freedom.

Freedom is earned, and it’s often not earned by you.

I think I first heard that phrase, discipline equals freedom, from Jocko Willink. The guy has a wonderful podcast that you can check out here.

Many think that freedom is doing whatever you want. That it’s spending your money on whatever you want, eating whatever you want, then complaining because you don’t have enough money or you’re too fat to get off the couch.

Freedom requires discipline. If you want to live a successful life financially, if you want to take trips and travel the world, you need disciplined spending habits to save, and/or disciplined work habits to earn. You also need disciplined training habits to be able to push your body farther than you could yesterday so you can get more out of life today.

The freedom to be a lazy shitbag isn’t freedom because you’re limiting what you can do in life, you’re a victim to ease, to sloth, to the horrible heart condition you’ve developed thanks to your Big Mac addiction.

You can’t have freedom while also being a victim or a dependent. Thus, the strength and skill and grit that self-reliance requires must be developed. If you’re looking to others to save you, to come to your rescue, then you’re not going to have much freedom.

What follows isn’t a ‘why freedom’. Those who prefer laziness wouldn’t have ever clicked on this article in the first place. You’re here because you want freedom and you’re willing to get it through discipline, so here are ways to develop and maintain an effectively disciplined life.

Your why. Your fuel.

be more disciplinedI just spent a scheduled 10 minutes looking at custom timber homes in the southern Alberta area online. It seems like a waste of time, something silly to schedule into a routine, after-all, it’s a thing I’m looking at, a possession, and possessions aren’t things you own, they always end up owning you.

I don’t look at cars or watches and I especially don’t search the interwebz looking at clothes, that’s weird. I do reserve a little bit of disciplined dreaming for two things:

  1. A big plot of land with a big timber home on it.
  2. Adventures and trips I’d like to go on.

The first isn’t a flash-in-the-pan desire. I’ve had this goal to own a big timber home, a ranch on a big piece of land for a decade or more. It’s a goal, a part of my dream, where I want to live and raise a family if that’s the path my life takes. If it isn’t, a pack of dogo’s and a few horses and some cattle and I’ll be satisfied.

I look at said homes every day. It gives me a kick in the ass every damn day. It’s an odd ‘why’, but it’s definitely fuel.

The second I’ve done and am still doing. A couple years ago I spent the majority of the year on two dream trips, one was Italy and Scotland, the other was Argentina and Uruguay, and in two weeks I’m going game hunting in Africa (game, not trophy for those whose panties tend to knot easily).

These act as fuel, they help me stick to my routines that we’ll get into later, they help me stay disciplined. I highly recommend you find one or two things that fuel you to stick to the plan you lay out.

They’re not, however, my why.

Your ‘why’ is deeper, it has to do with your view of the world, and my worldview dictates that what I have and where I am is not my doing, but the result of sacrifices made by people I know – like my parents – and others I don’t, like the brave men that fight for our freedom every day and have been doing so for generations. These sacrifices cannot be wasted by spending frivolously.

“Spending” applies to both money and time. I can’t waste money in good conscience because it’s not mine to waste. It’s mine to use, to invest in the business, in aiding others, in adventures, in saving, but to waste it goes against my worldview. The greatest waste, however, isn’t money, but time.

Without discipline the vast majority of our time is wasted, which is a big slap in the face of anyone who’s sacrificed anything to give us any semblance of an opportunity in life. And ‘opportunity’ is subjective. I think being born rich is less of an opportunity than being born with less, with a chip on your shoulder, needing to hustle rather than seeing it as something that’s ‘optional’. (Read This: How to Use Your Time Like a Winner)

Figuring out your why is important. Do you want to create something that others truly benefit from? I do. Do you want to create something that lasts after you’re dead? I certainly do. These are the things that will get you up early and hustling when the idea of a nice house won’t cut it, especially if you’re in that nice house.

One focus

We’re not designed to multi-task. Actually, multi-tasking is a myth. It doesn’t happen. You either focus on a single thing or spread that focus over multiple things. But the more you spread that focus the less effective you become.

  1. You should only focus on a single thing at a time. That means as I’m writing this article it’s the only thing I can focus on. My internet’s shut off. My books are closed. There’s nothing that I’ll allow to distract me.
  1. To do this use work blocks. That is, determine what should be your focus (the thing most important to your success, and you define success), then block off 60-90 minutes to focus only on that thing.

In this 60-90 minute block, nothing else gets your attention. When the timer rings, get up, move around, then move on to the next work block.

At the end of every day determine what your work blocks should consist of. Don’t leave them to the day of.

The perfect routine

Creating a routine is defining your discipline. It’s determining what you need to do every day to perform at your best in your work, physically, and in your life.

Discipline actually gives you more time to fuck off and enjoy your day, and being disciplined and working your ass off allows you fuck off and do so with the pride that accompanies work well done.

The best I can do is to show you my ‘perfect routine’. Keep in mind that my best work hours are in the morning when no one else is away and before Teddy wakes up and needs attention. Also keep in mind that I write for a living. There’s a limit to how long and effectively I can write in a day before my brain gets fried and I lose the creativity required to write well.

So, my best time is given to writing, the rest is given to mindless things like answering emails.

how to be more disciplined

Rise: 0430
Read: to 0500
Work block 1: 0500-0700 (writing)
Walk/run Teddy + eat: 0700-0800
Work block 2: 0800-1000 (writing)
Lift + eat: 1000-1200
Work block 3: 1200-1330 (writing)
Get outside/shoot the bow: 1330-1430
Read/research/emails: 1430-1730 (firm shut down at 1730 to get out and enjoy rest of the day)

Note: I often get back on the computer after dinner with a glass of scotch or wine and get some more writing done.

When I stick to that routine a few things happen:

  1. I get more work done.
  2. More work at a higher level leads to more income which allows me to put money down on the mortgage (being debt free is freedom), plan trips and getaways (freedom).
  3. I have far less stress, less weight on the shoulders. I’m happier, and I get to have more fun because I have more free time than I do when I lack discipline and a get less done.

That’s my routine, though, create yours, stick to it, and tinker with it until it’s perfect. 

Making it habitual

Depend on habits, not emotions.

Depending on moments of inspiration is useless. You’re a victim to your emotions. Create motivation by doing the same shit every damn day at the same time, programming your brain to ‘get ready’ for the activity on its own without having to find inspiration or trick yourself into being inspired.

That routine you’re going to create will help you accomplish a few things:

  1. Health and energy.

Add diet into your routine. Don’t get caught off guard and forced to eat crap because you didn’t plan ahead. Also, train every day. I lift 5 days a week, but those two off days I’ll do something active.

  1. Get more done in less time.

That’s huge. You are your work. Without using your skills and talents and passion in life, you’re useless. Even if you’re not currently working, work on something. Write  a book, make finding a job your job, start an online business (it’s almost free to do so).

When you die you want to die knowing that you gave it your all, and that you lived. ‘Living’ is experience the thrill – both highs and lows – of life. It’s facing your fears, embarking on adventures, and creating something while you’re here. You need discipline to accomplish each.

Have at it.

About The Author

Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live. He’ll give you the kick in the ass needed to help you live a big, ambitious life.
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