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7 Things Every Beginner Must Know About Building Muscle

IMPROVE YOUR TRAINING WITH THESE MUSCLE BUILDING METHODS Today’s society would lead you to believe that the more complicated something is, the more effective it must be. “The illusion of complexity” is the psychological terminology for it. But more often than not, actually I’d say close to 99% of the time, success can be found […]


Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty. ~ Frank Herbert Freedom to many is the right to do whatever you want. It’s the right and the ability to follow your latest whim, wish, and your present desire. When you seek this kind of freedom you’re ruled by the […]

Man Up! Episode #12: The Approval Society

Man Up: Persist in Silence. Don’t Work for Fame. It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness. ~ Seneca Quietly become great, and quietly do good. To man up requires not fame but persistence in silence. We live in an age and a society that promotes vanity. We do things to […]


why in the hell would you want six pack abs? -Chad Howse This may be an odd post for someone who’s technically in the fitness industry, but why would you want six pack abs? I’m serious. I’m not talking about being leaner or stronger or more athletic, I get those goals. They’re an improved version […]


A few months ago I went to visit my Nonna. She’s 92. She’s in an old folks home that she’s tried to break out of over a dozen times, twice successfully. My memories of my Nonna, a woman born in Italy who raised my Mom while the Second World War was making its way through […]

5 Things Men Can Learn About Being a Man From John Wayne

My Christmas, this year, was as many have been for the last decade. I awake early, work, read, eat, open a few things, watch family open a few things, then I flick on the boob tube and watch John Wayne movies. John Wayne wasn’t merely an actor playing many multiple roles like a chameleon going […]

Man Up! Episode #11: Seeking Hardship

No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity. for he is not permitted to prove himself. ~ Seneca Hardship. Why would you want more of it? It goes against every desire we have as humans, to avoid that which is difficult, to acquire only what brings us ease and rest. There is […]

Man Up! Episode #10: How Men Are Acting Like Little Bitches

There’s no secret that masculinity is on the decline, and that the tough, gritty, masculine values that have built great nations and free societies are dwindling. But how? And why?I cover it both in this podcast, and in this article. There are certain areas, like political correctness, laziness, or the desire to have what others […]


Buck the trends of society, seek not fame, but value. Men quietly become great. They don’t seek fame or popularity. Their greatness isn’t won by image but by the content of their work and their character. This greatness comes in opposition to what our society urges us to do and who our society desires us […]