Every night while you’re asleep your body is recovering from the day you’ve had…

And it’s also preparing for the day you’re going to have tomorrow…

And for men, this preparation particularly impacts your testosterone levels.

See, your body produces a majority of its testosterone while you sleep, meaning that if your night is full of tossing and turning, you’re killing tomorrow’s testosterone levels…

And by the time noon rolls around they’ll have depleted to a pathetic degree.

So here’s the deal…

You need to prepare for tonight better – because the more consistent your pre-bed routine is, the better your testosterone production will be while you sleep.

Here are 4 tactical pre-bed tips to produce more testosterone while you sleep.

1. Stop Eating A Few Hours Before Bed

Every time you eat, your testosterone levels drop…

It doesn’t matter if you chase down a wild boar, kill it with your bare hands and cook it over a bundle of twigs in the wintertime – the moment that hard earned meat touches your lips, your testosterone levels are going to plummet…

Which is why I recommend that you stop eating a few hours before bed.

Many guys like to wind down at the end of the day with a snack of sorts, even as close as 5 minutes until they decide to clock out.

But when you make that choice, you’re also choosing to lower your testosterone levels right before your body is going to start making testosterone for the next day.


It’s poor timing – a topic I cover in my free book, The Man Diet (open it in another window by clicking here).

Instead, to produce more testosterone while you sleep, stop eating a few hours before bed…

This way your testosterone levels will be on the up at the right time for optimal T-production, and you’ll have an easier time completing your 16-hour fast the following day, too.

Fasting and meal timing are essential aspects of boosting your testosterone.

Check out my book, The Man Diet to get it nailed down and to make the most of your testosterone before bed and throughout the day.

2. Journal/Brain Dump

Most guys probably don’t consider journaling to be tactical, but if you want to produce more testosterone while you sleep, you need to pencil in some time to get out your pencil.

Journaling is a way to de-stress.

And de-stressing is always an important part of testosterone production…

See, when your stress levels are high, your body releases a catabolic (anti-anabolic) hormone called cortisol.

And when cortisol levels are up, your testosterone levels are down, and vice versa.

With a days worth of ups and downs on your mind, you’re probably subconsciously holding onto something stressful.

The best way to get it out is to air it out on a sheet of paper.

Write about your day.

Jot-down three things that you’re thankful for, or what I call in The Man Diet, three appreciations.

Also, I recommend doing a “brain dump.”

If you’re excited about something, chances are it’ll keep you awake when you try to sleep, which will stunt your testosterone levels…

Now, being excited about new life ventures is a good thing, but it doesn’t have to keep you from optimal testosterone production.

Instead, write down every exciting idea or venture you have on a sheet of paper…

It’s a way of reassuring your mind that won’t forget about big plans, and that you don’t have to try to remember them while you sleep.

All of these tactical journaling tips will lower your cortisol levels so that you go to bed with better testosterone levels, and as a result, produce more testosterone while you sleep.

So you’d better get out a notebook and a pen, pencil, quill, or literally anything to write with and get some journaling done tonight.

3. Turn Off Your Phone

You don’t need to spend time on your phone before you go to bed…

It’s really that simple.

Blue light from phones, emitted by electronic screens actually trigger your body to produce more daytime hormones, like cortisol…

And when cortisol increases, not only does your testosterone decrease, but so does your sleep hormone, melatonin.

And that makes for a disastrous night of little sleep and low testosterone the next day.

Just to give you some perspective, here’s how each hour of exposure to blue light affects melatonin production:

1 hour of blue light exposure = 30 minutes of suppressed melatonin

2 hours of blue light exposure = 1 hour of suppressed melatonin

3 hours of blue light exposure = 1.5 hours of suppressed melatonin

That’s no joke, guys and scrolling through your Facebook or playing some ridiculous game on your phone simply isn’t worth the damage it’ll do to your testosterone levels.

And I’d like to add that in recent studies, researchers have also concluded that blue light from electronic screens interrupts REM sleep, which is your body’s optimal time to produce more testosterone.

So I recommend shutting it down at least a few hours before bed.

If you’re going to use your phone to call your mom or something, put it on speaker and turn it upside-down.

Whatever you do, don’t go towards the light!

4. Have Sex

Porn doesn’t count.

In fact, masturbation won’t do jack for your testosterone levels, but that’s a conversation for a different day.

Have sex with your lady.

Researchers aren’t completely sure why sex increases testosterone levels, but it’s likely due to the dopamine release in your brain, pheromones, and feelings of domination, power and winning.

This 1992 study tested the testosterone levels of four couples before and after sex… And the consensus was clear.

On nights the couples had sex, testosterone levels were higher than on nights they didn’t.

And there are plenty of studies that produce the same results.

I know I don’t have to do much convincing here, fellas.

If you want to produce more testosterone while you sleep, get under the covers and enjoy your lady.

There’s no better time to get a testosterone surge from sex than right before bed.

So there you have it, guys…

4 tactical pre-bed tips to produce more testosterone while you sleep.

Again, I want to encourage you to check out my free book, The Man Diet.

It’s got a morning and an evening schedule to help you produce optimal testosterone throughout the day.

Grab a copy for yourself here.