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Baby It’s Cold Outside, Thankfully I’m Bringing Home the Bacon




This is what happens when you give an inch, and then another, and then another. Within the last week, the dangerous and vocal minorities of the #metoo movement or those who are pushing it, and vegans have outlawed one of the best Christmas songs ever written, along with most of our favorite English idioms, like ‘bringing home the bacon’ (ps. If you like bacon and you’re a man, get a free copy of my new book, the Man Diet here).

Of course, they haven’t outlawed a thing, they’ve merely stated that they’re offended by nearly everything and would like the rest of us, the masses, to curtail our language and song choice to fit their ever-growing sensitivities.

In fact, I never really cared for the song, Baby it’s Cold Outside, but now I do, and I’ll request it wherever I am and play it as often and as loudly as I can.

Here’s a nice stat sheet for the ‘oppressed’ and hyper sensitive women of the #metoo movement.

It is lunacy, but there’s also danger in it.

Small groups often create massive amounts of change if only for the reason that the majority don’t really care. I’m not going to die without hearing that song, nor will I decease if I can’t say ‘bringing home the bacon’ in public (which I’ll now do more of). It’s not life or death, and it isn’t for vegans or the other sensitive group either, but they think it is.

Nassim Taleb talks about this a fair bit in his book, Skin in the Game. He gives a few examples. One is if your child is allergic to dairy and he goes to a birthday party. The person who put on the part will curtail the food to your kid’s needs simply because the rest of the group doesn’t need dairy.

Another example is kosher. People who eat kosher make up a minuscule amount of the population, and yet have greatly influenced the food we buy, as much of it has a kosher stamp on it. So why does so much of our food in grocery stores have a kosher stamp if so few are actually kosher?

It’s because the majority isn’t not going to eat something if it’s kosher, but the minority will only eat what is kosher. So instead of losing out on this fraction of the population, food companies bend to them knowing that this will open their market to kosher eaters while not affecting the general public.

The examples are endless. He uses the example of once more liberal and Christian nations in the East and in Africa being turned into what was once a minority religion, Islam. It wasn’t because of a change in beliefs, but due to differing rules. Islam has strict rules. You cannot leave Islam. You also cannot be in a divided home, if your wife or husband is Muslim, you then have to convert. Over decades and even centuries of this, the strict rules of the once minority eventually create a majority.

So while these small, loud minorities want us to stop using terms like bring home the bacon or stop playing songs like Baby it’s Cold Outside, even while loving films and books like Fifty Shades of Grey further showing their lunacy, inconsistency, and lack of knowledge about what they actually want, there is danger in ‘giving an inch’.

We can see it in books that were once incredible works of fiction that are now more close to prophecies, like George Orwell’s 1984, a must read for every human.

You Need a Distrust of Government

Every country must have a healthy distrust of government. It’s the only aspect of our society that we give power to. And as we know, power corrupts. It does not want to stay as it is. It wants to grow, to get more power, to control more than it currently does.

America seems to have this in their blood, which is encouraging. Canada, where I live, does not have enough of this distrust. We’re like lambs to the slaughter. We wake up one day and we have a Prime Minister who wants to place rules on how we speak, he wants to regulate what genders are hired and where they’re hired and even what genders exist, ignoring basic biology and evolution.

Europe seems to have a lack of this distrust, which is incredible for they have more reason than most to distrust government.

Why all this talk about distrusting government?

Read 1984. This call to stop terms like bring home the bacon has one end for these radicals, it’s to have it regulated, thrown out of our vernacular and punished by law. Just like calling someone by the wrong gender when the eyes don’t like on that subject, is punishable by law in some places, and even in some States.

You give an inch for a long enough time and you wake up to the fact that it’s now miles.

This lunacy has to stop somewhere. The majority have to put their foot down and claim their own freedoms over the freedoms of the few to ‘not be offended’.

More and more it’s appearing as though Theodore Roosevelt’s wonderful observation about an increasing softness during his time is finally coming to fruition, it’s never been more applicable, and never been more important to adhere to:

“Over-sentimentality, over-softness, in fact washiness and mushiness are the great dangers of this age and of this people. Unless we keep the barbarian virtues, gaining the civilized ones will be of little avail.”

Enough pandering to the soft.

Instead, build up the strong. Praise the victorious. Let the winners lead and pick up those who won’t win in their wake.

I, for one, intend to bring home the bacon until I kick the bucket.

Get after it.


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