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15 Ways to Become “The Most Interesting Man in the World”




Okay, so you may not instantly become the most interesting man in the world, but you will definitely become the most interesting man in the room, not to mention the most desirable man to women, if you partake in these 15 life improvement methods.

If you’re a guy who’s looking to attract high quality people in your life, women in particular, there’s only one fool-proof way to do so; and that’s become a higher quality person yourself. (Read This: Where Dating Gurus Have it Wrong)

Like the old adage goes, “like attracts like”.

You may be a guy that does not have the looks, the cash, the cars, and that’s okay; but that should not be an excuse to becoming a highly interesting, highly attractive alpha male.

You might even know some guys who manage to constantly snag the hot chicks at the bar, despite the fact that he lacks the prestige of a high paying profession and drives around in a 1999 Hyundai Elantra.

This guy probably has it figured out, and it’s likely he knows it’s not about what you have, but the traits and qualities you possess that can make you instantly attractive.

So let’s take a look at 15 very doable life improving methods than can easily boost your attractiveness and interest levels from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Learn to cook

Knowing how to cook and prepare decent meals if a life skill most men should possess, but sadly, most do not. Every guy should know the basics of handling a pan and spatula, and also have a handful of ‘go-to’ dishes nailed down. The ability to cook will also open your mind to different styles of food, which can lead to learning about different cultures. Not to mention, women find men who cook incredibly sexy. (Read This: 5 Recipes Every Man Should Know)

2. Learn how to Prepare Drinks

Drinks, much like food, have the ability to bring people together and are ubiquitous in social settings. They help ease the tension in the room and can instantly transform people into social butterflies. If you know how to prepare and serve some staple drinks, you can instantly become the life of the party. When the party suddenly revolves around you because you’re the one whipping up martinis and old fashions, how can you not suddenly seem more interesting? Find out what some of the more popular bar drinks are and learn how to serve them up properly. Knowing your drinks can also make you seem like the guy who loves to go out and have a good time which can appeal to women, because as we all know, girls just want to have fun. Bonus points if you can learn a thing or two about different types of wines and their distinctions.

3. Travel More

The more you travel, the more interesting stories you have to tell. It’s incredibly easy to get around the world these days, so there’s almost no excuse for you to not get out of your town for a while and visit somewhere new.

Go somewhere that has a very different culture than your own and immerse yourself in the food, language, and people. Then maybe share your experiences over strategies 1 and 2 above. How can you not seem more interesting by now? (Check This Out: 6 Ways to Travel Like Hemingway)

4. Learn to Dance

By no means do you have to become John Travolta here, but knowing a few dance moves among different dance genres will instantly boost your attractiveness to women. Women tend to associate the ability to dance with his skills in bed. More props to you if you can learn some dance moves on your travels.

5. Learn a Different Language

There is no down side to being multi-lingual. None. The ability to communicate with all kinds of people is a skill everyone should be trying to master. More connections means more experiences, which means more interesting stories. Bone up on your language, or languages and take head from tip 3 and take your new language skills for a test ride in a foreign country.

6. Be Constructive With Your Hands

You don’t have to become a master craftsmen, but if you know how to fix things with your hands, you can become way more interesting than the average Joe sitting at home watching Tv. An interesting man does not dread the words “some assembly required”, but rather looks forward to breaking out his tool (every guy needs a complete set of tools btw). He’s not afraid of getting a little dirty changing his car battery or maybe even building his own furniture. Also, what women doesn’t want a guy around that can be her own personal Mr. Fix-it?

7. Have Passion About Something

Passion is attractive. It’s straight up sexy. When you deeply care about something, whether it’s your career, your hobbies, or especially caring for other people, it shows people around you that you have a purpose in this world. Passion has the ability to draw people toward you and inspire others to find their own passions. If you’re someone who thinks they don’t have a passion for something, think again. It’s always there, you just have to dig deep and pull it out.

8. Make People Laugh

Who doesn’t love to laugh? It’s typically the funny guys in the room who get the most attention. You don’t have to be the best at telling jokes, but a quick wit and good timing and delivery are key to what makes funny things actually funny. Being able to make people laugh is an invaluable skill that really rounds out and completes a personality. Not to mention, chicks dig guys who can make them laugh.

9. Always Strive For More

Interesting guys have a well-rounded personality and lifestyle because they dabble in all types of different activities; whether it’s being a self-employed businessman or a diehard employee to a large company, one thing is certain: they’re always striving for more and challenging themselves to achieve something better. Interesting people are constantly developing their minds, bodies, and businesses.

10. Offer Your Own Perspective

This does not mean being the know it all guy at the party who has to put his 2 cents in on every topic and has contrary views to everyone else. This simply means that a different perspective on an issue may offer somebody a new way of thinking about that issue. Don’t be harsh when offering your suggestions, but rather share something interesting that you recently learned and how it impacted your life for the better.

11. Stay Well-Informed and Be Well-Read

In order to stay well informed, you must first become well informed. Catch up and stay up to date on current events, the latest technology, scientific revolutions, health and fitness topics, and modern popular culture. Anytime these topics pop up in a social setting and somebody asks for your input, you can chime in and contribute to the conversation without hesitation. When it comes to being well read, the only way to accomplish this is to read more. Reading all types of genres, both fiction and nonfiction, really expand your universe and way of thinking. If you can handle reading 30 pages a day, you’ll be able to complete an average book in less than a week! That translates to over 40 books a year. Think about the wealth of information you’ll absorb if you could accomplish even half of that! If that doesn’t make for an interesting man, I really don’t know what does.

12. Develop Your Own Unique Style

“Swag”, as it’s now known, is the way you present yourself and speaks volumes about who you are. Your outer appearance is something you have almost complete control of, so why not make the most of it and show people that you’re worthwhile and quite interesting. Is your body physically fit? Do you have long or short hair? Do you have tattoos? Are your shoes in fashion? All of these individual parts can be used to sculpt a unique identity that people (especially women) might find irresistible.

13. Get Artistic

Being artistic isn’t limited to paints and sculptures. The ability to create art is the ability to create beauty and contribute to society. That may be a broad, esoteric definition of art, so let’s narrow it down to more traditional mediums. Instead of being the guy who sits around playing video games, invest your time in learning a musical instrument, taking up photography, or learning how to draw. There’s no limit on this one. A creative soul is a captivating soul, and everyone wants to be captivated.

14. Be Adventurous

Nothing says “I’m an interesting guy” than being spontaneous and living adventurously. This no doubt will lead to better life experiences, which lead to better interesting stories to share. Sometimes the best way to break free from the chains of day to day life is to shake it off with something you wouldn’t normally do. Go for a hike, take a camping trip, or take a road trip with some buddies. Heck, even something as simple as exploring a new bar on a Thursday night can get the ball rolling. You’ll never know who you might meet or what experiences you might gain when you live your life a bit more adventurously. (Read This: A Man’s Guide to Adventure)

15. Lift Weights

Nobody’s expecting you to suddenly become the next Mr. Olympia, but developing your physical appearance through weight lifting is something every guy should be doing. A strong, powerful physique exudes confidence and commands attention. Guys around you will respect you more, and more importantly, women will definitely notice how much better you look in clothes (or without if you’re lucky) than guys who don’t lift.

By no means do you have to accomplish everything on this list to become a more interesting man. Honestly, being good at even just one of the things on this list may make you more interesting than most of the ordinary guys out there.

The best thing you can do is pick a few off the list that truly interest you and apply them to your current life. Little by little, day by day, you’ll see yourself become the guy you’ve always dreamt of becoming. The one that gets begged to tell their stories at parties. The one sharing jokes at the bar. The one the ladies can’t help but notice.

You’ll have grandiose life experiences and stories to tell that other guys will envy, and women will want you to share with them.

You want to be the guy who stands head and shoulders above all the average guys who lack, ambition, desire, and motivation in their lives.

If you can handle that, there’s no reason you can’t live a more fulfilled life and get the women you have always wanted, while you become the most interesting man in the world.

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  1. Very concise, i couldn’t add anything else. Being adventurous is the all encompassing point here, i preach that alot on my site.


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