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Every Man Needs an Outlet




“Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.” John Eldredge

I’m a good mood fella. I usually see the brighter side (by choice), I like a laugh, and I do my best to be in the moment, not in a hippie way, but in a more stoic sense, knowing that all I can control is what I do with what I have today.

There is, however, a recipe, a concoction of events that can get ol’ Chad in a bit of a mood.

It usually goes as follows…

I don’t get the work done that I set out to do, which keeps me inside for a prolonged time (we’re talking weeks), which means I don’t get to do the things that put wind in my sails, that make me feel alive.

This might sound selfish, but doing those things, the hiking, shooting, hunting, fishing, and archery and mountain biking, even kayaking and anything else I can do outdoors, makes me better for those around me, and it always leads to me doing better work – which is also good for those around me.

That wee list of outlets deserve importance, even reverence.

They feed the soul like church can, like quality time with the sweetheart can, like some beers and laughs with the fellas can.

They make everything else better. They make me better.

Most of the activities involve struggle.

They all involve nature.

They each require me to be present, in the moment, in the only time relevant and important, while also being able to reflect, think, and put everything else that’s going on in life into perspective.

I’m seeing that these, just like the writing session in the morning, and the workout in the morning, and time with the sweetheart, and reading, research, and filming, need to be scheduled.

If they’re not scheduled, they’re lost, and before I know it ol’ grumpy Chad isn’t performing as well at work, he’s not being a good enough man for his lady and his thinking gets a tad limited.

If you’re busy, and most of us are, you probably don’t find enough time to do the things that put wind in your sails.

But you need to.

These things, maybe it’s fishing or hiking, smoking a stogie on the porch or hopping on the Harley for a ride in the country, make you better everywhere else.

This isn’t a matter of ‘deserving it’.

If you’re ambitious, you likely feel like you never deserve a break, and that there’s always work that needs to be done.

This is how you add fuel to that ambitious fire.

It’s not even about burning out.

We can go a lifetime working every day and not burn out. I think ‘burn out’ is a myth if we’re working well and achieving things.

This is about the work…

It’s about the lady…

It’s about the kids, the family, the legacy you’re building.

To be at your best you have to do things that give you energy, that feed your soul, that add fuel to the fire you have within.

And we all have that fire.

It won’t be fueled sitting on our butt working or watching TV or living a sedated suburban life.

We need to get out there and get after it in more ways that one.

What’s your outlet?

Schedule a day this week to get out there and do it. You’ll come back a rejuvenated, energetic, happy fella and your family, friends, coworkers, everyone, will be happier and better off for it.

Be Legendary,

Chad Howse

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