Some people’s idea of [free speech] is that they are free to say what they life, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage. ~Winston Churchill

PC is rooted in weakness. It’s weakness because it’s a hypersensitivity that creates more division than it does bring people together. (Read This: A Man Cannot Be Politically Correct)

We have different skin colors and cultures and backgrounds. We have different shapes and sizes. These things are important to notice and identify as our lineage makes us feel connected and a part of something. But, scientifically speaking, we have only a single race.

There isn’t a group that needs a helping hand, nor another that needs to be punished. It’s political correctness, however, that forces us to see how we’re different, be it by sex or race, and to rush to judgments when someone is comfortable with our differences, even joking around about our various cultures and creeds.

Political correctness is the weak brainchild of the pussified male. It’s what will destroy him as other cultures give a rat’s ass about political correctness. We can’t call a terrorist a radical Islamist even though he follows the religion. It’s in this weakness and ignorance that we don’t allow a religion to reform. Christianity needed reformation, as does Islam, yet it’s political correctness that refused to see this reality and by the numbers, it’s Muslims to are being slaughtered far more than any other group as a result.

To act with love you must also act with strength.

Where there is no strength, love cannot come to fruition, and it’s things like political correctness, borne of good intentions, that have allowed weakness to control them and turn them into evil.


  1. I still remember in 4th grade being told to say “sanitation engineer”. This was to be used in place of trash man.😵 Even then, at that age, I knew it was weird.


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