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Why Self-Talk is a Dream Killer




Hey brother, I’m about to tell you something, maybe it’s an opinion that you don’t hold, but I look at is act fact.

It’s something that goes against everything you or I have ever read in any self-help book.

It’s the simple idea that self-talk is a dream killer.

How do I know this or how did I come to this realization?

By trying to win the small daily battles in life that will lead to my eventual success. Self-talk gets in the way more than it pushes us to succeed.

Our brains – all of our brains – deep down, want to take the easy path. It’s led to innovation in our culture and within our species. It’s made life easier. It’s also made more losers than winners.

No matter the thoughts we aspire to have, our self-talk is tainted with this desire for ease, with the baggage of everything we’ve been told by our limited thinking teachers who have no real skin in the game as far as what they teach or who they teach it to…

…By the baggage of our parents (however well-intended their words may be), but our limited-thinking friends, but our spouses, how they see us or the words they tell us…

…By the books we’ve read, the images we’ve seen, by who we were told to be as kids.

Our self-talk is always tainted. So we should not have it, do it, listen to it.

There is only what we have to do.

What we have to do is important, no matter how insignificant the task is, it’s important.

Do you think answering emails daily feels important? Or writing newsletters or editing a chapter of a book for the 15th time or doing research for a project I’m working on that may not even do well, that’s certainly not guaranteed to do well feels important in the moment?

They don’t unless I see them as a part of the overall mission, which is to help 1,000,000 men increase their testosterone levels, and 1,000,000 men develop the discipline they need to live a powerful life.

That mission needs to see this small business grow into a big company.

That mission, while I see it as relatively grand, depends exclusively on the things that I have to do today.

And so, when I sit down to do something, I don’t have any self-talk (or I’m working on having NONE, it’s a constant battle) because there is only what I have to do and it’s worked on until it’s finished.

And then onto the next thing…

You’re no different. In life there is only what has to be done.

Your overall mission isn’t reached if you push it off. You become no better if you push it to the future.

Don’t listen to your self-talk. Don’t let it rationalize inaction. Just work.

Try it. Try making a list of a few things you have to do at the end of your work day today for tomorrow. When tomorrow comes. Do what’s on the list. Don’t think. Just do.

Be Legendary,

Chad Howse

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