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3 Common Diet Mistakes That Are Causing Low Testosterone

Fellas, would you consider a sickness that’s sweeping the globe as something to be taken seriously? An epidemic that needs to be dealt with, and fast? Well, that’s what we’re looking at with low testosterone… It’s widespread, it’s moving quickly, and if you’re a man, it’s coming for you. At its most basic level, low […]

The Man Diet: A Diet For Men That Doesn’t Suck

Fad diets come and go… Don’t eat fat… Don’t eat carbs… Load up on protein… Blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard it all before. But did you know that these fad diets are actually dangerous for you as a man? In reality, these are feminine diets that are masked as the next big thing for men… […]


It is a fact that we are getting weaker and weaker as men. The military strength standards prove it. 50 years ago, the standard that it took for men to join the army would put our men to shame. It can be said that it’s because of taking out gym class in schools, or how […]

Probiotics And Testosterone: The Missing Link In Your Supplement Stack

Men, you need testosterone… Let me rephrase… You need high testosterone… You’re biologically wired that way. Naturally, high testosterone makes for heightened quality of life – boosting your libido, improving your performance in bed, enhancing your mood, clearing your mind, building muscle and plenty more. But the problem is that even though you’re biologically wired […]

3 Surefire Ways To Lower Cortisol And Boost Testosterone

Let me ask you a question… If there were an enemy trying to pillage the most important parts of your life how would you respond? If there was a battle for your health, or the health of your relationships with your wife and kids, longevity, your goals and dreams… Would you just decide to take […]

The Man Diet: Eat To Boost Your Testosterone

You are what you eat… You’ve heard the saying before… And it’s true. Especially if you’re a guy… Because for men, what you eat can be the difference between you looking and feeling like an anabolic action hero, or a catabolic cream puff. Between you taking a hold of your life or merely watching life […]

5 Ways to Boost Testosterone Without Hitting The Gym

Big testosterone is built on the back end of back squats and deadlifts… Big lifts, big weights, and big progress… But hitting the gym isn’t the only way to build big testosterone. In fact, there are ways to boost testosterone without hitting the gym at all. And even though I’d never recommend cutting the gym […]


Thoreau said, Most men lead a life of quiet desperation. I remember when I was there. I was waking up every morning, eating horrible foods, working away at a job that I knew I had no future in. I was wandering, lost, not in any way living a story worth reading. Average is the enemy […]