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How to Get Shit Done

There are days when I wake up and attack my tasks as if they were a plate of pasta and I hadn’t eaten in weeks. Other times I mosey on into my day, check my email when I shouldn’t be checking email and looking at the facebook or one of those other time wasters when […]

20 Minute Bodyweight Workout for Size and Strength

When most people think of bodyweight training, they think of fat loss and conditioning. Fair enough – for the first decade or so of my training career, that’s how I thought of bodyweight exercise too. In my college and pro football days, we focused primarily on the big barbell lifts – squats, bench presses, power […]

Be the Bull in the China Shop

What’s lost in Theodore Roosevelt’s story is the fact that he was a big time nerd. From a young age he collected bugs. He learned taxidermy very young and began collecting birds and studying them and categorizing them. He was fascinated with science and learning consumed him. If born in today, he’d have stayed a […]

Flanking Your Passions

Some days back, I had just stepped into a favorite coffee shop of mine when I noticed the owner, Paul, an Aussie who makes incredible coffee, clearing objects from the counter top so that an award might be prominently displayed: Best New Coffee Shop in Charlotte, 2015. I asked him how it came to be […]