You have a clearly defined role as a result of being born with balls. Use them.

Over the lifetime of our species, manliness has been consistent up until the last couple of decades.

Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt, for instance, resemble Homer and Samson far more than they do our modern man with his sensitivities and entitlement.

This likely isn’t a comment on you or who you are, but a comment on what manliness is becoming, and it isn’t manliness at all.

For our entire existence we’ve had a clearly defined role: to Protect, Provide, and Procreate.

Today, in many places in the west, we’re being told that it isn’t our role to protect, that it’s instead role of the state, the nanny, the caretaker of the citizens to do that. We’re also being told that it isn’t necessarily our role to provide, that we can be excused from the workforce if we don’t feel like working or if our lady wants to work instead.

We actually have stay-at-home dads.

These aren’t opinions of what manliness is. Our role was defined by our biology. We couldn’t give birth, women could. A man’s sperm was a man’s sperm, they were interchangeable. One man could be lost in battle or on the hunt and his life-giving properties could be taken over by another man.

A woman’s womb, however, could not be lost. It had to be protected. She couldn’t hunt or go to battle, especially when she was pregnant or taking care of the child. Sure, men raised their sons, but they led their sons, care taking was left to women.

As we devolved (men have been devolving for thousands of years as our brains are shrinking and our bodies are weakening) we still fought for and provided for our family.

We’d work horrible jobs simply to bring home food. We’d keep a bat or a gun under our beds to ward off evil men.

At it’s core, that’s what manliness is. It’s a very simple role that our biology dictated we fit into.

Qualities like grit and gameness and intelligence gave us our best men. If a man wasn’t game for battle, he was a coward, he was useless. If a man wasn’t good at battle, he served little purpose. If a man was dumb, but strong and game he still served a purpose and that was to protect those who thought for a living.

Socrates understood that his freedom to ponder was defended by the men outside of the city gates.

Theodore Roosevelt saw it as a duty to serve his country and a duty to live manfully.

Cities and nations were built on the backs of men who did work that no one else wanted to do. Land was conquered by men who were better at killing than the men that stood across from them on the battlefield.


Society loses. Nations that were once strong, steady, and stable, crumble.

The freedoms that we’ve grown accustomed to will be lost, taken by a culture that hasn’t lost its idea of manliness even if that idea is barbaric and even evil.

It’s a weakness that’s spreading, this political correctness, this softness and over-sensitivity that ignores how the world is and how we win.

It’s becoming a bad thing to be a winner. We’d rather have soft leaders, losers who’ve been given handouts, though Trump winning is a sign that there are still humans with brains among us.

Read about the fall of Rome.

Read about the loss of values, of toughness and grit and barbarism that led to a softening of their society and its eventual destruction.

Read about American history and what won the west. Read about the history of whatever nation you reside in, if it’s free it was won by violence, brutality, and honorable men.

This is almost pointless to write this to you. Look where you are, look where you’re reading. You’re not the problem. You can, however, improve. I can improve, clearly. Ideally this finds a fella who hasn’t been taught how to be a man. Maybe he’s grown up around women and doesn’t quite feel like he’s filling his role. Maybe he’s been taught that there is no role, that fixing things and hunting things and fighting things are archaic. They aren’t.

There are aspects of who you are that have to be the same as the man you would have been 500, 1,000, 10,000 years ago. They’ve always been this way. The change we’re seeing is recent. It isn’t good. It’s out of line with our nature, our biology, our hormones, and our identity.

To go the route we’ve been going for the last couple of decades is suicide for a society and the pillars that hold it up. It will also leave you, as an individual, feeling as though you’re living the life of someone else.

For your own mental health, your own identity and meaning and purpose in life, live as a man and as men have lived since men have existed.

About The Author

Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

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