How to Be an Alpha Male

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9 Wildly Rich Guys That Will Inspire You to Become More Frugal

9 Wildly Rich Guys That Will Inspire You to Become More Frugal

1. John D. Rockefeller

Once the richest man in the world, Rockefeller grew up poor, like many of the men on this list. That poverty, along with his faith, shaped how he spent and gave money for his entire life.

Rockefeller was meticulous about his finances, starting his career as a bookkeeper, he looked to save even pennies if they could be saved. In his personal life Rockefeller kept a detailed ledger of all of his earnings and expenses. It’s this tracking system and awareness that helped him determine precisely where costs could be cut, a habit that I highly recommend adding to your own life.

2. Rob Gronkowski

The Gronk, one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history, and a guy who party’s and has a great time, is actually insanely frugal. He hasn’t even spent a DIME of his massive NFL earnings. He’s a rarity in the NFL, filled with guys who spend all they earn and more on useless purchases.

Gronk clearly enjoys life, but he doesn’t find the need to spend lavishly like so many in his profession do. He even wears the same jeans he had in college. He’s not caught by the traps of our society where you are what you have and what you buy. The guy has a head on his shoulders, and it’s impressive.

3. Jay Leno

Like the Gronk, Leno chose only to spend money from one aspect of his life, his stand up comedy. When he was the host of the iconic Tonight Show, he didn’t spend any of the millions he earned from the show, instead only spending the money he got from stand up comedy.

This compartmentalizing is genius, and it’s something a lot of us can do if we have income from different sources.

4. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is the picture of modesty. He drives a modest car, lives in a modest house, in a modest neighbourhood, all the while being one of the richest men in the world.

When I was doing research for this article, looking into the richest humans on the planet, what you realize is that many of them are actually frugal, like Mr. Rockefeller. They have all they need and don’t feel the need to show what they have by making insane and gaudy purchases.

This confidence should be admired and replicated. This comfort in not having to prove their wealth has to be copied if we’re going to live rich, plentiful, and flourishing lives.

5. Sam Walton

Sam Walton was the richest man in the world as the founder of Wal-Mart. He was also a bare bones, no frills, and frugal guy. His descendants have given the company a bad name, which tends to happen when the money isn’t earned but given to you. Walton, though, was an impressive guy.

He was both frugal in his personal life and how he ran his company.

A lot of what goes on these days with high-flying companies and these overpaid CEOs, who’re really just looting from the top and aren’t watching out for anybody but themselves, really upsets me. It’s one of the main things wrong with American business today.”

Walton only flew first class once in his life. His ‘corporate car’ was a red pick up truck.

Bernie Marcus, the founder of Home Depot, once recalled, “I hopped into Sam’s red pick-up truck. No air-conditioning. Seats stained by coffee. And by the time I go to the restaurant, my shirt was soaked through and through. And that was Sam Walton—no airs, no pomposity.”

6. T. Boone Pickens

With a net worth of $1.4 billion, Pickens can afford to do whatever he wants. He doesn’t dare, however, to go to the grocery store with more can than necessary.

This is brilliant in how simple it is. He makes a detailed grocery list before going to the market, and brings only enough cash to buy what’s on the list.

Imagine going to Costco with only enough cash to buy what you need. Every time I go to Costco I enter with a list and walk out with at least double what’s on the list, much of it good stuff, but unnecessary.

It’s no wonder than these guys are so rich, they’re just smarter and more disciplined than the majority of us. If I had billions I can’t even imagine the useless stuff I’d buy.

7. Ryan Broyles

I love examples like this, of guys who buck the trends of their peers and use their brain to create a long-term, intelligent strategy to manage their money.

Broyles, a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, is heading into the final year of a four-year rookie contract of $3.6 million (only $1.422 million was guaranteed when he signed).

After he was drafted, Broyles met with a financial advisor, setting an annual budget of $60,000 for his family. The best part is that both he and his wife drive Mazdas, not the luxury vehicles of his peers.

When you have a guy who can but doesn’t spend money on ‘status symbols’, it’s refreshing and admirable, and I love that I can include another NFLer on this list alongside the rags-to-riches billionaires.

8. Charlie Ergen

Ergen is the former chairman of the board and co-founder of Dish Network. You may not know his name, but my goodness you should know his habits. He’s a billionaire with a networth of $14.5 billion, who still packs his lunch with a sandwich and Gatorade, and until recently he shared hotel rooms with colleagues during travel.

He’s an incredibly bare-bones guy, far more frugal than even you or I and he clearly doesn’t have to be. So, why?

“My mom grew up in the Depression. I don’t have a mahogany desk.”

When a guy worth billions doesn’t care about something that I genuinely think is nice and awesome and would love to have, it’s a punch to the gut. Reading about guys like Ergen I can see the changes I have to make in my own mindset. (Read This: How to Spend Your Money Like a Winner)

9. Ingvar Kamprad

On a recent flight to South Africa, I took advantage of an 80% reduced business class ticket. It was awesome, a luxury that I could technically afford, but did I need it?

Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, whose net with is $39.3 BILLION, flies economy. He eats in IKEA’s cafeteria. He drives an old Volvo and even rides the bus. When he moved back to Sweden after spending 40 tax-saving years in Switzerland, he returned to his modest one-story ranch home.

This guy is awesome. What’s interesting is that he had a flashy-spree in the 1960s when he drove a Porsche and wore custom-made suits. I wonder what made him change? It’s something I’ll have to look into.

Regardless, when a guy is worth billions and doesn’t find the need to possess the luxuries that are common amongst the 6-figure crowd, you have to be impressed.


What I’ve realized when reading about guys on this list, especially Rockefeller, is that they genuinely relish in saving a penny. I spend like a few dollars don’t matter. They spend like pennies matter.

Part of this is self-control, the other part is understanding that the ‘things’ and stuff we aspire to own end up owning us, and they’re genuinely useless. They aren’t important. If a truck works and you can carry stuff in the back of it, why would you spend thousands on a car that goes a little faster?

I loved doing research for this article and it’s further inspired me to avoid buying the stupid stuff that we’re told we should aspire to have.

Well done gentlemen.

About The Author

Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

You can contact him at –

Man Up! Episode #22: Have a Plan, Don’t Depend on Motivation

Man Up! Episode #22: Have a Plan, Don’t Depend on Motivation

Depending on motivation is what losers do. Winners rely on their habits. You have to force yourself to work, you have to force yourself to write.

Getting in the habit of waiting for motivation is what losers do. It’s a horrible way to live and to work because you rely on the whim of the muse.

You CONTROL the muse. You tell that bastard when to show its face.

Get in the habit of working when you set times to work, and your degree of motivation should be irrelevant. You’re a worker, regardless of whether you feel like it or not.


Titan by Ron Chernow – Book

Methodical Persistence Beats Motivation Every Time – Article

The Death of Liberty as We Know It

The Death of Liberty as We Know It

Liberty is the most important right within a society. As soon as you shut someone down because they disagree with you, liberty and freedom die.

Liberty is the right to think, speak, believe, and defend in whatever manner you want. The government can’t tell you who to be nor how to live. (Read This: Our Quest for Equality is Killing Our Liberty)

These are rights under God, not under the rules and regulations of someone – an entity – that you employ.

And what we’re seeing today are regulations being placed on our words. Most of us just go about our business because it doesn’t really affect us. But it’s these incremental changes that will remove our freedom entirely.

As we are today, both in countries like Canada and the U.S. and in Europe especially, we’re really not free.

Some like it like this so long as they have perceived safety. They’ll gladly believe certain things, think how they’re told, and hand over their guns if someone takes the responsibility for thinking freely and for self-defense away from them. (Read This: You Can Take Safety, I’ll Have Freedom)

That’s what’s wrong with a democracy, most are blind. They don’t want to think so they vote in a way where they don’t have to think. They want you, I, and everyone else to believe what they believe, to think as they think, so they vote in laws that crush individual liberty and freedom.

In Canada, there are governments who are now regulating speech in cities like Toronto. They’ve identified 30 genders (what the fuck!?!) in New York, and if a business owner doesn’t identify someone by the ‘gender’ they want to be identified as, they could be liable.

The freedom of speech is freedom, it’s the foundation of all other rights and liberties, and governments in seemingly ‘free’ societies are beginning to regulate it.

The right to bear arms defends the right to free speech, and when you see places like the UK or Australia ban guns  (with no positive effect to homicides – the U.K.’s homicide rates increased after their ban), the people become easier to control and rights become easier to seize.

California’s senate just voted to excuse themselves from their state’s rigid gun laws. No one wants to not be able to defend themselves or hunt their own food unless they really don’t care about freedom.

And so we have millions of people who don’t want liberty, they could care less about freedom, they don’t want to be able to speak their minds nor defend their families, and our rights are taken because they’re blind cowards.

Regardless of what you believe, be it pro gun or anti-gun, pro free speech or if you get offended when someone says something that’s different from your line of thinking, STAND FOR THEIR LIBERTY AND FREEDOM.

You can believe what you believe and they can believe what they believe, and you’ll find far more common ground than venomous differences.


About The Author

Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

You can contact him at –

The Pussification of Our Culture is a Natural Outcome of Our Way of Life

The Pussification of Our Culture is a Natural Outcome of Our Way of Life

The process of life is necessarily difficult.

Difficulty is what makes men better. It’s a necessity. If life is too easy we don’t improve. Some of that difficulty has to be actively sought and pursued. (Read This: It Would Be a Tragedy to Never Face Adversity)

It may not naturally come into our lives. In fact, today, we can avoid much of the difficulty that strengthened men for decades, centuries, and millennia.

The qualities that built civilizations, the grit, the gameness, the toughness, were all natural outcomes of a way of life.

The qualities that will destroy a civilization, the entitlement, the political correctness, the pussification of a culture, are also a natural outcome of a way of life.

The Way of Pussification

If you want a weak, politically correct and divided nation, award without merit. We know that awarding without merit devalues the work and the talent necessary for victory. It also devalues the loser.

Also, aim to separate based on class or race. Instead of it being rich verses poor – a form of division that didn’t work in countries like America – they’re successfully pitting ‘oppressed’ versus the ‘oppressor’, two made up monikers used to pit people against one another based on race rather than unifying based on nationality.

Terms like African-American or Latino-American shouldn’t exist. Black caucuses and Latino caucuses shouldn’t exist. White pride and black pride and gay pride should be replaced by American Pride.

When you have people that grow up not having to focus on survival or earning or working or winning, when they demonize natural human activities like hunting and fishing, when they get everything they need and want in an instant, you can control them by tapping into their weak emotional states. And the best way to sway an emotional populace is to create victims.

When you don’t have to move out in your early twenties and when you’re allowed to stay on your parent’s healthcare plan and when you vote for someone who promises free stuff, you evolve into an entitled human, a weak human, a pussy.

When you can avoid real conflict by being a perpetual commentator on social media and a communicator only on your phone, you’re going to grow up to be a pussy.

When you list ‘being famous’ as your ideal career more than you list any other occupation, you can’t help but grow up to be a coward.

The Way of Grit

The way of grit is tougher. It’s a way of life where people work with their hands and communicate face-to-face.

Their life was often chosen for them and their options were limited. Men at the age of 23 had 3 things, 3 jobs, and bills to pay. Their only choice was to work, finding themselves wasn’t a thing.

Life was good. It was immediate. Food was hunted and nature was enjoyed by being in it, not watching it from a safe distance on TV or viewing it in photos.

The way of grit, of a populace that fought for freedom and came home scarred forever by battle, was one of duty to something greater than the individual. It was an ‘ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country’ generation, a radical even ‘hateful’ proposition by today’s sensitive standards where we ask the exact opposite question.

People paid for college rather than incurring massive loans, as a result, college was cheaper. They saved rather than spent. Even if they were rich they didn’t want to ‘appear rich’, so as to alienate themselves from their neighbors whom the genuinely cared about.

We have what we have…

Because life is easy.

We worry about weird thing because we’re afforded the luxury to do so.

We’re excused from life’s brutal realities because we can be dependents far later in our lives than ever before, in fact, it’s even fashionable to do so.

At some point, however, these dependents and pussies will run our nations. Many think that this will be alright, that we’ll thrive regardless. But this will only be true if these pussies change, if they toughen up, and if they become self-reliant.

So while the cowards ask for hand-outs, ask for a greater burden to bare.

As the pussies run from responsibility, seek it out, ask for more to be placed on your shoulders.

One day we will run our nations, but only those willing to do what’s necessary, what’s difficult, what must be done for the greater good. Train to be those men. Let the cowards cry, one day you’ll carry them and their tears.

About The Author

Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

You can contact him at –

3 Tools to Help You Get More Done In Less Time Using Less Energy

3 Tools to Help You Get More Done In Less Time Using Less Energy

The ability to focus on a single thing for an extended period of time is becoming a lost skill. As it goes, grit goes, and production decreases.

As we, individually, give away our ability to focus on a single thing for an extended period of time, our ability to produce at a high level decreases dramatically. And that’s essentially what we want to do in life: product at a high level.

We want to accomplish something great and of value. Yet by noon we find ourselves lethargic, unable to make good decisions, unable to do what we set out to do as we watch our to do lists get perennially pushed to tomorrow.

Our productivity drops. Our goals become safer, easier. Our value and purpose as men begins to conform to what everyone else attempts. We join the sea of mediocrity that has become culture. (Read This: Fuck Mediocrity!)

You want more. You want to become something better than what the masses attempt. It hangs on your ability to focus and the energy you gain from having a singular focus.

3 ways to get more done with less energy and in less time.

1. Only Make Necessary Decisions

Our brains have a limited capacity to make decisions. There’s actually a limited number of decisions we can effectively make in a day before our decision-making well runs dry.

When it runs dry we lack focus and our ability to optimally produce declines.

The solution is simple: only make decisions you have to make, especially early in the morning.

Steve Jobs cut out the decision of what to wear by wearing the same thing every day. Maybe that’s why nuns seem to have so much energy. Another solution would be to choose what you wear the night before.

The better route is to have a morning routine that doesn’t change. Have the same breakfast. Wear the same clothes. Perform the same routine so you don’t have to choose different paths.

This applies to work as well. You shouldn’t have to choose whether to answer an email or a text or a call. Shut everything off. Have blocks when you can check your phone or email or social media accounts.

Get in the habit of having habits, good ones, habits that take your decision-making out of your hands and give it to routine.

2. Remove distractions.

If you don’t want to eat candy, don’t go into a candy store.

Remove all distractions from your work space, even if that work space is a hobby space or a place of practice. There should only be one focus at all times, be it your work, your family, the craft you’re trying to perfect.

If you’re writing, there should be no phone nor internet. (Try This: The ‘Put Your Phone Down’ Challenge)

The single thing that gets in the way of much of our ability to produce is our phones. We like them because they give us instant gratification, but they rip meaning from our lives. Meaning hangs on being of value, of doing something worthy and of worth. We can’t accomplish much if our focus is being pulled in more than one direction.

Determine what it is you want to be focusing on. Focus only on that and don’t allow anything else to get in the way of this single focus while you’ve blocked off time to focus on this one thing.

We’ll cover ‘blocking’ in a sec (see “c” of the 3 tools section).

3. Tools to Help You Focus


OneFocus is an app that shuts off everything on your computer but the thing you want to be doing. If you want to be writing, it’ll shut off the internet and every other app for whatever time you tell it to so you can work on the single thing.

Here’s the thing with focusing on one task; you get better at it the more you do it.

Initially you’ll want to check your phone, you’ll have to fight off the urge to turn your internet on or check social media. But focus is like a muscle, the more you do it, the more you resist those things trying to pry you from your mission, the stronger you become, the easier this focusing thing gets.


To be productive I haven’t found a better resource than ‘time blocking’. That is, setting aside time to focus on a single thing, and when that time is finished, you immediately stop focusing on that thing.

Using a timer is ideal. The extent at which we can effectively focus on a task is 90-minutes. Build up to 90, start with 30.

Train your mind to focus. Other studies have shown a


The Perfect Day Formula is one of the best tools I’ve come across for scheduling and planning not only your days, but your life, the things you should be focusing on and removing the things that shouldn’t attract your time.

I rely on the journals and the tools within the kit heavily. When you craft our a perfect routine, a perfect day, and the perfect habits, you gain an energy that can’t be described. Energy becomes habitual. Your body becomes programmed to do whatever is it you should be doing and you get a thrust of energy to complete the task at hand.

Check out the Perfect Day Formula.

About The Author

Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

You can contact him at –

3 Ways to Become Tougher

3 Ways to Become Tougher

A Man’s Guide to Toughness

Toughness isn’t won in a single fight; it’s developed by showing up every day of a long, arduous war.

We think we’re tough, yet we haven’t proved it over a long enough period. (Read This: 5 Ways men Are Becoming Little Bitches)

We’ve had acts of toughness. Maybe we’ve won a few fights, or lost a few but didn’t cry or complain or go for a cheap shot. Maybe we’ve been fired and we picked ourselves up by our bootstraps and carried on.

These things are all great and good, but know that toughness is a life-long process. It requires persistence and grit just as much as it demands toughness in the moment.

Endurance is as important as guts and gameness.

Endurance seems to be what’s missing from a culture that demands what they want now.

You’re different, of course, but you still have to be aware of societal tendencies and human nature. We want what’s easy. We want what’s now. But both aren’t necessarily what’s good, especially for our own development.

Actively acquire toughness not because it’s nice to have in your back pocket, but because it’s necessary to possess if you want to live a flourishing life.

While the rest of society hedges toward ease, toward instant gratification, toward instead pleasure and frivolous purchases, instead become stoic, become tough.

1. Develop a tough habit and carry it out for at least a year.

I’ve started the habit of doing 500 push-ups every day. Running could be another habit, one that I wouldn’t necessarily like to do, but would benefit from doing regardless. What can you add to your day, every day, that you don’t necessarily like to do but will benefit you either way?

Is it yard-work every day? Maybe it’s reading every day?

Define a habit you want to form, one that isn’t easy, that takes work, and set out to make it habitual by doing it daily. This shouldn’t end, maybe ever. Toughness is something that happens over years, not merely in moments or weeks.

2. Do something unnecessarily uncomfortable every day.

Cold showers, push-ups, running in the rain, cold, and snow; each is uncomfortable, each will make you tougher. Hitting the bag every day, getting up at 4am every day. Whatever it may be, do it. Make it a part of your life.

It doesn’t even have to be beneficial in the moment, for the act of doing something that’s uncomfortable is beneficial in and of itself.

3. Join a boxing gym.

One of our greatest fears is death. The cousin of death is physical harm, pain, injury. To kill in battle we once had to come within range of our enemy, within range of their weapon, within range of death.

To find food was a dangerous prospect. Protecting our home was as well.

It’s hard to trust a guy who’s never been punched in the face. Will he be there when all hell breaks loose or will he run? To go through a life never getting in a fight is a weird thing for a guy. It’s almost like you’ve never stood for or up for anything in a critical moment.

Many men hold fighting as a fear. Breaking that fear of injury and turning combat into chess versus the emotional act it is for many will translate to other areas of your life. It definitely has for me. (Read This: Men Were Born to Fight)

Rather than getting mad you’re able to think about and determine the best course of action in situations that used to drive you mad.

To be calm in the midst of a storm and while others rage and lose their cool is to be a man amongst children.

Learning any martial art, so long as you actually get in the ring and fight, will help you accomplish this. Take action on this step.


Toughness and grit and gameness, they’re virtues we have to develop. To go through life without developing toughness is to go through life as something less than a man, something short of your potential.

It’s an uncomfortable quest, this pursuit of toughness. Fewer and fewer possess this tough-gotten virtue. Fewer still accept its necessity.

No matter what you want in life, or who you want to become, that goal and that man hang on your level of toughness. So while you practice your craft and acquire skill, know that it’s who you are in times of uncertainty that will determine who you eventually become and what you eventually accomplish.

About The Author

Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

You can contact him at –

The ‘Put Your Phone Down’ Challenge

The ‘Put Your Phone Down’ Challenge

Life cannot be found in the screen of your phone. Put it down and live.

We communicate less face-to-face. We no longer have to feel that self-consciousness that preludes asking a lady out.

We don’t have to communicate or engage in the real world and older generations are fed up with us, the millenials, the idiots stuck on their phone, avoiding life and risk and danger in the process.

Instant gratification and entitlement are directly effected by our best-friends, our phones. We sleep next to them. We wake up to them. We look at them even when we’re out for dinner with ‘friends’ or family. We avoid life because it’s easier to communicate on social media or text than it is to talk to someone and look them in the eye.

We’re not engaging in life. We’re avoiding it. What a bunch of pussies!

But it makes sense.

This same lot has been rewarded for mediocrity. Last place gets a trophy. What a great way to make a kid feel like a fool! Everyone knows he lost and yet you give him the same reward as the winner.

What a great way to devalue the hard work and talent that winning requires!

Make everyone equally useless. This isn’t the millennial’s fault. This is the fault of the soft parents and teachers and systems in place. (Read This: Our Schools Teach Our Boys to be Pussies)

It breeds young adults who cry and whine when someone hunts an animal, crying followed by them getting a burger at McDonald’s! It breeds young humans who think they deserve a promotion after two years of work regardless of whether it’s earned or not.

It breeds a sea of humans who vote for other humans who thinks everyone deserves everything, who think that no one should have to earn anything, that the state is their caretaker because they’re in their thirties, facing the prospect that their parents may no longer be their caretakers.

The transformation from whiny little bitch to winner starts with the small things, like leaving your phone at home when you go out with pals or out on a date. Or leaving your phone at your desk when you go to a meeting. Or talking to someone rather than texting someone.

Be a part of the world. Don’t continue to live in avoidance of it by relegating yourself to virtual reality.

The ‘Put Your Phone Down’ Challenge

Put your phone down for a day and see how you live. Enter the real world and see what it’s like.

Gratification won’t be immediate, it shouldn’t be immediate, that’s not how the real world works.

Charge your phone at night in the kitchen.

Leave your phone out of meetings.

Don’t take your phone to class or on dates or out with pals.

Live. Live with all of the uneasiness that is living.

Are you going to take the challenge?

Let me know!

About The Author

Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

You can contact him at –



The funniest thing I’ve heard in some time was the ‘threat’ from safe-space inhabiting millennial that they’re going to revolt if Trump actually gets into office.

Think about this…

They can’t hear opposing opinions so they have ‘safe spaces’ where they can go to hide from the real world.

They hate guns, most of them don’t have them and have no clue how to use them.

They hate strength and power and violence, and they have no clue how to carry either out.

This revolution, if it were to happen, would be the funniest, most entertaining revolution in history. It would be a revolution of tears. No guns, no strength, no action or real aim, just crying, complaining, and whining about a just election.

What’s best is that, like many movements led by the sobbing youth of today who are rewarded for failure from a young age, is that it isn’t founded on any real fact.

They say Trump is a racist, highlight his words against illegal immigrants who commit crimes. They ignore the fact that illegal immigrants are in America illegally, to welcome everyone with open arms makes legal immigration absolutely useless, it makes the arduous process of becoming a citizen a moot effort. They ignore the real crimes committed by illegals that aren’t prosecuted because of ideologies that exclude sanctuary cities from thinking that Mexicans can actually commit crimes.

They ignore the work of legal Mexicans who’ve spent hours and years and dollars in an attempt to gain legal status, who actually voted for Trump in higher numbers than his Republican predecessors.

They ignore the good deeds of the man. They ignore the crimes of Hillary. They think they’re ‘fighting the system’, when voting for Trump was a vote against the political elites and the system that these youngin’s claim to stand against.

They’re actually protesting against what they think they want.

They ignore the horrible job that Democrats have one with minorities, increasing poverty in black communities rather than decreasing it. Creating a horrific dependence on the government in poor communities.

Trump may be horrible, but a vote for him is a vote against the establishments.

They claim to be ‘pro diversity’, yet want a popular vote rather than the electoral college that would essentially give two states the power to vote in a president.

They claim to not want to paint everyone with a broad brush, yet call all Trump supporters racists, when over 200 counties that went to Trump in this election previously went to a guy named Barack Hussein Obama. Millions of people, black, white, brown, male, female, who voted for Obama couldn’t give their vote for another 4 years of his policies, so they voted for a guy who’s created jobs his entire life.

They don’t protest, they disrupt.

They block streets, preventing people from going to work or to go home to see their families, and they do it day in and day out without ever having to go to work themselves?

That is who these people are. They’re not hustlers, they’re whiners. They’re not workers, they’re cowards. They’re not fighters, they’re little pussies who’ve been given trophies for failure they’re entire lives and now they finally lose in the real world and they don’t know how to react.

Pansies, the lot of them.

Buck up. Get a job. Give something to society. Or shut the fuck up.


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