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How To Increase Testosterone Through Lifestyle




What You Need To Know

  • Healthy testosterone levels are crucial for living a healthy life.
  • You can increase your testosterone levels through simple lifestyle changes and as a result, experience the natural benefits of high testosterone.
  • Grab your free copy of my book, The Man Diet, a practical guide for optimizing your testosterone levels on a daily basis.

Testosterone is the quintessential sex hormone that makes you a man.

And when your male sex hormone is on point everything else seems to fall into place. See, the more testosterone you have, the healthier you’ll be: You’ll be more capable of building muscle and shedding body fat so that you can live a more active and adventurous life. You’ll have an invigorating sex drive and healthy sperm motility, meaning you won’t suffer from embarrassing shortcomings in the bedroom like erectile dysfunction, impotence and infertility. Instead, you’ll enjoy lasting and pleasurable sex, your lady will feel desirable, and you’ll even add to your legacy by raising children. When your testosterone is on point you’ll have sharper mental clarity, which commands respect and status around the office and helps you to make strong decisions as the leader of your home.


You see my point right?

Having healthy testosterone levels is important for any and every man. It’s important for you.

And here’s the deal. your lifestyle dictates your testosterone levels. You can actually increase testosterone through lifestyle changes. Simple lifestyle changes. The things that you do on a daily basis determine how healthy your testosterone levels will be.

So how can you increase testosterone through lifestyle?

Let’s take a look.

Work Hard In The Gym

Some guys like to waltz into the gym, do a few bicep curls, go for a brisk walk and leave.


Well, just so they can say they went to the gym that day. Or even just to feel good about themselves.

But if you want to increase your testosterone levels, you need to make every moment count in the gym. Your workouts should consist mostly of heavy, compound movements like squat, deadlift, bent-over barbell rows, bench press, weighted pull-ups and weighted dips. The bigger and more explosive your exercise is, the greater surge of testosterone you’ll experience. These exercises also provide you with the unparalleled muscle building and fat-burning success.

You also don’t want to lollygag while you’re at the gym because once you hit the 45-minute mark in your training, your testosterone levels begin to decrease and your stress hormone, cortisol (anti-testosterone hormone) begins to spike.

Get in. Do work. Get out.

Train like this and you’ll increase your testosterone levels, no question.

Compete Daily

When we look at the physiological factors that result from competition, we can’t help but conclude that men were created to compete.

As a man, competition is one of the primary ways you can increase testosterone through lifestyle, but unfortunately, most guys don’t know how to compete anymore. They know how to have a trophy handed to them, but they don’t know how to compete, because well, everyone gets a trophy these days.

Several studies have shown that testosterone levels increase in men before competition (study, study). It’s a natural survival response, that having higher testosterone levels will give you an advantage in the ring, on the field, before a chess match and so on. But testosterone levels don’t only increase in men before competition in order to bestow a biological advantage. Studies have also shown that testosterone levels increase in men after winning a competition, as a reward for victory (study, study, study).

Brother, you were created to compete. So find a way to compete on a daily basis.

Competition doesn’t even require you to get into a ring with somebody or compete in an athletic way, though I think that’s the most optimal way to go about it. Competition is a mindset that you can bring with you into the workplace, while playing a game of cards, or even running a faster mile than you did the week before.

Find ways to compete on a daily basis and win while you’re at it. Simply adding competition to your day-to-day will boost your T to new heights.

Sleep Better

You will not successfully increase testosterone through lifestyle if you don’t get a good quality and quantity of sleep every night.

Sleep is vital to your testosterone health because most of your testosterone is produced while you sleep. So naturally, if you cut down on the amount of time your body has to produce testosterone, you’re going to cut down on your testosterone levels altogether.

One study from Penev et. al. gathered up a group of healthy men and measured their testosterone levels. Then, some of these men were subjected to a 4-hour sleep regimen while the others in the group were told to sleep for 8-hours a night. The results showed that the guys who slept for 4 hours a night had testosterone levels hovering around 200-300 ng/dl while the men who slept for 8 hours a night had soaring testosterone levels, between 500-700 ng/dl.

Another study drew a similar connection as the men who slept 4-hours a night had 60% less testosterone than those who slept 8-hours a night.

So the bottom line is that sleep will make a drastic impact on your testosterone levels. If you want to increase your testosterone levels, sleep more and sleep better. It’s that simple.

Turn Off The Porn And Have Real Sex

It’s no coincidence that testosterone levels are lower than ever across the globe as the porn industry has exploded into one that’s more successful than professional football, baseball and basketball combined.

Men are having less sex with their lady, and are replacing it with their hand and a computer screen… But here’s the deal, masturbation does not increase testosterone levels. It actually doesn’t do anything for your testosterone levels at all. However, porn addiction has resulted in incompetent functionality during real sex, causing erectile dysfunction, inability to “close the deal” and generally leaving men careless about bedroom activities. And because of this, men are missing out on the boost of testosterone that results from real sex.

Multiple studies have shown that sex increases testosterone levels in both men and women (study, study, study). See, your brain knows the difference between artificial sex and real sex. And it’s the connection, the release of pheromones during sex with a woman that actually increases your testosterone levels.

So for the most fun way to increase testosterone through lifestyle, have more sex.

Next Step

To sum up, healthy testosterone is crucial for living a healthy life as a man. And your daily lifestyle choices will dictate how high or how low your testosterone levels will be.

So ultimately the ball’s in your court.

Implement the ways to increase testosterone through lifestyle that I’ve given you in this article. But also, grab a free copy of my book, The Man Diet. It’s a practical guide to boosting your testosterone levels on a daily basis.

Grab The Man Diet here and be legendary!


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