“Nothing in this world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Today we seek convenience. We buy things online to save time – which of course makes sense. We pay someone to mow our lawn or do our yard (which doesn’t make sense to me).

We seek convenience, but becoming the man that we need to become to achieve what we most want to achieve, demands inconvenience.

Furthermore, the thing we’re aiming at, if it’s worth it, requires, as Theodore Roosevelt noted above, “effort, pain, difficulty.”

These aren’t things that many people want to hear, but it’s life, and it’s truth.

Most people want to hear about a trick or a hack that’ll get them what they want, and so, marketers trumpet the latest success hack designed to bring them riches and greatness, but they never work, nor are they designed to work.

I’ve bought into these empty promises because I want what I want so bad that a shorter path to getting it seems logical.

It isn’t.

The thing, the business, the lifestyle, the following, the legacy, they all demand ‘effort, pain, difficulty’.

You have to not only accept this truth but appreciate it.

You have to appreciate the fact that, if you’re willing to do more and go further, you will create success.

You have to love the fact that effort, pain, and difficulty are things that almost everyone wants to avoid, so by adopting them, bringing them into your life on a daily basis, you immediately put yourself in the minority, your competition shrinks, those who are vying for what you want are few and far between, and those who are willing to do what you’re doing are almost non-existent.

This inconvenience, however, cannot be relegated to your singular pursuit, it must encompass your entire life.

You have to do what you don’t feel like doing.

You have to adopt disciplines that you do not love to do.

Even if you’re building a great company, and you’re getting up early to work and staying up late to study your niche, your market, the market, you have to run early, outside, in the rain, sleet, and snow.

You have to train your body when you don’t feel like training at all.

You have to become a man that loves inconvenience in every area of his life, because it’s these men, the men who seek pain over comfort, who seek adventure over ease, men like Theodore Roosevelt, James Cook, heck, Napoleon and Alexander and James Stockdale, who live a life worthy of the gift that is life.

The rest of them, the vast majority, the seekers of comfort and avoiders of discomfort, they exist. They do not give to this thing called life, they take from it, they leach off it, they abuse it, they waste it.

As a man who wants more, who accepts the fact that anything worthy of accomplishment demands effort, pain, difficulty, I have a challenge for you…

It’s called the Average 2 Alpha Tribe.

Every day for the next year you will live to a higher standard.

Within the Tribe we train not only our bodies, but the virtues we need to excel at life, to win, to become who our goals demand we become.

Here, today, you can try it out for free.

If you want inconvenience, and you want it in a purposeful way, a way that’ll help you thrive, succeed, and win, join the tribe, we’d love to have you as a part of the group!

Be Legendary,

Chad Howse

P.S. Try it out for FREE – if you don’t like it, if it’s too tough or whatever, leave and keep the first month’s workouts, nutrition guidelines, and the first virtue we train.

Get after it brother.

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