Our society’s becoming emasculated. Our men are becoming soft, weak, and vain.

If you’re offended by that statement then I’m likely talking to you. If you agree with it, if you see that the tides are turning for the worse, then I’m likely not.

If you’re doing any of the things on this list, don’t get your panties in a knot, just stop doing them.

Our society was literally built by the hands of strong men who did the work without complaint. It’s being destroyed by men who don’t know how to be men. Boys who aspire for fame above all else at incredible numbers. Males who aren’t concerned about winning or losing, rather, about popularity, about finding themselves, about getting what they feel they deserve without doing the work to get it.

1. Stop taking selfies. It’s weird. It’s vain.

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2. Stop thinking you’re entitled to a single thing. You’re not entitled to someone else’s money. You’re not entitled to a job. You’re not entitled to happiness, only its pursuit.

3. Stop complaining. Men don’t complain. They don’t cry about how things are, they accept them and do what they need to do to make them better.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others. Social media has made this the norm. Stop it. Stop wishing you were in someone else’s shoes. Stop wanting what someone else has. Stop looking over the fence and start looking in the mirror.

5. Stop watching porn. It makes you unable to have boners as, over time, your expectations change. It changes how you treat women, for the worse. It changes what you want from women. It changes your ideas of what sex is and should be. Go get a real woman, treat her well and with respect, and poke all you want. But stop with the porn, it’s turning a generation into impotent, sadistic cowards who treat women like objects. (Read This: Does Porn Have a Place in a Man’s Life?)

6. Stop watching TV. Read a book instead.

7. Stop worrying about your clothes. Clothes don’t make the man. Take pride in how you present yourself, sure, but stop fretting over your appearance, thinking that appearance is the measure of a man. The content of your character is who you are and who you are to the rest of humanity. The clothes you wear mean fuck all.

8. Stop being a little bitch. Stop hiding behind this idea that there is no right or wrong. Stand up for what’s right. Fight what’s wrong. Stop being a little bitch and take a stance. Fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

9. Stop letting your fear inhibit my freedom. Stop trying to take my guns. Stop trying to tell me what dog I can and can’t buy. If you don’t want to defend yourself or your family, if you’d rather have help be a phone call away rather than by your bed, so be it. But don’t let your fear inhibit my freedom. Don’t be a pussy.

10. Stop thinking you know everything. We dig our heels in now more than ever. We take a stance and we have no real idea why the stance is taken. Every single human on this planet knows something that you don’t and has something to teach you. Go into every conversation with humility, not like you’re the professor and class is in session.

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11. Stop blaming other people and entities for your lack of anything. This life is on you. Whether you’re happy, of value, and successful is on you. It isn’t the result of anything other than your own choices and actions. Stop blaming others for your lack of anything. Start taking control of your life, your thoughts, and your choices or just shut up. (Read This: The Death of Self Reliance)

12. Stop waiting for the perfect job to come your way, take the next one available. Too many humans think they’re destined for something perfect when they haven’t earned it. They’re too good to do this, they’re above that. The reality is that you need a bloody paycheck, so take the next job and work your ass off, climb the ladder, be better than your wage, and reap the future rewards.

13. Stop being a dick. Smile. Be kind. Be good. Complement people. Help people. Open doors for women. Give your time to something other than your own benefit. Stop being an entitled prick, start being the good man you’re capable of being.

14. Stop being insecure. Stop being so insecure that you can’t rejoice in the success of others. Stop being so insecure that you can’t be kind to your fellow man. Know that you’re better than the insecure prick who needs to push others down to feel good about himself.

15. Stop being a bully. Strength is given not to punish but to uplift. Fight for others, don’t pick on them. Defend others, don’t make fun of them. If you’re strong you have the chance to lead. If you’re a bully you’re going to get your ass kicked one of these days, if not by another human, by life as you end yours alone and without true, valuable relationships.

16. Stop sleeping in. Stop being lazy. It isn’t your right to be lazy. That’s not freedom. Freedom is earned, it’s won, it’s appreciated. When someone else is taking care of you, you have no freedom.

17. Stop waiting. Start acting. Start chasing your goals, your dreams, and hunting down your fears. Stop waiting for a gift, a promotion, a helping hand, go out and get it. It may take years to get what you want, but persist. God didn’t make you a quitter.

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18. Stop quitting. Stop quitting when things get tough. Tribulation is opportunity, it always is and always has been. When the economy tanks, those who’ve saved their money, who’ve stayed disciplined when things were going well will have the chance to cash in. When the shit hits the fan you’re given an opportunity to persist, to push through, to become tougher and stronger. Stop quitting when it’s easier to quit, keep pushing.

19. Stop pouting. Life can suck. It’s harsh. It isn’t easy. Bad shit happens to good people all the time. But pouting is useless. CHOOSE to look at the bright side, to appreciate wherever you are and the opportunities you have.

20. Stop wasting your money. Spend money on experiences and other people, not on things, nor on yourself. Money can be a great thing. It can help others. It can open your eyes to new ways of living, different cultures, climates, and creations. Stop wasting it on stupid shit. Start using it to enrich your life and the lives of others.

21. Stop gossiping. Gossip is weak, yet it dominates conversations. Men don’t do that shit. Talk about ideas, not other people. If you enter a conversation and it turns to gossip, excuse yourself from the conversation. Be better than that. Be about more than that.

Read This: The Code of Manhood

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Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live. He’s a former 9-5er turned entrepreneur, a former scrawny amateur boxer turned muscular published fitness author. He’ll give you the kick in the ass needed to help you live a big, ambitious life.
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  1. Re: Don’t pout.

    Generally, I’m in agreement. Most of the time people pout over petty things or circumstances where, if they redirected their efforts, might fix a problem. That said, it’s important to distinguish “pouting” and “grieving.” As a parent who has had to bury one child, there are absolutely times where “pouting” about it is perfectly acceptable so as to move on from certain tragedies in one’s life. Sometimes there nothing you can do to change your circumstances, even if you did nothing wrong to bring them about, and no amount of “[looking] at the bright side” will make the pain go away.

    Men may grieve differently than women (for the record, I am the father, my computer was apparently logged into my wife’s account and I didn’t care to log out and back in on mine), but it’s healthy to do it in some cases, even if grieving looks similar to pouting.

    • Holy shit man, I can’t imagine that pain. Definitely different than pouting. Good point. Sorry for your loss, that’s one of the toughest things anyone can go through.

    • Sorry to hear about that. It’s true that in todays society when men process their emotions at all they are ‘complaining’. Well that’s how humans process the stress of life. If we dont vent then we continue to carry all that stress around and it causes either physical or mental problems further down the line. This absurd notion that men should never show emotions irritates me the most out of everything. I show my emotions on my sleeve because that’s who Iam. I see it as being disingenuous to hide how you feel from others. It seems cowardly to me. Lists like this are somewhat bittersweet as well. While men should take responsibility for themselves they should also be able to process life in general. Its ok to be happy, its ok to be sad just dont let it hinder you. The things this list lacks are what it takes to be a good human being. Be compassionate. Be empathetic to others. Be humble and most importantly stand up for the values you believe in.

  2. Re: Don’t pout.

    Generally, I’m in agreement. Most of the time people pout over petty things or circumstances where, if they redirected their efforts, might fix a problem. That said, it’s important to distinguish “pouting” and “grieving.” As a parent who has had to bury one child, there are absolutely times where “pouting” about it is perfectly acceptable so as to move on from certain tragedies in one’s life. Sometimes there nothing you can do to change your circumstances, even if you did nothing wrong to bring them about, and no amount of “[looking] at the bright side” will make the pain go away.

    Men may grieve differently than women (for the record, I am the father, my computer was apparently logged into my wife’s account and I didn’t care to log out and back in on mine), but it’s healthy to do it in some cases, even if grieving looks similar to pouting.

  3. on point Chad! 4, 13, 14

  4. Can I add a #22?
    Start taking the initiative again.
    When you notice a pretty girl, fucking talk to her! Gain some communication skills. Stop walking away to retreat to your phone for the lazy swipe right, swipe left. Again be in charge of your life and stop being a coward.

    • The modern western woman is a waste of time, money, effort and are complete trash for the most part. There are some NAWALT unicorns out there that fart rainbows and poop vanilla ice cream, however they are like parking spaces at the grocery store. The best ones are taking and the rest are handicapped. The modern American woman has had 1,000’s of sexual partners by the time they hit 30, massive entitlement issues, no soul and a tractor trailers worth of emotional baggage. I’m not saying you’re one, and I speaking in general.

      • Why do you hate women so much?

        • Anyone who actually listens to and watches women when they think they ARENT being watched, sees exactly who women REALLY ARE. Its not about hating women directly, its about hating their true nature in this society that allows them to be spoiled brat princesses UNDESERVEDLY, and then caters to them.

          • Hold on, I need to put my muck boots on before I start wading through the crap you are spewing. (I mean, when “men” (??) aren’t looking at me, I’m loading up a manure spreader with horse crap!

            Sure if you believe that every woman is what the Media and Hollywood portray, I could see your point. But freakin’ leave Beverly Hills with your mindset.

            The 50s men wanted to control woman and keep them as their princesses, locked away at home. Now they’re mad that *some* woman have become co-dependent on a male companion.

            BUT THEN – you’re lumping in with your insane over generalization, the woman who work hard everyday. Sometimes from sun up to sun down, to be a partner with their husbands/boyfriends/whatever or even just to support themselves.

            Just FYI, I could say the same thing about today’s men. If I only cared about what the Media told me. Porn addicted, lazy, entitled to materialism, idiots, incapable of making realistic decisions, drunks, etc etc. Get off your high horse and join the rest of the world. You’re as much of a stereotype as everyone else.

          • I really don’t give a phuck what you think. I pointed out the TRUTH. Men should step back and JUST WATCH AND LISTEN to women when they THINK they NO ONE IS LISTENING. You can argue bullschit all you want, but MEN will learn the TRUTH of HOW women are if they do just that. they don’t have to do anything but sit down shut up and LISTEN and watch. Women reveal themselves. Careful, someone may be listening to you cackling at your friends while you denigrate men (in general or certain ones specifically). You FEAR being heard actually, that your fake façade of righteousness and innocence will slip and people see you as you really are. McDonalds Red Lobster or TGI Fridays or Walmart or Cosco or Target. Men should just watch how women treat their men (who simp to them as if it is meaningful), or listen to them in general. The truth is RIGHT in front of mens noses, all they have to do is “listen” to them.

          • Ha. You should become a stand up comedian.

            I don’t have time for gossiping with friends (being a farmer). We talk about real stuff. Like how I can’t get my horses’s darn thrush to heal up or the tractor decided to not start, so I’m declaring an SOS and sending it to John Deere to fix. But I’ll make some time to cackle about you today with the guys. Will that make you feel better? More than likely. Because you’ve got to believe what you preach, when you preach it!

          • Lady, there is nothing funny about my suggestion to men. If they set aside their brainwashing and expectations and just go and sit quietly with a coffee and listen IN A PUBLIC place and listen, they can find out for themselves. NO ONE HAS TO BELIEVE ANYTHING I SAY, but if they have the intestinal fortitude to just follow my suggestion, a great many things and viewpoints will change drastically. they can do that anywhere, a restaurant, a concert, an outdoor public event, a farmers market, a flea market….ANYWHERE women go with their friends, and they will get an education they will never forget.

          • You need to re read points 8 and 13

          • Neal, Sex is definitely cheaper (particularly when one considers time, energy, emotional investment and cash outlay) on the street than via the marriage route. With the former, when you’re done, you just pay the previously-agreed bill and leave; you don’t have to wake up next to it, listen to the BS or deal with various moods. Better still, none of your assets or investments are at risk. Two other alternatives: 1. Video porn for those in-between times and/or 2. Last resort, one can ditch the b*tch and make the switch (not for all but at least some men can). In any event, for best long-term results, anything you stick your dick into should have already signed a consent form!

          • I’m responsible for my own orgasms.

          • Lol. This is obviously a guy who can’t get laid and is upset.

            Did u get your heart broken?

            I can’t even IMAGINE why a girl wouldn’t like u.

          • I feel sorry for you, dude, I really do. You must be suffering emotionally to constantly have this attitude.

          • “loading up a manure spreader with horse crap” Thats my kind of woman

          • Wow! You need to find a better crowd to surround yourself! There a PLENTY of respectable, loving intelligent women out there, but you’re not going to find them in bars. Go to a library once in a while, or an art museum.
            How cowardly it is of you to encompass all women into your little box of whiny bitches! By doing so makes you one!

            ANYONE who actually listens to and watches women when they think they ARENT being watched, sees exactly HOW women REALLY ARE.

          • I’ve worked circles around most men. I’ve NEVER depended on one for a single thing. Understand this…a strong independent woman is NOT looking for money from a man. Companionship is what’s its about , but then again FOR THE READING IMPAIRED, you are shopping in the wrong places.

          • Cool generalization, bro. I’ll make one too: men who whine like a b!tch on an internet forum are sad autistic neckbeards who couldn’t get a date if they were handed a calendar.

            I get that you were dumped by one or more women who came to their senses and realized they were dating a scrub. It’s not sufficient reason to dump all women into a bucket to satisfy your small peen.

            Fight on, sister. I’m sure your fellow troglodytes will help you raise the flag of justice as you fight against nonexistent oppression.

          • Sure douchebag, one was an uncommitted whore who phucked anyone and everyone, and the other was a bank robber…White knight loser, Crawl back into the turd blossom that spawned you.

          • LOL. She screwed YOU didn’t she? Must not have been too fine a catch. Thanks for verifying that you’re an angry neckbeard suffering from extreme butthurt because you got played by a smarter woman. All too easy.

          • Disgusting simp. A financial hell awaits you courtesy of your female masters, they will prove my piint for me…have a miserable life, white knight azz kisser.

          • Neal, unfortunately, I think you’re spitting in the wind for those too steeped in gynocentric and feministic thinking. All the statistics, studies, and personal experiences would make little to no difference in their minds because they are about defending the “honor of womanhood” no matter any evidence to the contrary – the very definition of a white knight. I can only say that you will be scoffed at by many, especially other men, until, perhaps, experience alters their opinions. Nonetheless, please continue; younger men need to be warned so that they, hopefully, can avoid evil-minded women who have successfully learned to masquerade themselves as something to be cherished.

            That being said, you have a point that I think more than sufficiently made: women are not angels, they do not wear halos over their heads, and far too many, particularly in Western society today, wish to camouflage themselves as precious jewels when they are little more than the vomit excreted in pig sties. Those women who are in fact worthy of a modern man’s sacrifice are becoming so rare and far between that they are likened to a diamond hidden in a bed of fog surrounded by degenerate women who want men to think they are worthy of his resources, his effort, even the sacrifice of his very life if necessary, when in fact they are devoid of any proper value altogether.

            I, as an introspective and thoughtful male, have done exactly what you suggested – sat and listened to women – some who didn’t care if men were present or not, most who were unsuspecting that at least one was– and was taking what he heard seriously. I fully agree with you: it is indeed amazing to hear what women *truly* think about men when they believe themselves away from the opposite sex. And the scales really do fall from one’s eyes when it happens. Further, I too have listened to numerous good men – friends, coworkers, and relatives – who have endured similar circumstances (and worse) as yours, men who were thrown aside like garbage once their utility to such women was complete and made to think it was somehow all their fault. To be sure, there are decent women out there. However, it is because of much overwhelming evidence such as that conveyed in these replies that men are logically, rationally, and dispassionately taking a cost-benefit analysis of dealing with modern women, and deciding that they are being scammed, and therefore opting out of relationships.

            Thanks to men like yourself I have had the education to learn to spot, and avoid, wicked women; I did not have to go to the “school of hard knocks” but listened to men like yourself who tried to teach me something *before* I endured a bad experience. Because of this I have learned to choose women with far more discernment and caution than I would have without such knowledge.

            There may be some vitriol and anger in what you say. But I think it right to ask the question: What man, worthy of the title, unjustly forced to endure such evil would not be angered? What man worth the salt would not seek to warn others that such creatures exist, and how to avoid them?

            So, yes, you are correct to offer wise warning and insight.

            Sadly, because when dealing with women most men are driven by biology and passion rather than reason, I think it will fall on the deaf ears of most.

      • Parking spaces analogy! #genius ???????? I appreciate you!!! ??

  5. I agree with my millennial peers that the game is rigged and that it is very difficult to earn a living. But, thanks to your writing, I have come to realize that the only thing I can do about it is to earn my place at the top and work towards it every day. Thanks for all you do, Chad. Avoiding the entitlement mindset at all costs.

    • Here’s the thing….

      Try to start a business in an already established market. Try and start a gas company, a gas station, a car company and so forth. The only ways in which the game is rigged is due to government overreach and insane regulation. When you have a truly free market, there is no rigging, performance wins, merit wins, intelligence and workers win.

      I wouldn’t say that the game is necessarily rigged, but if it is, it’s not from the stance that corporations and capitalism is rigging the game. It’s the other way around. As each too-big-to-fail corporation lobbies more and more politicians to create regulations to keep them safe, or as governments make it harder for the little guy to rise, we’re all punished and only those in power win.

      You see people with your mindset backing Bernie Sanders and loving the idea of socialism. Both are at the root of the problem in that they punish winners, and they make it far more difficult for a person to start a business and create the life they want. You should be backing Rand Paul, or some capitalist.

      I see where you’re at, hopefully you also see that where there are more ways to win and winning becomes easier, we all succeed as a result.

      • The idea that ‘there are no jobs’ makes me do my TAZ imitation while screaming at the top of my lungs! There are jobs , but hey , ya might get dirty! Skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, diesel mechanics, ect. – the list is endless– these people make $75,000- and up but it probably won’t be 9-5 or require a 3-piece suit. And – these jobs are not limited to men– I know women who doe every one of these jobs! ( The guys think it’s cool!) If you want a job – there is one out there. My sons started a business last summer, it paid enough that they only worked part-time this winter.
        My niece and her family work summers landscaping and mowing lawns and doing yard work . It’s a family business , but when they had to hire people , they paid $20.00 an hour , starting wages. Her other job is a commodity broker in the winter, but she likes being outside in the summer and working with her sons & husband, it’s a family affair. ( Extra benefit , she never goes to the gym, and she looks like a model!)

        • There are 3 million jobs that can’t be filled in labor. CAT, I think it was, couldn’t fill many of their positions because no one wanted to learn the skills required to work in their factories. Starting pay was 75k, with 6 figures within a few years, and plenty of room to move up.

          You’re right, there are jobs, people want their work to suit their lifestyle they don’t necessarily want to work.

          Great point.

          • Haha, you guys misunderstand because you aren’t nitwits like the average 18 year old. They only say the game is rigged because you’ve got to work a little harder nowadays. The average 9-5 is simply not as secure as it used to be. However, they don’t do anything about it. They prefer complaining over learning.
            Good advice from both of you. I won’t turn it away when it is offered!

    • The game is not rigged. The game is what the game is. That you don’t want to play by the rules does not mean the game is rigged. It means that you do not want to play. That is your choice, but you must suffer the consequences of that choice.

    • I say to my millennial peers to get an STEM degree if they’re worried about earning a living. I had to overcome lots of mental obstacles, such as Calculus, but finding employment that pays well isn’t an issue.

  6. As the mother of men; For God’s sake TAKE RESPONSIBILITY – if you make a baby, support it ! Being able to reproduce does not make a male a real man. A Real Man- takes care of his lady and makes sure she does not get pregnant! An animal can breed– a real man creates a family and takes responsibility for it, and does not create children that have to grow up with out a father.
    I always loved the way boys settled thing – they fought it out – then it was done and they were friends again ( I don’t mean bullying– I mean boys ‘settling’ thing’ — now it doesn’t happen, little boys are punished for stating an opinion i.e.” Your just a fun hater!” when another child demanded the whole group stop playing a rough game while everyone else was having fun with it. That kind of statement will lead to a trip to detention. When my sons were growing up, no one would have even noticed it – it was little boys expressing an opinion.
    At times, I wonder how my sons survived ‘childhood’ – they were rough and tough , and got hurt, and healed, and became wonderful men and fathers, and I am very proud of each of my ‘barbarians’!

    • Who the F’k are you to define what a real man is? A real man in your eyes is a disposable utility who pays all of your bills, takes responsibility for your actions when you screw up, keeps his F’ing mouth shut, and falls on his sword when required. Women are the gate keepers of sex and they are ultimately responsible for getting pregnant. It’s the woman’s fault if she gets pregnant because she chose to let a man run up in her raw, and didn’t insist on the man wearing protection. You got yourself pregnant dear, stop blaming the man. Women have access to 33 different types of birth control, plus RU486, and abortion. On top of that the woman has the final choice in whether she keeps the baby, puts it up for adoption or murders it via abortion. The man has two choice, pay baby mama maintenance (child support,) or go to prison, but of course he doesn’t have a say in what happens to that child. Women can murder their child through abortion even if the man says he will keep it. Rights and responsibilities go together, meaning that if its a woman’s body and woman’s choice, then it should be her sole responsibility for taking care of that child. Otherwise making the man pay child support for a kid he wants nothing to do with would be called slavery and that is what we have now. Women want all of the rights, but don’t want responsibility, as well as getting victim status for the poor choices they made . Single motherhood, would virtually end the day they cancelled welfare and stopped extorting money out of a man via baby mama support. Thank the living Christ I never got married or had children in this F’ed up, gynocentric society.

      At one time in my life I fancied the notion of getting married but decided against it, because marriage is a bad business move for men, given the fact that a woman can destroy a man with a false, domestic violence, rape or child molestation allegation. On top of that a woman can drop the “I am not happy card at anytime, take over 50% of the mans assets, his home, retirement, saving and steal his children with the full force of the government backing him up. Women file 75% of all divorces in America.

      They had versions of feminism aka feminazism in the Babylonian, Greek and Roman Empires as well as no fault (meaning its always his fault,) divorce. Those laws caused men to avoid marriage, the birth rates went down, and society eventually collapse because woman are not capable of successfully running a civilization. The same is happening in America and western Europe for the same reasons. Women like you are the reason why the Muslims are invading our countries. I am content to pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and watch the F’er burn, and watch people like you get what you so richly deserve. #MGTOW

      • Spot on man! Great comments. NO MORE BRAIN DEAD WHITE KNIGHTS!!

      • So, what you are saying is that real men have no control over their choice to have sex? If a woman opens her legs a man will automatically jump her and if she doesn’t make him use a condom (if she is not on birth control herself), it is her fault if she gets pregnant? You do realize that it takes 2 human beings (male and female) to make a baby. A real man can control his hormones. A real man, if he does get a woman pregnant, will support his child to the best of his ability. I am sorry that you had a bad experience. Please re read points 3, 8, 11 and 13.

      • Man up, pussy. And if you ever do manage to have sex with a woman, put a condom on and take some responsibility for your own actions.

        • Quit being a cucked white knighting, SIMP faggot. Pussy worshiping piece of shit! White knighting, SIMPS like you are a cancer.

          • I don’t worship pussy, but I do enjoy it and can guarantee I get a lot more of it than you. You have no clue. As far away from being a cuck as can be, and have in fact literally cuckolded other men by sleeping with their wives and girlfriends on numerous occasions. Maybe I slept with yours. There are two types of “men” who can’t get pussy: the horrible, “nice guy” white-knighting types who are just loser wimps with nothing to offer a woman, and then the complete loser “nice guys” who finally get angry about their failures and become “men’s rights” types who spout nonsense like your comment above rather than look at their own shortcomings as the reason for their failures. Pretty obvious you’re in that latter stage of your loser life. Either way, you’re still a loser who can’t handle women, just a more angry one now. You’re the cancer, a perfect example of the lack of masculinity in modern men – a man with no clue how to handle women. Enjoy your pitiful empty life.

          • “Me he man who slay da pussy. Me beat my chest like stupid ape! Me protect and provide for women! Me lick corn out of wife shit! Me get pat on head from woman!!!! ROAR!!!!”

            Go fuck yourself you tradcuck piece of shit, pussy worshiping mangina. Apparently being a real man, means being gynocentric. Eat shit and die!

          • Still wailing in anger at your lack of masculinity and failures with women. Sad.

          • Your proud that you fucked other guys wives wow your whats called immoral valueless piece of shit

      • We have majority of men in charge of our country but it’s “women’s fault” Muslims are invading our country and women are incapable of running countries? Not to mention a lot of Muslim women are oppressed by men because men feel the need to control human beings. Almost all conflicts and invasions have occurred under a man’s power or for resources men wanted. I’m not saying men are incapable of running countries and are power hungry, but this just shows how ridiculous you sound. ” Otherwise making the man pay child support for a kid he wants nothing to do with would be called slavery and that is what we have now”…..really dude? Wear a condom. It’s that simple. And for your information, I am a great woman and my ex husband cheated on me in my marriage. It’s called being married to a bad person, and it has nothing to do with women or the institution of marriage. If you marry a good woman, she will contribute to assets as well and will work hard to keep your marriage alive. This article was written for men like you. I agree with the other guys on this post. Reread the article and take note. And don’t believe all of the women hating popularity that seems to be on the internet. (There are men that use women too and a shit load of men who use women for sex while making them think the relationship is going somewhere). There are good women out there, I know plenty (and usually they’re the ones who get overlooked or treated badly).

    • Would be spot on and great if women would get off their power trip and act like caring loving partners instead of treating men like ATMS for their own selfush desires. Women are the product of this progressive society where materialism matters and they ride the kock carousel to get what they want. They claim to want relationships but the truth is ONLY when it suits their fancy. Men are just disposable animals to them anymore and until a shift in mindset happens, they deserve loneliness and strife until they can appreciate men for all we do and all they demand from us dont demand from us what you will not honor and give of your selfish selves, and further quit spouting the false myth of deaerving to be whoreshipped as you murder your unborn after you have fleeced men for your lack of self control and responsibility yourselves.

      • Neal, I agree with many of your points. Most (not all) modern women have become quite insufferable these days.

        Having said that, men don’t have to sink to their level. Men still need to be men and alas that is not happening these days. The kind of emasculated idiots I see these days makes me wonder if these are men at all – or are they just women with man bits.

        So my point – no matter how horrible or not women are, men need to stop giving themselves excuses for not being real men.

        • Really? So what, pray tell is a “REAL Man”? What characterizes a “real man” aside from the expectation that he be a self sacrificing and self depreciating doormat and a womans easy ATM?

          • Unfortunately for all of us who are males, self-sacrificing nature is indeed a quality of a real man.. not muscles or titles or anything else.

            Let me approach this discussion from another angle – why would any sane man want to get married and remain faithful in that marriage? A married man ends up having to be faithful to just one woman whose looks will largely vanish by the time she is in her mid to late 30s, having to take care of her and his children.. and likely be involved taking care of members of his wife’s family as well.. If he had remained single, he would have a choice of women to sleep with and also be unencumbered with the burden of taking care of children.

            Also, why is that men have gone to war through the ages for people other than people of his own family?

            Why do men do these things? Could it be because men were designed to be self-sacrificing? Why were men designed with larger and stronger bodies, higher proportion of RBCs in the blood etc?

            That is because we were designed for something greater than just taking care of ourselves. It is best to embrace this greater calling rather than be embittered by it.

            That is not to say that the modern woman couldn’t use a reality check on how self-serving and self-obsessed they have become, but we as men shouldn’t deteriorate to thinking of ourselves over our families, over our society and over our nations. At least that is my philosophy on life and it keeps me positive even as I see women and others exploit this nature for their own benefit.

          • The problem with “men” these days is they gave up their masculine identity and pursuit of keeping it by deferring to the emasculated feminist vision of societal progress that the be more emotional and intellectual instead of steadfast, fit, competitive, and strong. They also surrendered their integrity and honor ( amongst themselves in their competition for women who encourage that surrender to better enable them to fleece men of their labor and earnings for their own selfish enjoyment) which was accomplished by surrendering their spine as well.

          • What you say is true, but you have a choice. You don’t have to be pushed around by society, by women, by political correctness – or even be reactive to the political correctness.. Men were self-sacrificing before the first feminist was even born.

            And yes, I agree fully – we men have become shadows of those who went before us. There were things that our forbears did that were shameful and that I wouldn’t want to repeat and I wouldn’t want my son to learn, but there were many other things that we can learn from those men who went before us.

            The shameful thing is this: now men are chasing women because they have given up on the real battles and are now fighting the proxy ones.. video games and chasing after women.

            The reason men are emasculated these days is primarily because of
            this. They want to make themselves acceptable to women who are
            increasingly self-obsessed .. because that is all the live for.. getting into someone’s panties.. and so any man wanting to please such women
            will inevitably go down a route of being “pussified”…

            Let the men fight the real battles (taking care of the poor, fighting for the oppressed, ..etc), and let those real women who look for these sorts of men find the men.. rather than us men chasing after women..

          • omg, both of you are clueless. lol

          • You won’t understand this, kid.

          • No, Jesse is right. Anyone that has to figure it out and try that fuckin hard to be a man is completely missing the point. Quit blaming women, stfu and eat the food. Then, after about thirty years, if you live long enough, you’ll EARN the title. But in the meantime, it sounds like you are on some mission that places you above women and lesser men (in fact, you’re spitting on women when I know for a fact there are good women out there (could you really be wildly insecure?). Get over it, turn off the head noise, go live life on it’s terms, don’t force the magic, and good things will come so long as you don’t self sabotage. Another thing, every generation goes through this shit. They think they’re unique, and something evolution-ary is taking place. Sorry to burst your bubble. When you slow down on the sperm production, you’ll understand. But as long as you have that attitude about women being nothing but gold diggers (tell me that meme hasn’t been around FOREVER), you’ll be fighting windmills until you finally just give up. If it’s a good woman, who the fuck wants to live a fucker that harbors thoughts like that? No wonder…As for Neal, you need a fuckin shrink partner.

          • Bill, you need to chill down. It seems like you are hyperventilating. Or perhaps you have been beaten into submission but not everyone is like that. Deal with it. Not once did I claim that there aren’t good women around – all I said is that men ought to stop bending over just to get laid. Get it? It isn’t that difficult to understand. And oh, by the way, I am no spring chicken.. Been married to a wonderful woman for years and have two children.

          • First, am i waisting my time with you by even trying, or do you even care, or are you actually willing to consider a p.o.v. othrr than you own? But whatevrr…I never said half the crap you’re reading into my post. And gaming scores? Wtf?And where did I say that we should be at the mercy of any ambitious woman? But who cares, you said this shit, not me. Anyway… I know some chick’s that have come right out and admitted to me that the only reason they are with one friend, or another, (and I know some monied mutherfuckers) is the fact that guy a or b is flush with cash. I tell my friend, or they already know, and does that make one iota? No way, cause they are willing to put up with the bullshit because EVERYTHING is a tradeoff when you have your big boy pants on. …But big fucking deal, cause what people seem to not realize (all people) is that like waters attract, unless youre now trying to tell me every man is now a victim, and all women are evil, if that’s what you think. So I don’t know if this presumption is you or not, but this whole thread is loaded with paranoid misogyny, one paintbrush for every picture, when that just isn’t real life. If a guy can’t read or handle his woman, he’s in over his head or in a dysfunctional relationship and doesn’t stand a chance from moment one. And so youre going to play the blame game and tell me that MEN are victims now? And you also don’t have a clue what I’ve been through to arrive at my personal beliefs. I too have been stabbed in the back, and cheated on, hard. But I’m not about to let one, two, or even three bad relationships in a row fuck up my whole life. That mentality is for people that quit. But you go right ahead and fuck up anyone’s head you want by insisting that all women are this or that when there are just as many good women out there, and probably just as many, if not more, bad men. And in fact, what i’d tell anyone in this thread is that this is just life and the way it is. But i never said just stick your head up your ass and let anyone play you for a fool. Like I said, every generation goes through this shit, but for some reason (and when i was coming up too) we seem to think that there has been some tectonic shift in human nature. (Remember the song by hall & oats, maneater?) So some young ones now think things have changed now, and are so much worse (and how could anyone know that unless they’re older)? In fact, you know what ?, booo-fucking hoo hoo even if it’s true. Red pill males are doing nothing more than justifying there fucked up thinking, and rationalizing why their own low standards are o.K. its bulshit…regarding our young men…so OF COURSE if your kids get hurt, of course you hurt. But don’t fuck them up before they ever even have a chance to form ideas based on anything but a malformed Maneater perspectives, or do, it’s your life. And what about iv you had a little girl???? You think this kind of thinking doesnt come through by our own behaviours? And why eould you pkace yoursrlf in the position of living like that? So I have made mistakes, and I’m not the perfect father, but i’ve got three sons (all over twentyfive), I had three brothers and four sisters. I’ve been in more fucked up relationships than good ones, based on numbers only. In fact, if you want to know how fucked my head is, I seeked aND chose my current wife based on my previous bad experiences. But I NEVER put a woman down because they are what they are. We are WIRED as provider/codependent based on our natural strengths. But now men are all fucked up because that playing field is tilting. Get over it and like I said, go through what you have to in order to get where you’re going, but don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, unless you’re so fucked up you can’t forgive all women for the acts of a few.

          • Believe what you want, but you are wrong about me. You presume allot, and that probably isn’t a good thing. I’m one of those older guys you speak of. I could help you, most likely, but why would you want help from a stranger like me? How stupid of me to even try… But it “feels” like you would rather pigeon hole me than actually engage me. That’s too bad. And my comment on my spermcount was a “sophisticated low brow”, self effecting joke. I guess that somehow offended your future self? But one thing all of you young men need to get over is this putting down of self, and you can believe you don’t measure up all you want, but there isn’t a person alive that can measure up to an ideal. You will get there, we all do, unless you really are like those you put down earlier in this thread. Nothing in this world as beautiful as a natural man or a natural woman. Nothing quite as off putting as a phony. Take my advise or not, just don’t clench your teeth over shit that isn’t really anything new, or worth it.

          • Bill, I am still not certain why you are getting so worked up about this thread. It is absolutely true that there are many horrible women on this planet. You have to be living under a rock to miss that, and clearly even from your own experience you know this to be true.

            To be clear there are many good women as well, and nowhere in the entire thread did I say that there aren’t any good women at all.

            Pointing that ALL women aren’t fairies isn’t misogynous – that is simply stating the truth, and to brand any discussion that states that women not being perfect as being misogynous has been the standard modus operandi of the feminist to squash any debate on men’s rights, or any sensible discussion about gender relationships.

            About REAL men doing this and that – did I quote any woman’s name? Have I disparaged any specific living person? And so what is all this about – not discussing stuff like this online? This entire thread – including the article, is about gender relationships.. and if it isn’t appropriate to discuss this here, where else would you discuss it?

            And one more thing: I am not as old as you but getting there fast. No, I am no spring chicken.. been married for a long time to a wonderful woman, have two children etc.. And this entire implication that one has to get old before they have an opinion on something as basic as gender relationships is a tiresome excuse for inaction.

            Also, about men – please do understand this. I repeat what I said earlier – senior men have the responsibility of teaching younger men to grow a pair and to handle the real battles instead of chasing women. You may disagree with me on this, but that is my stand. I stick to my stand that men have a role of being self-sacrificing and taking on the real battles rather than the fake ones and this truth isn’t self-evident and people don’t chance upon it with age and time.

          • I’ll tell you exactly why I got worked up. When you stated ” why would any man…etc.” came off as if women are simply objects that are useless once their looks pass. So you seem like you have it all the way together, but that sentiment, and then coupling your sentiments with Neils, whom is an obvious misogynist, just got to me… perhaps it’s my problem, but I don’t like seeing people pick another group to death in a one sided forum, while the object of that groups scorn (women), in their defence, are largely absent, or simply disrespected when they do pop in(and some of the women that have stopped into this thread have got disrespected and bashed badly, especially by niel). Also, there are people in here, reading this, that are influenced by it (the misogyny). In later threads, Niel actually rehashed what you wrote, and took it to a very ugly level, if i recall correctly. So i responded. I may be pissing into the wind in this, but consider my passions in defense no less than your convictions in purpose. You impressed me in that, and perhaps that was part of my disapointment (but who am i to talk to anyone this way? Well, Im a guy who gives a fuck. Wierd, huh?) As for your slant on women in general, you are correct, you never came out specifically against one, but neither did you support one, and the only thing I had to refer to was your original statement, which “read” like a bash on any woman over mid thirties, as if they are not much more than meat, to be tossed off once it gets used up. Many women, that I know, although physically diminished, can be absolutely beautiful in aging. I appreciate your take on a higher calling, and holding yourself to a high standard, but as a man, I was also taught you also never fall below the highest standard you set for yourself in all things. Impossible, of course, but wothy of effort. Of course, that is a dated ideal, especially in today’s world, but perhaps that is all the more reason to not let some of those tenets die out. In the end, I do believe we talk shit to death now, and complicated things empirically, that are really way simpler than we make them. And yes, men and women both are capable of gaming heads in the extreme. But I also know that we can battle those forces without sinking to their levels, and win. Fight the good fight my man, you seem like someone I’d like to spend an hour or two with sinking a brew.

          • I apologize, I misread your original post to neal…I read your first paragraph as a standalone, as if you were stating a phrase/fact. Where I fell down was when i presumed you where making a commentary on women, when you where setting up a q &a & you answered your own question. Well done, and upon rereading, I realize I was fighting a windmill. Forgiveness please.

          • Thanks Bill. I appreciate that.

          • No, i am right. I have grappled w the real world. I have failed. i have succeeded. I have loved and i have hated. I am probably older than you, more established in many facets of the world.

            What YOU sound like is a pretentious, know it all, bitter old soul. and i actually feel sorry for you and your thoughts and remarks towards women and the relationship between men and women.

            Youre a punk keyboard warrior who seems really unhappy. and you fire shots from your keyboard instead of actually being a productive “man” and member of society.

          • If you are older than me why do you write like you are a dumbass kid? – omg, lol, rofl!! And you didn’t have the decency to debate anything except to call two people clueless. So please get over yourself and stop whining.

            You are most likely a spoiled, pussified, brat who hasn’t really grappled with the real world. Like I said, deal with it.

          • awwww…you mad! lol

            What difference does it make if i write like a “dumbass kid”? Does that threaten you?

            What do you want me to debate? You guys have your opinion. Other ppl, such as myself and Bill have ours.

            Im NOT spoiled, “pussified” (nice made up word speaking of talking like a dumbass kid, ill go ahead and throw in punk bitch for your case), nor a brat.

            Again, you are making huge assumptions about me. At least you can see who i am and my FB. You – are simply “prem”. You – simply do not matter.

            I find great LOLZ in this thread. and the original post. The original post has many many flaws. But this little thread you have generated here is full of LOLZ


          • omg, rofl, hahahahahah

          • yea…now look who cant have a debate. like most of the women that have likely rejected you have already told you: YOU AINT SHIT and YOU AINT NEVER GON BE SHIT

            Have fun in your delusional world. and definitely good luck w the women of the world – youre going to need it.

          • Did you say that I am not (AINT) shit? That’s true. Did you also say “YOU AINT NEVER GON BE SHIT”.. thats true too.

            Ok, seriously. Sorry for taking off on you. But when you just say someone is “clueless” without even stating what I am supposedly clueless about and why, well, you were asking to be pissed on.

          • I have a half century of experience with women and their ways. you are quite simply a moron with nothing to present, not even one salient shred of evidence and expect people to just accept your claim about your age. personally I don’t give a rats azz if men CHOOSE WILLINGLY to be a used doormat Alpha simp. You go ahead and be stupid. I shared my comment so REAL MEN who have been there and can relate to HOW PEOPLE REALLY are can speak up and tell the truth about their lives and experiences. I would be remiss to NOT give good wisdom learned of my age to make other men WISER and smarter in their choices. I have no concerns about calling a spade a spade and a moron and moron.

          • i think you care a little too much about the comments thread. But thanks for the quick laugh.

          • You are a huge loser, and clearly beyond insecure; I suggest therapy.

          • Simper some more……

          • Right moron, just shut up and eat the brainwashing is all you offer…How sad you are so easily manipulated…Knock yourself out.

          • One thing I should point out, that as a woman, a true traditional feminist embraces her femininity, not fight against it, like these “modern” feminists. It’s not in spite of being a woman I can do anything, but because I’m a woman. And, I believe in honoring my man, not trying to have him “by the balls”. I stay at home with my kids, and take care of them, and my husband. At first, it was our choice as a family, and the kids were little, but became a necessity when I became disabled. I still do whatever I can for all of them. Being supportive, and nurturing. I have made sacrifices as well as him, which is how it should be.

          • Amen sister…women are a special thing! Embrace it!!! Us men Love your feminine touch, smell, sound, ability to nurture and care…all of it!! Just as any woman true to herself is attracted to a mans grit, his assertiveness, decision making, toughness – (physical and mental) without any of that, you end up with a whining, gossipy girlfriend who just happens to have a penis.

          • Let me add one more point: I don’t have data for this but I am assuming that there hasn’t been a time in the past where the proportion of men to women has been as high as it is now.

            In the past a much larger percentage of men would have died in wars and because of the dangerous nature of the occupation – in mines, on ships, in farms, in forests, because of disease etc..

            And even those men who would have survived would probably have faced serious danger and perhaps serious injury far more often than men these days.

            All of this also adds to the “pussification” of men. So we have a bunch of weak-willed, chicken-livered men who think the measure of a man is in their muscles, their “ripped” physique etc.. but who will likely not be able to hold their ground against their grandfathers.

          • I’ll sum up what I believe that we both agree on. Men need to stop acting like domesticated simpering pussies craving to get into womens damp moist spots with their junk, and act like leaders, act with honor and integrity towards those who deserve it. To be brothers.

          • Right… and the only way to fight the politically correct BS floating around these days is not to fight it at all – or even react to it.

            There are enough battles going on in this world which men need to join and fight.. running behind women is not one of them.

            🙂 thumbs up to you!

          • For fuck’s sake Neil…..you made a couple of bad choices in life. Most of us have had at least one or two lapses in clarity as well. You ain’t the first man to have to wear the dunce cap for a bit and you won’t be the last. From what I’ve read of your comments so far, you sound just like the very person they’re writing this article for. Whatever issues you have because of the bad choices you made……own it, fix it, then move on with your day and stop being a whiney little bitch. See items 8 and 19 above.

          • You have issues, dude. Perhaps you should seek out therapy.

          • Sherlock Holmes

            Neal, was their father with a shotgun forcing you to marry the whore and the bank robber? No? Then stop whining, you baby.

          • The Deplorable Neal Jensen

            Another plantation useless alpha idiot….

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            Probably a good thing you’re single.

        • Pro tip: The No True Scotsman Fallacy.

          Look it up. Then you’ll stop using meaningless phrases like ‘real men’.

          • “Real men” is a term which may be meaningless to you but perhaps not to others?

            As to why it is meaningless to you – well, that is too long to get into right now but it may be sufficient to say that it does validate my point – not that you would get it.

            EDIT: Grammar

          • No, I mean its meaningless as a proposition, as a support to an argument or position.

            Any X is a “Real” X by definition. To make a distinction is an appeal to either emotion or some arbitrarily drawn list of subjective properties .

          • There are REAL planets and there are satellites. There may be some overlap and fuzziness, but there is certainly a distinction between the two. So it is with REAL men vs those with just the body parts.

      • “riding the kock carousel.” I love it.
        Good one!

      • Ain’t much in life funnier than alpha male wannabes whining and moaning about women. Get a clue: some women are cool, some are uncool, some are getting there, some are not, some are downright obnoxious… pretty much like men. Up to you to deal with what’s out there and find the good ones; they are there if you deserve them. Bitching about women makes you nothing but a bitch. Here’s another clue: women don’t emasculate men. Feminists don’t emasculate men. Only thing that can emasculate a man is himself.

        • You go White knight, and when your hairy clam partner finishes emptying out your accounts and running out all your credit, the laughter you will hear will be mine echoing in your brain. It will be mocking your stupid ignorant ass saying ‘I told you so”…..

          • My partner makes a substantial contribution to the cause, and is extremely responsible about her side of the fiscal management equation. I have yet to proclaim myself as anything, but I do not complain. If I had something to complain about, I wouldn’t complain about it, I’d do something about it. Whining is pointless, and for a man to whine about women is beyond pointless. If you made a good choice of partners, good on you. If you made a bad choice, own it and do something about it… it’s your choice and nobody made if for you. Don’t blame women generically for your bad choices.

          • Sure dude, My first ex was whore galore with anyone and the second turned into a lottery gambling addict then a bank robber to support her habit, and somehow you pin it on me that its MY FAULT….my BAD choices…sheesh, the war on men continues by your placing undue blame on the innocent party, but that is expected these days and reflective of how BACKWARDS society has become.

          • You married them. That was your decision, nobody compelled you to do it. That doesn’t means all women are bad, it means that you made bad choices… and while one bad choice can be bad luck, two in a row suggests that there’s something wrong with the way you make choices. Don’t blame it on “women”, or on some imaginary “war on men”, Did you expect that somebody was going to guarantee you a good wife? Who? The good ones are out there, you just had to find one, and convince her.

            I made a bad choice first time around. My fault: the signs were there, I didn’t pay attention. I learned from that and made a good choice the second time around. I suggest that you man up, stop whining and do the same.

          • 23. Real men don’t argue with pussies who blame all women for their failures. [Tweet “Neal Jensen” is a sad little dork who doesn’t have what it takes to be a man]. Real men can spot trouble from a mile away, and have the balls to walk away no matter how ‘hot’ they think she is. The emasculated male, we’ll call them ‘Neal Jensens,’ are so desperate for a woman that they’re willing to deny problems that existed at the beginning, then express surprise when they blow up their faces. Then these half-men cry and moan that all women are evil. Waaaa whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa is the distinctive call of the Neal Jensen. The Neal Jensen can be seen at bars hitting on women clearly above his league, then bitterly masturbating in his bathroom later that evening while sobbing, “Sh, sh, sh, she was probably a lesbbbbbbian anywuhwuhwuhwaaayyyyyyy! Waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaa!!!!!!!!” Finally, the Neal Jensen will spend the majority of the day whining how his failures prove women are evil, because if such a super stud like him can get whipped around like a chew toy, then it can happen to ANYone!! “You just watch!!!” She’ll ruin your life like she did mine!!!” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

          • Let me guess, you get in front of the mirror and flex…

          • Joseph Trujillo

            you are a blind simp ass white knight

          • I say this with all with undue respect – you’re a dick. Yes, us grown up men are okay, but the men and boys after us are getting totally shafted. If you weren’t so frickin self-absorbed and could see things from someone else’s viewpoint you’d see that. But you’re too busy crowing about what a badass you are.

          • I have a 26 year old son; I don’t see him getting shafted in any way. His friends and peers seen fine as well. I have a bit of a thing for mt biking, white water, and a few other outdoor sports, and I spend a fair bit of time with guys in their 20s; they don’t seem any worse off than people of my generation were. Who exactly is getting shafted, and how?

            I don’t see how trying not to be an asshole constitutes being badass. Doesn’t seem badass to me at all. I’d hope it’s kind of normal.

          • Joseph Trujillo

            you sir a simp ass white knight

          • If you can’t respond to the message, attack the messenger, right?

          • Neal, you might want to re-read 11. Stop blaming other people and entities for your lack of anything, and 19. Stop pouting

          • Number one thing the alleged men commenting at me should do is quit their pathetic simping..really, you think your a white night, but really you are just a boot licking slave, but if it makes you happy, simp on. Its shameful you have a y chromosome, because you dont act like it.

          • Nobody’s “defending female honor”, I’m just pointing out that you’re a sad pathetic little twat who can’t get beyond pretending his own bad choices are the sum total of the human condition. “Women” haven’t devolved to anything. They are individuals, like men. Some women have devolved. Some men have too… Neal, stand up and take a bow. You’re a loser, and you got stepped on because that’s what happens to losers. And really, “after the fact”? Yeah right.

            I repeat: women, collectively or individually, cannot emasculate a man. Neither can feminists, or “society”. Only thing that can emasculate a man is himself, and you can serve as exhibit A.

          • This shit made me laugh out loud hahaha

          • Society can and Is doing this to the younger generations Steven. Take Sweden -How do you go from Vikings to 6’4 bearded dudes, in skinny jeans who refuse to fight back?

            I just watched 2 Swede cops (one a woman – thanks faux equality) get beaten up by 4 skinny African immigrants. Why? How does this happen to an officer of the law? Officers whom you’d think had soeme H2H combat/self defense training. These cops, they had 2.5 ft clubs/batons & I’d expect pepper spray at least even though they had no guns.

            The male cop appears to be at least 6’0 – 6’2 and husky at least 230-250lbs with beard and tough looking face (he has the genes of a real warrior) but I watched as he tried to “talk it out” with 3-4 refugees who were following and harassing him and his chubby policette partner.. these are COPS!! They are supposed to protect others and kick ass if need be. Well the attackers followed them for several minutes, yelling pushing the police etc. The cops did NOTHING, but gave the 4th-5th warning “Go away leave us alone” … until of course it was too late. One of the skinny Somali’s slapped big Viking beard Cop with a belt, took his female partners stick in a half second and beat him with it. I mean they asked nicely for these refugees to please stop and leave them alone hahha…these are COPS. Anyhow, Swedish men have been completely emasculated, this starts in their schools and its very VERY apparent when you travel there. That is a small example of emasculation.

          • Strange, I recall not so long ago a couple of Swedish graduate students stepped in and saved an American woman who was being raped by a total sleazeball. Were they “completely emasculated”? One anecdote is as good as another. Of course it has been a while since the Swedes sailed off to rape and pillage their neighbors, but their neighbors probably don’t see that as a bad thing.

          • Nah you’re right…their neighbors also stopped doing the same. However their neighbors far to the south, you know the Islamists who have brought about no go zones in some Swedish cities, yeah they are real happy the Swedes have lost their balls.

            And my examples aside, the facts are not anecdotal, look up some real crime stats in Europe. Google is your friend.

          • Jonathan Hopkins

            And nothing wrong with being a loser… You know, for a few bouts. Reigning champs or god knows Jordan have been losers. Thomas Edison was primarily a loser and a failure, but guess what? He didn’t take the loss at face value. No one can make you understand that but you. I’m chuckling at these arguments, don’t know why, it isn’t funny.

          • Being a loser is a constant. Losing isn’t. A winner loses, but a loser gives up, doesn’t push himself hard enough, doesn’t risk enough, and so he loses at life. A winner will lose, but there’s an end to his losing. Eventually he wins.

          • Sherlock Holmes

            “What a joke, but really you are just a boot licking slave,…” Maybe, but all my relationships with women (including a divorce) were civilized, if not happy. So sue me.

          • The Deplorable Neal Jensen

            This is a rare exception that i address a slave. I earned my freedom the hard way. You missed some toe jam…tongue it off and go get phucked. You dont deserve a response, scum cuck.

          • Patrick Bertlein

            Yeah, this guy seems like a great example of a well adjusted male.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            I hope you don’t breed.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            WAAAAAA! WAAAA!!!!

          • My first ex was whore galore with anyone and the second turned into a lottery gambling addict then a bank robber to support her habit, and somehow you pin it on me that its MY FAULT….my BAD choices…
            Well… yeah. Obviously what they’ve done was wrong and even evil… but why did you marry those girls at all? Make mistake once OK, but twice you’d married women unfit to the marriage.
            That’s why careful choice is sort of important.

          • And their behaviors came out AFTER the fact….But you( and others ) still insist it was my bad choices….The first ex, yeah, I can accept it was my being willfully blind to her being a coock carousel professional riding tramp to start with( thinking with my diick not my head), but I ASSUMED that she would straighten out (you know, that fphuucked up institutional brainwashing idea that you give them the benefit of the doubt ahead of time and they will change )..

            There was nothing I could do about the second ex and I already had kids I had swore to devote myself to and be there for them, ALWAYS and no matter what.

            Who sees that kind of thing coming? but it also denies that my cases were ISOLATED people. The divorce stats, the real lifes destroyed by the American gold digging vaginas are real and rife.

            To ignore the opportunities to just LISTEN to them when they don’t think that you are listening is enough. My posts always go back to that. You want to KNOW how ALL women act and are, even you allegedly happily married simps?

            JUST LISTEN TO THEM AND WATCH THEM… For god sakes, it is THAT SIMPLE.

            In the 80’s and 90’s men (and women who wanted to entrap their soon to be divorced cash cows and penis owning ATMs) used to hire private detectives to do that part for them, to watch document and listen and record.

            If “men” would learn to be less lazy and halfway interested in their own FISCAL SELF PROTECTION, they would invest nothing more than a little TIME and ATTENTION to just watch and listen. Its really just that simple. That is the ULTIMATE RED PILL. Nothing expensive or difficult. But anyone who wishes to keep sucking down blue pills, go ahead, knock yourselves out. you do so at your own financial ruin. You cannot BLAME me or anyone else for it happening to you.

            The image in the mirror is the only blame holder if you ignore wisdom borne of experience, freely shared and often mocked. I m wrecking GRAVY TRAINS. That is my goal. I want to wreck all of them, especially the UNEARNED ones.

          • Jonathan Hopkins

            I may have had a terrible relationship/marriage, but I realized that it was due to my own lack of self respect and that the ultimate stupidity is to not value yourself.

          • Sherlock Holmes

            Dude, if you don’t recognize a “whore galore” and a bank robber, you won’t be designing rockets any time soon…

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            Yeah, why don’t you take responsibility for your own actions? No one forced you to be with her.

          • Joseph Trujillo

            the guy is white knighting his life choices to sound right…the deplorable neal..i feel you..married people always try and tell me how great marriage is..but holy fuck %99 of the people i know that are married are miserable..they think its some right of passage

          • The Deplorable Neal Jensen

            Its hard not to laugh at married people these days, they believe they “live the life” and that’s its hard to do sometimes, little do they know its hard to counter the unending resistance and self interest of their “partner” in a very lopsided relationshit that is not at all (99%) to the benefit of the XY chromosome holder. married men are all laden with a burden EXACTLY like Atlas, and its a struggle they will likely lose the moment the female becomes “unhappy” for any reason. Then that rock is gonna crush them mercilessly, the rock their wife is sitting on.

          • Jonathan Hopkins

            Well said, and spoken with respect. I used to wonder time and time again about the same things and participated in a party of many pities. People in general can be very stupid, overbearing, or manipulative. Almost always however, you will be able to chose your company that you keep or who to avoid. Same holds true to work.

          • Sorry
            ….anyone says anything to me while dropping the f bomb loses me immediately. People say it so much nowadays most people are desensitized to it. If you dont want your kids saying f you then stop saying it yourself. Kids do what you do not what you say they should do.

          • Patrick Bertlein

            Do you really mean to tell me that a woman has never brought you down? Have.you actually ended a relationship?

            I’m just curious what the expectation is, and yeah its a sore spot for me, but thinking this shouldn’t be impacting me is bullshit. i also got a kid,.so that is part.of it, but still.

          • I’ve ended several relationships, including one that ended with me fighting for (and winning) sole custody of 2 children,, who I subsequently raised on my own (they came out fine). I am not exactly new at this stuff. I am not going to say that a “woman brought me down” or any other melodramatic nonsense. Yes, there were issues… but the signs were there from the start and I ignored them. That mistake caused me a lot of grief, but it was my mistake and I dealt with it… maybe not perfectly, but as best I could.

          • Patrick Bertlein

            I hear that, I queation though if you are mixing up recognizing the emotional impact this woman had on you with this idea of how men are supposed to handle such things.

          • The point is that you gain nothing by blaming the other person, and blaming the other person’s entire gender is just absurd. You make a mistake, don’t wallow in blame. Fix it, move on, and do better next time.

          • Aw man, we’ve all been there – not sure where I said that in the article, maybe learning from passed mistakes. But break ups are tough to deal with, dealing with them shouldn’t involve lamenting over them, it should be focused on the future, what you’re trying to create and build, in my experience at least. Be in the misery for a day, then get back at it.

          • Patrick Bertlein

            A day? Sorry man but you got a serious emotional disconnect going on if it only takes a day to get over a real adult relationship, or super human powers but I doubt that.

          • Patrick Bertlein

            Never said otherwise. It’s not either/or.

          • Steven what you’re saying sounds good, it sounds like the right thing to say. Or rather, it SHOULD be right that only men can emasculate themselves, however its very specious. We as adults who understand all of this and came from earlier generations, can see the red flags, laugh at faux science and insane feminists. But the generations coming through the school system now being told that men & women are exactly the same, woman power is important, men should sit down, shut up and listen while allowing women to roar all of this is very damaging to male psyche. Add to that the growing number of young men with absolutely zero by way of male role models, often having only mother’s, aunts (and their various BF’s) influence on their lives, again can lead to a very confused and not so traditionally manly member of the male population. So it is bigger than you and me and Deplorable Neal.

          • I deal with young men all the time, and I don’t think they’re all that bad. Of course there’s a lot of variation, but overall I don’t think the generation of my children (20 and 26, the oder ones) is any worse or less manly than mine (58). Maybe they don’t conform to a “traditionally manly” stereotype, but I don’t see that as such a bad thing either.

          • Then you have tunnel vision drop your woman and try these new ones. Lol you will not have the same view.

          • Trying a new on would be a bit excessive, but they don’t seem all that bad. My 26 year old son’s long-time girlfriend is extremely cool, and she’s not the only one.

          • ya I’m not on the women bashing. I have an incredible girlfriend, an amazing mom and two wonderful grandmothers.

          • Damn, this thread just does not go away. I am increasingly convinced that the whole lets-hate-women thing is just nature’s way of removing inferior material from the gene pool.

          • Wait until they get married and her inner -cunt comes out.

          • That’s when the sex stops

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            Men and women are equal. Please get the fuck over it.

          • Equal as in we can call vote and have equal rights to arm ourselves and speak freely and to privacy and things sure…under the LAW we are all equal fool.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            Hahahaha, so men aren’t manly if they have only female “role models”. That’s so laughable. So by your logic women aren’t feminine if the have male “role models” right? Yes, men should sit down and shut up (especially about women’s reproductive rights unless of course they helped make the fetus). Men have always been in charge most of the time. Read up on world history. Yeah, we’re all equal under the law. Not. Hmmm, LGBT still have to fight for equal rights. Women still are fighting to have Reproductive rights and not be blamed or shamed because she was raped or because she happened to have sex.

          • This article was written to men. As usual you a female doesn’t know when to shut your mouth. No one here is interested in your hollow opinion on male issues. Its our body our mind our choice. We don’t need your opinion we don’t want your opinion.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            Lol. I don’t have to shut my mouth. Lol. Yeah, and men seem to think they can have an opinion about women issues. Maybe you men should learn to shut up about women’s issues and maybe just maybe we will shut up about men’s issues.

          • wait, so you don’t want your government telling you that you can’t have an abortion, yet you want them to pay for the abortion? You can’t have both – if you want to have any semblance of consistency.

            And you do know that having sex may result in the creation of a baby? If you don’t want a baby, don’t have sex. And men, this goes for you too. If you do have a baby, man up and raise it.

            What equal rights to gays have to fight for?

            How are we not equal under law (men and women)?

            You do know that the rape argument is less than 1% of all abortions? That’s like saying all homes should be built for midgets or giants. We govern and make laws based on the majority, not the outliers.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            1. Hyde Amendment

            2. Birth control fails and condoms break. Contraception isn’t 1005 effective. Also try telling that to married folks and sex is natural and has health benefits and it also let’s couples bond. That’s science.

            3. Let’s see the right to not get fired from their job or the right to not be refused a job, The right to not be discriminated by housing authorities, the right to not be bullied or killed. I could go on, but you get the point.

            4. Women pay more for common household items than men do. Women make 16% less money than their male counterparts. And for black and Hispanic women, the rates are even worse. Women are underrepresented in government. Women are the minority in the executive suite. Women are also the minority in the news media. And they’re the minority in the booming tech sector, too. Women still shoulder more of the household burden. Women are far more likely to be the victims of human trafficking. Female soldiers face rape and harassment. Women overall are at a greater risk of rape and domestic violence. Young women experience inequality in high school sports. Retired women are twice as likely as retired men to live in poverty. Women of all ages are, in fact, more likely than men to live below the poverty line.

            5. Not your business. Ultimately, it is the woman’s choice. Body autonomy. A dead person has the right to refuse to donate their body parts without their consent.

          • Very true. Modern women commit murder on a biblical scale.

          • I can’t believe this chick just said “the right to not get bullied or killed” yeah I’m pretty sure murder is illegal and having a right against being bullied would also be against our freedom of speech. Not everyone is nice out there.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            Yeah, murder is illegal, but a hate crime is a hate crime. Now replace LGBT with white or male.

            Freedom of speech means the government can’t arrest you, but I can criticize you.

          • I think you mean that Freedom of speech means the government shouldn’t be ABLE to arrest you, but ultimately that’s what happens. You exercise your freedom of speech, someone physically attacks you for it, then someone else bears witness that it’s your fault and you’re arrested when you did nothing illegal. Never underestimate how low some people will stoop if they have what they feel is a good excuse to prevent your freedom of speech. We see it all the time in internet arguments where everyone tries to CORRECT each other instead of just voicing their own independent opinion and leaving it at that.

          • Wayne Robert Oberg

            well no one but the goveremnt can force you to do anything. I can not force you to shut up ( i Could fire you) but that isnt force

          • And men are tired of the spoiled little princesses. Your stats are total BS by the way. Drinking the liberal Kool-Aid is total poison!
            Men are tired of womens crap and are starting to fight back against feminist lies. These angry man haters started this garbage and now men are just opting out. Good luck to the ladies finding a husband because it’s going to be a long search!

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            Lol. And women are tired of men controlling and telling us that we must be subservient and submissive!!!

            Maybe this is payback for all that crappy shit men has done to women for centuries and are still doing it to women!

            I’m sorry you hate strong independent women.

            I say good luck to the men trying to find a woman who is willing to bend at their every whim because they will likely be living in their mother’s basement jerking their 2 inch dick to porn for the rest of their life!!!

          • No man I know wants a “subservient” woman. They want an equal partnership and a woman with realistic expectations. The fact is that in modern society women need men much more than men need women. Women may hold the key to sex but men hold the key to marriage—-and more and more are saying no thank you—while an increasing number of women want to tie the knot! Doesn’t bode well for females in the long term.
            Feminism has destroyed three generations of women and they’re trying for a fourth. And unlike feminism, men are unlikely to wage a war against women, they’re just dropping out of the marriage and dating game altogether.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            Brahahaha. Sorry, but it’s men who needs women. We only need a man’s sperm.

            Also marriage isn’t just for heterosexuals. Bi sexuals and homosexuals get married too. Who needs who then?

            Feminism destroyed 3 generations of women? How so? By being equal? By not being a brooding mare (body autonomy)? By not being their father’s property then their husband’s property? Or how about getting equal pay and equality in the workforce? Or perhaps maybe being able to have their own money?

            Yeah, feminism sure destroyed women. Not.

            You want to bring women back to those times then please pack your stuff and move to the Middle East. They love people like you. I hear it’s great this time of year.

            Maybe it’s a good thing men like you are dropping out of the dating scene and not marrying. That way their defective genes and ideas aren’t being passed down.

          • Most people I know—including women—are sick and tired of feminism. It’s just another buzzword for “victim”. The tide is turning and the masses are fed up with political correctness. Relationships are about taking care of each other and not competition and victimhood!!

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            Lol. How many is most people you know?

            10? 20? 30? Maybe 100?

            I’m sorry, but those people don’t speak for anyone, but themselves. Just like feminazis don’t speak for feminists.

            Also, those women should be glad feminists fought for their rights otherwise they wouldn’t have any rights at all.

          • Many movements turn on themselves and devour themselves. This usually results from overplaying their hand and repulsive anger. Denigrating men serves no purpose but alienation. We all need each other in this world. Good luck to you.

          • That is not scientifically true. Its only socially true. And guess what that’s not correct either because society says women are above men. Not a surprise when you realize society is feminine and civilization is masculine.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            https://thoughtcatalog.com/lorenzo-jensen-iii/2015/07/17-ways-that-science-proves-women-are-superior-to-men/ https://www.forbes.com/forbes/welcome/?toURL=https://www.forbes.com/sites/travisbradberry/2016/06/21/why-women-are-smarter-than-men/&refURL=https://www.google.com/&referrer=https://www.google.com/ https://theestablishment.co/the-science-that-claims-women-are-inferior-to-men-is-bogus-c2a9956acc54

            Yeah, and that’s why we live longer and are smarter than men huh? Because you know men are known to do stupid shit and women use more of their brain.

            Our society and civilization is still male oriented. Why? Because it’s all about domination and control. Most world leaders are male.

          • Men and women ARE equal, but very different. This article isn’t a shot at women, it doesn’t even address them. It’s an article focused on helping MEN improve. Respect that, please.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            So different yet equal? So are black people different yet equal?

          • Men and women most certainly are NOT equals. Deal with it.

          • Yes we all have a right to our opinion no matter how wrong and worthless it is!

          • To point out a few things only men can emasculate themselves because they define for themselves what is important to them. Toxic masculinity tells men they should be a certain way. Being physically strong, making the most money, not crying when they’re human. The pussy and bitch language which is derogatory terms for women used in this article doesn’t get a girl to like a guy. That and it’s disrespectful call it for what is is…

            Real men…You’re a man. Congrats. Be a good person, human, individual.

            Feminism doesn’t take away from a man. It’s about realizing what is wrong with things. Men should be allowed to be themselves as individuals, there’s objectifying women, treating them like sex objects, or existing for their pleasure, or being owed their attention…Men dealing with physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse from women and men. Just as women deal with it. Men being seen as ‘stronger’ belittle the fact that they’re just as human as women.

            Feminism is about seeing the privileges men get and take for granted. One person said it well ‘A man’s worst fear is being blamed for assault, rape, etc. A woman’s worst fear is being raped, assaulted, etc.’

            Women and men are different but deserve equality. Same with cats and dogs, the colour blue and green. But both are animals, both are colours, and both are human.

            The gender of your role models doesn’t matter. It’s what values and what that role models teaches you. Male or female role model that teaches violence as an answer, abuse to get someone to listen, to use fear, intimidation, and aggression to have control.

            Humans have both masculine and feminine traits. It was humans who put them into boxes to say which is which. Pink was male colour, blue was for girls. Then it switched. Before the colours all clothes were gender neutral and it’s going back to that.

            Men and women’s roles are nonexistent. Gender doesn’t matter. It’s treating people as people their genitals don’t matter both make money, both cook, both can clean, both raise a child if it comes to exist. A woman is made a mom because a guy gets her pregnant when it’s the guys sperm who made her so. It’s his job to make sure it doesn’t happen if it’s not what he wants. It’s his choice to stick by the woman and his child, take responsibility that he didn’t want to use protection with her, and not run away. Then leave their son with only women as role models who are better at telling a boy how to treat and respect a woman. Because she’s the one who is there to look after their son.

          • The whole METROSEXUAL thing. Guys shaving their bodies, dying hair and wearing perfume. I’m now seeing guys wearing the torn jeans….OMG want to look stupid or what. At least there is a beard fad and that separates the men from the metrosexuals.

          • That’s not quite true Steven. Factually speaking, a male is still expected to be the primary breadwinner and if either is to stay at home raising children, the female slips into that roll with less backlash from society. That distribution of labor worked 100 years ago when staying at home meant washing clothes by hand, fixing food from scratch over an iron woodburning stove, and hand washing dishes before getting the horse and buggy to go into town.

            What has happened is that society is now fostering the delusion that it’s acceptable to bash males but how dare a male speak a single criticism, which if done fairly and necessarily to keep a stable environment rather than whining, is still dismissed as something a male shouldn’t do, even though anyone of the slightest intelligence realizes that two way communication has always been vital to prosperity.

          • So she makes more than you so you dance around making a word salad.

          • That’s not what I said. I earn comfortably more. She also earns, and she handles her money well and is very modest with her spending. Believe it or not, it does work out for many people. Generic denunciation f women is every bit as silly as generic denunciation of men.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            Doesn’t this article say to Stop complaining and to Stop being a dick? Because you are doing both.

        • I personally find the “emasculation” word and concept offensive. I don’t think there is a word like that for women. Why would “becoming weak and less effective” have to do anything with “depriving a man with his role or identity”? Which role? Hunting and storing food for winter? EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Gender can tell you so little about someone. I corrected the article and would like to know what you think: https://fixthatsite.wordpress.com/

          • Awww, you find a word offensive? Well let’s all stop using it so we don’t hurt your fucking feelings. You are are part of the reason the word came to be.

          • Thanks for the cold shower of “Not all of us have landed into this century yet”.

          • Actually argument from a “century” is one of the most stupid on the progressive side of ideological war of modern age. I sort of hope that XXI century will end in some absolutely devastating world war leaving only a handful of desperate survivors and XXI century will remain symbol of utter terror, insanity and despair.

            Because srsly just because your ideas are more common in XXI century really doesn’t make it right or so… there’s just no connection.

          • Keeping Dogs Safe

            Are you with Isis?

          • Emasculation includes making men servile slave like and without rights, deprive them of dignity and self respect as well. Men are made out to be dumb cattle to be driven and slave to provide financial safety to women. Its a foul concept in a modern society where “equal”rights exist when men actually have none in reality. I realize that function is well ignored in this thread.

          • Dude, you’re just making the point I already made. You say “deprive them of dignity and self respect”, I say bullshit. The only person who can take away your dignity and self respect is you… if you ever had any to start with, which I doubt. The only person who can make you servile is you. Grow a backbone, please.

          • Holly Baby Catkiss

            BRAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Are you scared of strong women? Poor baby!!! Please go cry somewhere else.

          • That whole article looked like it was written to pre-parental kids, maybe just out of college. The adults (men at least) I know, generally, adhere to most of those 21 suggestions.

          • Gender is fixed. It starts before we even pop out of the womb. No real scientist, medical professional or sane person with an IQ above 80 would say otherwise. Women and Men are different. Simple. We LOVE the things that are different about women. Reproduction happens and the world revolves around us needing you gals to procreate and you needing us to procreate. Even though science can create plant an egg, fertilize it and grow a child in something other than your womb, that child will stil be born with the inborn drives that men and women have. Its like the adrenaline rush you get when you almost fall off something or almost have an accident, you don’t tell your body to do that do you? Same for ALL babies grabbing for a breast, its food its life, nobody told the baby how to suck a boob. Fast forward and nobody told a young man that he should like a woman’s lovely boobies. Nobody told young girls that a boys deepening voice and broad shoulders should catch her eye.

            Of course there are variations and abnormalities in humans. There will be the male born with the larger than average dump of estrogen in mama’s stomach, he might be more feminine acting, maybe that will make him smaller and less powerful or maybe it will make him gay..the Jury is still out on that. Some women are more “macho” than others…they are stronger, more sexual, more aggressive because yep maybe their genes have released more testosterone than the other girls…but she is still a girl. She isn’t an “it” a gender queer, a nuetral or whatever the PC police say now, she is just a girl.

          • Yes it exists its called the Masculinization of Western women. They embrace it and cherish it in Liberal academia. “Say it loud and proud girl..show them you’re strong” no matter how right or wrong the female is, they are encouraged to speak up and shout down others.

            Anecdotally as a child, if a man or worse another girl told you , that you had “man hands..manly voice..boys chest..hair like a man..a beard..ass like a boy” how would have made you feel?

        • I tell you, when you are a young man, growing up without a father, and you listen to these bisexual, lesbian feminist leaders who establish the norm for young and teenage women, you as a man, have no chance. Twenty years ago, the Gloria Steinem’s of the world were preaching “don’t treat me or look at me like a piece of meat! Then it became: “No means NO!” Ok…now it is:” Be a man and take a chance! Be courageous! Don’t be shy! Don’t be shy! Now we have the “slut walk.”
          Now they are giving it away to blacks with a vengeance.
          The point is: “This society is being manipulated by GAYS! BOTH LESBIANS AND GAY MEN! They are now promoting themselves as the most “stable alternative to the nuclear family!” Wake up!
          The people that rule this earth are Luciferians and they are LGBTQ! They are the NWO BS. No such thing as MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) How GAY CAN YOU GET!! AND WOMEN ARE BUYING THIS NONSENSE!
          26 MILLIONS HOMES ARE EMPTY IN THE U.S. Google says 18MM but the truth is more like 26 Million. White northern European Americans have been leaving this nation by the hoards. There has been a major U.S. Exodus by whites for the past 3 years! z
          Why? This NWO is bringing in the collapse of the U.S. Dollar…mayhem! They fear Martial Law coming…shortage of food–of Biblical proportions! Yellow Stone National Park about to blow up, for it is a super volcano. The ground has swelled 10+ inches, no more animals in Yellow Stone, all gone!
          Fukushima Daichi Japan’s four nuclear reactors have melted into the Pacific Ocean…and the Pacific Ocean is now dead! The West Coast is dead!
          We have radiation contamination in our drinking water, in all our food source!
          Twenty three nuclear power plants in the U.S,. have uncontrolled radiation leaks. Three mile island has a leak that cannot be controlled…our drinking water is contaminated. Congress past a law that would allow the limit of radiation in our water to jump from 9 becquerels to 4, 460 becquerels per liter of drinking water!!
          Step back and notice the “disparity of women to men ration in our population.”
          Step back and ask the white people you come across in your town and ask them where they are from? Chances are a very large % are from out of town.
          Count the number of women to men in your streets. See what you come up with.

        • Totally right, Steven Rogers. If a guy can’t find or get a decent woman, it’s HIS fault, not women’s. Who is more likely to be wrong, ALL women or one loser that can’t seem to get his act together? Sorry, Neal Jensen, if you want to find someone to blame for your lack of success with the good women out there, start with yourself. Personal responsibility, dude.

          • Patrick Bertlein

            This dudes wife is definitely cheating on him.

          • Grælgen Græggel

            Women in America today are mostly selfish cunts. And the marriage laws are TOTALLY biased against men. #MGTOW

        • The difference is men don’t go around making lists of how women should be.

        • There is one thing in life funnier, when you whine about his whining then start in with name calling. How about grow the fsck up?

        • Women have changed and noting the obvious doesn’t make one a whiner. Women have been conditioned to believe that a relationship and marriage is all about meeting their needs and never the other way around. I see good and decent men being screwed over and divorced by unrealistic women who know they have the upper hand in any court proceeding. These wives grudge on microaggressions and hold their men up to impossible standards. Women claim to want a “nice guy” but then fluck and suck the tattooed prison parolee until they’re washed up and then—all of a sudden—they want the “boring” guy who wasn’t good enough 10 years before.
          Your advice is good advice in an ideal world. Feminism however has destroyed three generations of women and starting in on a fourth. They started the gender wars and now it’s catching up to them. It’s about time!

        • You have obviously never talked with a man who was arrested because some babbling cunt made a false accusation.

          This happens constantly, and the man is guilty until proven innocent in the gynocentric courts.

        • You have obviously never been dragged away on handcuffs because a women decided she wanted your stuff.

      • Well, most of the women get away with that because they conform to society’s idea of beauty and have been given everything since their were small, because of their “beauty.” If a woman is great looking but has a materialistic, black hearted, child, RUN.

      • You need to look at different women, there are many out here that appreciate a us for who we are not what we are.
        Find one who works as hard as you do and lives simply.
        Find a decent car (not new) and clean clothes (not some expensive threads) and go looking, find a gal who likes you and play the part of a middle class man. If she falls for you and you for her let nature take its course. Flowers and a trip to the beach, mountains, or fishing is better way to find a good woman than throwing money at a gold digger.

        • I will say it AGAIN for all those running off on tangents NOT addressing WHAT I actually said (the focus of my post).

          … For god sakes, it is THAT SIMPLE.

          The truth becomes evident to see…never mind your personal agendas and BIASES.
          Men can and WILL benefit from that SIMPLE COMMENT, and that scares the hell out of many, because it BLOWS the societal mind conditioning and bias and brainwashing out of the water.

      • I guess you missed rule #3 when you were blaming your problems on women.

      • There is truth to both of these statements. There are for sure many dead beat fathers who have gone on to mislead an actual valuable and kind female. This usually happens early on, with the small town innocent (more or less) girl who really does think she’s found the one and is in love, giving the man her all…only to be let down and left by some selfie taking, self absorbed Jersey shore looking douche. On the flip side, Neal has a point with the growing number of women who just decide to stop taking their pill whenever they want, do not inform the man, lie to the man, sometimes see other men while she is getting her rent paid by said “nice guy” all the while knowing that when shit does hit the fan, the court will have Mr. Nice guy paying through the nose for this kid. Sadly more and more girls are falling into this selfish all about me mentality..watching Kardashians, talking thug/street, getting high, following every pop fad – with new boyfriend from the new fad.

      • Holly Baby Catkiss

        Stop being a little bitch.

      • Have fun making babies by yo self. You have broken the rules already.3. Stop complaining. 8. Stop being a little bitch.10. Stop thinking you know everything.11. Stop blaming other people and entities for your lack of anything.13. Stop being a dick. 14. Stop being insecure 19. Stop pouting.

        • The Deplorable Neal Jensen

          Already have all the kids I wanted, no help to the bitxhes who fucked me over financially and tried to screw me through the divorce courts..my kids turned out fine once I got them away from the bitch ass mom and her family of cunted hags…oh wait, you sound just like those worthless hatchet gash or a beta male cuck…. Truly Smart men should get mentored by divorced men who had kids before they decide to get married or think about it, before they get legally tied up to you back stabbing bloodsucking gold diggers. NAWALTS do not exist any more than unicorns do.

      • Cindy May Migliore

        You must be a man then. I never ask my significant other for a dime and if he has to spend money on me. He’s asking that I give him the money back. When I have it. I have spent money on him as well, but I don’t ask for it back. If I don’t have the money I go without. I’ve needed new shoes last 2 months, because of them wearing out and I didn’t ask him for new shoes. Not every woman is like this and not every man spoils their woman, but too some men are like this (case in point my significant other) and some woman actually are the ones who spoil their men. So think before you say it’s, because of woman.

    • A Real Man- takes care of his lady and makes sure she does not get pregnant! >> Actually a Real Man takes care of his lady and makes sure she DOES get pregnant with her hearty help. But only after the wedding bells, not before.

    • Modern “women” need to stop humping idiots and bad boys behind the bar dumpster.

      If women actually returned to being at least somewhat selective with who’s sperm they accept into their womb, they will be much happier in the long run.

  7. Cheryl Bradshaw

    Excellent. Love this.

  8. 23. Stop being so concerned with what other people think, and take care of you first. Do you.

    • Did you even read the other 22? I get what you’re saying in regards to not being concerned with other people’s opinions, but the entire theme is about pushing focus away from yourself and directing it to others. So “taking care of you first” and “do you” are pretty selfish themes to just tag onto the end of 22 unselfish one’s.

      • *chooses one at random*
        Stop watching TV. Read a book instead.

        But…TV shows are a nice source of entertainment. How is ‘reading a book’ supposed to be something unselfish? Because it works a different area of the brain; because it keeps your imagination strong?

        How is sleeping in supposed to be something selfish?

        Just because Joe Motivator wakes up at 6 A.M. to tackle the day and I wake up 3 hours later, I’m being selfish? Freedom isn’t won, it’s earned. And if you earn the money to pay your bills on time, anybody who tells you you didn’t ‘earn’ the freedom to sleep in has shortcomings in their own life that they’re taking out on you.

        And if this is a ‘earned freedom’ in the ‘our military didn’t fight just so you could be lazy and sleep in’ argument, then no. I served for 5 years, and I’m saying that one of the reasons I fought was so that somebody else could be lazy and sleep in, if they want to. Rofl.

        ‘Stop wasting your money.’ But…I earned this money. Treating myself is bad? Damn, I guess Parks and Rec lied. Oh wait, that’s a TV show. Naughty, bad TV!

        • “But…TV shows are a nice source of entertainment”….if your IQ approaches room temp, maybe. You know TV shows are written for the lowest common denominator IQs, right?

          Read first, away from TV. temper and strengthen your mind and intellect, then come back for some entertainment, once tempered.

  9. Stop telling other men how to live their lives.

    • I’d really say most of this is simply how to be a decent human being, not manly or not. It’d be nice if people would stop targeting these things at men or women or worse, thinking it’s fine to set some gender based standard of what makes a man manly or a woman beautiful or womanly.

      • I’m a guy. The focus is both myself and other men. Clearly many of these apply to women as well, but there are different roles for men and women. We are different.

        Women would have a slightly different list than men. To ignore that we’re different, that we don’t have roles that go back thousands of years is just being silly.

      • Don’t tell me how to tell you how not to tell me what to do.

  10. Agree with a lot of this (especially #5!) but #9… Why not be a man and give up your guns, recognising that they only increase the risk of injury to yourself and your loved ones rather than lower it. Being civilised doesn’t = being a pussy. What about my freedom from getting a stray bullet in the head? It’s not fear, its just sensible.

    Surely you don’t need a gun to feel like a man.

    • Would you rather have help a phone call away or in your hand when someone rob’s your house?

      If you’re a gun owner, be a responsible gun owner. Statistically, your statements are wrong. Treat each state as its own country. Where gun control is the strictest, gun violence is the highest because there isn’t a law-abiding, gun-owning populace. The criminals and the cops are the only ones that have them. Where, however, you have a populace that owns and respects firearms, statistically it’s a much safer place. So your “right” not to have a bullet in the head is protected more by legal gun ownership than illegal gun seizure.

      And no, it’s not manly to own a gun, it is, however, manly to defend your family. If you rely on a cop car that’s 20 minutes away to protect you from a robber, then you’re not much of a man.

      • You mean IF someone robs my house, which is very unlikely, and even more unlikely that I would actually be home while they are doing it. My gun will probably just be stolen along with everything else, for which I have insurance to cover. And if I was home, the instant I pull a gun out just increased the chances of myself or my family being hurt or killed. Sure, it decreases the chance that my TV gets stolen… but its a TV. Better situation to actually warrant having a gun was if someone gets in wanting to rape and murder us. Then I want a gun. But let’s weigh that tiny risk up with the risks associated with owning a gun because a real man makes informed decisions when it comes to the safety of himself and his family.

        I’d love to know which studies you are looking at. Everything I have seen points the other way. “Almost two-thirds of the people in the U.S. population live in homes without guns, and there is no evidence that the inhabitants of these homes are at greater risk of being robbed, injured or killed by criminals compared with citizens in homes with guns. Instead, the evidence is overwhelming that a gun in the home increases the likelihood not only that a household member will be shot accidentally, but also that someone in the home will die in a suicide or homicide.” http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-0804-hemenway-defensive-gun-home-20150730-story.html.

        I also listened to this recently http://www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/podcasts/owning-gun-change-behavior-2/ might want to check that out. Just owning a gun has its negative effects on you mentally. No, your decision to own a gun can’t be defended on any legitimate “safety” basis. More likely it comes from some primitive desire to feel more powerful or out of misdirected fear.

        • So you play the odds that you won’t be robbed when at home or that the police will arrive in time and thus you conclude that the existence of a gun is more of a liability. That is your conclusion based on your circumstances and your values. Certainly others will have different circumstances (live in a different area, have a different police response, be home more, etc). Far be it from me and you to *impose* our conclusions on others. Perhaps but one of us ‘suffers’ from humility?

  11. John Wiesenfeld

    #1 thing modern men need to stop doing is getting in everyone’s business and telling them how to live. For example: making meaningless lists on the internet telling people the standards that you’ve come up with that they need to meet in order to be considered “acceptable” as a member of their fucking species. Of course there’s value in working hard, in having strong values that motivate your actions. But fuck you for posting something that says “stop being a bully” and “stop being a bitch” in the same article. What does it make you calling someone a bitch? Wanna be a big manly man mr. Howse? How about some fucking respect for those around you and not judging your fellow man. And how about defining yourself by how much better you make the world instead of preaching about how much better you think you are than everybody. Talk about fucking insecurity, Jesus. I think the bravest (read: “manliest” for you Chad, because you seem to think being a strong person only applies to men) thing you can do is stop giving a fuck what people say you’re supposed to be and start living life free from worry about how small people will judge you, and full of respect for all mankind. How about lifting people up instead of worrying about how “manly” you think you are. Who the fuck are you to judge anyone Chad? Why do you get to look down on all mankind and say you know what’s right? This type of thinking is literally and precisely the cause of almost all social issues nowadays. If you use the things on this list to guide your own life, then more power to you. Seriously, I think that’s great, and I have a lot of respect for you for having a standard you hold yourself to. But don’t you DARE judge anyone else for not living up to your standards.

    • “If you use the things on this list to guide your own life, then more power to you.” That’s what every article on this site comes from. I start with myself, and write articles that, judging from the amount of shares, the amount of emails, and the amount of support the site’s garnered, others benefit from to.

      The rest of your comment is just weak. If you read stuff like this and get offended by it you’re on the wrong site. Think how you wanna think, just take that bullshit somewhere else.

      • How come you dont demand the same of women? Everything applies to them and society would be much better off for it also. You make men the sole problem, thats just not so UNLESS you approach this monsense from a white knight stance. Men should demand respect when they earn it, but women dont do that, the belittle and then take advantage..its called HYPERGAMY and riding the kock carousel.

        • John Wiesenfeld

          Hahaha I have no idea where you got the idea that that’s how I feel. But you’re right men are *definitely* the victims in our society. The women I know deserve and demand just as much respect as any man and don’t get half of what they deserve. Im just sick of seeing dudes wave their dicks around instead of just being a member of this species. Makes the rest of us look bad.

          • Im sick of men simpering to their women. that is the most disgusting cowardly thing this society flaunts these days. yeah their is some Alpha morons running around blatantly being d1cks to people, but the White Knights and the “happily married” simps, they are special class of spineless.

          • The women I was interested in (supported and protected) as a younger man, were mostly disrespectful and shallow. They were able and used to getting their needs filled by men until their selfishness brought calamity to that relationship. Then they lost 10 pounds, acted decent and polite and trapped a new drone, after gutting the last one out in court, found new drones to support and protect them. My knight days went the way of the dodo 15 years ago, and the peace and respect I offer myself is Much better than the turmoil of being ‘happily married’. I have bouts of loneliness but I had them before, too. Current ‘western culture’ is trash. The article was right about porn addiction, and television. They turn your morals and mind to mush.

          • If you watch tv sitcoms after becoming aware of gender programming it will make you sick. The men are mostly weak willed spineless know-nothings and the women run all the facets of their lives.

      • And that’s what it’s all about, putting down what is successful for yourself and if people like it, they’ll bite. If they don’t, then no harm, no foul, no need for anyone to complain. The ones who are interested will take from it, those who don’t, bye bye.

    • >#1 thing modern men need to stop doing is getting in everyone’s business and telling them how to live.

      The irony is that most guys who are these emasculated millennials trying to meddle in everybody’s business. The people who are happiest and successful are the ones living principles found in here. Be kind. Someone else’s success doesn’t take away from yours. Etc…

      I don’t necessarily think that it is a “macho man” unrealistic image to own up to your mistakes, not feeling entitled to everything, etc… Those are things that every person should live by.

      • John Wiesenfeld

        Then you didn’t read my post. Those qualities are excellent and should be respected. My problem is with telling other people how to live and belittling them for not meeting your standards.

        • I didn’t get that part about belittling other men. I think he belittled the behaviors you did. Maybe he didn’t say things properly or in a way you like, but he said things that have the same meaning.

    • You’re both right but at the end of the day it gets down to what your motivation is. Young men have become soft and weak for the most part. I blame the epidemic of single mothers for that, and the fact that dad isn’t around, because mom jettisoned him in the divorce or her poor choices relegated him to just an ATM machine.

      I think the whole alpha bullshit is garbage, however those Alpha’s are right when it comes to taking care of yourself (exercise, nutrition etc,) doing the best you can in your profession, having a basic sense of honor, not being a bully, or a dick, and trying to help others up, instead of lording it over them, because the benefits no one and just breeds resentment.

      The motivation? Are doing self improvement in order to gain female validation and approval or are you doing it for your self edification? You’re wrong if you’re doing it to gain female approval and validation. Liver for yourself and the women will come if that is your choice. Make positive changes for yourself. For example. I’ve had a weight problem all of my life because of a glandular condition that went misdiagnosed for 18 years (I have medical records to prove it.) It got rectified but the damage was done. Last September I embarked on cutting meat and dairy out of my diet the best I could. (Meat and dairy don’t work well for my body and I have nothing against meat eaters.) I have lost a crap load of weight as a result without cutting calories (I cut out fat instead.) People we’re on my ass to lose weight and I only started to do it, once I did it for me.

      I think Chad and men like him take it too far with some stuff and are too locked into pleasing women, and they don’t have any solutions for these young men who don’t have the fucking tools, because dad was cut out of the picture because mom divorced him or they never knew their dad. On top of that I was never down with the chest beating macho shit. My dad was no prize pig, he imparted a few things into me, but I learned a lot from my shop teachers and the military. The stuff Chad is talking about is PHD level stuff for these soft young men. You got to get back to basics with these kids.

    • Winning post. SPOT ON!

    • BS! Exercising judgement as to what is good and what is bad, is exactly what a man should do.
      There are objective standards, whether you like it or not: “Don’t be judgmental” is a woman’s complaint, not a man’s!

      • John Wiesenfeld

        Hahaha I have no idea where you got the idea that that’s how I feel. But you’re right men are *definitely* the victims in our society. The women I know deserve and demand just as much respect as any man and don’t get half of what they deserve. Im just sick of seeing dudes wave their dicks around instead of just being a member of this species. Makes the rest of us look bad.

    • I feel lifted up from it. A person takes what he/she wants/needs from it.
      I see no evidence of Mr. Howse judging anyone on any of this, I believe those are some valid points and you either like it or you don’t.

    • “But fuck you for posting something that says “stop being a bully” and “stop being a bitch” in the same article.”

      – my thoughts exactly. We just got mansplained! (I f#cking hate that word btw.)

  12. Stop listening to what other people say and be your own man. A leader of one never gets second guessed, or told the way he thinks is offensive. People need to be told to piss-off at random. For any reason….or no reason at all.

    Stop buying things made of plastic. Plastic is a petroleum bi-product. They make shit-bags out of plastic…bu at least you get a shit-bag for free. STOP buying technology made of plastic.

    End your sentences with prepositions and pronounce your ‘T’s without using your pie-hole muscle. Instead, use a guttural T which sounds like you got punched….”Uh.” Say it wih me: Frooo-uh. Mou-en.

    Defy someone’s expectations. If someone punches you in the kidneys because he wants you to piss blood….do the exact opposite and bleed piss. When you are finished bleeding the piss…make sure you let him know he should Piss-Off. He can’t read your mind.

    No one is a mind reader…except the guy following the Leader of One.

    Now piss-off.

    Gooood stuff!

  13. Stop telling people what to do!

    • Stop clicking on links to articles that tell people what to do. Or at least refer back to #8. Or at the very least, be self-aware enough to notice the hypocrisy that when you tell someone to stop telling people what to do, you are telling them what to do.

      • You’re right, it’s much less hypocritical to tell someone, to stop telling someone who is telling people to stop doing things, to stop doing something, than it is to tell someone to stop telling people what to do, who is telling people what to do. Remind me to ask you genius bros for advice on everything from now on.

  14. fyrefingers1956

    This entire post is sad. But so very, very true. And unfortunately, it is a very good description of the modern American male. If someone else says it, let them. Only after the outcome do you pop up your head to see the aftermath. Then you know whit idea is the right one. The biggest roadblock to being able to accomplish any of the recommendations is the male EGO. If you accidentally say something that they like, you lost the a beginning and it is best to quietly back away. No matter what, until the male ego does not need 200 %, we will at best, have to kowtow to not a better person,…….but

  15. brilliant advice and there I was whinging that my job was getting too stressful, I left work early today to spend time with my kids.

  16. Give up your guns. They do not mean you have, and they are not a substitute for your dick.

    • disqus_KuIRO0Aw2B

      Give up YOUR guns if you like. Leave ours alone, son. I cannot understand why you associate genitalia with the tools a man uses but it’s childish. Grow up.

    • Give up your cars. They kill more people every year than guns do.
      Give up knives, because you can stab or cut someone with it.
      Give up you hammers, screwdrivers, etc. because they can also be used as weapons.
      If a person is set on killing they will do it with whatever is handy.
      Dont have a machine gun, just take your car, drive it towards say a crowded parade.

      I will gladly give up my guns if you will give up all the above and more. Deal??

    • Classic Conservative

      Give up your obsession with my dick. I’m certainly not obsessed with yours. Your irrational fear of guns and your tendency to associate them with genitals does not take precedence over my right to protect myself and my family.

  17. Strike 1: You’re offended by our generation’s emasculation of men, which led to this article and entire website. Not really fair to judge people who are offended. Being offended by things isn’t the issue. If it is, then this makes you a pussy by your own standards of logic. (#2 Stop complaining; you complained 21 times in this article…. just saying.)

    Strike 2. Simply because you’re “popular” doesn’t make you morally just. Trump has supporters and so did Hitler. Shares and emails and support are irrelevant to what’s fair and just. Not to call you Hitler, but popularity doesn’t equate to right or wrong.

    Strike 3. These modes of thinking, this testosterone induced website, isn’t yours. This site is nothing but an echo of judgment that some church, fraternity, or father figure has spewed incessantly into your ear. Now you’re 30 something still trying to prove something to daddy. Read a book.

    Conclusion: You might be helping some people, those who are holding dearly onto their own identities out of fear of being judged. Maybe they’ll find valuable lessons in your literature that coincide with lessons they’ve learned from whatever source they deem legitimate. However, humanity is moving past you, without you and your six-pack and your anger. You should consider meditation and maybe, just maybe practicing what you preach…

    Lesson #10 “Stop thinking you know everything.”

    I’m a proud gay man, I am videographer with my own business and I am successful and happy. Lessons targeted at only men are hindering. There’s something about this, that divides men from women, that’s like trying to pump thin air into a deflated balloon.

    Emotions aren’t weak, vulnerability takes courage. You think building up walls to defend yourself from the outside world is strength? No, the hardest thing to do, is to face those emotions, to be courageous enough to admit when you are wrong, and to own everything that you’re made of. I don’t mean to be crude but this site disgusts me. All of these suggestions are ruled by fear, and you sir, are afraid of being judged as less than a man. Must suck to be you.

    • Don’t get offended by this, but I have a problem with pride that doesn’t come from anything earned.

      Black pride, white pride, gay pride… How are you proud to be gay? You did nothing to accomplish that. Pride is only reserved for things you actually do. You could be proud of your business, your family, your values and your actions, but being proud of an orientation or a race? I’d like to understand this, you seem to be a good guy to ask.

      Re: your little “strikes”…

      1. Not offended. Nothing was done to me. There’s merely a problem in society that I’m addressing. Nice try though.

      2. Sure, with the shares, not with the emails though. People are getting real impact and value from articles on this site, my other site, and the newsletter. Again, nice try.

      3. Check my 30 books to read before you’re 30. Take your own advice. You’re clearly living in a shell of a world – likely living in a city? Vote for people who’ll take money from the rich? Think social issues that only benefit you are more important than economic issues that benefit the entire society?

      This society – that is, the first free, democratic society where each individual had rights and liberty, was built, earned, and fought for by men that hold these values. It will be torn apart by pussies that hold your values. Guys like you won’t build bridges, fix our streets, and they sure as hell won’t defend shit.

      If the site disgusts you, leave.

      Final question… do you think that men and women are the same?

      Do you actually think that we fit the same roles in society, that we have the same make-up, strengths, and weaknesses? Or are we more of a yin and yang, each providing unique strengths to make up pieces to a puzzle…

      • I knew you would ask me to leave your site, predictable, probably a result of fear.

        I don’t like your values and therefore I argue against them. That’s a form of combat so don’t call me a pussy (we’ll get to that part soon).

        I want to comment on Pride. To be gay means to accept that, embrace it, and fight against the oppression that coincides with that. Many men pretend to be gay and aren’t proud of their gay side. Myself on the other hand, am open and out of the closet which requires strength. I’m proud of being honest with the world, whereas I could weak and hide away and be something I’m not.

        Now on to using the word pussy. Having a vagina, or being a pussy, doesn’t make one weak. It’s immature and misogynistic language. Weak is weak. “Being a pussy/bitch” is offensive to women, please get some tolerance.

        Next is women, yes they are the same as men in all fields except strength. They can’t build bridges and fix highways as effectively as men but that’s not the only jobs that exist. It took great minds to create this world and there are many roles to play. Women can play in virtually an role that doesn’t consist of strenuous work, ie. politician, CEO, lawyer, doctor, judge, president. They are Ying to Yang, that’s such an outdated mode of thought in today’s evolving gender dynamics.

        Last point, I don’t need to physically fix or build things, I am gifted with intelligence. People who break their backs in roles that require physical strength typically don’t call the shots, for good reason. They are strong and should let the thinkers think. I defend my nation with my college education and yes, my activism. I do support economic improvement, not economic deregulation because I believe a little intervention doesn’t hurt *cough* Housing Crisis *cough*. But you don’t really know what you’re talking about or how to properly debate. You didn’t cover any of my previous points about fear, vulnerability, courage, or that you’re literally a whiny man, complaining about the current state of things.

        Why don’t you explain to me how I’m a pussy who only cares about social policies…. or wait, you didn’t know I have a Bachelor’s in Political Science…. or wait I haven’t expressed a single opinion about my political stances now have I?

        Tell me, you want the rich to get richer? You voting for Trump? or wait… you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about when it comes to politics, you’re narrow depth of actual knowledge in the field is enough to shut most people down. You bring up politics to pull away from the actual arguments at hand. Not me dumbass, tell me what makes a person a pussy? Someone who disagrees with your standards of masculinity?

        • Perhaps he didn’t cover those points because you go around the internet talking about equal rights and fighting the oppression and yet you’re the first oppressing someone because he’s different from you.
          Let alone the annoying attitude you have.
          The lack of respect you show for those who haven’t been gifted with the intelligence you have, or too poor to afford a college, those who had no parents and had to resort to build bridges for a living.
          All in all, sorry for judging, you appear like either looking for trouble, or to fire up the debate; one that cares more about “being right” and imposing his own view onto others (hypocrisy, once again), rather than someone who is genuinely trying to understand someone different from him, and to put aside the differences, as Chad tried to do with his reply.

          Also I didn’t want to act like a doggy protecting his owner, if anything because I would be disrespecting Chad, assuming he can’t debate by himself, but the tone you use in your replies arouses some of my harsh feelings. Hence why I replied.

          • My mother works for a township and she is single and couldn’t afford to pay for my college. I got federal funding which isn’t hard to get ! You just call the school up with the slightest bit of interest, follow the preceding steps and you’re in. So…. no lack of respect to entitlement, only to those who mean to educate masses via sexist opinions alone.

            His tone is problematic, mine is a response to it. I might sound presumptuous, but a man claiming that other men who act outside of his own creed, are less than a man, is frustrating.

            And anyway. What’s wrong with debate again?

        • 1.
          >I knew you would ask me to leave your site, predictable, probably a result of fear.

          No. That’s a very cultural libertarian point of view. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. A regressive tries to convict those guilty of wrong think, by getting some higher authority to shut down things they don’t like. Such as #blackLivesMatter, or the safe space seeking, anti-free speech college activists across America.

          > To be gay means to accept that, embrace it, and fight against the oppression that coincides with that.

          It’s 2016. Gays can marry. They’re no longer oppressed. In the progressive oppression Olympics, gays are no longer considered a “minority”. http://instinctmagazine.com/post/gay-white-males-are-no-longer-considered-part-minority

          > “Being a pussy/bitch” is offensive to women, please get some tolerance.

          PLEASE stop being offended for other people that *might* be offended. This is like the high school that banned a Mexican student from wearing traditional clothing from his country, because it might be considered offensive to somebody.

          >I don’t need to physically fix or build things, I am gifted with intelligence. People who break their backs in roles that require physical strength typically don’t call the shots. They are strong and should let the thinkers think.

          What a passive-aggressive snobbish way to talk down on men who take on the dirty jobs of the world. This attitude I see prevalent in today’s society and it pisses me off. I believe that their should be a balance between mind, body, and spirit.

          > I have a Bachelor’s in Political Science

          I find it funny that you have a fake science degree and you brag about being “gifted with intelligence”. Your political opinions aren’t any more valid than those of a Trump voter.

          > I haven’t expressed a single opinion about my political stances now have I?

          You’ve expressed more than you know.

          7. You bring up politics to pull away from the actual arguments at hand.

          You just tried to pick a fight about “toxic masculinity” in an article that was telling men to be less entitled. I don’t think that the OP was ever interested in debating his masculinity.

    • What about his six pack? I’m a 30 y/o man all skin and bones, trying to put up some weight, and I can’t help but look at chad and think “well… well done! This is a man who loves himself and doesn’t neglect his body”.

      The amount of hate and indignation you show for an extremely neutral post, that is just a concentrate of wise suggestions to become a better man, makes me sad.

      “Emotions aren’t weak”


      “vulnerability takes courage.”

      I don’t see how, at most it takes cowardice.

      “You think building up walls to defend yourself from the outside world is strength? No, the hardest thing to do, is to face those emotions, to be courageous enough to admit when you are wrong, and to own everything that you’re made of.”

      A man who can truly face the world, admit that he’s right or wrong isn’t a vulnerable man. A man like you describe is a very strong man.

      “I don’t mean to be crude but this site disgusts me.”

      You’ve just been crude, and then one could ask you “then why would you visit a website that disgusts you?” I’m disgusted by all these SJW-like websites and so I stay miles away from them.

      “All of these suggestions are ruled by fear”

      I disagree. I think he has been very wise, and -in fact- he paraphrased several points that great philosophers and thinkers have made in the history of the world.

      “and you sir, are afraid of being judged as less than a man”

      Let me quote a book I don’t like, just because I believe that doing so will prove that I’m trying to keep an open mind on this:

      Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. – Bible

      “Must suck to be you”

      I don’t understand the reason of such hostile behaviour towards someone who has never done anything to you, except owning a website where he speaks out his own thoughts to share them with those who decide to listen.

      • Also here’s some knowledge about Vulnerability from a “woman” ( yes they think and feel )

        Here’s a quote from Quentin Tarantino:
        Violence is the best way to control an audience. That’s why I’m being vicious, cause clearly you’re reading it.

        Also, if I have a white supremacy website, does that entitle them to say racist shit and not get feedback. I mean, it’s only for white people anyway, and if you’re not white… well you should go on an SJW site…. SJW… like when did that even become a bad thing? Are you voting for Trump too?

        • “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

          That’s why being a SJW is a bad thing.

        • Honestly and kindly: you’re completely mind fucked. Get a grip over reality. Over and out.

        • You lost me at “yes they think and feel”. Too much prejudice towards those different from you from your side to keep me interested.
          Enjoy your battles against windmills, I’m out.

    • >These modes of thinking… [are the result of] some church, fraternity, or father figure has spewed incessantly into your ear.

      Things such as responsibility? Accountability? Paving your own destiny? Not being lazy? Not being entitled? I think that you’re right that Howse doesn’t own those principles. Those are basic principles for success. Howse is merely emulating them in a macho aggressive way. That doesn’t make the principles any less valid.

      My conclusion: You didn’t read the entire thing, and you’re trying to establish your moral superiority by rejecting “toxic masculinity” and reciting basic “masculinity so fragile” speech, even though that’s not really what the article is about.

    • Classic progressive mindset and why America /humankind is failing.

  18. Strike 1: You’re offended by our generation’s emasculation of men, which led to this article and entire website. Not really fair to judge people who are offended. Being offended by things isn’t the issue. If it is, then this makes you a pussy by your own standards of logic. (#2 Stop complaining; you complained 21 times in this article…. just saying.)

    Strike 2. Simply because you’re “popular” doesn’t make you morally just. Trump has supporters and so did Hitler. Shares and emails and support are irrelevant to what’s fair and just. Not to call you Hitler, but popularity doesn’t equate to right or wrong.

    Strike 3. These modes of thinking, this testosterone induced website, isn’t yours. This site is nothing but an echo of judgment that some church, fraternity, or father figure has spewed incessantly into your ear. Now you’re 30 something still trying to prove something to daddy. Read a book.

    Conclusion: You might be helping some people, those who are holding dearly onto their own identities out of fear of being judged. Maybe they’ll find valuable lessons in your literature that coincide with lessons they’ve learned from whatever source they deem legitimate. However, humanity is moving past you, without you and your six-pack and your anger. You should consider meditation and maybe, just maybe practicing what you preach…

    Lesson #10 “Stop thinking you know everything.”

    I’m a proud gay man, I am videographer with my own business and I am successful and happy. Lessons targeted at only men are hindering. There’s something about this, that divides men from women, that’s like trying to pump thin air into a deflated balloon.

    Emotions aren’t weak, vulnerability takes courage. You think building up walls to defend yourself from the outside world is strength? No, the hardest thing to do, is to face those emotions, to be courageous enough to admit when you are wrong, and to own everything that you’re made of. I don’t mean to be crude but this site disgusts me. All of these suggestions are ruled by fear, and you sir, are afraid of being judged as less than a man. Must suck to be you.

  19. Jerry Alan Carroll

    I could totally tear apart some of these.
    For example
    By you telling someone to stop doing something that in fact makes you the bully.
    When you work 60+ hours a week and have a family, it’s nice to sleep in once in awhile.
    A smart man knows when to quit and hang up the gloves.
    Anyway that is all I will say. About half or more are spot on…some just make you sound like a know it all dick

    • You’re correct on the points you made. So those numbers on the list weren’t directed at you. There’s probably one or two things on the list that will apply to each individual. The entire thing shouldn’t apply to an actual person, they’d be an absolute useless wreck.

      Re: me telling people what to do… I don’t care if it reads too harsh, I’d rather write something that takes a firm stance than something that suggests or recommends. Most people won’t take offense to this style of writing. But offending people is good. If you don’t hit a nerve you’re not really writing anything important or different.

      Furthermore, how is it bullying if the point of the article is to help guys become more self-reliant? That’s a good thing, it isn’t picking on them but rather showing each of us how we can becoming stronger in certain areas of our lives, myself obviously included.

      • You wouldnt have to say anything at all with your points, if men werent already emasculated and brainwashed to act just like women. You made great points but 40 years of targeted emasculation and villification of men are hard to overcome by men who dont have a clue by your points. The feminists and communists have won this battle, and thus the few true real men are surrounded by femme_men that are pussies and panty waists or metrosexual hipsters.

  20. 22) Stop constantly telling other people how to live their lives…

  21. Love your wife and be faithful to her and incorporate her into your plans, she wants to help you. Show to your sons and daughters how to provide for a woman. Also show to your children how to guide your wife away from foolishness and to the powerful task of supporting you and your children ..

    • Would be great if she were on the team with the same goals..in theory. The problem is actual practice proves that to be a very rare occurance. The divorce statistics prove that is true.

  22. i’ll do everything but the first. I will take selfies from time to time. 🙂

  23. I think that you were on point on a lot of things, but I disagree with a number of things:

    1. What’s wrong with taking selfies? Your argument isn’t really an argument. If your opinion is that they’re “weird and vain”, then it’s not really a gendered issue. Women should also knock it off by your perception.

    6. What’s wrong with watching TV? I wouldn’t know about how big a goof Donald Trump was if I didn’t watch the news.

    7. I get your point. But, not all guys who dress nice think that “appearance is the measure of a man.”

    13. There’s a difference between “telling it how it is” and being a dick. You can be kind and “tell things how they are”. No offense, but you’re kind of a dick in this piece.

    Reading books like “Success is not an accident”, “How to make friends and influence people” and “7 habits of highly effective people” all have the same general positive message that you’re emulating except they are direct without being a jerk about it.

    Although I generally dislike moral authoritarianism pieces, telling people what “not to be”, I think that it was a good piece.

    • Good points. Articles like these come from events, things happening that may piss me off. What’s interesting is that they get way more viral than pieces that are more positive tone – though the message on the site is usually congruent.

      Glad you enjoyed it. Great books mentioned.

  24. Is that an American Bulldog with you in that picture?

  25. At first I thought this was a parody website. I was disappointed..

  26. rule #22: STOP COMPLAINING CHAD!!!!!!11111!!!!!!

  27. I love it! Stop being a crybaby (click to retweet.) lol. Real men don’t use something called Twitter.

  28. I agree with 90% of what you say… good values to live by, be you conservative, progressive or somewhere in between. I would add a couple more though:

    1) Stop thinking that you are entirely responsible for all of your your successes or you failures. We all start out at different points, some with much more given to them than others. BUT, no one is entirely responsible for his or her own success. Everything we do and have starts from the efforts of those who come before them or are collectively contributing to the greater good. From the public or private education you received, the roads and bridges you drive on or enable your business, to the abundance of products available in the stores, to the laws and constitution that help you live in a free society… you enjoy these things because of efforts of our forbears and the collective efforts of you fellow citizens. Recognize that no one is entirely as “self-made man” and be grateful that most of us enjoy benefits and a head start that people in other places can only dream about.

    2) Stop worrying about what other people do or how they live their lives; focusing on living yours. No one has the same experiences as others and unless you have walked in their shoes or gone through the same trials and joys they have, you don’t know what there life is like and why they make the choices they do.

    3) START giving the next guy the benefit of the doubt, a word of encouragement and a helping hand when you can. We are all responsible for our attitude, and no one can teach that, but we can give an offer of help when someone is struggling and, if they are open to it… share some of the experiences and things we’ve learned along the way that might help them succeed in life.

  29. A list of complaints about how men behave that contains “stop complaining” seems more than a little ironic to me. In fact, the list itself violates quite of its own tenets. Much better to make a list of things for men to strive for: be honest, be compassionate, be humble (not the doormat kind, but the realistic kind), be responsible, and be ethical. Otherwise, it comes off sounding like complaining, bullying, bitching and being a dick. Just sayin’. (Oh, and stop just sayin’ “just sayin’.)

    • Good point. I’ve done that on my other site a fair bit – will take that approach here as well. But, every now and then a different approach is good.

    • That wasn’t a list of complaints. That was a list of suggestions to men who wonder why their ‘manly’ lives suck.

  30. #5 Hey CHAD… #5 should be #1 and rephrased to this.. STOP ASSUMING 100% of men are straight! I have a husband, children, masculine, do good and promote good and strength. Dont tell me to stop watching straight porn because YOU do. Again, QUIT assuming every man on the planet is straight. Start with this. LEARN from ME as well. You say we can all learn from each other. So STOP assuming all us men are EXACTLY like you, straight for starters! Dont tell em how to treat my woman since there is no freaking woman to begin with. LIVE OUTSIDE your bubble for once. Eh? Peace.

  31. The hypocrisy of this listicle is astounding.

  32. Some additional rules to live by:

    1. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

    2. Remember that opinion, without knowledge of the subject matter, is merely supposition.

    3. Take responsibility for your actions instead of looking for someone else to blame.

    4. Use your damned manners – they’re free and will impress far more people than being an ignorant dick – my 14-year-old son (thanks to the way I’ve raised him) can put most men to shame on this point… he holds the door for others, gets up and offers his seat to the elderly, offers to help others, etc.

    5. If you lack knowledge in a particular subject then educate yourself – we live in the information age so there’s no excuse for lack of knowledge.

    6. Always strive to better yourself in all areas – learn things, practice things, perfect things and become expert at everything you do.

    7. Learn the basic skills that we seem to forget about because of the advancement of technology… Learn to read a map and use a compass instead of relying on GPS; Learn to hunt; Learn how to set up camp, light a fire without matches, etc (all things that generations past used to use as rites of passage).

    8. Accept your failures and learn from your mistakes then persevere and succeed.

    • Your comments apply EQUALLY to women, who will never live up to that civic duty, it all the mans responsibilty.

      • + I always say what I mean.
        + I debate gracefully and compromise willingly
        + I’m a lady who will open up the door for a man, every time.
        + I’m always reading and studying
        + I better myself everyday. If I fail today, I try again tomorrow
        + I can navigate with a compass and cook dinner over a fire.
        + I’m successful, despite mistakes made when I first moved out at 20.

        What’s your problem? Not a single woman can live up to any of your standards?? I’ll still open the door for you, even though I think you’re a jerk.

        • I would suggest to men to just go on virtually ANY dating app and read a few profiles. Aside from pictures they all virtually say the SAME THING, denigrate men they once knew as all abusers and users, yet these same women have kids by more fathers than kids, yet the men “all did me wrong” whine song. They I suggest also that men look at the divorce stats, and see the initiators of the divorces are 85% plus women who cite “fell out of love” or “irreconcilable differences” or alleged their spouse cheated (yet provided no proof). I don’t have to be fly on the wall to know who it goes in those “happily married” homes, i’ve been married and divorced (though faithful and devoted to my spouses) TWICE. You know what things forced ME to file for divorce? First ex was slut and screwed anything with a pulse on my military base. She was a fine specimen, glad I’m rid of that problem. the second saw only dollar signs. I married her ONLY for my first kid, I was going to be a devoted dad to my kids. I was, while she gambled and shopped us into bankruptcy. yeah, women are winners…NOT. id be willing to bet if I interviewed 5 people who you recommended, not a one of them would make you out to be the person you claim to be, not even your best friends. The rest of your pluses you listed above, I was doing that when I was teen and a VIRGIN, and in college courses as a junior in high school at night after a day at school. SO what?

          • I’m sorry you’ve had a rough life with women. Its not fair when you don’t get who you thought you picked. However, I’ve been with the same man since Sr. Year of High School (12 years) and married to him for 6 years. We’ve never broken up or have taken any breaks. I love him with my entire soul. We don’t have kids (I can’t have them), so we adventure together. I can’t comment anymore, but if you want to continue this conversation elsewhere, I’ve added my Facebook in my profile. Maybe being friends with nonfrivolous woman, would be beneficial to your world view. I am taking a hiatus from it for 30 days, but I’ll be back.

          • “have kids by more fathers than kids”

            You know that’s not possible, right?

        • You said “…What’s your problem? Not a single woman can live up to any of your standards?? I’ll still open the door for you, even though I think you’re a jerk.”
          Show me where I stated that women don’t live up to the standards I set… Also, explain why you think I’m a jerk because I think my fellow man is falling short on responsibility… for the record, I’ve been with the same woman for 15 years this month… I will have been married to her for 15 years in October of this year… so your point is?

          • I wasn’t replying to you mig… I was replying to Neal.

          • My bad!! I apologize!!

    • Yes, yes and YES!!!????????
      My son is 25 and I raised him as a real man who shows respect to women and the elderly, plus will stand up in defense for those who cannot for themselves.
      The only selfies he takes is at my begging because he’s a Ranger who lives far away from me and I miss his smiling face.

  33. No on #5, most attractive women are objects. I am getting sick and tired of this notion that men treat like women like objects but women don’t treat men like objects. Women look at men as being disposable ATM’s. They will stab a man in the back if and when they get the chance (yay no fault, meaning its all his fault, divorce,) and will kick him in the nads when he is down. Men a women main assets are her appearance and her ability to produce strong and healthy children. Women are a depreciating asset as well. Its better for men or any age really to avoid marrying or getting re-married, because the marriage and divorce laws in this country are rigged against them. The best thing for young men to do is to focus on their careers, make as much money as possible, save, enjoy and just pump em and dump them if you have to have sex. #MGTOW

    • Bingo. Spot on comments again!

  34. Liz 52 Denver 115#

    You could say this to women too. Its not gender specific.

  35. Join the Armed Forces, learn a trade and skill, see the world.

    • The estrogen in factory-farmed meat will literally make you a woman. Watch out, boys!

  36. There’s a purposeful attack on men with estrogenic chemicals. Real men do research.
    But it’s more than a chemical attack.
    Watch video: “End Game”
    The estrogen in factory-farmed meat will literally make you a woman. Watch out, boys!

  37. In the wide expanse of our 93 billion light year universe, there exists an organism, particularly a young male primate of the species Homo sapiens. He used words like “bitch” or “pussy” as if they made him more edgy and abrasive to shake the emasculated lazy man out of his cocoon and become a dick instead of a pussy.

    He then talked about men not pouting or complaining about life, yet does this utterly ignorant of psychology and its complexities. Positivity and determination are not cures for the depression that countless men face in silence, when what they actually need is real treatment. Or has the preponderance of male suicide eluded your knowledge? But boo hoo right, complainers whose existence is utter misery just need to get their attitude in check.

    This myth of the 21st macho man is an abstract fiction.

    You want to be bold? Encourage men to be healthy mentally and physically, and then stop trying to create them in your own image as if you have this crazy life figured out. Men are held up to enough ridiculous expectations as it is because they have a penis.

    So why don’t we allow individuals to actually have freedom to express themselves as they see fit.

  38. After reading that piece I feel like a total piece of human garbage- I think I will step in front of train. LOL

  39. Sooooo, what this really means is: STOP ACTING LIKE A F’ng WOMAN!

  40. “How come you dont demand the same of women?” Men and women have roles. Things work out better if a man confronts a man about manly things. Likewise, a woman needs to call out women on their issues and I know there are women who have done so. I think this was a great article. It has really caused me to examine myself.

  41. The
    author is harsh, rude and unbending. His “people skills” are not good. He is

    Adversity breeds character. Humans are funny that way. Without adversity, we sink to our lowest common denominator, becoming soft and useless.

    The truth isn’t often easy or even pleasant, but it’s solid and dependable – as men should be. I strive to be of worth. I stumble and fall, but I always get back up and try again. It’s not about how others behave for me. It’s not about the nature of some women or some men. I cannot control the actions of others, only my own.

    My late father once toldt me that 10% of people are inherently good and will do the right thing, even to their own peril. 10% are inherently bad and will do the wrong thing, even when the right thing would suit them better. The remaining 80% can only be counted upon when watched, as they tend to employ “situational ethics” (there is no such thing).

    I argued with him as a young man. Humanity gets better every generation I told him. I wish he were still alive so I could apologize for my naivete and arrogance. My experiences in life have proven his theory time and again.

      • I have shared your list with many and the responses have all been positive from both men and women. Americans are becoming sheep, and sheep will have a master. Either we return to the traditions that built this nation or our children will be slaves. It begins with the person in the mirror.

    • Your father sounds like he was a wise man. I wish I would have learned much about what I had to figure out on my own about people at a younger age. But I guess experience is the best teacher. The best we can do is strive to be in that 10%.

  42. The USA is a shallow sea of estrogen. Masculinity is taboo , guys like Justin Bieber are getting all the tail . Who needs a man around when you can press 911 on your phone and have a man with a gun in a jiffy .

  43. To this accurate list I will add #22: Don’t grow your hair long. That’s what girls do. Have some self-respect and, whatever you do don’t EVER put your hair in a man bun or ponytail. That’s for douchebags. Real women don’t respect men with man buns or ponytails.

  44. Got to the porn part ……..

  45. 9. Stop letting your fear inhibit my freedom.

    How about you live your life and stop worrying about what I’m worried about, Skippy?

  46. I think the world needs more dudes. Chill everybody …dig the groove … it’s in you ….

  47. Our beautiful Men no longer have Fathers willing to step up to the plate to teach them…instead, stupid-idiot Feminists are raising our Boys. Public School maliciously indoctrinates, then drugs our Boys after being labeled ADHD, making this one of the worst crimes perpetrated upon our Nation. As a Woman, I am afraid. I loved the idea of having a Prince Charming to cherish and protect me and my Babies. I had an evil, abusive step-father, and I felt helpless; I was sure he’d kill me. I dreamt of the day, that a Man would beat the life out of him, then to rescue Mom and I. Men you were created in the image of GOD, not an ape, as Public Schools teach us. Don’t be offended by these 21’s…godly Women want their Men to lead. Guys have been deceived into chasing after the wrong Ladies, who also behave themselves unseemly. Lord, please help our dear Men….real Women and Children still need them! There is always hope in our Savior Jesus.

  48. Love this. Inspired to write an article for my blog. Cheers guys.

  49. Chad is either a troll or a fuckin’ moron. Fuck Chad and anyone who looks like Chad

  50. Thank you Chad House! I have the utmost respect and admiration for true alpha males! Can’t stomach these new age skinny jean wearing cry baby wannabe men!

  51. Right off the bat, the problem I see with this entire list is it breaks at least three of it’s top rules. (Whining, Comparing people to others & thinking it knows everything)…And I barely scanned it.

  52. Sport Enthusiast

    22. Stop making lists that make you sound like bitch while standing on a glacier with a dog pretending to be a man’s man.

  53. Your tenets for men seeking a life of significance are so on point, I wanted to share this with everyone. Yeah. But I couldn’t. I’ve got one more important bullet point for “real men”.
    It’s “Lose the pottymouth, be professional. Nobody wants to be assaulted with 14-year-old locker room language while they’re trying to take in your gripping message. Pursue the best use of the great English language instead of falling back on the easy pollution of it accepted daily by unextraordinary people.”

  54. It’s good to find some people who are brazenly honest about how reality really is. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s about time for all of us to step up and be men, be better than we really are.

  55. I have a sneaking suspicion that Neal was recently dumped a few times in a row!

    Regardless, I have a bit of an opposite view of women compared to the Debby Downer Neal!

    I find women intriguing. I find them to be beautiful creatures and I thoroughly enjoy being around women and learning about them and how they think!

    I believe you find what you are! Perhaps Neal is finding his counter parts in the female gender because he portrays many of the same character flaws in himself!

    If you desire better, you must become better!

    Women will give you love, admiration, be your cheerleader, worship you, and in all ways fall head over heels in love with you if you earn it!
    You must possess those Alpha Male traits if you wish to attract a female 10! (very subjective to multiple facets.)

    There’s my 2 cents…

  56. Michael Williams

    How about we only listen to the ones you can successfully pull off, lest we know you’re a hypocrite, as this whole article falls under number 3, you want people to pander to your list which is kind of vain, you probably spend money on stupid items, etc… Being a man is mostly just taking responsibility for your actions. I don’t really agree with what you’ve written here.

  57. How to be a real man:

    1. Be past the age of puberty, and
    2. Have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome.

    That’s it!

  58. This is basically a buzzfeed article of a feminist complaining about men, except it’s by a ginger guy who likes to climb snowy mountains with his dog, and who shows off his KILLER ABS! but tells us not to be in vain as his numero uno on this shit-list. Being a hypocrite makes you a dick. So that’s two strikes already, ChadFeed.

  59. I have two more: 1. Quit wearing a fanny pack; and. 2. Quit using profanity.

  60. The author should study his own #13.

  61. NoRightToNotBeOffended

    These are great points. I volunteer with preteens on young teens and thought it was a powerful and good start. However with the profane language in the comments and the soft profanity above, I am unable to share this with them.

  62. Thank you! Sharing with my boys. . . it is so hard when you are fighting against what is taught in school, social media, by friends, TV, music etc. Us parents trying to instill these things in our kids can be a huge uphill battle!

  63. While I agree with most of what this says.. He comes across as being very preachy and self righteous. I think these are more societal problems in general. I’m curious to know if this dude has ever actually experienced an emotional trauma or experienced a real tragedy. It doesn’t seem like it, but I could be wrong. Some people are luckier than others and are born into easier circumstances. It’s nobodys fault but it’s not as easy for some people to get ahead. No matter how hard they try. He doesn’t seem to grasp this. He also forgot one… stop posing for pictures with your shirt off. That is vain. Nobody wants to see that shit except for you. This seems to be a list for everyone… Not just dudes.

  64. 22. Clean up your language. Develop a truly adult vocabulary. Rely on your ideas, wit and wisdom to gain attention, not dirty words. You don’t need to talk like a drunken sailor or a gangsta to sound like a man. In fact, it makes you sound like an insecure teenager trying to sound grown-up. Applied artfully, rarely, and in just the right context, swearing is an art form. But not for advice articles on the internet. I’m speaking to the author of this piece.

  65. This alpha male shit is so fake to me. If you’re a “real man,” you don’t concern yourself with measuring up to some popular idea, or some self-appointed expert’s idea, of what a “real man” is.

    • Alive and Dying

      Sounds like something a fake man would say. A real man can only know he’s a real man if he measures himself up to an article telling him that a real man doesn’t measure himself up to articles they find on the internet!

  66. all good Chad, except delete your gun paranoia statement- NOBODY IS GOING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS! SETTLE DOWN AND TURN OFF THE TV! Do I need to do the math for you?

  67. Rule one: don’t presume you have the right or knowledge to tell other men what it takes to be a man.

    Also, thank you for your service.

  68. Ginger McBubbles

    You have done at least 7 of the things you have written in this article just by writing it. You do know that makes you a hypocrite, and makes you look completely unintelligent.

  69. I agree with all except the gun thing. I do not need a gun to be a man. Don’t turn “manhood” into pro gun propaganda. Guns are irrelevant in this.

  70. I am not responsible for others’ actions and reactions. To believe I am responsible for
    others’ actions and reactions is a misconception of power over others.

    I and I alone am responsible for my actions and reactions. To believe others are
    responsible for my actions and reactions is psychological slavery.

  71. THIS!!!…and it just doesn’t apply to men. It applies to everyone, especially those born and “edumacated” in the last 30 years or so…the everyone’s a winner and a victim generation…

  72. i seriously thought a woman had wrote this……

  73. #22 – use other describing words than profanity.

  74. And, whatever you do, DON’T ever vote for a woman as president. Men are called to lead …

  75. I fully support the 21 suggestions here, primarily because I was raised in the ’40’s and ’50’s when whiners were smacked around until they quit whining. Knowing this list is appropriate for all men, especially the recommendations about porn; women need to know using their breasts as a sales pitch is getting real old. No man wants a life-long relationship with a woman willing to publicly expose herself. Besides, when it comes to mammary glands, once you’ve seen two, you’ve seen them all.

  76. Stop spending your money on yourself, spend it on me!!! lol

  77. About #5 – A lot of the girls in porn (particularly Asian, amateur, forced, or where you hear a man giving her instructions in the background) are being forced because they are trafficked. Not always the case, but it’s more common than we realize. They put on a willing act for fear of their captors. This is beyond sick. Sex is the most intimate act and to have your life stolen so that others can use you sexually is a living death. You give it hits = passive support. Stand up for those women (and some young men).

  78. I agree with about 90% of everything here. It’s good common sense. I disagree with the more subjective aspects. And I believe that some of these things require a certain level of emotional stability that many people just don’t have. That being said, most of the list is good to strive for of you’re not there already. I have a saying that sums up a lot of it. “own your shit!”

  79. Hey tough guy, neat article, but you missed something entirely relevant to becoming a man. You use the word “Stop” at the beginning of every phrase. Fair enough, but I think young men these days (I’m 59 and I’ve raised 3 young men) have been told what to do/live/think and be until they are completely fucking swimming in it. Just turn that shit off, and don’t be weighted down by a fucking once of it………….A word of advise to everyone that’s posted all the thoughts below. Start, don’t stop. Start. It’s a very long journey, and there is nothing new under the sun. You aren’t unique (we have all been here before, and we shall be again, because we are all brothers and sisters travelling through time, in humanity), but you are all special. Becoming a man isn’t something that happens by figuring it out, and applying a set of rules…in fact, I’d say you really can’t be one until you give up trying to be one. It takes a long time, so quit forcing the magic, and just be what you are (snakes, fishes, cats, dogs, eagle eyes and lazy hogs, just like your local zoo). And most of all, I won’t say “Stop”, but I will beg you all to please quit blaming women. If you are and you do, you have some very deep soul searching to do, because blaming (unless it is a true crime or injustice) is always an act of self defense and deflection. If you really, truly believe this is all there is to women, then you are not a good judge of the female character. Look the other way, until you can see the truth, because Women are beautiful creatures, so are Men, and we all live within the rules of human nature. Sit back, and enjoy the show, and please, partake of the good things in life. You are the captain of your very own ship, steer the mutherfucker.

  80. So pretty much the author of this, (if you wish to call him that, cause really all he did was write shit) droned on and on about subjects that were already summed up. Kinda like the 10 commandments, literally most of them are redundant and can be cut into 1/4 the size they are now, if not less (refer to george carlin on 10 commandments for instructions).

    So now that you droned on, let me make a retort. Since you yourself are a man, wrote this, and all you’ve done is make complaints with no real solutions to them because “suck it up”. You probably need to at this moment re-evaluate yourself at this moment. The answer to better jobs isn’t “take it and stick with it… the answer is “aim for higher, achieve what you believe you are capable of and never stop trying. See what I did there? I laid down a common issue you have, and gave a solution with guess what? intelligence. As you said in this list, go into it with humility. Ironically you telling others how to be, shows you trying to be mr knowledgable and know it all. A real man, also doesn’t need a list.

    1. Who gives a Fuck what they do? Thats like giving a shit about 2 men marrying, stop giving a fuck.
    2. You spoke of entitlement. and think your entitled to your list of opinionated facts..
    3. Complaining – Refer to my comments above in said paragraphs. Fucking stop before batman smacks you around like he does robin in meme’s.
    4. Comparing ones self to others, is nature-in-carnate. Literally its human nature to do so, and media is the biggest control freak of all to make you do so. Women are FORCED to compare themselves on a minute to daily basis. And men are no different. Let alone you’re wanting this entire list to compare to what a man should be, umm… idiocy on your part.
    5. exploring ones sexuality… its healthy… people learn a thing or two… its only a problem when you want porn over your girl in bed.
    6. I don’t watch tv, I stream online, I save myself a good 30 minutes watching objectifing (thus what you’re doing) and idiotic commercials. I’ve also read more books then apparently the author, or I wouldn’t need to be lecture how he’s wrong.
    7. refer back to 4. I’m sure showing up in shit will make a great impression on people. Don’t know society, would you like a guy in dirty clothing, or trashy shit.. or a guy in a nice suit…
    8. Stop being a bitch.. you making this list makes you sound like a whiny one, but I digress. I’ve got 20+ years of standing up for individuals like special needs who couldn’t even get a word for themselves, and still do. there is better more intelligent ways to put this, refer back to reading a book.
    9. refer back to complaining and being a bitch. You whining about this, isn’t advocacy.. Darwins law applies to individuals like you. I wish they’d remove the safeties off guns just for you..
    10. Well this is awkward for both of us, you’ve acted like you know it all. I’m lecturing you. But I can admit I don’t know it all. I just have intellectual conversations with some of the brightest minds in the world, and you write blogs telling people to not be bitches. Guess we both fucked up here…
    11. Brace yourself, I agree with half of what you’re saying. But there are people’s lives who have been completely fucked up, abused, used, etc. And really you don’t know their story. So.. refer back to stop complaining. They don’t effect you, much like 2 guys kissing don’t effect you. Get over it.
    12. Better ways to put this. Don’t wait for the perfect job, bust your ass for it. Don’t take some job that’ll be “next” and beat you the fuck down. Take what you feel you deserve, or is a stepping stone in the right direction towards you goals.
    13. Most of your complaints thus far are you being a dick, cause not everyone is like you.. so….
    14. People are insecure, let them be. Shy people are insecure, not everyone is a alpha male. Let people be themselves.
    15. Technically by writing this bullshit list, you yourself are trying to bully people psychologically into being someone they may or may not be… refer to STOP IT
    16. I earned the freedom to sleep in. I work 2 jobs and earned that right. Who the fuck are you again?
    17. Eh.. sometimes pacing yourself is infact the most intelligent manner. Albert einstein (you might want to read up on him) failed many times because he rushed head first into this. When he paused in his middle age and stopped a moment, he finally achieved the greatness he is known for. Then again, most fields of greatness actually require patience, pacing, etc. Kinda like science. You watch for the reaction. Without it… you wouldn’t have the keyboard to type this incessant toxic post…
    18. When the shit hits the fan, you step back, analyze the situation and approach in a different way then push thru it… rushing head first doesn’t get things done wisely, or well done at all.
    19. Isn’t this like… 3 of the lines you’ve made, stop bitching, stop complaining.. and now stop pouting. May I suggest a good book called the dictionary. They are all the same in essence. refer to george carlins 10 commandments for learning how to sum shit the fuck up.
    20. Oh, oh… spend money on experiences and others, not yourself… I actually facepalmed here. How about this: Don’t spend money you don’t have, on things you don’t need. You shouldn’t need to spend money on others unless its needed. Like if your mother is on fire, and you need to pay for the water to put her out. Then you might wanna spend the money on others. Money is not a great thing. Ask any intellectual mind, and they will tell you its the bane of society. To say this, means you need to read more yourself and stop lecturing people on reading…
    21. Christ is this list about done? Oh.. we’re on the last one. Gossip.. something part of this list does… Alrighty. I’m going to go now. I’m looking forward to your next riveting work (not really).

  81. Don’t know about the porn thing. Been watching since – well – forever, and my junk gets hard if the wind blows right. AND I’m 58.Wife got no complaints, except she don’t like porn – go figure. Iv ell her it’s a learning tool. “Were you happy last night? ” And spend your money on people instead of things???? I really think this has been written by a woman. (Don’t by a Harley, take me to dinner.) Being a man means say what you mean, mean what you say, Take care of yours, Pay your own way, And remember , everybody takes a hit. A man gets up and keeps going. Doesn’t sit there waiting to be rescued.AND Don’t forget – things go 2 ways ladies…….

  82. “It is almost a definition of a gentleman to say he is one who never inflicts pain. This description is both refined and, as far as it goes, accurate. He is mainly occupied in merely removing the obstacles which hinder the free and unembarrassed action of those about him; and he concurs with their movements rather than takes the initiative himself. His benefits may be considered as parallel to what are called comforts or conveniences in arrangements of a personal nature: like an easy chair or a good fire, which do their part in dispelling cold and fatigue, though nature provides both means of rest and animal heat without them. The true gentleman in like manner carefully avoids whatever may cause a jar or a jolt in the minds of those with whom he is cast; — all clashing of opinion, or collision of feeling, all restraint, or suspicion, or gloom, or resentment; his great concern being to make every one at their ease and at home. He has his eyes on all his company; he is tender towards the bashful, gentle towards the distant, and merciful towards the absurd; he can recollect to whom he is speaking; he guards against unseasonable allusions, or topics which may irritate; he is seldom prominent in conversation, and never wearisome. He makes light of favours while he does them, and seems to be receiving when he is conferring. He never speaks of himself except when compelled, never defends himself by a mere retort, he has no ears for slander or gossip, is scrupulous in imputing motives to those who interfere with him, and interprets every thing for the best. He is never mean or little in his disputes, never takes unfair advantage, never mistakes personalities or sharp sayings for arguments, or insinuates evil which he dare not say out. From a long-sighted prudence, he observes the maxim of the ancient sage, that we should ever conduct ourselves towards our enemy as if he were one day to be our friend. He has too much good sense to be affronted at insults, he is too well employed to remember injuries, and too indolent to bear malice. He is patient, forbearing, and resigned, on philosophical principles; he submits to pain, because it is inevitable, to bereavement, because it is irreparable, and to death, because it is his destiny. If he engages in controversy of any kind, his disciplined intellect preserves him from the blunder.” – Blessed John Henry Newman

    • Jason David Holmes

      Who can honestly do that? You’d have to be perfect to be able to do all of that at once! We’re only human, we can do 1/10th of that maybe at best …

  83. Men do these things because being a man, and acting masculine was deemed undesirable, so they started behaving like women, they became feminine.

    1. Self-validation and narcissism/ego-centrism (now via social networks and selfies!)?
    Typical for women throughout history.

    2. Entitlement?
    Typical woman behaviour, she’s entitled to a good husband afterall.

    3. Complaining?
    Typical woman behaviour throughout history. Woman complains, man does thing so woman doesn’t complain anymore because he wants her to be happy.

    4. Comparing to others?
    Woman behaviour because of their need for social validation.

    5.,6. Porn/TV are both modern inventions, they came with the easy lifestyles, and I agree they’re bad.

    7. Worrying about clothes/look/style?
    again women behaviour because of fitting-in, showing off and social validation.

    8., 9., 10. are all result of feminized society where sheltering everybody from uncomfortable/bad experiences became the norm.

    11. ties in with 3., if woman didn’t have something it was because man couldn’t provide

    13.-21. are all results of modern hedonistic and narcissistic lifestyles perpetrated by consumerism and feminized society.

    Mind you I’m not saying that feminine behaviour is bad, there are plenty of good qualities like empathy and looking out for the weak, being humane and many others, but these negatives I listed above were in past offset by masculinity, and there are plenty of negative traits (aggressiveness and extreme competitiveness, rationality/efficiency at the cost of empathy (or possibly even humanity) to name a couple) of masculinity, however the thing is that femininity negates/minimizes drawbacks of masculinity and vice versa.

    If you have too much of one or the other the negative qualities start cropping up and the positive qualities of the opposite start disappearing, which is what we have right now, the west as a whole is too feminine – we have men who act like women, we are trying to take care of the whole world (the migrant crisis), and we stifle any kind of meaningful conversation or progress because someones feelings might be hurt etc., there simply isn’t enough masculinity to keep the balance.

  84. Samuel Kimathi Muriithi

    Or…. bear with me now. Or men can define for themselves what being “real men” means to them if it means anything at all. I for one define my behavior and values in life as good or bad or successful by first making sure I don’t take any advice from all you big hunky alpha males out there on how to completely live my life for AND make my yardstick for success in life on how many women I bang, emotionally abuse or get to like me sexually by doing things that i have no interest in and comes unnaturally to me.

    That being said I’m pleasantly surprised that this article isn’t about some PUA pussy worship it actually has alot of good stoic advice for everyone really not just men.

  85. How about this: STOP FUCKING TELLING ME WHAT TO DO AND NOT DO!!! This is just another ” A real man does….” type of article. You want to know what a ” Real Man ” is? A REAL MAN DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS A REAL MAN IS!!!

  86. Stop telling men what they should or should not do! Fuck off and die. Tell women to respect men,

  87. I’m a woman, but many of these points apply to my own life!
    How often we let our energy drain away by doing some of these things!
    This is an excellent example of down-to-earth wisdom, and there are no “stars” or “constellations”, that can prevent true character from growing and reaping its reward…..
    Thank you for your work in this area!


  88. Yea just shut your mouth whoever wrote this, I’m not even going to give you the respect of scrolling up to find your name. Sleeping in, if it were a thing I could actually do, is absofuckinglutely my right and it is freedom when you bust your ass 7 days a week even if you only “work” 5.

    Know what else men don’t and shouldn’t do? Read faggy articles telling them what pieces of shit they are, written by “men”, and then take the “advice” therein.

  89. How about stop posting numbered lists of your opinion on the Internet like a woman and trying to pass it off as journalism.

  90. Stop the porn? My dick called and told me to tell you “you crazy”

  91. “5. Stop watching porn. It makes you unable to have boners”

    And this is where we realize that the writer is actually talking about his personal medical issues.

    • yep he totally lost me there.😂😂

    • I’ve heard of a lot of actual good reasons,be it moral, social or whatever reasons but this doesn’t compute. And spending your money on you is wasting and on others isn’t? I’ve spent on others and got zero in return (not that I had that as a motive).

      • Of course you did and there is nothing wrong with wanting pussy.

        • Thanks Gary, Sometimes we just need to hear the truth 🙂 Porn or strip clubs aren’t a;ways the problem, putting time and effort into being a gentleman and then seeing that ‘special person’ just sleep with the next guy they find attractive and then discuss the details with you is no joke. Oh well, have to learn to be more selfish and bad ass I guess

          • Bang whores and don’t worry, at all, about having a woman to “date”. Who needs that shit.

    • Wrong. This is actually a fact. It also makes you unable to reach orgasm because you are so used to the feel of your own hand pleasuring you a specific way and rhythm. I dated a guy and he could not cum for ANYTHING. Later I find out he’s just a fckin porn addict. Yikes.

      • Sirshendu Banerjee

        may be you weren’t good enough

        • No “maybe” about it.

      • You sucked so bad his hand was better than your pussy.

        He couldn’t cum because you are probably one of those bitchy, never satisfied women. Who needs that.

        • um what? no dude not at all. lol This literally happened.
          I’ve no complaints for the most part *shrug* His issue could have been anything really. Especially since a frequented category for him was pegging. lmao

          • He is probably a queer.

  92. Stop blogging? Stop making lists?

  93. Stop being a pussy and telling everyone you need a gun, if you think you need a gun you’re not intelligent enough to own one. Man up and stop hiding behind a machine. Other than that not bad advice.

  94. i bet that article was written by a psycho or insecure man , no one need
    to tell me what to do , shall i start to write down what women
    shouldn’t do?..i find this useless, iam who iam am and i change for my

  95. The only thing I can disagree with is the statement in #16 that freedom is earned or won. Wrong. Freedom is a gift of God to all. It’s up to you to decide what you’ll do with it. There are some who will try to take it away and, in some cases, succeed but that doesn’t make it something that should have to be earned or won.

  96. For a large part this is stupid. One thing I can thin is…. be your fucking self. I can care two less shits of what you think men should be. Women can be what the hell they want so why can’t we? You say stop complaining but sounds like your the big pissy that doesn’t know his ownself mich less life itself. Life happens. If you got you legs blown off would you climb a fucking mountain? You can’t climb by yourself without legs dumbass. Just a thought to some of your bullshit! Have a nice day! ^_^

  97. “Go get a real woman, treat her well and with respect, and poke all you want.” But don’t treat women like objects. Ah, the irony.

  98. Listen to your own advice. Stop being a dick who is telling everyone else what to do while whining and crying that others don’t meet your criteria for manliness.

  99. Thanks for sharing your insights. I particularly enjoyed rules 8 & 9. I’d like to add, choose your broad(s) carefully: A man doesn’t blame his pet rattlesnake for biting him, after all, it’s a rattlesnake. In the same way don’t blame a gal for taking you to the cleaners, cheating on you, or imbibing her addictions, she was that way when you met her; you’re either a fool or accepted risk vs. potential reward – the fact is you chose to snuggle up with a rattlesnake. We don’t learn from out mistakes by playing the victim.

  100. Chad, you’re the one with the fear if you think I’m trying to take your guns.

  101. Bill Buttlicker

    3. Stop complaining…oh the irony.

    22. Don’t write “blogs”.

  102. With great power comes great responsibility . . . Nevermind that is from Spider-Man but as good as anything in this list of cliches, generalizations, and common sense.

  103. Too damn right. I am happy to say that I am in the very small group that is free from all of these except I do like a lie in but as I can just as easily be still working after midnight then thats fine. The work day does not end at 5pm it ends when the job is done. I have little but what I have is mine and earned from my work. I have a million memories from all over the globe and scars from doing things rather than watching them. I do what right and not whats expected. I also belive what my grandmother told me. Learn one thing everyday and she was still doing this till the day she died at 96. Respect is earned not given. Happiness is not T.V and Pizza..that laziness. Happiness does not end when the pizza is finished. Happiness comes from experience which you have always. When you are down you can draw on the good experiences to bring you back up. A finished Pizza is gone never to return. Men work and are not part of idle gossip. They get dirty, they sweat, they work, they eat meat, they dont shave everyday and the dont use makeup and hair gel. They use water and shower gel to wash and sure do not have more moistueriser and other crap than the woman. The good thing is that the pussies of today will soon die out due to being unfit, unhealthy and unable to work to survive.

  104. Amen, I like #18 especially.

  105. So the short version is “Work 16 hours a day, sleep the other 8, and spend what you earn on people other than you. Don’t have fun, or have emotions. Just accept everything as it is and work.”

    That’s not how to ‘be a man’, that’s how to be a robot.

  106. Marian Luna Buenrostro

    it’s not about men or women, its about both… we need to get our values back in check…all those things stated above should go for both…we want equality, we need to be able to pull our own weight so to speak. there are opportunistic men and when who are up to no good..there is no perfection on either side. But there is also more good than bad in this world, it is just that the bad is always sensationalized and it seems like its all bad, but how many times have we seen when tragedy strikes, the thousands of people willing to help… we are focusing on the bad and not exalting the good. People need to get it together and realize we are here for a purpose and to serve, wether it be family, children, a cause. Don’t whine, it does nothing for you, if you need to vent, vent already and get over it… my mother always said, there is always a solution… even in death… Im sure even then, there can be some negotiating..lol… she is the toughest cookie I know, and so is my daddy… and remember fool me once shame on you , fool me twice, shame on me… sometimes this crap we bring it on ourselves, if you are having a crummy relationship, and it keeps happening, hmmm we should think …what is the common denominator in this situation… maybe its me… holy shit!… man up/or women up…last thing… don’t call people offensive names, if they have done something truly disgraceful, cal it what it is… she/ he was unfaithful, she/he stole money, he/she betrayed, but don’t call people a whore, pimp, slut, etc.. it makes you look worse. Much love for everyone!…

  107. I would think that maybe you should take your own advice and stop being a dick.

  108. fuck yeah men man up

  109. #22 for the love of god, stop using feminine words to describe bad things “little bitch” and masculine words to describe good things, like “man up” (see number 5). We should be doing all these things. Not because their manly, but because they’re the right thing to do.

  110. Michael C. Main

    Stop watching porn? Nah. It doesn’t affect a man’s ability to get an erection, and it certainly doesn’t make me treat women as objects. What it does do is give me an outlet for my libido that I can’t always full fill with a human being. I like having that outlet, because otherwise I am walking around with my brain flooded with a carnal craving for sex. People seem to forget that man is still an animal. And as animals our instincts are overwhelming. So having an outlet to release those feelings into allows us to think clearly instead of our body blasting us with sexual urges.

  111. Boofalicious Washington

    Stop making self-aggrandizing lists on the Internet, you self-righteous prick.

  112. 5. Stop watching porn. – no. you just need to know that porn is entertainment to watch, not to reproduce its action. You does not kill anyone after an action movie.

    6. Stop watching TV. – my esports championship is on TV, deal with it =)

    10. Stop thinking you know everything. – there’s something that I just does not think I know, I just know. knowledge is not a guess, you can guess to know about everything, but there is some specific things that you can really know everything about this.

    14. Stop being insecure. – darwin disagree

    20. Stop wasting your money. – impossibru

  113. I really wanted to like this article but you missed one thing modern people need to stop doing, and that’s BEING SEXIST. You are welcome; I “emasculated” your article and removed the sexism. You can find the new “modern” version here: https://fixthatsite.wordpress.com/

  114. #22: STOP reading stupid listicles that tell you to stop doing stuff. Think for yourself!

  115. 1. Nothing is wrong with porn. You only lose your boner for the less attractive women. That should a test they should pass. On the other hand it eases your burden of having a girlfriend meanwhile you focus on what’s really important.
    2. Rejoicing with others in their successes. Nobody gives a sh*t about MY successes, so why would I care about anyone else’s? Seriously, it’s not everything nice and rainbows. You have to work extremely hard, and really literally NOBODY thinks you deserve it and will be happy with you. Of course you can fake happiness and congratulations.
    3. Gossiping is human nature and serves you to know your environment well. Even prehistoric men was gossiping. It could saved your life.

    Otherwise okay. On the other hand I am tired of the articles and anyone trying to put more burden onto my shoulders. Women not even do their 50% and now men are expected to do their 150%. I refuse to squeeze anything more out of myself.

  116. Just be like John Wayne you candy asses.

  117. What a total tosspot loser. He breaks half the rules in the article. Whole thing is just a whine about other people.

    Oh and nothing says ‘insecure’ like having to own a gun.

  118. And, for the love of GOD , no flowers in your beards or man buns.

  119. He forgot, “pick up a tool and learn how to use it.”

  120. 21 Things Modern People* Need To Stop Doing.

    There, I fixed the misspelling. Unless you meant men, then this is some seriously sexist bull.

      • I’m “the sensitive little bitch” because I think this applies to women too?

        • You’ve gotta be able to take an article written for men on a site geared toward men and leave it as such man. It’s called ‘average to alpha’. You can’t get wrapped up in this sensitivity nonsense. Of course a lot of this stuff applies to women, but that’s not the focus of the site! So just leave it be. It’s not sexist to have something for men, or something for women. We’re different. The tone of the site and most of the articles speak to men and not women because of that fact.

          • Ah, well, in that case, I’ll let it be I suppose. Still seems a pretty crappy article to be honest, a bit difficult to want to take the author seriously on many of these points if, in fact, the author is male, as he seems to a.) be a dick, and b.) violate many of his own principles in writing this article besides said being a dick.

  121. “How to Become a Walking ATM and Sperm Donor: The List”

  122. #22 – Stop making lists and write a real article. But, to agree, the list is accurate.

  123. If being Alpha is genetic, and genetics is destiny, then what is the point of betas trying to be “alphas” ?

  124. Sounds like a whiny b**** wrote this article.

  125. How about STOP writing articles that assume every man is heterosexual.

  126. 22. Stop looking for “self-help” gurus to show you how to live your life. [Tweet “Chad Howe is hoping you stop wasting your money on stupid stuff and spending it on important stuff like buying his books”]. Some internet hero who puts together a list of how to be a man – then violates many items on that list by telling you he has the magic bullet to a happy life – is nothing more than a snake-oil salesman. Real men don’t get scammed by such hucksters. Real men see when they are being sold a bunch of bullshit designed to lighten the wallets of rubes. In short, beware of those who tell you not to brag, then proceed to list all their accomplishments. Pussies get taken in, real men don’t.

  127. You forgot one: STOP PUTTING YOUR HAIR IN A BUN!

  128. Nicely written I however choose to remain sociopathic self-destructive nihilist.

  129. “panties in a knot” – that is hilariously incorrect. It should be ‘panties in a wad’. (might want to check your own machismo! ?

    • “Check your machismo” is like new “check your privilege” only darker and sexier. I support.

  130. I was brought up to fear GOD, respect my Elders and Women. Is it always easy simply because those are the values instilled in me??? No, but I do it anyway. My God and Saviour came to Earth and didn’t act as a Ruler or a King when he had every right and the power, he did come and humbled himself and took or sin debt, and He asked that we live our lives for him. I am not here to preach but I believe a MAN is one that is humble,respectful, caring, honest, and at the same time ready to step up and defend his family, life , and freedoms. If you only show your strong side you run the risk of being a bully to someone, if you only humble yourself and never stand up, you will be viewed by some as a coward…..It is all these traits at the right time that make the Man. I don’t like the term Real Man because you can catch a Real Man on a bad day and it won’t matter! it is the perception at that moment of how they are viewed. Same holds true for women but lets not ever forget Women, Men……we are only human and as such are subject to greatness and failures and how we conduct ourselves in either situation is what kind of Man or Woman we are.

  131. A few good points, but unfortunately it was all buried by that gender stereotypic religious right wing ideology bullshit. Too bad.

  132. Let’s add #22. Learn how to write. Because you need to make up for how shitty a writer I am. Seriously, what the hell did I just read.

  133. You could have easily shortened this article by writing it the other way. MEN – START BEING MEN. There simple. If you’re having that much of a problem with the boys you’re hanging out with doing this crap, you need to find a different crew. Or else you’re the problem.

  134. #3…sometimes complaining is the start to making things better.
    #9…no one is trying to take your guns or tell you what kind of dog you should have (sounds like you’re complaining, see #3)
    #10…Stop thinking you know everything, like I need to have to have a gun by my bed and a pit bull in my yard to NOT be a pussy.
    Other than that all good points.

  135. More alpha male bs combined with a couple conservative idiocies and ine or two watcv less tvs

  136. Fuck this article and the author, to the very core of their mysogynist and sexist being…

  137. And while we’re at it, no earrings, unless you’re a pirate. No fancy hair coloring either, for that matter.

  138. “15. Stop being a bully” “13. Stop being a dick” ironic, isn’t it?

    • add “21. Stop gossiping” to the irony. You’re not directly talking about someone…but “Talk about ideas, not other people” is where the article gets directed to itself. You are complaining about other groups of people, not ideas. Be better than that.

  139. 22. Learn to spell. Proof-read your documents and know the difference between homonyms, like in point 13 above where the word should be “compliment” (an expression of praise), not “complement” (all parts necessary to complete the whole). 😉
    Then get out there and follow through on the rest of the message above, especially points 19 & 20.

      • The Deplorable Neal Jensen

        Or just get someone you trust that is nonjudgemental or biased by agenda, to proofread your material . That person should be willing to point out issues in spelling and context before you post it for you to fix. Your writing will improve when that happens.

  140. I’m calling bullshit on #5. By your reasoning then we should be serial killers, rapist and all around criminals from watching and playing violent movies and video games. As we all know this has proven to be false

    • No, it doesn’t cause rape and murder, but it does ruin many marriages.

  141. Excellent advice. Every one.

  142. Also stop smoking, drinking, and using drugs. They make you less of a man. Especially smoking, which destroys the pudendal arteries, leading to impotence. Ask any urologist.

  143. I’ve got one for you: Stop telling me what to do and mind your own business.

  144. There are some very jaded people here, especially this article, if you actually think this is anything like the entire gender being badmouthed you should really question your judgement and character selection. Last time I checked the majority of this was untrue of the majority of men, however, as with BOTH genders there are some people that relate more to others than the rest of the gender, somone that’s slept with 100 ppl has likely made more of an impact “romantically” than someone that’s slept with 5, and bear in mind that a known fact is the majority of men have slept with, what, 3x less ppl than the average female???? And we are the ho’s?? WTF!? Take some accountability and responisibility for your misakes in judgement and dont blame the rest of us that you barely even notice! ha! 🙂

  145. 22. Stop playing video games. Engage reality! As a pastor I have never had a couple come into my office and have the wife say, “My husband, zoning out on video games for hours a week, has really helped our marriage.” But I have heard the opposite over and over and over and over again.

    • Or just stop having imaginary friends when your childhood ends…

  146. Good advice. For all humans not just the male ones.

  147. Trump should read this article…Opp! I forgot… he doesn’t read. Too bad as he is one tightfaced little bitch. #Prayers

  148. While I agree that most men have become wussified and that whole list is stuff that is symptomatic of that, this whole “average to alpha” is BS. If a grown man needs advice from some self-help program or author to become a real man, he is a wuss by definition and should just turn in his man card. If a man gets into the business of telling these wussies that he can make them into “real men” he is just trying to make money on these guys’ insecurities and/or trying to feed his own ego by posturing as an “alpha-alpha male.” If a guy I knew told me he was in such a program, or had invented such a program, or thought of himself as an “alpha male” I would lose all respect for him. If there is such a thing as “alpha males” among humans, it is something those males don’t talk about. They just ARE. They don’t think in those terms.

    Here’s the deal: You learn to be a man from your father and older male relatives, your coaches, your drill instructors and your colleagues and commanding officers in the military. If you missed out on that, no author, blog or self-help program is going to get you there. I’m not sure what will, but that damn sure won’t do it.

    • If you don’t know the trick, it’s alpha. Once you know the trick, it’s beta.

  149. The Voice of Reason

    Huh all the share google facebook shit is covering the first word of every sentence on the left of my screen. Thats annoying as fuck, first and last time at this site yikes this layout is horrid.

    • must be that specific screen size – what device are you using? I’ll work on that

  150. As a single mother, working 3 jobs and scraping by to raise the best, strongest daughter I can, I completely agree with this. I live on the family farm, and do the work men wont. Men always puss out after a week or two on the job.. Only the women last on the farm. Men have become pussies and demand that the woman works, and does the cooking, cleaning, bills, and everything related to raising children while he sits on his ass and play games all day. I am tougher than most men and have to rely on myself. That is a waste of oxygen to have to ask a man to do anything now days.Most cant even change a tire, they would rather sit on the side of the road and wait for roadside assistance and spend $200. Not trying to “fully” bash men, and if you are a man and read this and get butt hurt, go get a rainbow flag and a boyfriend who will take you to pride parades and stroke your “ego”. Men were created to be stronger, to protect, to lead, to fight, not to compete over selfies and who has the tightest jeans….. UGH rant over. Im going to send this link to EVERY man I know! MAN UP BOYS!
    And dont get pissed when a woman doesnt want you…… because she isnt a lesbian and wants a real man, not some testicle clad pussy in “man”scara and “guy”liner….

      • Thanks. I think I need to find the same thing for women. All too often we as the female sex contribute to a false sense of self and what a man and woman should both be. I have male friends that think i need to wear makeup and look “cute” to try to find a man… but a real man will find me when he sees me dirty and working and decided to work alongside me forever….. Long story short. Humans need to stop being fake and hiding behind technology,…..

  151. Patrick Bertlein

    Doesn’t 10 go against the “if you disagree with me you’re wrong” crap?

    This made some good points worth reflecting on, and I do plan on considering some of this. Especially porn.

    But you are in your shoes, and I’m in mine. Thinking you get to think you’re a better man than me based on a similiar situation is cowardly. Our perspective of events is all drastically diferent, and how we handle it is better for some and not for others.

    You don’t give a damn what my situation is, but it has brought me to knees to knees in a wreck and I will not be ashamed of it. My sorrow is mine, I own it, and yours is yours.

    So here’s advice for real men: stop letting others tell you who to be.

  152. Patrick Bertlein

    Neurology reveals that we do not have as much control of our lives as we believe. Your upbringing and your relatives impacted you way more than you want to believe.

    Their is a difference between excuses and causes, we can make choices, but their is different limitations for everyone.

  153. #9 seems at odds with 3, 8, 13, 14 and 15.

  154. Why is this only about men? Strong men were not the only ones who built our society; strong women did, as well. This advice is good for all, straight across the board, regardless of gender. I have raised my daughters with this very same advice, and I tell them a truly strong man will be able to love and accept a truly strong woman for who she is. My husband is a prime example – he doesn’t want a sweet little thing waiting at home for him when he’s done moving the mountain. He wants someone who will move the mountain with him.

  155. Lost me at #1. Real men don’t tweet.

  156. Phoenix-James Seleno-Anthony M

    This is a 50/50 some of it is right the rest of it is stereotypical trash, the fact is I’m confident enough in who i am to not be offended by this but also to realize this is an ideal not an outright fact nor truth. People have ideals, men evolve we need not be the silent sufferer, sometimes there is strength in admitting you have a fucking problem XD. If i want to look good and take selfies i can, man and woman are not so different and when it comes time to be a dominant male i can do it i just don’t feel overly inclined to beat on my chest like a damned ape. Waiting for the ideal job is not feminine it’s just being mindful of investments of one’s time which is the only money that really matters as when you invest it you cannot reinvest it elsewhere, lastly I want to say that this article in of itself is kinda bitching and complaining and may even to some degree be nonchalantly talking about certain other men, the writer may seriously want to look in the mirror because in writing this about 8 of your points stated are broken in the wording or way of stating it. Men define themselves and telling another man what to do or not do is not advice it’s pretty much tugging on the male pride and attempting to sway their views or follow a crowd/hive mindset. This is kind of inspiring but kinda a double standard. All in all it was an interesting read, but self discovery is essential regardless of genders.

  157. This is such a weird website but I’m completely captivated.

  158. 5. Is on point. So many men are literally fucking themselves into betas.

  159. I have to admit that yes I am guilty of some of these. I do believe that there is merit to some of this. However it can be extremely difficult for some people to self motivate themselves or basically kick them selves into gear. Yes people need help. So maybe some should say find people who can help. Lastly, I am so FUCKING sick and tired of gun nuts saying people are out to get their guns. If you are a sane human being who can effectively use a firearm then you have NOTHING to worry about. Yes your guns are covered under the constitution. There is absolutely NO conspiracy to steal guns from people who can safely and effectively use them. I dont like guns but I would like someone to figure out a way to keep them out of the hands of PSYCHOS. So grow up and quit acting like some freak conspiracy theorist! It makes you look misinformed and EXTREMELY STUPID!

  160. As a woman I can tell you nothing gets you dryer than a man like that.

  161. So I’m not entitled to access to healthcare? Or the same rights as others? Or equal protection under the law? I knew right away that a white guy wrote this! He’s so glib in overlooking inequality as a thing. That aside, his general message is that we should all revert to being neanderthals. Yeah no, let’s not.

    • Act like a man. Holy hell pal. This comment sickens me. Only a professional victim could play the race card in a list about self-reliance and responsibility. Fuck this pisses me off.

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  163. Julio Trip Andrade

    And of course stop reading another losers articles about how to live your life.

  164. tip 1: Don’t read this shit. It’s just a compilation of general things a man is supposed to do. Some even contradict each other.
    tip 2: Do not join a “how to be a man” sites. People who join are delusional weak people.
    tip 3: If you want to be an alpha, don’t ask other people how to do it.
    tip 4: If you want to be a fake alpha go to youtube on men who workout and pay hot women to be in their videos. They gain money by promoting shit and views and you will think that you are cool by buying their stuff and promoting their shit.
    tip 5: If you really want to be an alpha the only thing that you need to do is to stop being totally influenced by others and stop being a little bitch. If it seems easy then it is.

  165. I’m pretty sure this is a feminist rant. The game has changed. We can’t have a society of men and women anymore since women want what they want. We need to make things equal. So yes, it’s okay to post slefies, it’s okay to complain about your problems. It’s actually human! It’s not okay to give in to women. It’s okay to say anything you please, including being an asshole. Women are assholes all the time. We really need to fight them back. We need to fight their social status, their idea that the Universe revolves around their pussy. Men shouldn’t be providers and disposable to no woman. I would suggest going out of the game and working at things that you love. Put your money into things that you love. Not houses, not children, or anything that makes you husband material. Oh yeah and for sex go to whores or short term relationships. But don’t waste too much time on short term relationships.

  166. All White Men kicked me out of the privilege of having loyalty with French Men. They kicked me out of my seat, so I decided to sit in their seat. I have my unrefined bumper face. White People only think of me as a low bred, or an ill bred, or as being rude, and not good social breeding because ALL WESTERN WHITE PEOPLE ONLY ACCEPT FEMININITY!!!!! ALL CLASSY WHITE PEOPLE ARE FEMININE!!!!

  167. Shut up! This person sounds like an ignorant stay at home wife . Men can have feeling too. Lol talking bout the article

  168. Phắc You Phây Búc

    Thank you bro, you are way better than all the MRA, ROK bullshit out there. Jesus christ, back in the ancient day, you can cry and crying is the sign of manliness. Because it shown you are not afraid to be a fucking human. Now you cry and jackass immediately start call you a pansy.

    Not complain or anything but i think anybody can be a man. If you are real and you have a penis. YOU ARE A REAL MAN. Let just put it that way.

  169. The author of this piece did a great job but I would like to add one more thing to his list…
    Cut those f’ing idiotic top knots off of your heads! If you aren’t a 16th century samurai you just look ridiculous.

  170. Grælgen Græggel

    American Millennials are the weakest bunch of pussies ever created on the face of the Earth. Makes me wish we had legal RETROACTIVE abortion!

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  172. all i can say to this is, FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME.

    your wrong on most of these and your opinion sucks.

  173. Joseph Trujillo

    some of these are funny as hell..the author thinks very highly of himself..and yes fuck you and your pitbull

    • Alright alright – come at me all you want. But he’s a dogo argentino. How dare you. Your pup looks awesome – boston terrier? Great dogs.

      Have a good one man.

      • Joseph Trujillo

        they are the same breed basically..thats like bostons and frenchies..you can tell a lot by the type of dog people have..pitbull=narcissistic,little dick.self centered..higher chace you are criminal..you are one of those that lets your mauler roam around without a leash..yes bostons are grest dogs ..THEY HAVE NEVER KILLED ANYONE..cant say the same for your dog..haha

  174. George Benetatos

    Stop sucking dicks!!

  175. I agree with most of your statements…but let me respond to rest:

    “Our society was literally built by the hands of strong men who did the work without complaint. It’s being destroyed by men who don’t know how to be men. Boys who aspire for fame above all else at incredible numbers. Males who aren’t concerned about winning or losing, rather, about popularity, about finding themselves, about getting what they feel they deserve without doing the work to get it.”

    Popularity is a bad word… bad meaning ill-defined (the common connotation is devoid of a precise meaning).

    If popularity is the degree to which one can influence, then I am all for it, because then popularity = power.

    Reputation is important. It doesn’t matter if you have a good or bad reputation, as long as you have a reputation… think Donald Trump. The fact is that it is so much easier to spike people’s emotions to the negative than to the positive.

    So what is popularity?

    “5. Stop watching porn.”

    No you simply need to add variety. Watch gay porn, go for the step family stuff, then watersports (pissing), then from the females pov. But most of all, read LITEROTICA. As Jackie Treehorn would say, “People forget that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone.”

  176. I’ve not known anyone bitchy, maybe off because of a shitty job. Playing games like Warcraft, SimCity, SM Civilization; knowing others that do the same. Then no one does it for some reason, and it gets less social, and more less social on Facebook because you were a social person as a confident man that believed and cooperation and may have gotten kicked in the dick because you were trying to talk. I live in Illinois, the corn is tall and morale is low. No right to work, no rightness to live was brought up in the early thirties. Now the poor countries and advanced manufacturing technology is pushing us back to the craftspeople. Lost patience, because it was pretty big balled and more silent once.

  177. Shiva Surya Sai

    Stop crying online about what men should and shouldn’t do. That pic you posted was from the medieval ages. A time when men were married at a very young age and didn’t have to worry for a job, career or even money. Men had a religion they had to abide to, men had wars to fight, men had a lot of things that needed them to be more masculine. Men weren’t concerned about limited stuff cause of too many god damn people. And the dressing and s*it you talked about you little thing.. fashion wasn’t a thing even a hundred years ago. In short, stop sounding like a little girl. It just sounds entertaining 😏

    Note: there is hell lotta evidence that links porn to increased potency. And looks like a lot of women want to be used and powerful men are never outta demand. So there’s no point in supporting the right causes anymore. Be a man. Identify the changes in your world and handle them instead of being a crybaby (online 😂)

    PS I’m an atheist but religious men generally look more masculine than who aren’t. But, better to follow no rules than what has become sheer stupidity.

  178. I agree with this article. I also think its far past time that we hold women to the same standards. I’m sick of these useless types getting a free ride in society. I’m sick of society always stating everything is then fault of men because it is not. Its time for men to take back our planet and fix this disgusting mess of shit women have made by our allowance.

  179. Be a MAN and stop blaming everybody but your own damned lazy, ignorant self for America’s condition. Your life is being run essentially by DC organized crime and the copycats it has taught in your state, county and local government.

    So. What to do, right? (No; don’t whine, “But I can’t do anything!”) Download the free eBook TACTICAL CIVICS™ and read it. It’s only 39 pages, and will change pretty much everything you thought you knew about civics, our Constitution, and your responsibility OVER that law and the servants we created by it.

    We have launched new chapters from Alaska to Florida over the past several months; still need many more. It isn’t difficult or very time consuming, and chapter founders pay ZERO to join. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26ee856e658a38682996ed364250da9fe21ae128bc78b1b5f1ea935514c91bad.jpg


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  181. men will always be selfish when it comes to sex and women selfish with money

  182. Wow the author comes off as a whining child. Please grow the fsck up before trying to give anyone else advice. If anything you’re just telling us your personal list of character flaws, except for #14, Stop Being Insecure. Everything else is your life and your choice.

    Because I’m secure I don’t give a flying f*ck about your list or thoughts. 😉

  183. How about this: stop telling men what they should and shouldn’t be doing. I will spend my money on whatever or whomever I please. I will wait for oppurtunity if I please. I will be insecure sometimes, I won’t always smile sometimes. We men aren’t you’re children. Don’t treat us like we are. It’s very condescending.

  184. Cynthia Brandow

    And in in the comments below is why women think most men are selfish little bitches.

  185. What modern men require more than ever is to know that they’re good people. All we ever hear from the media is how evil or disgusting men are. Our sexuality is in question constantly. Our nature is constantly put under a microscope. Why? Because everyone blindly believes that men have all the power. Riiiight. And those men in power don’t have wives? Those wives are bound and gagged? Ever hear the expression behind every great man is a great woman?

    Personally, I’m beginning to wonder if women today are capable of loving men. Can we rely on women to take care of us if we’re hit by a car and forced to wear a full body cast? I don’t think so. It’s too much “drama” or it’s oppressive. Taking care of the person you love is oppressive?? Wow. Thanks for putting that in women’s heads, feminism. And people wonder why men don’t want to take care of their women? Ever hear of teaching by example? That’s the best way our children learn.

    Men need to be assured that all of this hatred for them – from women, from society is not their fault. That it was all part of a Marxist plot to destroy the family unit. To discredit dad and elevate mom out of the house. It’s quite clear that women are easily duped when society itself treats them princesses. BUT where does that leave their children? In the “competent” and “moral” hands of the state, where they will be the subject of more Marxist indoctrination.

    The creation of family is what keeps a society strong because it ensures the welfare of future generations. You can’t be assured that what they teach you in school is healthy. They’re now teaching kids about satanic rituals and trying to brainwash them to believe that they’re different genders – or they can be… when they’re still just kids. I don’t want my kids subjected to that and you shouldn’t either.

    Feminism was founded by lies. They don’t want to emancipate women from their “oppressive” duties at home. They want them to become real slaves to the state. Pay taxes and pay taxes and work like a dog. That’s freedom? Your partner may not be perfect but he cares more about you than the government, you twit.

    Again, children should come first. What’s best for future generations is what matters most. BUT feminism wants future generations of boys and girls to become workhorses for the state?? Frankly, the FED and IRS shouldn’t even exist. They were illegally created by Zionists in the government. And of course, no one can see that because they’re all too brainwashed into fighting themselves.

    Men and women need each other. Yet… all we ever hear about is men defending women? If women really loved men, they would be defending them. They would stand up for their own sons, knowing how good they are, knowing how good men and boys can be. BUT again, look through the comments on this article alone. It’s all about elevating women, defending women, making women feel good about themselves. You’re ignoring your sons. Makes me wonder if you would set your own sons on fire if they say something derogatory about women.

    In other words, where the hell is our loyalty to our sons??

  186. “3. Stop complaining.”

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  188. But it’s okay if women do all these things. Women look at men as providers and protection and banks.

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