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3 Ways to Lower Cortisol in Men




When it comes to your testosterone levels, cortisol is one of two biggest enemies, and if you’re not overweight, it is your biggest enemy.

It’s such a massive roadblock standing between you and the high, thriving testosterone levels you need to live the best life you can live, that one way testosterone is tested is in relation to cortisol. If your cortisol levels are high, your testosterone levels CANNOT be, even if they are, technically, ‘high’.

In this article will briefly discuss 3 ways to lower cortisol, with one very fast and efficient bonus method at the end.

The thing about cortisol is that it’s a stress hormone, and much of our stress is self-inflicted or a state of mind, and it often occurs without us even knowing it. There’s a lot we can do simply by changing our mindset, but there’s also a lot we can do nutritionally that’ll help as well.

1. Change your mindset, go from worrier to warrior to lower your stress levels.

We need stress for growth, but not in worry form. We need the stress that comes from the quest for improvement, not the stress that comes from worry.

One massive thing that has helped me is writing my massive goals down twice daily. It helps me focus on where I’m going, not where I am in relation to where I want to be, not what I’ve done or the lack of what I’ve done, but where I’m going, so I just get down to work. It puts your mind in the right frame.

3 books that’ll help:

Epictetus: Enchiridion
Marcus Aurelius: Meditations
Seneca: Letters from a Stoic

Stress is technically a choice. It’s a choice to see an event as something that it isn’t. It’s the choice to allow the event to have power that it doesn’t need to have.

One tool: change how you see your problems. When you’re facing a crisis, see it from the future, from 10 years down the line, will it really be that bad in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 1,000 years long after you’re gone? Also, see it from above, as a part of a planet of 8 billion people. Is your problem, whatever you’re facing really that bad in comparison to the shit everyone else is going through? Finally, see it as a part of our human existence, the tens of thousands of years we’ve been on this planet. Is your crisis really a crisis in terms of the history of humanity?

2. Get outside!

We’re not designed, bred, whatever you want to call it to live inside. We need the peace and power of nature. We need the struggle of a hike or a hunt. We need to feel insignificant, which is what will innevitably happen when you head out into the mountains. You see how small you are, and, thus, how insignification your problems are.

3. Eat carbs!

Carbs have been proven to lower cortisol levels. Low carb diets are ‘hot’ right now, but are they good? What we’ve seen – and what you’ve read in the Man Diet – is that by reducing your carb intake, you’re going to increase your cortisol levels. And the right carbs actually help lower cortisol, that helps you recover, and increase your testosterone levels.

What are the best carb sources? Fruits, like assorted berries, apples, and potatoes are great. Avoid grains, sugar, and anything processed.


Ashwagandha is an ancient Indian herb (learn more here) that has been proven to lower cortisol by up to 69%! It’s pretty incredible, but also powerful. To have that high of a cortisol reduction can have a huge impact on your hormones.

That’s also why I’ve added Ashwagandha to the Average 2 Alpha Supplements line. Where most ashwagandha supplements will have 200-400mg, we’ve added


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