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What is the BEST Diet to Naturally Increase Testosterone?




First, why naturally increase testosterone?

Second, via negativa – figuring out what to eat by discovering what not to eat.

Third, what to eat (foods that boost testosterone/lower cortisol/block estrogen).

Why Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels

We can keep this relatively short as I’ve written about it extensively in the following articles backed by studies, and in my book – The Man Diet (free copy here):

High, healthy testosterone levels has been shown to:

  • Reduce depression/chances of experiencing it.
  • Increase aptitude to take risks, which is great if you want to live a great, successful, interesting life.
  • Reduce body fat/help with burning of fat.
  • Increase ability to recover/build muscle.
  • Increase libido/reduce impotence.
  • Evidence that you release pheramones when you have high testosterone (attractive to opposite sex).
  • More masculine features/deeper voice.

The list can go on. 

The point is that you’re a better version of whoever you are and whoever you want to be if you have high testosterone versus if you’re plagued by low testosterone.

Low testosterone will lead to the opposite of all of those benefits. 

Which do you want?

Okay, let’s move on.

What Not To Eat

A new study came out that showed a quick and dramatic decline in testosterone in men when they eat refined sugar (study).

A list of foods that increase estrogen (estrogen opposes testosterone, as its the female hormone):

  • Mint
  • flax
  • soy
  • alfalfa
  • trans fats
  • nuts
  • too much fiber
  • refined sugars
  • and much more covered in the Man Diet.

What To Eat

Now, we know that cholesterol is how we produce testosterone in the testes. So we need cholesterol. The good news is that saturated, polyundsatured, and monounsaturated fats won’t increase your bad cholesterol.

Refined sugars are more involved in that process, along with artificial (man made trans fats) fats.

We also know that carbohydrates help lower cortisol, which is a primary enemy of testosterone along with estrogen.

And, on top of that, protein helps with body composition, and if you want to stay lean (important for testosterone as the conversion of testosterone to estrogen via aromotase happens in body fat) you need a healthy amount of protein.

Protein is the easiest to calculate, as you want to have around 1 gram per lean pound of body mass and as much as 1 gram per pound of total body mass.

From there, split the remaining calories between carbs and fats.

It should come out to something around a 35%-40% of your calories coming from carbs, the same from fats, and around 30% or less from proteins.

Once you eat like this for a week or two you’ll get an understanding of just how much to eat keeping at a maintenance, a deficite (for fat loss), or a surplus (for gaining).

For carbs sources you want to opt for things like fruits (assorted berries and so forth are best), vegetables, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, and the like.

I do also recommend supplementing with something like Man Greens – well, not something like it, there is nothing like it.

Man Greens has NO estrogenic ingredients like most greens supplements do.

If you add up all of the increases in testosterone from each ingredient, you can see a boost of up to 540%.

So far we’ve had users of the supplement email back with T levels that have doubled, in one case a guy increased his testosterone by 200 points and doubled his free testosterone just from taking Man Greens.

Man Greens has IC-3, which lowers estrogen.

It has Maca, which increases libido, and ashwagandha which lowers cortisol, as well as the full-bioavailable amounts of the best natural sources of nutrients you can have in your diet that you won’t get in your diet because they’re too rare or too expensive (moringa, beet root, spirulina).

But also horny goat weed (helps increase testosterone and libido), and forskolin (increases androgen receptors, helps you burn fat).

It is your biggest ally in your quest to create thriving male hormones and reduce the female ones that you’re being bombarded with by an unnatural diet, chemicals, plastics, radiation, and everything else that increases estrogen.

Get Man Greens Here

How to Eat Like a Man

This really isn’t rocket science. It’s simply eating a human diet.

What do I mean by a ‘human diet’?

Well, humans are carnivors. We eat animals. So eat animals.

We also require the right kinds of fruits and vegetables.

In short, don’t eat anything that’s ‘new’, or that’s been created or manufactured in a lab that hasn’t been eaten by humans in the last 1000 years.

We’ve been on this planet a lot longer than these new foods, sweateners, and artificial flavors.

They are not natural to our diets.

It’s like forcing a lion to become a vegan, or to drink soda.

It’s just not how lions eat, and it really isn’t how humans eat either – or at least it’s not how we should eat.

What we’ve created is an artificial way of eating that isn’t how humans are born and bred to eat. 

We should stay away from refined anything, flour, sugar, etc…

If you can’t pick it, kill it, don’t eat it.


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