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The 4 Steps to Reaching Your Potential




When a man is at his best, for a long enough time, there’s very little that can get between him and his goals. (read: when men wanted to be virile)

Too many of us – often times myself included – think that our wildest dreams aren’t for us, that they’re unattainable, that our narrative is a more regular one…

…That our story isn’t grand or daring, but common, even mediocre.

We base this view on what we’ve done thus far, maybe who our parents are, and even who we know and hang out with.

After-all, both mediocrity and greatness are contagious

So, we have dreams, but they remain as such.

Here’s what I’ve come to know about achieving true greatness, greatness in your eyes that exists just a little beyond what you or I can currently comprehend.

1. We’re all just guys…

Talk to a billionaire, a millionaire, a pro athlete, a great business man, and you’ll see that, yes, maybe they’re a little sharper and with it, more confident and so forth…

…But you’ll also see insecurities, you’ll see similar doubts that you have and hold, and, if you spend enough time with them, you’ll see that they’re just a guy, a fella…

But, they’re a fella who in some sense believed they deserved what they got.

So, they did what was required to get it because they didn’t think that the work, the hustle, the reading, studying, learning, practicing, was a waste of time.

Too many think that the work and the sacrifice, in the end, is a waste of time.

They think that the risk won’t bring the reward, so they don’t even try. Or, if they do try, they don’t REALLY try.

They self-destruct. It’s subtle, but you can see it.

You can see how the billionaire and the thousandaire are the same, in that they share the same potential, similar lineage, energy, and so on, but one guy did the work without the self-sabotage because he believed it would get him what he wanted…

While the other spent too much, drank too much, never risked enough, because deep down he thought he deserved what he had, not what he wanted.

The cure?

F (you know what that stands for) what you think you deserve…

Just get after it. Take big risks in time, effort, and money. (read: how to set better goals)

Forget about what you think you deserve and do it anyway.

2. No one gets handed anything, ever. No one will save you, give you what you want, or even help you get what you want.

That’s a good thing, a pure thing. There are no shortcuts, no hand outs. Wishing for them takes time and energy away from doing the things that will get the goal.

Whatever you think someone has ‘got’, they’ve earned in some form or another.

Their breaks were MADE, not given.

3. Focused effort over time brings a future desire to the present.

This is the simplest, truest way to see achievement…

The goal is out there, the dream, the wealth, the physique, whatever it is that you want, it exists somewhere in the future.

No matter how grand and unrealistic the goal is, it exists somewhere in the future.

Through focus, correct moves, you decide when that future becomes reality.

For most people, this future exists beyond their existence. That is, they don’t work hard enough, they don’t focus for long enough, they quit, they choose ease over achievement, and their dreams and goals are pushed beyond their time here.

For some, however, who think big, who work hard, who focus and don’t quit, they bring this unrealistic, idilic future into the present faster.

Your dreams exist somewhere in time, the question becomes, will you attract them, will you force them to exist in the here and now?

4. It’s all on you. And every day matters. Do what you have to do to perform at your best.

The simple fact is you have to be great.

You have to focus.

You can’t be lazy or tired.

Every single day matters. Your performance every single day matters.

That’s why nutrition matters.

That’s why eating the right things is important.

That’s why training and working hard is important.

…And why supplementation is vital.

You literally can’t afford – both in time and money – to underperform.

You can’t afford low testosterone levels, because they cloud the mind, they make you perform at a lower quality.

You can’t have low energy levels, it’s just one more shackle attached to your ankle that holds you back.

Choose everything you do to give you an advantage.

It’ll just bring that future to the present faster.

Don’t take things like nutrition, training, reading, learning lightly.

It all really does matter, especially when you factor in time, it’s continual passing, it’s finality.

Get after it.

Be Legendary,
Chad Howse

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