The west is pussified, and it’s been done so not merely because tough times build tough men (the Greatest Generation) who then create the good times that produce soft men, though that’s a part of it.

When you have an entire generation of men who grew up in the Great Depression, and then went to war, you’re going to have toughness and grit innately developed in such men.

It goes deeper than this, however.

We have aspects of our culture that are making us weaker. It goes beyond the fact that life is easier than it’s ever been, where we can essentially sit for 95% of the day. We have structures, like our education systems, that teach victimhood and dependence while not teaching our youth the skills they need to thrive in life, or even to live in a self-reliant fashion.

We’re training weakness, not independence, and it is coming back to bite us, though, as we’ll discuss in this article, it will get a lot worse if we continue to not only develop this pussified male, but praise him and put him on a pedestal atop the classical male, the man, the self-reliant, tough, dependable, hard-working, gritty human we need most and more than ever.


5 Ways The Western Male Has Been Pussified

Before we dive into the article, a story…

On the eve of 2016, in what is usually a peaceful and enjoyable New Years Celebration in Germany, 1,200 women were assaulted at a celebration. TWELVE HUNDRED. Not a man stood up and fought the migrants that were assaulting the women.

To make things worse, the ‘men’ of Germany did find a way to stand ‘in solidarity’ with their female counterparts, by dressing up as women and marching the streets with signs proclaiming ‘no means no’.

The 1,200 assaults should have never happened. It’s horrific that these women are surrounded and accompanied by such pussies that they had no one to defend them. On top of that, dressing up like women to stand in solidarity?

Come on…

Another story…

This time, in Russia, where 51 refugees assault women in Russian clubs, then wake up in the hospital the next day as the Russian men beat the living shite out of them all the way down the street.

One response is stupid, useless, and doesn’t do anything. And one response deters others from trying to molest women, while making sure the pricks who did it in the first place are unable to ever do it again.

Whether you see the Russian’s response as good or bad says a lot about whether or not you can call yourself a man.

From Westerns to Bambi

I don’t know if it was on purpose, but I grew up watching Roy Rogers, John Wayne, and Gary Cooper.

Good guys vs bad guys. Shoot outs. Speeches about earning what you want, not trying to cheat to get it. Boys should be raised on westerns, not modern cartoons.

Of course, not TV would be the best, but let’s be real.

The problem with cartoons are plenty, namely the personification and softness of animals and of nature. Nature is BRUTAL. Watch a grizzly munch on a baby elk or a pack of hyenas single out a baby lion and eat it. It’s so vicious and brutal, but so is the world, so is life. It’s brutal.

Kids used to at least have some idea of its brutality.

My mom remembers chopping the heads off chickens before they’d cook and eat them. They had to shoot horses that got injured and could no longer work. By making even bears, lions, deer, and all of these other animals you find in kids shows these days, soft, you alter their view of the world, and not in a good way.

The fact that bears catch and munch on baby elk or deer or moose isn’t evil. Killing for food IS NOT EVIL, it’s life’s circle. It’s how we survive and how we evolved and how nature works.

When you train kids to see the softness of society, they inherently grow up to expect life to be softer than it is. They actually think that being a vegetarian is a good, moral choice. They actually think that hunting is evil!

That’s another topic, but the thousands of animals, insects and life killed while harvesting plants that are also killed so vegetarians can ignorantly eat them, far outweigh the single animal a hunter kills so he and his family can it eat. The destruction to wild habitat that is done when we harvest wheat and soy (no disrespect to the farmers that do this, just the idiots that shout down meat eaters for killing a single animal) is far greater than that of raising and killing livestock.

Get rid of these cartoons. Go back to westerns.

The Participation Trophy

One of the most destructive additions to our society is this notion that everybody wins. It’s an utter lie, and even the youngest among us know this. We know when we win. It feels good. And we’d like to replicate that feeling.

We also know when we lose, and we want to avoid that feeling.

By taking away both victory and failure, we’re removing the toughness, grit, and discipline that acquiring victory requires. By removing the reward, we’re training our young men to be losers.

We do not need losers. Heck, especially because we have democracies in the west, we REALLY do not need more losers. Losers suck the system dry. They vote for other losers who will give them what they want without them having to work for it. They are perennial students, and not in the learning sense, in the staying in college sense, where it’s safe, where you don’t have to grow up and earn.

We need more winners, and I define a winner simply by someone who is self-reliant, someone who has some skin in the game when it comes to his country, and regardless of what he does, he does it well. And it’s not even about the reward, it’s about the virtues gained in an attempt to win.

The full fruition of this notion that everyone wins is inevitably that everybody loses. Socialism, communism, whatever title you want to give it, is multiplied mediocrity. It’s an attempt to remove the reward system of capitalism, where effort, hard work, intelligence, talent, and ingenuity are rewarded, and in doing so have everyone work for the sake of the work, which never happens.

And then people die by the millions, and idiots try it again. They ignore history. They ignore the fact that both socialism and communism put money in the hands of only a select few in power (look at Venezuela, Cuba, the USSR, China, even Nazi Germany, which was socialist, it’s difficult to gain power if you do no give people something, namely universal healthcare, increased benefits, and so on.).

You cannot reward good work and bad work in the same manner, because if you take it to it’s full conclusion, everybody does not win, we all lose.

This really has to stop on every level, be it in national politics, the education system, or in grade school. We need to reward based on true merit. Whoever does the best job it rewarded for doing the best job. The idiocy and the weakness that this ‘participation trophy’ culture creates isn’t just bad for the individual, it’s bad for the society.

You may think you want free shit, but it’s never free. Yet, losers continually seek the take from the rich and give to the poor method of government, no matter the destruction created to the culture, its values, and what that society produces or eventually stops producing. Man up.

The question kids eventually ask if everyone is rewarded the same, is why work hard if you get rewarded the same for not working hard?

We need hard workers. We do not need lazy people. On an individual level, no one has ever won anything, nor improved in any fashion, by being lazy. It doesn’t result in anything GOOD.

The Praising of Feelings

I saw it in passing, but I haven’t been able to find it since. It’s a ‘table discussion’ of men sitting around a table talking about their feelings, how they don’t fit into archaic ideas of masculinity, how they want to feel more vulnerable and so on and so forth. I couldn’t get through the entire video, it was too weird, too cringeworthy to keep watching…

…But that’s what we’ve become.

We’ve become a society that praises feelings. You can feel as though you are something you are not, and those feelings are given precedence over reality. If feelings are that important, then we give them a voice.

We allow feelings of lethargy and laziness to get in the way of the work we have to do to get what we want in life. We feel sad, so we now are sad. Feelings are lies, they’re more often things that stand in the way of truth than actual truth.

As our society pushes men to continually talk more and more about their feelings, we’re also seeing suicide rates rise. I get this idea of talking, I do, I see its benefit and value, but if more men are killing themselves and society has never been more open, isn’t that something to think about?

The MEN of the Greatest Generation expected life to be difficult, they did not attach a feeling to that difficulty. They were also not bombarded by images of what others were doing, they were in their lane and that’s all they concerned themselves with.

We need feelings and emotions, it’s a part of being human, but never have feelings been a valid and viable reason to not work, except until recently. Letting feelings get in the way of what must be done is the literal act of being soft, and as we push men to ‘be more vulnerable’, they will abide by it, especially when it’s a nice looking lady telling the fella to ‘open up’.

Then he opens up, the tears flow, she gets turned off, and go looks for a guy who’s going to be a man, not a victim.

Don’t be soft or vulnerable. Sure, be transparent, but don’t think that a feeling is who you are, or that an emotion is a good reason to avoid hard work or tough situations. Man up. Stand up.

Porn and Pictures

It’s the idea that you don’t have to work to get what you want, or something similar to what you want. This ties very closely into participation trophy section.

We’ve never been more envious because we more and more see the fruits of labor without seeing the actual labor. It’s this visible success that’s so rampant on social media platforms that’s destructive to the individual because we’re very visual humans, especially men.

We see. We want. We don’t want to work. But we still want.

Porn is especially destructive because of this fact. We can see something, a naked lady, and it has similar effects on our brain as it would if it were in real life. From there, we can essentially achieve the same end result – the climax – as we would if we were having actual sex, from the ‘comfort’ (important term) of our own home.


Porn enables us to feel pleasure without having to do the work of getting a lady, treating her well and starting an actual relationship. It removes the necessity for work, for response to feedback from the woman, to feel pleasure.

Again, it’s the result without having to work for the result. That in itself is soft. It’s weak.

Modern Feminism

Modern feminism is not about making women equal to men. It’s about the destruction of men, and actually the destruction of what’s feminine. Feminists, incredibly, tend to look down on mothers, and especially mothers who decide to stay at home and raise their children.

Modern feminism isn’t actually a praising of the feminine, but a desire to be masculine, and it’s negative effects aren’t just on men, but on women as well. You don’t have to look far…

Much of what they try to accomplish (and modern feminism is on a rapid decline) is based on lie, not truth. The issue of income inequality and equality in general is a great issue – here’s a good article disputing this nonsense on Forbes.

Now, I’m writing this from Canada, where we have the stupidest, most idiotic world leader and self-proclaimed feminist that there is on earth. He made up his cabinet of 50% women and 50% men. He didn’t even try to fill the positions with the best people! He made his decisions based on sex, not merit.

His administration is putting forth a bill, it’s called bill C-69, and it’s focused on energy, namely oil pipelines. To show the idiocy of feminism, this bill wants to make sure that there’s ‘gender equality’ within the pipelines and within the oil industry. They want 50% women and 50% men to be working in these harsh conditions, an industry, like coal or any other form of mining, that’s rightly dominated by men.

This will not only remove all foreign energy investment from the country, taking thousands of jobs for both men and women with it, but it will cripple the oil industry in Canada, which is something we not only depend on, but can be independent with if we’d only have a businessman leading our country. So while this fool wants gender equality in the oil industry, he’s forcing our nation to get our oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, where women just gained the right to drive.

It makes no sense. It is not equality, but equity, that is, making everyone the same.

Men and women are different. I know, shocking. But this quest to ignore this, to ignore our physical differences, hormonal differences, mental and emotional differences, ends up making men softer and at least an attempt to make women physically tougher.

It’s incredibly destructive, and it’s downright stupid.

It’s at least partially founded on this ideal that women make 78 cents on the dollar when compared to men. Which, if you look at all money earned across the board, and ignore the industry, the hours worked, and where men and women choose to work and what they choose to study in school, is true. But it is not true on a per job basis.

If women were paid 78 cents on the dollar, there wouldn’t be a man with a job. What boss would hire a man when he could hire a woman for 22 cents cheaper?

Not only that, it’s cunning, and it’s evil to say this because of the outcomes it produces. When you believe this fabrication of a stat you then have to do what our idiotic Prime Minister did, you have to ignore merit, and instead focus on gender.

Merit is all that matters.

As we move away from this fact in the myriad of ways we’re doing it today – only a few covered in this article – we become a weaker, softer, and less successful society.

Again, we all lose.

So while we’re making our young men soft, we can turn things around.

It isn’t just about times being good and creating softer, weaker people. We’re actively attempting to weaken and soften our men, and we can actively STOP doing so as well.

Bring back competition. Praise grit, toughness, talent, and greatness. Get your kids off cartoons and get them outside, or at least pop a John Wayne movie on.

As a society we need to bring back classical manliness. Its definition has not changed, nor do we need it to change.

Man up.

The Massive Decline in  Testosterone [Bonus]

Finally, this one’s a bonus, but it’s not talked about all that much. It’s the fact that men’s testosterone levels have declined by 1.2-1.3% annually for the past 20 years (at least).

In short, men are not only becoming less manly socially, but biologically. This is scary. We’re surrounded by plastics that increase our estrogen levels, we’re lazier, fatter, and weaker, each hurting our testosterone levels, too.

This specific ‘destruction of man’ has been a focus point for me, which is why I wrote The Man Diet, it’s a book that gives you everything you need to know about increasing your testosterone levels, from diet to lifestyle to doing an ‘estrogen binge’. And you can get a free copy below…