How to Lower Estrogen Levels In Men

How to Lower Estrogen Levels In Men

How to Reduce Estrogen Levels in Men. If you want to know how to reduce estrogen levels in men, head over to to get a free copy of my new book, the Man Diet (limited quantities available). Lowering estrogen levels in men is insanely important, and a relatively recent battle that we’re having to fight. How to reduce estrogen levels in men, starts with understanding where estrogens come from and how men increase their estrogen levels by gaining weight, and surrounding themselves with chemical estrogens.

With the rise of xenoestrogens in things like shampoo, plastic, soap, even in our water supply and the deodorants we use daily, estrogen levels are rising in men and testosterone levels are declining. Men don’t necessarily produce estrogen, we actually convert testosterone into estrogen by the actions of the enzyme aromatase within our adipose tissue, aka. body fat.

This blatantly shows that a reduction in body fat will help your testosterone levels. Why lower estrogen? If you have too much, you’re going to hurt your testosterone levels (1)(2). If you have too much estrogen, it’ll produce feminine features even in men. (3)(4) Of course, estrogen is stored in body fat, and the higher estrogen levels you have, the higher bodyfat you’ll also have.

Why You Should Lower Your Estrogen Levels

If you want to lower estrogen levels, lower body fat, and vice versa. (5)(6) The most important step you can take to lower your estrogen levels that may be leading to impotence or low libido, is to reduce body fat. This is by far the most important step you can take. Get rid of the idea of the Tony Soprano type alpha, the guy had high estrogen levels. Get your body fat under 15% for sure. Start with a good strength training program, and the right diet, I highly recommend that you start with the Man Diet.

Not only is it a diet specifically for men, one that helps men increase testosterone while lowering estrogen and cortisol, but you’ll find out a lot more information about testosterone and estrogen that’ll help you live optimally. Second, get rid of chemical estrogens! One study found that estrogens are 3x higher in water packaged in plastic than water packaged in glass. The main one’s to look out for are BPA and phthalates, as well as parabens (found in soaps and deodorants).

I don’t even buy non-natural shampoo, deodorant, soap, nor do I drink from plastic bottles. Thankfully, there’s a lot of good products out there now, and the industry of natural soaps and so forth is growing. This rise in chemical estrogens is dangerous for men. They’re everywhere around us, and really impact the youth, who are more susceptible to being affected by them. So, buy natural products, but also keep your kids away from unnatural soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants, and so forth.

Finally, consume more foods that block estrogens, and you can also supplement with a good multivitamin (I recommend Barbarian…) that has zinc and other aromatase blocking ingredients. Citrus fruits are great, as are oysters and olive oil, and white button mushrooms. Each blocks aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen.

What to do next: Get a FREE copy of The Man Diet:

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3 Ways to Get a Better Sleep and Boost Testosterone

3 Ways to Get a Better Sleep and Boost Testosterone

Hey man, did you know that you produce most of your testosterone during the night during REM sleep?

A good, quality sleep is a must, not only for your hormones, but for your quality and effectiveness during the day.

By having a bad sleep you send your cortisol levels through the roof, which, in turn, sends your testosterone levels plummeting, but you also get a lot more stressed and ineffective as a result.

That’s why Viking Ashwagandha is so powerful, because it lowers cortisol, when your cortisol levels are lowered, your body produces more melatonin naturally, which further helps improve sleep quality.

So, take VIKING at night, an hour before bed, to improve both your ability to sleep, and your quality of sleep (REM sleep) — get 1, 3, or 5 bottles here, all at a discount with free shipping worldwide.

3 More Ways to Improve Sleep

So, what do I know about sleep?

Well, I used to be an insomniac. I had it bad, so bad that I visited multiple sleep doctors over a period of a couple years, and their advice was just impractical.

One sleep doctor wanted me to carry around a light…

…All day every day.


So, I went out and tried to solve my own problem, and finally found those solutions in my mid-twenties.

Ashwagandha is awesome, I’ve been supplementing with it for a while now, and included a double-dose in VIKING, but there’s other things you can do, too.

1. A sleep schedule. (most importantly when you wake up)

This is the most important factor. Our bodies work on rhythm. If we go to bed and wake up at the same time daily we create a rhythm, and in doing so we train our bodies to sleep.

Most important, I’ve found, is waking up at the same time 7 days a week and making it early (no later than 6am).

2. Backload carbs.

I talk about this in the Man Diet, in fact, it’s a key component in the Man Diet because of how it helps with sleep.

What you want to do is have your carbs (potatoes, veggies, fruits), or at least a majority of them, with dinner. This will help lower cortisol along with VIKING, and you’ll get that ‘crash effect’ you get from consuming carbs and spiking your insulin levels.

3. Train early.

Early workouts help you sleep better later in the night. I’ve tested this to go along with the few studies I’ve found, and it helps.

I’ve also found that it helps me have more energy throughout the day.

Depending on your schedule, this can be a great option, but even doing some push-ups and pull-ups in the morning will help with sleep later on at night.

I’ve also found that evening workouts have the opposite effect. But if you have to workout in the evening, go heavy on the carb backloading and you should be fine.


What I’ve also found is that with a better, longer sleep (max 8 hours) I get more work done, at a higher quality, than I would if I burned the midnight oil, working late into the night.

Also, adding a firm end to the work day has helped improve the amount of work I get done, the focus of that work, and my ability to sleep because my mind’s able to calm down before bed.

Just a thought, something to try, and something I recommend in the Lost Art of Discipline.

Get after it.

3 Ways to Lower Cortisol in Men

3 Ways to Lower Cortisol in Men

When it comes to your testosterone levels, cortisol is one of two biggest enemies, and if you’re not overweight, it is your biggest enemy.

It’s such a massive roadblock standing between you and the high, thriving testosterone levels you need to live the best life you can live, that one way testosterone is tested is in relation to cortisol. If your cortisol levels are high, your testosterone levels CANNOT be, even if they are, technically, ‘high’.

In this article will briefly discuss 3 ways to lower cortisol, with one very fast and efficient bonus method at the end.

The thing about cortisol is that it’s a stress hormone, and much of our stress is self-inflicted or a state of mind, and it often occurs without us even knowing it. There’s a lot we can do simply by changing our mindset, but there’s also a lot we can do nutritionally that’ll help as well.

1. Change your mindset, go from worrier to warrior to lower your stress levels.

We need stress for growth, but not in worry form. We need the stress that comes from the quest for improvement, not the stress that comes from worry.

One massive thing that has helped me is writing my massive goals down twice daily. It helps me focus on where I’m going, not where I am in relation to where I want to be, not what I’ve done or the lack of what I’ve done, but where I’m going, so I just get down to work. It puts your mind in the right frame.

3 books that’ll help:

Epictetus: Enchiridion
Marcus Aurelius: Meditations
Seneca: Letters from a Stoic

Stress is technically a choice. It’s a choice to see an event as something that it isn’t. It’s the choice to allow the event to have power that it doesn’t need to have.

One tool: change how you see your problems. When you’re facing a crisis, see it from the future, from 10 years down the line, will it really be that bad in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 1,000 years long after you’re gone? Also, see it from above, as a part of a planet of 8 billion people. Is your problem, whatever you’re facing really that bad in comparison to the shit everyone else is going through? Finally, see it as a part of our human existence, the tens of thousands of years we’ve been on this planet. Is your crisis really a crisis in terms of the history of humanity?

2. Get outside!

We’re not designed, bred, whatever you want to call it to live inside. We need the peace and power of nature. We need the struggle of a hike or a hunt. We need to feel insignificant, which is what will innevitably happen when you head out into the mountains. You see how small you are, and, thus, how insignification your problems are.

3. Eat carbs!

Carbs have been proven to lower cortisol levels. Low carb diets are ‘hot’ right now, but are they good? What we’ve seen – and what you’ve read in the Man Diet – is that by reducing your carb intake, you’re going to increase your cortisol levels. And the right carbs actually help lower cortisol, that helps you recover, and increase your testosterone levels.

What are the best carb sources? Fruits, like assorted berries, apples, and potatoes are great. Avoid grains, sugar, and anything processed.


Ashwagandha is an ancient Indian herb (learn more here) that has been proven to lower cortisol by up to 69%! It’s pretty incredible, but also powerful. To have that high of a cortisol reduction can have a huge impact on your hormones.

That’s also why I’ve added Ashwagandha to the Average 2 Alpha Supplements line. Where most ashwagandha supplements will have 200-400mg, we’ve added

Athletic Greens: The Complete Micro Supplement For Men

Athletic Greens: The Complete Micro Supplement For Men

Haven’t you ever wished for a super-supplement?

One that contained essentially everything you needed to function optimally as a man, and could even make up for deficiencies in your diet?

Well, I’ve got one for you to check out—It’s called Athletic Greens  and its claim to fame is that it’s a “complete supplement.” Basically, it’s a micronutrient-based supplement that packs a freaking powerful punch. And the benefits of just drinking one glass a day are pretty impressive.

Here are five of the top reasons why you should incorporate Athletic Greens into a consistently healthy lifestyle.

Boosts Testosterone

You already knew I couldn’t talk about the benefits of Athletic Greens without talking about its testosterone enhancing benefits.

Testosterone manages and boosts sex drive, helps you pack on slabs of muscle mass, strengthens bone mass, increases fat burning, cultivates confidence, makes you a risk taker, and well, the list goes on and on. And proper testosterone regulation is key for men like you to have the balanced, healthy, masculine lifestyle that you want and work for.

Athletic Greens works to support and even surge testosterone production and efficiency because it improves micronutrient deficiencies that most guys are missing out on like magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D. Plus, with the added micronutrient help, you’ll reduce stress hormone that ruins testosterone levels and even get a better night’s sleep as a result – which will send your T-count through the roof.

Higher testosterone levels enable a man to have victory in every area of life, and chugging an athletic greens supplement is a powerful way to get there.

Increases Energy

We all know what it’s like to feel depleted of energy.

Working hard, working out, chasing the kids around the house… If you’re like most hardworking men are spent by the time 6pm rolls around… Maybe even sooner.

The problem is that without energy, we can’t accomplish what we need to get done for our families, our neighbors and ourselves. And here’s the kicker… The world doesn’t slow down for you just because you’re tired. It keeps spinning and the same speed it’s always spun.

Like I’ve mentioned many times on this site before, intense training, solid nutrition, and sleep are all crucial for high energy levels. But sometimes, when the breaks are beating the boys you need something else to pick you up… Which is where Athletic Greens come in.

Athletic Greens improves energy by supplying you with 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food source ingredients. Think about it, that’s 75 energy boosting essentials that you won’t miss out on with just a simple serving of this powerful supplement. Plus the diversity of ingredients can prepare you for whatever unique and diverse challenges you’ll face on any given day. So basically, if you want to win the day, it’ll do you some good to down some greens, first.

Anti-Aging Antioxidant

Nobody has found the legendary fountain of youth yet, but that hasn’t stopped many of us from doing all we can to extend youthfulness and strength as far as possible… I mean which one of us guys wouldn’t want to feel like we’re as strong as ever – even if we’re in our 40’s or older.

Imagine: More energy. More drive. More virility to take on any challenge…. Guys, the closest answer is practically at your fingertips… Athletic Greens.

Medical advances are helping people live longer than previous generations thought possible. But the question you have to ask yourself is do you just want to live longer, or do you want to live better?

Athletic Greens works overtime to help slow the aging process. A whopping 29 of its 75 ingredients are antioxidants—a nutrient that helps fight radical molecules in your body that accelerate disease, cell damage, and aging. Sure, Athletic Greens can’t keep the calendar pages from flipping, but they’ll keep you feeling younger and stronger while they do.

Improves Gut Health

Gut health has become all the rage in the last few years… And rightfully so.

Because a well-regulated, well-enhanced gut is essential to living a better quality of life as a man. See, when your gut health is all out of whack, your cortisol levels increase, which in turn causes your testosterone levels to plummet. Plus, it’ll leave a breach in your immune system making it more likely that you’ll be sidelined with sickness when you simply can’t afford to be sick.

Which is one more reason why Athletic Greens can be a big help to you. It carries both pre- and probiotics to make sure your insides are full of healthy bacteria that keeps digestive system, immune system and anabolic hormones, functioning at their best.

But the benefits of this supplement for men don’t stop there: It boosts and streamlines digestion, ups the absorption of nutrients, and can even detox your liver through a variety of enzymes. Basically, Athletic Greens is an all-in-one for your gut—inside, and out.

Supports Immune System

Your immune system is your body’s first line of defense against the germs and illnesses floating around everywhere (and that your kids love to bring home from school).

A weak immune system makes you far more susceptible to being more adversely affected by even the mildest diseases and is essentially like opening up a can of worms for more serious ones.

Here’s the problem: Most of us don’t think much about our immune systems until we’re sick, but the truth is they’re working around the clock to keep us healthy and vital, often in ways we’re not even aware of. And sometimes it could use a little help getting the job done and keeping us going.

You already know where I’m going with this…

Athletic Greens helps to keep your immune system healthy so you don’t miss a beat. Twenty essential vitamins and minerals work together to boost, balance, and repair your immune andnervous systems. It’s all in the mircos, man.

What Next?

Like I said at the beginning, this supplement is pretty impressive… In fact, I’d say it’s one of a kind.

So now what?

Simple… Try Athletic Greens out for yourself. Drink one serving each day on an empty stomach, and let it go to work.

Grab Athletic Greens for yourself here, and be legendary.

How To Increase Testosterone Through Lifestyle

How To Increase Testosterone Through Lifestyle

What You Need To Know

  • Healthy testosterone levels are crucial for living a healthy life.
  • You can increase your testosterone levels through simple lifestyle changes and as a result, experience the natural benefits of high testosterone.
  • Grab your free copy of my book, The Man Diet, a practical guide for optimizing your testosterone levels on a daily basis.

Testosterone is the quintessential sex hormone that makes you a man.

And when your male sex hormone is on point everything else seems to fall into place. See, the more testosterone you have, the healthier you’ll be: You’ll be more capable of building muscle and shedding body fat so that you can live a more active and adventurous life. You’ll have an invigorating sex drive and healthy sperm motility, meaning you won’t suffer from embarrassing shortcomings in the bedroom like erectile dysfunction, impotence and infertility. Instead, you’ll enjoy lasting and pleasurable sex, your lady will feel desirable, and you’ll even add to your legacy by raising children. When your testosterone is on point you’ll have sharper mental clarity, which commands respect and status around the office and helps you to make strong decisions as the leader of your home.


You see my point right?

Having healthy testosterone levels is important for any and every man. It’s important for you.

And here’s the deal. your lifestyle dictates your testosterone levels. You can actually increase testosterone through lifestyle changes. Simple lifestyle changes. The things that you do on a daily basis determine how healthy your testosterone levels will be.

So how can you increase testosterone through lifestyle?

Let’s take a look.

Work Hard In The Gym

Some guys like to waltz into the gym, do a few bicep curls, go for a brisk walk and leave.


Well, just so they can say they went to the gym that day. Or even just to feel good about themselves.

But if you want to increase your testosterone levels, you need to make every moment count in the gym. Your workouts should consist mostly of heavy, compound movements like squat, deadlift, bent-over barbell rows, bench press, weighted pull-ups and weighted dips. The bigger and more explosive your exercise is, the greater surge of testosterone you’ll experience. These exercises also provide you with the unparalleled muscle building and fat-burning success.

You also don’t want to lollygag while you’re at the gym because once you hit the 45-minute mark in your training, your testosterone levels begin to decrease and your stress hormone, cortisol (anti-testosterone hormone) begins to spike.

Get in. Do work. Get out.

Train like this and you’ll increase your testosterone levels, no question.

Compete Daily

When we look at the physiological factors that result from competition, we can’t help but conclude that men were created to compete.

As a man, competition is one of the primary ways you can increase testosterone through lifestyle, but unfortunately, most guys don’t know how to compete anymore. They know how to have a trophy handed to them, but they don’t know how to compete, because well, everyone gets a trophy these days.

Several studies have shown that testosterone levels increase in men before competition (study, study). It’s a natural survival response, that having higher testosterone levels will give you an advantage in the ring, on the field, before a chess match and so on. But testosterone levels don’t only increase in men before competition in order to bestow a biological advantage. Studies have also shown that testosterone levels increase in men after winning a competition, as a reward for victory (study, study, study).

Brother, you were created to compete. So find a way to compete on a daily basis.

Competition doesn’t even require you to get into a ring with somebody or compete in an athletic way, though I think that’s the most optimal way to go about it. Competition is a mindset that you can bring with you into the workplace, while playing a game of cards, or even running a faster mile than you did the week before.

Find ways to compete on a daily basis and win while you’re at it. Simply adding competition to your day-to-day will boost your T to new heights.

Sleep Better

You will not successfully increase testosterone through lifestyle if you don’t get a good quality and quantity of sleep every night.

Sleep is vital to your testosterone health because most of your testosterone is produced while you sleep. So naturally, if you cut down on the amount of time your body has to produce testosterone, you’re going to cut down on your testosterone levels altogether.

One study from Penev et. al. gathered up a group of healthy men and measured their testosterone levels. Then, some of these men were subjected to a 4-hour sleep regimen while the others in the group were told to sleep for 8-hours a night. The results showed that the guys who slept for 4 hours a night had testosterone levels hovering around 200-300 ng/dl while the men who slept for 8 hours a night had soaring testosterone levels, between 500-700 ng/dl.

Another study drew a similar connection as the men who slept 4-hours a night had 60% less testosterone than those who slept 8-hours a night.

So the bottom line is that sleep will make a drastic impact on your testosterone levels. If you want to increase your testosterone levels, sleep more and sleep better. It’s that simple.

Turn Off The Porn And Have Real Sex

It’s no coincidence that testosterone levels are lower than ever across the globe as the porn industry has exploded into one that’s more successful than professional football, baseball and basketball combined.

Men are having less sex with their lady, and are replacing it with their hand and a computer screen… But here’s the deal, masturbation does not increase testosterone levels. It actually doesn’t do anything for your testosterone levels at all. However, porn addiction has resulted in incompetent functionality during real sex, causing erectile dysfunction, inability to “close the deal” and generally leaving men careless about bedroom activities. And because of this, men are missing out on the boost of testosterone that results from real sex.

Multiple studies have shown that sex increases testosterone levels in both men and women (study, study, study). See, your brain knows the difference between artificial sex and real sex. And it’s the connection, the release of pheromones during sex with a woman that actually increases your testosterone levels.

So for the most fun way to increase testosterone through lifestyle, have more sex.

Next Step

To sum up, healthy testosterone is crucial for living a healthy life as a man. And your daily lifestyle choices will dictate how high or how low your testosterone levels will be.

So ultimately the ball’s in your court.

Implement the ways to increase testosterone through lifestyle that I’ve given you in this article. But also, grab a free copy of my book, The Man Diet. It’s a practical guide to boosting your testosterone levels on a daily basis.

Grab The Man Diet here and be legendary!

The Truth About Cholesterol And Testosterone in Men

The Truth About Cholesterol And Testosterone in Men

Cholesterol has garnered an unfortunate reputation over the last couple of decades; one that’s built on misunderstandings, misinformation, and little to no scientific evidence. It’s been demonized as the cause of blocked arteries everywhere and as a result, doctors have been telling men that if we want to be at our healthiest, we need to cut the cholesterol out of our diets ASAP.

But there’s been an interesting trend in manliness since cholesterol received a scarlet letter. With the decline of dietary cholesterol in the diets of men all over the world, a slippery slide in testosterone levels has followed. Men are lower in our male sex hormone than we have been at any other point in human history. So is there a connection between cholesterol and testosterone that needs to be brought to the surface? Will eating more cholesterol bring back the testosterone levels that men so desperately need in order to live our most fulfilled lives?

Let’s take a look.

Cholesterol And Testosterone

First off, cholesterol is a lipid molecule that’s found in many places within your body, and it’s essential for life. IN fact, cholesterol is so important that if you aren’t getting enough cholesterol from your diet, your liver will begin to synthesize it on its own in order to keep you alive.

Cholesterol is active in all of your cells and is especially dense in the membrane where it gives your cells the ability to send messages between each other so that your body can properly function. Cholesterol is also found in high amounts in your brain and is essential for all of the complex processes that take place up there.

And on top of all that, cholesterol is a precursor for all of your sex hormones, including the very hormone that makes you a man, biologically – testosterone. The cholesterol and testosterone connection takes place in the final phase of testosterone synthesis when luteinizing hormone (LH) triggers testicular Leydig cells to convert cholesterol into testosterone inside of your ball sack.

Related image


Cholesterol is essentially an infant form of testosterone. And may studies have drawn a direct correlation between cholesterol and testosterone.

  • One year-long study involving over 4,000 men, studied the correlation between HDL cholesterol and testosterone levels simply by measuring the two (HDL cholesterol, testosterone) within this large sample size. The research confirmed that men who had higher levels of HDL cholesterol also had higher levels of testosterone.
  • Another study recorded in Endocrine Abstracts sampled 293 men with Type II Diabetes also drew a direct link between HDL cholesterol and testosterone levels, indicating that the lower HDL was, the lower testosterone was, while the inverse was true as well.
  • Showing the adverse effects of a diet low in cholesterol and testosterone levels, this study published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, tested the effects of low-fat diets on testosterone levels in men. They discovered that after 8 weeks of a low fat diet, subjects saw a reduction in testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (the most potent form of T).

So the evidence is in. There is a direct connection between cholesterol and testosterone.

The more HDL cholesterol you consume, the higher your testosterone levels will be. The less HDL cholesterol you consume, the lower your testosterone levels will be.

But what about LDL cholesterol?

Is LDL cholesterol bad for your testosterone while HDL cholesterol is good for it?

LDL Cholesterol vs. HDL Cholesterol

LDL cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) and HDL cholesterol (high density lipoprotein) have been pinned against each other like two boxers standing at the opposite end of the ring from one another. But is their relationship really at odds?

Here’s the deal, the “cholesterol” part of HDL and LDL isn’t the dangerous part of the conversation, here. Lipoprotein is.

There are two types of lipoprotein: large and small density. The larger LDL particles are now thought to have little or no significant role in heart disease like the Honey Nut Cherrios Bee tried to convince us all long ago. On the other hand, the smaller, dense LDL particles are the ones believed to be most involved in the process of inflammation that begins the cascade of heart issues. But it’s not a diet high in fat and cholesterol that causes this to happen. It’s actually a diet high in simple carbs that most readily promotes the formation of these small LDL particles. Unfortunately, this important distinction is something that most doctors miss. From this we can gather that the number of small particle LDL might be the most important reading in any cholesterol test. Because of this, a total cholesterol of, say, 230 or even 250 might not be dangerous at all if your HDL is high and your small particle LDL is low.

So in the end, cholesterol is cholesterol, however, HDL cholesterol doesn’t run the risk of containing small, dense LDL particles that can cause heart issues.

So what should you do to be on the safe side?

Eat plenty of foods with HDL cholesterol.

Eggs, Cholesterol And Testosterone

If you’re looking to increase your testosterone levels on a daily basis, look no further than the classic whole egg.

Eggs are one of the most diverse foods that you can eat to improve your testosterone levels, simply because they’re easy to make, you can add them to just about any meal (on their own, with steak, hard-boiled in a salad, etc.) and they’re delicious no matter what other foods you combine them with.

Image result for eggs arnold schwarzenegger

And of course, they have plenty of HDL cholesterol that will boost your testosterone levels overnight (literally).

In a great post by Brett from of the Art of Manliness site, he conducted a personal 90-day case study in which he ate a few whole eggs every single day to increase his cholesterol levels. He had his testosterone levels measured before and after the 90-days to see if there truly was a correlation between cholesterol and testosterone.

The result?

His testosterone levels improved greatly, and his cholesterol levels stayed within a healthy range. The increase in HDL cholesterol in eggs only benefited his testosterone levels, and didn’t harm his cholesterol levels on bit.

Eggs are also loaded with saturated fat, which is the most important fat for increasing testosterone levels.

Next Step

Cholesterol may have a bad reputation, but you can’t believe everything you hear. The science is clear that cholesterol is essential for men to achieve optimal hormonal balance.

In other words, you need to eat more cholesterol if you’re going to thrive as a man.


Don’t miss out on the cholesterol and testosterone connection.

For more foods and simple lifestyle changes that’ll increase your testosterone levels and enhance your life, check out my free book, The Man Diet.

I’ve already purchased your copy for you. Grab your copy of The Man Diet here and be legendary.