You don’t make society safe by making men weak. They’ll stab you in the back.

You make them strong. And you make them disciplined.

We see weakness in male feminists. We see their cunning ways. The only way they can have relationships with women is if they act like women. They’re deceitful. They’re weak. They’re also not to be trusted around women because they’re not strong.

You don’t make a society safe by making the men weak. They’re going to stab you in the back, they’re going to shoot up a school or a concert.

What we’re lacking is fostering the strength in men because we’re afraid of the possibility of brutality.

But the brutality is there, the capacity for that is there whether you’re strong or weak. Weak men do even more damage than strong men because they lack the character that acquiring strength builds.

When you have strong men, men with the capacity for brutality and who use that barbarism for good rather than bad, you have order in a society. (Read This: 3 Reasons Why Men Train)

When you remove the strong, the men able to be dangerous, no one is kept in line.

Everyone has to step in line when there are people who can keep them in check.

In society that cannot just be the police, there are far too few of them.

And men who are born with the desire to be strong, the desire to fight and battle, these are the men we need to keep the rest in line. Without strong men, evil men win.

Be the Refined Beast.

On a personal level, you need both the capacity for danger, and discipline.

You need to be able to kill, and you need some semblance of manners.

We’re given guidelines of how to be in stories, mythology, and religion.

Even Beauty was interested in the Beast, so long as he that beast could be used in the service of the family, that is, so long as he had discipline.

Discipline is what focuses the power, the strength, that desire to inflict harm into doing good.

Without discipline you cannot focus the rage. You cannot focus that part of you – especially when we’re younger – that wants to kick some ass, drink some beers, and so on and so forth.

Discipline is what connects that necessary aspect of being a man, that capacity for evil, and takes him, and points him into a good direction.

Without that gameness, that strength, and mastery, however, you’re useless.

Which is why we need to return to fostering strength in our men.

We need to encourage them to be dangerous and disciplined.

So long as they have discipline, they’ll serve our society better than they could otherwise.

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Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

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Man Up! Episode #22: Have a Plan, Don’t Depend on Motivation

Man Up! Episode #22: Have a Plan, Don’t Depend on Motivation

Depending on motivation is what losers do. Winners rely on their habits. You have to force yourself to work, you have to force yourself to write.

Getting in the habit of waiting for motivation is what losers do. It’s a horrible way to live and to work because you rely on the whim of the muse.

You CONTROL the muse. You tell that bastard when to show its face.

Get in the habit of working when you set times to work, and your degree of motivation should be irrelevant. You’re a worker, regardless of whether you feel like it or not.


Titan by Ron Chernow – Book

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Man Up! Episode #21: The Emasculation of The West with Iben Thranholm

Man Up! Episode #21: The Emasculation of The West with Iben Thranholm

I’m pretty pumped for this podcast because of who I got to interview, a lady who’s saying a lot of the things that need to be said that aren’t being addressed. She’s calling out men, but in a good way. We need masculinity to make a comeback in our society or we’re doomed, and Iben has a wonderful way of highlighting this necessity.

Please, google her name to find out more about her: Iben Thranholm

Also, check out this wonderful interview she did a while back that’s gotten a fair bit of attention:

Man Up! Episode #20: A Real World Guide to Being a Hero

Man Up! Episode #20: A Real World Guide to Being a Hero

From Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot:
 This may sound strange, but to me a hero is a man who will not accept the status quo if it does not meet his standards. For an instant or for an hour or for a month or in the case of prisoners, maybe longer, he will stand up and turn his world around. “It’s not right that that ticking hand grenade should kill everybody in this foxhole. I’m going to fall on it.” “It’s not right that this company of marines surrounded on this mountain top by the Chosin Reservoir should wither and freeze and surrender! We’re going to break out of here!” “It’s not right that I should bring harm to my fellow prisoners by letting myself be forced to inform on them. I’m going to break a window and cut myself up!”
By Stockdale’s definition there are opportunities in all of our lives, both on a grand scale or a more immediate one, where we can turn our backs on the status quo and act like heroes.


Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot by Jim Stockdale

Man Up! Episode #19: Stop Compromising Your Manhood

Man Up! Episode #19: Stop Compromising Your Manhood

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Manhood is something that must be earned. Few, today, have earned it. It asks that you don’t complain about what you can’t control or what others are doing, instead doing all you can to make the lives of those around you better. It asks that you be a man, defend the weak, and do what must be done even if it goes against the grain or is a detriment to yourself. To man up is to rise to a call to action that isn’t a slight, but a challenge.

With all of this in mind we compromise our manhood and the values that men once stood for daily. We quiver under pressure. We run from pain and hide from adventure. We stay small, set small goals in order to avoid life.

Man up. Become something more than the sissy masses that look to others for a hand rather than lending their own.

Book: Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot