Stand tall with your shoulders back.

If you’ve read Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life, you’ll know that rule number one is just that.

It’s a POWERFUL rule because of its foundation on how the world is, and not how we’d like it to be.

The world is a very tough place, my brother, whether we’d like to admit it or not. We have to understand this if we’re to thrive, and thriving and winning should be our only concern.

Status is incredibly important.

In animals, the male alpha gets all the women, those women hunt for him, he eats the best and the most and he only gets stronger as a result.

He gets to plant his seed, carry on his bloodline, and if another male lion comes who’s stronger than he is, that lion will even go so far as to kill all cubs under his adversaries line so he can start his own, fresh and new.

Status among humans is just as important.

It’s said that the elite get a cold and the poor get the plague.

Status among humans isn’t just a matter of wealth, but of what you have within.

If you have the capacity for danger, you’re less likely to have to use it than someone who doesn’t appear to have that ability, that power…

… And far less likely than someone who sees being dangerous as violent as wrong in every way, as he’ll be picked on and brutalized until he shows that he can stand up for himself.

If you’ve ever been bullied, you’ll know this.

I’ve been bullied a couple times as a kid. Every time I stood up, fought, and made an ally in the battle rather than an oppressor in retreat.

When you wake up this morning, no matter how you feel, no matter where you are in life, stand up straight with your head high and your shoulders back.

Show the world that you’re a man, confident, strong, powerful, not to be fucked with, not be to pushed around.

You’re not stressed. Stress doesn’t control you, rather, you see challenges, the greater the better.

Stress doesn’t break you down, the challenge allows you to see what you’re made of.

Stand tall with your head up and your shoulders back.

You’re a winner.

Get after it.