Equality is for losers; you don’t want it. (Read This: Your Idea of Equality Isn’t Really Fair)

You want to make it as uneven a playing field as you can possibly make it.

Guess how that’s done in a capitalistic society?

You work harder, save more, don’t buy stupid shit to impress people you shouldn’t be trying to impress, wake up earlier, study more.

You apply yourself.

For many, a level playing field ideally means equity, or the equality of an outcome. They’re not so much concerned with opportunity. And about opportunity, you want to create an uneven playing field there as well.

You want your work to be so good that they ignore everyone but you. (Read This: Whatever Your Work Is, Do it Well)

You want to make connections, to wow people, to make everyone else non-existent.

You’re the only logical option for the job or your product is by far the best option, everything else is just second best.

Politically you shouldn’t want an equity of outcome. You should encourage those willing to hustle, to sacrifice, to extract every ounce of talent they have from their being to create something that no one else can create.

It’s winners that make it better for the lot of us.

We should want more winners, not diluted mediocrity.

It’s the best student who should get the scholarship, the best applicant that should be given the job. These things shouldn’t be influenced by race or sex or age.

People who want everyone to have the same regardless of what they give, are losers. They don’t appreciate hard work, nor do they see its value for the individual, regardless of what they’re rewarded with for it.

Whether you’re born rich or poor, black or white, in North America you have the opportunity to work harder, to study more, to do what others aren’t willing to do.

It doesn’t matter the field nor the pursuit, this will someday result in victory.

Make your entire life an uneven playing field.

Make it unfair.

Make it so no one can catch you nor match your output.

Then, when you’ve won and you’re rich and you’ve created jobs and joy and opportunity for others, give it all back.


  1. Have you ever read any Ayn Rand?

    • I have one book in the library but haven’t read anything yet – suggestions?

      • I would start with Anthem. A short novel. Then if you like what you read, move on to The Fountainhead, and then Atlas Shrugged.


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