Let’s have an honest moment for a second…

Every guy wants to be a master at sex…

None of us want to be fumbling around, unsure of ourselves, or even worse, unable to get it up and keep it up to please our ladies.

So if you’ve found that you wish you were better in bed, you can put your doubts to rest.

I’ve got a few herbs that’ll do you some good when it’s just you and your lady…

Here are the 3 herbs for better sex.

Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is an all around herb that’ll do far more than just make you more impressive in the bedroom…

But that’s where we’ll keep our focus today.

Pine pollen contains bioavailable forms of testosterone, meaning that when you take a serving of pine pollen, you’re actually improving your total testosterone count…

And naturally, when you improve your testosterone levels, you’ll improve your performance during sex.

See, pine pollen is an effective antioxidant, which has the ability to lower your oxidative stress levels, and prevent anxiety related “malfunctions” in between the sheets like erectile dysfunction, and also infertility.

These antioxidant effects also keep you feeling energetic so that you’ll have the stamina to last until your lady is ready to quit.

Another reason why pine pollen is one of the top herbs for better sex is found every morning you take it.

Pine pollen causes a condition called, nocturnal penile tumescence…

You probably know it as “morning wood.”

When it’s taken in high dosages, pine pollen can increase the frequency of morning wood…

So you won’t have any doubts that it’s working.

But unlike the warnings of those synthetic testosterone boosters, you won’t have to worry about the trip to the emergency room after 4-hours of unwanted “stiffness”…

Pine pollen is safe, effective and will make you an all around crowd pleaser in the bedroom.

Check out pine pollen for youself here.


Ashwagandha is a tried and true, 4,000 year-old, testosterone-booster…

It’s an Indian herb that has been known to provide impressive benefits for men over the last four millennia…

Ashwagandha is known as an adaptogen; a term used to describe an herb that helps the body to regain hormonal balance when confronted with stress.

Adaptogens boost testosterone positively by reversing the effect of your stress hormone, cortisol.

In a 60-day human study of Ashwagandha, this herb was shown to reduce cortisol levels by 27% and increase testosterone levels by 15% as a result.

Like, pine pollen, this reverse in cortisol will result in better bedroom performance as anxiety has been shown to cause impotence.

Also, in one study, men who received Ashwagandha in order to combat stress saw higher antioxidant levels and better sperm qualities than they had pre-treatment, and after 3 months, 14% of the men’s partners’ had become pregnant.

So let’s recap…

Ashwagandha lowers stress, increases testosterone, improves bedroom performance and can even help you to build a family of you own.

Don’t miss out on one of the best herbs for better sex

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Horny Goat Weed

You could probably guess by the name that this herb means business…

It’s definitely one of the best herbs for better sex, which is why, despite its overambitious name, Horny Goat Weed has made this list.

Like the other two mentions, Horny Goat Weed is a natural and effective testosterone booster.

One non-human study found that an 80mg dose of icariin tripled the testosterone level of rats without harming other hormones such as luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone, both of which are important for testosterone and testicle health.

And like ashwagandha, Horny Goat Weed decreases cortisol so that you’re relaxed and primed for better hard-ons…

But its cortisol lowering effect isn’t the only way Horny Goat Weed will improve your erectile function and performance in the bedroom…

See, your body contains an enzyme called PDE5, which causes erectile tissue to lose its blood flow…

A major problem when you’re trying to have better sex.

But here’s the good news:

Horny Goat Weed fights against the downer PDE5 enzyme so that you can get and sustain healthy blood flow to your erectile tissue, or in other words, get a stronger boner.

Horny Goat Weed also stimulates nitric oxide production so that you’ll have better blood flow for better sex.

The name says it all.

If you want to take your performance in the bedroom to new heights, check out Horny Goat Weed here.

Action Step

So there you have it, fellas.

The 3 horseman herbs for better sex.

I definitely recommend that you check these herbs out for yourself if you want to improve your sex life…

You don’t have to limit yourself to one either…

I’ve been combining pine pollen and horny goat weed supplementations together and the results have been incredible…

Here are the links again.

Grab these herbs today!

Pine Pollen


Horny Goat Weed