Hey brother, I’ve been studying success for years now, as I’m sure you have…

And every success story has a couple things in common, the most glaring is commitment.

Not a single billionaire who’s earned their wealth, nor good father, husband, carpenter, or CEO have gotten to where they are with divided attention and a lack of commitment.

Our history books are dominated by committed men.

They gave their LIVES to a quest, even if that quest is the improvement of the self and the daily desire to live better today than they did the day previous.

What are you committed to?

I know you’re after self improvement, or you wouldn’t be getting this email.

But what single, most important thing are you committed to?

What dream are you trying to fulfill?

Will you stick with it when you fail, when you hit roadblocks and setbacks?

Theodore Roosevelt was born weak and sickly, something he had to overcome if he was to accomplish all he accomplished.

Adam Brown, a Navy SEAL who accomplished great things in the military before his tragic death, dealt with addiction, and then he lost his eye before making one of the military’s most exclusive units.

In fact, I haven’t read a single example of success and greatness that was without setback, and the bigger the setback the greater the success story, or so it seems.

The thing that no great man ever did was allow a setback to derail them from achieving what they wanted to achieve.

So, again, what are you committed to and are you TRULY committed?

You have the ability, the capacity, the talent and potential, but do you have the grit?

I think you do.

Let’s KEEP after it.

Be Legendary,

Chad Howse