How to Be a Man (Don’t Do These Things)


Don’t put things off. Do whatever you set out to do now, don’t wait. Never do what can be done now, tomorrow.

Don’t ever think about what you do not have. Appreciate and be grateful for what you do have.

Don’t tell anyone your goals or dreams. Keep them to yourself. Work in silence and in the contentment that it is worthy work. Have faith that the end will come but don’t focus on it, focus on the work.

Don’t ask for advice. Read the Bible, the Stoics, and find your answers there and in prayer.

Don’t want attention, admiration, love, anything from anyone. How others think or feel is not within your control. Just be you, truly you, without apology and without watering it down.

Don’t spend frivolously; invest wisely.

Don’t be lazy. You cannot become anything of value if you’re lazy.

Don’t be greedy. Provide for others, give, whether they give back is irrelevant. 

Don’t cheat or act in an unhonorable way. Do what your conscience tells you to do and guides you to do, listen to it. If it tells you to do something that’s difficult even though there’s an easier path, do the thing that it tells you to do.

Don’t be sloppy. Take pride in how you look at dress. Dress like a man, not like a boy.

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