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How to Read a Book




I’ve struggled with reading and how to read and what to read for a long time…

I feel angst when I’m reading a book, maybe a chapter, two, or three in and I don’t enjoy it. I feel as though I should read it regardless of whether I want to read it or not.

I’ve had this question from a number of guys as well, this skipping and jumping from book to book without ever finishing them.

The answer is, that’s natural and it should be listened to.

I never read a book in high school or college (save for a few biographies about athletes). Not one. Not one that I was told to read and partially because I was told to read them but also because they were boring.

Structured education doesn’t necessarily teach you what you should know in life.

It’s specialized knowledge that, when applied to the real world outside of the structure (save for the few professions that require specialized education) is useless.

It’s also, again, boring.

After college – after dropping out of college – I began to love reading because I could choose what to read. 

Still, I felt bad putting a book down because it lost my interest.

Now, I realize that putting a book down because it’s boring or confusing is what should be done. Move onto another. Come back to it (which I’ve done many times) if you like, but interest in a topic and the content of a book will help you absorb more of what’s in that book than you will reading with disinterest, or being self-forced to read something you’re not keenly interested in or excited about.

Read what interests you. You’ll learn more. 

The point of reading is to learn, to expand your mind. Breadth in reading is good.

We all have phases of what interests us. Find what interests you and get every book on the topic you can. Read them all. 

If your interests change, change your reading.

My Books

I have two books. I highly recommend you read both.

The first is about eating to naturally increase testosterone. While it’s backed by 91 studies, it’s an interesting, quick read (get the Man Diet FREE Here).

You’ll learn exactly what to eat and when to eat it, and just as importantly, what not to eat.

In naturally increasing your testosterone levels, avoidance of things is just as important as things you should be adopting.

The second book is the Lost Art of Discipline…

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One caveat…

In the Lost Art I talk about finding an end, a goal, a dream that you head toward and plan toward.

One powerful exercise should really be given much thought, and that is to figure out your perfect day with what you have and with where you are.

Not the perfect day that’s dependent on something you do not yet have (wealth, power, prestige etc..) – though this is also something you should think about.

While we definitely need a direction in life – NEED – success is who we are, what we do, and how we think, the materials, the victories, the f-u money that we want is the result of success, not success.

Success is doing what you set out to do, being disciplined, being funny, being happy, positive, tough, strong, courageous.

It’s being who you can be without waiting for what you can achieve.

The former has to precede the latter anyway, so get working on being successful before the accolades arrive.

Think about what that looks like and who that is, your strengths, weaknesses, what you have to stop doing and what you have to start doing.

Write it down.

Get after it.

Be Legendary,
Chad Howse


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