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Don’t Chase; Ramble




Don’t chase. Let it – and them – come to you…

This applies to opportunity and to women.

We see opportunity as something we have to hunt down and find like a lost treasure.

Women are the same, we think that the ideal lady is something we have to unearth, to seek and once found to achieve, claim, and pursue.

Neither are true, and the pursuit pushes both further away rather than bringing them closer.

Oddly enough, the more we overtly want, the less likely it becomes.

Desperation has a stench, it wreaks and repels what we want.

Men attract what they want, they don’t chase.

The focus has to be on improvement, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and otherwise.

You become worthy of the end rather than constantly chasing it.

The Ramblin Man.

Hank Williams wrote the great song, then Waylon Jennings came out with his version…

I’ve been down the Mississippi,
Down through New Orleans, 
Yes, I have.
I’ve played in California,
There ain’t too much I haven’t seen.
No, there ain’t. 
Well, I’m a ramblin’ man,
Don’t fool around with a ramblin’ man.

You read that and you think the guy’s just messing with women, and he clearly is, but that’s not the point we take from it.

The ramblin man is also the guy who’s getting after ‘it’ – it being the pursuit of potential, among other things – he doesn’t curtail his behavior to fit what he thinks she or it (it, in this case, being the goal or even notoriety).

He is who he is, he is himself (rare), and he’s hard to pin down.

does planning work?

I’ve just bought a couple books that’ll go deep into – providing statistical data – how business plans do not work.

You don’t invest in the business plan, you invest in the person, the entrepreneur, the tinkerer, the problem solver.

The idea is that by planning you close yourself off to opportunities, you miss them because you’re trying to stick to your plan.

This is more about long-term, rigid planning. Some swear by it, others (just now discovering them) provide compelling evidence that they are not the way to go.

While a day may need a plan, life does not, should not, cannot.


One negative aspect of long-term, rigid planning is that you cannot have result-focused expectations. Heck, I expected to be married before 30, when I was close at 33 but it turned out to be the wrong person, I struggled. And it was the result-focused expectation that I struggled with as much as anything.

Something that we cannot control is something that we shouldn’t push. We must improve, always, but accept and appreciate what is instead of wishing for what isn’t.


To take advantage of an opportunity you cannot be tied to something else, so rigid that you cannot leave the good for the great.

Betting on Yourself

You have to grow and improve. Daily. You have to learn and struggle and hustle. Success in any area, has more to do with you than your plan.

Now, you clearly need to know where you’re going – some kind of possibly broad end – and also an idea of who you have to become to get there.

We all have an intuition of what we want – write it down, the house, the power, the money, wealth, family, the ideal day and so forth – and who we have to become (what we have to do) to get there – the discipline, focus, persisence, work etc…

Focus on the growth, the upside, the work in the present and appreciate what is, and let go of this wish for what is not.


1. Accept the worst case catastrophe, be okay with it.
2. Focus on the upside, aiming high, working diligently, taking risks (affirmations help, what one thing are you focused on becoming, repeat it to yourself that you are that already, you end up curbing your behavior to fit what you’re telling yourself).
3. Plan your day, the day before, review your day when you’re planning tomorrow. Know how you’re doing in your quest for improvement. Don’t just exist with no direction, just also don’t be tied to an overall set pal without any randomness. 

Energy tactics:

1. Have a set sleep schedule (wake up at the same time 7 days a week).
2. Take Man Greens + Creatine for focus and mental alertness and recovery.
3. Use work blocks. Focusing only on one thing for at least an hour. The less distracted you are, the more efficient you are, the more you’ll get done in less time, the more time you’ll have to do random fun stuff.

And, stop chasing.

Stop being desperate. 

​Become the man that you can become and ‘it’ will come to you.

Be Legendary,
Chad Howse


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