When we talk about discipline we normally speak of habits, routines that we follow that allow us to accomplish what we want to accomplish.

It’s like the definition of excellence, it’s found in your habits.

When I started studying discipline – especially when I dove into writing the Lost Art of Discipline – I saw the discipline of thought, that is, how we react to things, how we see things, how we view things, even how we view how the world works.

We can see things in a way that benefits us, that gives us power and control and success, or we can choose victimhood.

Victimhood can only be chosen by the individual.

Within every circumstance there is the possibility for some kind of power, even if that power is defiance, or even if that power exists in your mind.

Which brings me to a power video…

Listen, we all go through things, failures, some of them manifest over years and catch us by surprise, sending us into despair and depression.

Others are sharp, stinging moments where we feel that all is lost.

But within these moments there is always a choice.

There is never not a choice.

And the most powerful choice you can make is to create some good out of the pain, to find some good within the torment.

Or, you can not make that choice and instead wallow in self-pity, further digging the hole you need to be climbing out of.

Watch the video, brother.

Get after it.

Be Legendary,

Chad Howse