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Getting And Keeping The Lady: How Testosterone Makes Men Desirable




From beginning to end, the relationship between you and testosterone plays a role in your relationship with your lady…

Or future lady, single guys…

From the more discreet matters of masculinity to those that are more intimate, testosterone makes men desirable.

And today, I’m going to list 7 ways it does so.

And throughout this article I’m going to give you links to my free book, The Man Diet, so that you can get some of the anabolic advantage you need to make an impression on the opposite sex.

So here you go…

Here are 5 ways that testosterone makes men desirable.


Men are wired for competition…

We need it.

In fact, like I cover in my free book, The Man Diet (pick up your copy here), our bodies reward us when we compete by producing a surge of testosterone in order to win competition.

It’s a necessary boost for men to go to battle with…

But this testosterone boost won’t only take place in a boxing ring, on a football field, or on a literal battlefield…

It also takes place when a beautiful woman catches your eye… and you decide to pursue her.

When you pursue a woman, you’re essentially competing with every other guy on the face of the earth for her affection….

And this “competition” increases testosterone.

And for the right lady, this testosterone driven pursuit to win over her love will be one of the causes of winning her over altogether.


Energy is important in any relationship…

Really, what girl wants to be with a lazy guy, who lives a sedentary, complacent and boring life?

There’s a reason women can get lost in fantasy novels, or (if you pay close enough attention) their specific television show of choice…

It’s because they crave adventure (just like you do)…

But not just their own adventure.

Your lady craves adventure with you in the lead.

Men with high testosterone levels also have better energy levels than guys with low testosterone, which makes higher testosterone essential if you want to live up to your lady’s dreams and live out an adventure with her.

Check out my free book, The Man Diet, for dozens of ways to get your testosterone levels to where they need to be by clicking here.


No one likes to be around a moody guy…

Especially not your lady, or, for you single guys, the lady you’re pursuing.

Low testosterone levels can cause some serious mood swings in men…

In fact, like I covered in a recent article about testosterone and depression, low testosterone levels are the likely cause of what we call a “mid-life crisis.”

Healthy testosterone levels will give you a sharper mind, better focus, and will keep you from hormonal upswings and downswings.

Or in other words, you’ll be a pretty even keeled guy – a major way testosterone makes men desirable.


Your physique says a lot about your testosterone levels…

If you’ve got a gut, man boobs, and generally more than 14% body fat, all signs point to low testosterone levels…

And when compared to the other guys, your physique won’t leave much to be remembered.

According to studies, women are attracted to a man with a v-taper physique: broad shoulders, small waist and low amounts of body fat.


Because this physique indicates that you’re a protector and provider, and ultimately, an alpha male.

In my book, The Man Diet, I uncover the workout routine that you should implement to get the best physique on the block in order to win your lady over: her feelings of being protected, her attraction, and her attention.

Grab your free copy of The Man Diet here.


Testosterone makes men desirable

And when you turn out the lights, it’s important for you to live up to that desire…

Because this is where the connection between you and your lady is at its highest point.

In order for you to perform your best in bed, you need to have high testosterone levels.

And as an added benefit, sex increases your testosterone as well.

High testosterone will help you to last longer (more energy), get a better hard-on, will improve your sperm quality so that when you really decide to settle down, you and your lady can start a family together.

So don’t miss out on having great sex when you’ve finally won over the woman of your dreams.

Make sure to keep your testosterone levels healthy.

Action Step

So here’s the deal, guys…

Testosterone makes men desirable to women…

So you need your testosterone levels to thrive from beginning to end if you really want to woo your lady.

For all of the research, steps, tips and tricks to get optimal testosterone levels, check out my free book, The Man Diet.

It’s a simple action step so that you can get and keep your lady.

Grab your free copy of The Man Diet here!


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