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Man Up! Episode #21: The Emasculation of The West with Iben Thranholm




I’m pretty pumped for this podcast because of who I got to interview, a lady who’s saying a lot of the things that need to be said that aren’t being addressed. She’s calling out men, but in a good way. We need masculinity to make a comeback in our society or we’re doomed, and Iben has a wonderful way of highlighting this necessity.

Please, google her name to find out more about her: Iben Thranholm

Also, check out this wonderful interview she did a while back that’s gotten a fair bit of attention:


  1. Mian Tehmas Hassan Gujjar

    Her talk about Islam is very ignorant. No doubt that men are being emasculated. I don’t know how she came to a conclusion that Islam encourages rape. Like Christianity there’s a punishment for fornication and adultery. Act of a few barbaric people should not be viewed as something that all muslims would do or believe.

    Why are people vacating Syria in the first place? Because of US and NATO’s support of rebel groups to eliminate Russia’s control over Syria.

    • All great points – but you have to look at who’s assaulting women on such a large scale and where are women’s rights non-existent? I’m not saying it’s Islam, but they are Muslims and Muslim countries.

      With that said, Muslims on the majority are obviously good people, very good, and are the largest numbers effected by groups like ISIS and so forth, but factions of the religion have regressed and taken a horrible turn, can you agree with that?

      Even in Britain there are now 60+ Sharia law courts that inhibit women’s freedom and make excuses for men who abuse women.

      • Mian Tehmas Hassan Gujjar

        That’s true. I agree with you that there are people hijacking religion for their own purposes.

  2. Mícheál Ó Ruanaidh

    I agree that it’s not exactly Islam as such that’s the problem. Modern Europeans tend to be quite tolerant of religious differences in general, but what we are seeing today is a clash of civilisations. Many men from Muslim countries have completely the wrong idea about European women and what they are prepared to do. While at the same time they are accustomed to women being more submissive with an exaggerated sense of modest dress. There are reports of sexual assault and harassment all over the place, but particularly in Germany and Sweden. In many cases there seems to be a media blackout on the ethnic origin of the attacker if he happens to be of a Middle Eastern background. And I agree that the problem has been caused largely by interference in the Middle East and Lybia leading to an influx of refugees into Europe where the the open door policy of Germany has had disastrous consequences for the whole continent.
    I think the main problem though, as the interview says, is that western European men have stopped being men. Women have emancipated themselves to such a degree that they feel they don’t need men anymore, and men have been raised by their mothers and grandmothers to be too effete, so we can’t protect our women any more. Soon women are going to realise that they do actually need men to protect them, and European men are going to have to wake up.
    I enjoyed listening to the interview, thank you for posting it.

    • Mian Tehmas Hassan Gujjar

      I agree with most things your saying. And a fair conclusion would be that not only Europeans but men all over are losing the manly values. These refugees are definitely a blot on Muslims and no dignified and honorable man would do this.

      10-15 years ago when a girl was sexually assaulted by an ex-mujahideen commander the people got mobilized and lynched him. While a few months ago an Indian general’s rape of an Afghan girl came on the news but nothing happened to him.

      There are honorable people that we can learn from like Swiss nation, people like Mohammad Gulab whose story is portrayed in Lone survivor.I was just reading an article today called “Why I keep Swiss bayonet on my desk” which I had read a few years ago. Check it out.

      • Mícheál Ó Ruanaidh

        Thanks for your reply. As you say, it’s not just European men that are losing manly values- this is a problem the whole world is facing. I just spoke about European men because the interview was focused on Europe. I’ll check out that article you recommend.


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