Why Our Society Needs to Man Up!

Bunch of helmets and armors after the big battle

As our society becomes safer and our lives become easier, we can hold opinions and values and ideologies that do the collective a great deal of harm without much negative consequence.

We know that winning is important, yet we reward both the winner and the loser the same in our schools. We know that there are two genders – a recent study had 10 women stand next to 10 men, then proceed to pull their pants down, and low and behold, all 10 women had vaginas and all 10 men had penises – yet in schools across North America and Europe we’re teaching our youth that gender is something you can think, not something based on science or your biology.

We know that free market economics results in greater equality – both in income and sex – and less poverty, yet we have governments who want to regulate every aspect of our lives and take from those who’ve earned to make poverty easier on those who haven’t.

When you have a society that isn’t hunting for its food nor fighting for its safety on a daily basis, you can invent things like vegetarianism, when we know it goes against our nutritional needs as humans and our evolution as a species.

Some of your hippie friends may say we’ve evolved, but this isn’t evolution. If you’ve ever read a book or even a paragraph on the topic you’ll know that evolution must exist only under the harshest of conditions. Ever wonder why it’s called ‘survival of the fittest’? Evolution is a matter of survival, not choice or belief or things afforded to us by an easy life.

What we’re experiencing is a devolution, a perversion led by the politically correct and the over sensitive that isn’t based on reality and it’s allowed to happen because we’re not thinking about important matters like survival or improvement of the self or winning a war. We’re not even thinking about hunting or how we’re going to make it through the day.

Thus, the pussies, the cowards, the fools who think with their feelings and are led by intentions and not by results are allowed to conjure up the stupidest and most destructive policies and ideologies without blowback or physical harm. (Read This: 5 Ways That Men Are Becoming Little Bitches)

Remove supplements and vitamins created in a lab and you wouldn’t have vegetarians. They’d die off. Wouldn’t that be nice. No more introductions that begin with someone telling you that steaks have feelings too.

Remove the safety and ease in our cities and replace it with a war zone and you wouldn’t have hipster hippies who don’t know if they’re men or women and get offended if you assume either. They’d all die off or they’d have to face reality, that only the strong survive and if they don’t get strong they won’t survive.

Bring the urgency of life as it once was and those freedom-crushing, safety-at-all-cost whores will be begging you to protect them with the same firearms they’d love to take away.

When a government they don’t agree with gains the monarchical-like power that now exists in most western countries that have been bestowed upon them by a weak and fearful voting populace, and they’ll want the freedom they so quickly and blindly gave up in pursuit of a safety that allows them think the bullshit, bleeding-heart fuelled nonsense that will be the fall of a once great and free society.

They’re ignorant, but they’re allowed to be.

You’re not.

You’re a man for fuck’s sake, and one after something more than sucking the tit of society and piggy backing on those who’ve sacrificed and earned their keep.

Heck, maybe you’re a woman and you’re staunchly against that very same sickness that’s eating away at the strength of our culture.

Maybe you’re a parent who’s raising a child and you send them to school where they’re told that their gender is whatever they want it to be. Maybe you’re sick of the evil that confuses already confused little humans and sends them spiraling into a life of depression, devoid of any sense of identity, or dignity, or value to anyone but the center of their universe, themselves.

Maybe, just maybe, you actually want what’s best for everyone, and you’re not so stupid as to think that this is achieved while catering to the insanely minute minority on nearly every issue!

You think, you don’t cry and complain when something goes wrong in your life and you’re sick of people being rewarded and heard when all they do is complain, even about the laws of a land they fled to from a land that gave them no freedom. If you’ve moved here, be here. Be proud of being a Canadian or American or German or Brit, and stop adding that fucking hyphen at the end of your knew nationality to let people know you’re not really here, you’re still back in the land you fled, more proud of what you had to run from than the society you ran to.

You know that toughness is one of the most important qualities a person can have, and that it’s difficult to truly trust a guy who’s never been punched in the face because you know he’ll fade into the crowd when you need him by your side in battle. You know the truths I’ve written about in this article. You know they’re not open for interpretation and you’re sick and fucking tired of these weak little bitches calling you a name when you speak a fact.

You can’t say there are only two genders or else you’re a who-knows-what-the-fuck-aphobe.

You can’t talk about immigrants despising their adopted homeland. You can’t talk about rape and violent crime against women skyrocketing as soon as they opened their doors to people who don’t share their values. You can’t try to stand up for women if it also stands against someone’s culture where rape is a game and women have no status or else you’re called a xenophobe.

You can’t talk about the fall of Native North American cultures at the hands of a policy that still apologizes while asking nothing from a once proud warrior culture that has become dependent on that same government that once colonized them. You can’t cite the jobless rate, the unemployment rate, the sexual abuse rate, the alcoholic rate that may stem from a lack of initiative, a lack of assimilation, a lack of self-responsibility that’s been allowed by a government that still says sorry so many fucking years later, and not to the detriment of us, those participating in society, but to the destruction of a once proud warrior nation that can now only survive with our tax dollars that are either drunk or shot in their veins.

If you actually care about Native North Americans, ask more of them. Don’t pat them on the head and apologize! This may make you feel good but their entire race is becoming okay with being a victim and that clearly isn’t fucking working!

Yet, if you talk about reality, truth, and how things really are you’re called a racist, even though the policies of these bleeding-hearted pussies are the very cause for a decline and dependency of a once great people.

Our society needs a punch in the face. We need to be beaten to a pulp if we’re going to once again live in reality and with the values – led by America’s fight for freedom and their Constitution – that gave power to the individual and created a sense of community that is now all but lost.

When the government is charged with being caretaker to the poor, to those who are different, to those who are in need, the neighbor feels no need to care for those who were once their responsibility.

We’ve had our sense of community taken from us by an ideology that seems to – statistically it’s obviously true – want more poor and less prosperity.

We have a growing tide of the sissified millennial who doesn’t want to earn their money. They think anyone who’s rich must have cheated to get there. They have no pride in how they work and the accept no responsibility for where they are in life nor who they become. They will not fight a war. They will not have the guts to talk about what’s real and what isn’t and they’ll send our society into a spiral that benefits those who will not work and punishes those who will.

Thank God for immigrants who don’t think like this, who’ve grown up in harsher lands and know the value of work, let alone the value of a dollar, while having a true, deep appreciation for their adopted home. My mom was one of these immigrants, as was my grandmother, as are thousands of people who come here wanting to hustle.

Our society needs to man the fuck up or we’re doomed. We hand away our freedoms like they’re candy. We cry and complain about things that are under our control. Vanity is everything. Values are nothing. And if we don’t change this mass pussification, this entitlement culture, this politically correct disease, we’re doomed to exist not as great and proud cultures, but as mediocre slaves that depend on others for everything.

We have it too easy. Our children have it too easy. And the only way things may get tougher is if we allow these freedom-hating, success-despising little bitches to have their way, in which case we’re all doomed.

So take it upon yourself. Buck the growing trends of spending more time on your cell phone than engaging in real conversation. Fuck posting every moment of your life on social media so you can act our a role you think you’re here to play. Get in the real world. Get to work. Get hungry.

Know that discipline is freedom and freedom and liberty are personal, your government cannot give it to you, it is your right bestowed by God. So fight for it. Be aware of what it is and how it’s taken from you.

Don’t get caught up in the world of political correctness. Know what is true and what is not, what is right and what is wrong, and be okay with it. A real man doesn’t get offended, and if you hear a guy say that, punch him in the face, you’ll be doing him a service.

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