Negative Thoughts Eat Away At the Host. They’re a Cancer.

Negative thoughts do you no good. They put you in the victim position. Not only that, they do no harm at all to the external focus of your negative thought.

If you hate someone, that hate hurts you, not them. If you’re bummed out about a situation, the situation doesn’t change, only when you change the situation or react to it in a different way will it be altered to your liking.

When you’re in the company of older generations (and studies have shown this), they tend to know what to worry about, what deserves their negative attitude, and what doesn’t. The thing is, most of the time they don’t even pay attention to things that would put them in a bad mood. There’s no time for such stupidity. If you understand that your life is inching closer to finishing, why would you think about or focus on things that make you pissed off?

This isn’t a hairy-fairy or flaky way of thinking. You don’t turn into some hippie, on the contrary, you’re not angry at anyone who disagrees with you, you’re simply too busy to focus on anything that brings you down.

Give this video a watch for more on the topic: