How to Be a Great Man

How to Be a Great Man

In our heart of hearts we all want to know how to be a great man. When we’re young we feel as though the future is limitless.

We have dreams and anyone who tells us that they’re unrealistic becomes our arch enemy – for the moment at least.

And then life curbs what we attempt. It tells us that there are limits to what we can do and what we can achieve.

We begin to think that greatness and these unlimited ideas about what the future holds aren’t for us. That we just weren’t destined for them, that we’re average, mediocre at best.

We can improve, but only in a limited fashion. The greatness we see and read about isn’t for us.

We feel this because we’ve failed to do anything great, but are these feelings true, and what kind of man actually achieves real greatness?

When you study history you realize a few things:

  1. There are those who are born into the position to achieve greatness that most aren’t, but at the same time, there are a lot of them born into this position who never become great.

So even with birthright there’s a select few who actually achieve greatness.

  1. In most cases, greatness is won not through one’s birth, but through their effort, persistence, and what they’re willing to give to their quest.

The examples of the latter far outweigh the former.

And we all have access to the latter. However, are we born with these characteristics that greatness demands or do we develop them?

I’m sure some are born with more discipline than others, but for the most part things like effort and persistence are decisions, and ones that we can all make.

The Anatomy of Greatness

When you get into the mind of great men, usually by how they act in failure, you see differences from average men, but these differences aren’t innate abilities, rather, they’re decisions that they choose to make.

Men like Theodore Roosevelt, Captain James Cook, and Frederick Russell Burnham repeatedly dealt with failure that would lead most to question whether or not they’d achieve anything.

All great men are faced with failure, even boredom and monotony and prolonged stretches where it seems like their fortunes will never turn.

What doesn’t change – at least not for long periods – is their habits, and their constant belief in their quest or at least in the fact that it’s better to improve incrementally every day than to not (ie through hard work, discipline, and persistence).

What you find is that it’s not talent or an anointed greatness, but decisions.

  1. Don’t let failure knock you off course for too long, instead, learn from it.
  2. Work hard every day, don’t let emotions stop the work.
  3. Commit to certain habits that make you better every day.
  4. Fight imposter syndrome with logic, instead of asking ‘who am I do to X’, say, ‘who am I NOT to do X’.

Example: who am I to give advice about manliness?

Well, I have unique perspectives and experiences that, when shared, have made a difference. I have imposter syndrome from time to time but that prick gets removed as soon as the voice begins to make noise.

Don’t let limiting beliefs stand in the way. You can change your beliefs.

Now, can you achieve greatness?

Yes, but it’s not just an ambition, it’s a duty.

It’s a waste to be anything less than what we can potentially become.

Too many men think they’re relegated to where they currently are, they think that who they are is who they always will be.

That doesn’t have to be the case…

You are your virtues. Your virtues dictate how you act, how you think of yourself, what you can achieve, and what you’re here to do, and what you actually do.

Every great man has developed certain virtues that have helped him rise from the deepest depths to the greatest heights.

Discover the 12 virtues that will help you rise to prosperity, power, and greatness.

You’re here for a very good reason, and now it’s up to you to prove that.

You prove that not by reaching a final end, but by becoming great, by being great, by becoming the man you can potentially become.

Get up. Get after it.

Be Legendary,

Chad Howse

Every Man Needs an Outlet

Every Man Needs an Outlet

“Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.” John Eldredge

I’m a good mood fella. I usually see the brighter side (by choice), I like a laugh, and I do my best to be in the moment, not in a hippie way, but in a more stoic sense, knowing that all I can control is what I do with what I have today.

There is, however, a recipe, a concoction of events that can get ol’ Chad in a bit of a mood.

It usually goes as follows…

I don’t get the work done that I set out to do, which keeps me inside for a prolonged time (we’re talking weeks), which means I don’t get to do the things that put wind in my sails, that make me feel alive.

This might sound selfish, but doing those things, the hiking, shooting, hunting, fishing, and archery and mountain biking, even kayaking and anything else I can do outdoors, makes me better for those around me, and it always leads to me doing better work – which is also good for those around me.

That wee list of outlets deserve importance, even reverence.

They feed the soul like church can, like quality time with the sweetheart can, like some beers and laughs with the fellas can.

They make everything else better. They make me better.

Most of the activities involve struggle.

They all involve nature.

They each require me to be present, in the moment, in the only time relevant and important, while also being able to reflect, think, and put everything else that’s going on in life into perspective.

I’m seeing that these, just like the writing session in the morning, and the workout in the morning, and time with the sweetheart, and reading, research, and filming, need to be scheduled.

If they’re not scheduled, they’re lost, and before I know it ol’ grumpy Chad isn’t performing as well at work, he’s not being a good enough man for his lady and his thinking gets a tad limited.

If you’re busy, and most of us are, you probably don’t find enough time to do the things that put wind in your sails.

But you need to.

These things, maybe it’s fishing or hiking, smoking a stogie on the porch or hopping on the Harley for a ride in the country, make you better everywhere else.

This isn’t a matter of ‘deserving it’.

If you’re ambitious, you likely feel like you never deserve a break, and that there’s always work that needs to be done.

This is how you add fuel to that ambitious fire.

It’s not even about burning out.

We can go a lifetime working every day and not burn out. I think ‘burn out’ is a myth if we’re working well and achieving things.

This is about the work…

It’s about the lady…

It’s about the kids, the family, the legacy you’re building.

To be at your best you have to do things that give you energy, that feed your soul, that add fuel to the fire you have within.

And we all have that fire.

It won’t be fueled sitting on our butt working or watching TV or living a sedated suburban life.

We need to get out there and get after it in more ways that one.

What’s your outlet?

Schedule a day this week to get out there and do it. You’ll come back a rejuvenated, energetic, happy fella and your family, friends, coworkers, everyone, will be happier and better off for it.

Be Legendary,

Chad Howse

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Testosterone Diet: Meals That Help Boost Testosterone

Testosterone Diet: Meals That Help Boost Testosterone

When you’re trying to naturally boost your testosterone levels, having a list of testosterone boosting meal ideas helps. A testosterone diet will have certain foods that help you naturally increase your testosterone levels, but it will also avoid foods that increase estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels.

For instance, you want to have a healthy amount of dietary fat in your testosterone diet, but you want those fats to be in the 25-35% of your daily calories area. You also want monounsaturated fats and saturated fats, while avoiding polyunsaturated and trans fats, as the former help you naturally increase your testosterone levels, while the latter reduces testosterone levels in men. (read: A List of Chemicals That Increases Estrogen and Lowers Testosterone in Men)

You also want your carbs to be around the 35% mark, with most of them coming from fruits, vegetables, and potatoes. Oats are fine, but avoid bread and processed grains.

Protein is important, but primarily to help maintain a healthy body composition. Keep your protein intake at around 30% of your daily calories, or 1 gram per pound of lean mass. (read: How to Boost Testosterone Levels in Men by Sleeping Better)

Caloric Intake

Your caloric intake is also important. If you’re under 15% body fat, that’s good. You should be at a caloric maintenance. If you’re at or above 15% body fat you need to cut fat, which calls for a caloric deficit. Everyone’s different in size, weight, and goals. So the meals below will differ depending on what your goals are.

Pay attention to the contents, then figure out how much you should be consuming.

To figure out how many calories you should be consuming, check out this article: How to Create Your Own Testosterone Diet Meal Plan

If you want me to do the work for you, pick up a meal plan that fits your goals, weight, and will help you naturally increase testosterone here.

With that in mind, here are some solid meal ideas for a testosterone diet.

Keep in mind, options are great, but too many result in not taking action, so I’ve included two options for each meal. If you want more, check out my book, the Man Diet, you can get a free copy here.


Meal 1

  • 2-4 whole eggs (eggs are one of the best testosterone boosting foods on the planet, filled with good fats, cholesterol, and nutrients that help increase testosterone in men)
  • Oatmeal (measurement depends on your daily caloric intake, also has properties that block estrogen)
  • Blueberries (great antioxidant profile that helps protect the health of the cell)
  • Honey (a good source of boron, a very potent testosterone-boosting nutrient)

Meal 2

  • Boar bacon (great source of saturated fats and protein)
  • Fruit bowl (darker berries, pineapple, orange – citrus fruits help block aromatase)
  • 1-2 whole eggs


Meal 1

  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Homemade french fries

Meal 2

  • Ground grass fed beef
  • Sauteed peppers, onions
  • Salsa
  • Plain Greek yogurt


Meal 1

  • Steak (prepare with butter + salt and pepper)
  • Potatoes (boil)
  • Assorted vegetables (broccoli, peppers, onions, garlic)

Meal 2

  • Venison sausage (with mustard for added taste)
  • Potatoes (fried with light amount of butter)
  • Assorted vegetables


I like to fast, so I’ll have the majority of my calories in two meals and a shake.

Next time we’ll cover what to have in that shake, when to eat it, and why it will help you naturally boost testosterone as a part of the testosterone diet.

Next: make sure you pick up your FREE copy of my new book, the Man Diet, to learn how to naturally increase your testosterone levels and eat a testosterone diet.


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9 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

9 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

Do you want to boost your testosterone levels? You SHOULD want to boost your testosterone. High testosterone is associated with lower cases of depression, improved libido, increased income and net worth, overall success, a better, stronger physique, and lower body fat. (Read: the Testosterone Diet for Men)

You’re simply better when you boost your testosterone levels. When you have low T (low testosterone), the opposite is true.

You’ll likely have more fat, low libido, you won’t be able to build muscle as easily, you won’t be sleeping as well or living as well as you can be.

High testosterone is vital for the life you want to live, and the life you want to live, as the strong, powerful, successful guy you can be, is the life you must live.

Keep your body fat low.

You want your body fat percentage to be lower that 15% – ideally around 8-12%, which is lean, but not light. Being a scrawny weakling isn’t going to help you boost your testosterone. A few studies have shown that more body fat = lower testosterone, and it makes sense. (Mogri M, Dhindsa S, Quattrin T, Ghanim H, Dandona P. Testosterone concentrations in young pubertal and post-pubertal obese males. Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 2013;78(4):593-599.)

Estrogen is stored in body fat in men. The more body fat you have – within reason – the more estrogen you will also have. (Cohen P. Aromatase, adiposity, aging and disease. The hypogonadal-metabolic-atherogenic-disease and aging connection. Med Hypotheses. 2001;56(6):702-708.)

You simply cannot have the high testosterone levels you need if you’re fat. Your estrogen levels are going to be too high to allow your testosterone levels to thrive.

Want to get lean? Check out the Testosterone Workout

Get a better sleep.

One study found that every extra hour of sleep up to 8 hours can result in a 15% increase in your testosterone levels. (Goh V, Tong T. Sleep, sex steroid hormones, sexual activities, and aging in Asian men. J Androl. 2010;31(2):131-137.)

Another incredible study found that men who sleep 4 hours a night have testosterone levels at around 200-300 ng/dl while men who sleep 8 hours a night product between 500-700 ng/dl. (Penev P. Association between sleep and morning testosterone levels in older men. Sleep. 2007;30(4):427-432.)

Reducing fat and getting a better sleep are at the top of the list because if you don’t solve these two issues, it’s unlikely that you’re going to reach your hormonal potential.

Take care of these first, then move down the list (some of what follows with definitely help with the first two, in fact, a workout in the morning has been shown to help with sleep and fat loss). (Read: 13 Most Powerful Testosterone Boosters on Planet Earth)

Lift weights.

Weight training helps men produce more testosterone during the weight training session, especially with more explosive, heavy, compound lifts. (Neuromuscular and hormonal adaptations in athletes to strength training in two years. Journal of Applied Physiology. Accessed February 4, 2017.)

But weight training also helps testosterone production in the long run. One study found that after 4 weeks of weight training, young men who’d never previously trained saw a baseline, resting increase in their testosterone levels of 40% on average, and a reduction in overall cortisol as well. (

It’s best to keep the intensity high, using explosive movements as well as heavier compound lifts like you’ll find in the Testosterone Workout

Keep your stress low.

Chronic high stress levels will result in chronically high cortisol levels, which is a hormone that lowers testosterone. While we need some stress, and some cortisol, most suffer from too much stress, and the form that comes from worrying. You need the stress of improvement, not the stress of worrying about things that have not yet happened and may likely never happen. (Read: How to Lower Cortisol and Boost Testosterone)

Get rid of chemical estrogens in your home.

Why are men producing 1.3% LESS testosterone every year independent of age? One of the causes may be an increasing dependence on chemicals.

Much of the chemicals we use in plastics, soaps, shampoo, cleaners and deodorants, and more, can dramatically increase estrogen levels in men.

Watch our for the following chemicals:

  • Parabens – used in sun tan lotions, lubricants, shampoo, shaving gels, toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizers.
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the most common chemicals used all over the world as a way to harden plastics. Most plastics contain BPA, which is a good reason to avoid plastics altogether, when possible.
  • Phthalates make plastics more flexible – again, avoid plastics and keep your eye out for this chemical.
  • Benzophenones are most commonly found in sunscreen.
  • Triclosan and Triclocarban are antibacterial agents found in many antibacterial soaps, lotions, and hand sanitizers.

Compete and Win (and make more money)

Making more money is simply one aspect of winning in life, and men need to win. Money also – if used properly – allows us to have more freedom and to make a bigger impact. In one study done on traders, however, found that after going on a 6-day win streak, they had 78% higher testosterone levels. (Coates J, Herbert J. Endogenous steroids and financial risk taking on a London trading floor. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105(16):6167-6172.)

The benefits of victory, however, aren’t relegated to making money. Any form of competition and victory will help you increase your testosterone levels. Of course, you’ll see a reduction in testosterone if you lose. (Bernhardt P, Dabbs J, Fielden J, Lutter C. Testosterone changes during vicarious experiences of winning and losing among fans at sporting events. Physiol Behav. 1998;65(1):59-62.)

Other studies showed that men increase their testosterone levels when the team they cheer for wins. Of course, actually winning and competing in life is better than watching others do it, but it shows the power of testosterone as a reward system.

The better you are, the more testosterone you should have flowing through your veins, which will make you even better. It’s a cyclical effect, much the same with fat loss. The more fat you lose, the higher your testosterone levels will be, which in turn makes it even easier to burn fat.

Put Down the Beer

Alcohol in general is estrogenic, but beer is by far the more estrogenic of the alcoholic beverages. Enjoy one every now and then (I do). Just don’t get hammered on a daily basis and don’t be a daily drinker of beer.

Eat More Fat

There are a number of studies that show how increasing dietary fat intake can increase testosterone levels.(Bélanger A, Locong A, Noel C, et al. Influence of diet on plasma steroids and sex hormone-binding globulin levels in adult men. J Steroid Biochem. 1989;32(6):829-833.)

The kind of fat, however, matters. Polyunsaturated fats and trans fats lower testosterone in men, while saturated and monounsaturated fats increase testosterone levels in men.

You need fat in your diet to be able to produce testosterone at all. Saturdated is best, which is why a diet with a good amount of meat is a good diet.

Don’t, however, go too far. Too much fat isn’t the best either. You’re going to consume too many calories, and gain too much body fat, and you need carbs (as we’ll see below) as well.

If you want a diet specifically for boosting testosterone, cutting fat, and gaining muscle, check out the Man Diet (get a free copy here).

Eat More Carbs

A couple studies have found that when fat and caloric intake are controlled, a diet high in carbs and low in protein leads to higher testosterone levels and lower cortisol levels when compared to low carb/high protein diets.

I don’t think you should cut out protein, but definitely have a healthy amount of carbs throughout your day coming from sources like fruits, vegetables, and potatoes. (Anderson K, Rosner W, Khan M, et al. Diet-hormone interactions: protein/carbohydrate ratio alters reciprocally the plasma levels of testosterone and cortisol and their respective binding globulins in man. Life Sci. 1987;40(18):1761-1768.) (Testosterone and cortisol in relationship to dietary nutrients and resistance exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology. Accessed February 4, 2017.)