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Depression doesn’t exist in small, hunter-gatherer civilizations – even in modern times…


One reason is that they’re only faced with problems they can deal with.

They have to find food for their family. They have to protect their family. They have to teach their family.

Nothing is known of the problems facing the world, and that’s how it should be…

…At least for the human brain.

We’re evolved to be able to handle a lot, but to daily absorb the fury of the problems this world faces is simply too much.

You might think you can handle it, but at the very least it knocks you off course, off the perfect path to a victorious life.

It sullies your mood, diminishes your motivation, makes you think about things you have no benefit in thinking about.

Some go even further.

We have hoards of young people telling others how to think, act, and vote, who can’t hold a job, can’t keep a tidy house, have never done a tax return or invested a single penny in the market.

Their lives are an absolute mess, and yet they tell others how to live?

So, shut it all down.

For a day, two days, whatever, shut down the world, shut it out, don’t give your energy to things you can’t control and focus only on what you can.

In short, focus on winning.

The thing about winning in life is that YOU choose the game you’re playing.

You choose the path.

You choose what you’re going to work at and become great at.

The recipe for victory is also pretty simple…

All you really have to do is FOCUS!

Don’t argue on twitter. Don’t try to change people’s deeply held beliefs.


Rise early. Lift. Work. Read. Walk. Work. Eat right. Play with your kids. Sleep. Repeat.

The 24-hour news cycle we have today is designed to create 1 thing: emotion.

What they’ve found is that rage is the best emotion to tap into for clicks, views, shares, likes, and in the end, ad revenue.

How good is your life when you’re filled with rage?

Especially at an enemy you don’t really understand and problems you don’t have a solution for?

Ya, it sucks.

You can’t work or laugh. You don’t train or eat right, because what’s the point?

The more you get pulled into things you can’t control, the more angering life becomes, the less effective you become, the further away from your optimal path you’re pulled.

But, the more you click, watch, share, like. The more ad revenue you give the news stations. The more rage you put out into the world. The less dependable, reliable, successful you are.

The best among us know what to focus on, and why.

We focus on our work, because that’s how we continue to move up in the world. It also gives us meaning and purpose. It makes us happy in a deeper sense than does mere pleasure.

We focus on friends and family, because they bring us joy.

We read and study so as to become smarter so we can continue to win at the game of life.

We train our bodies to be dangerous and healthy, so we can live longer, fuller lives, and so we can protect our loved ones just in case…

You play a dangerous game when you’re sucked into issues you cannot control.

The human brain is a powerful, wonderful thing, but it’s only designed to be able to handle what’s in it’s purview.

So, please, for a day, a week, a month, a year, try being present. Try not giving into the rage and fury of things you cannot control, and be the best man you can be for those around you, those who need you most.

Get after it my brother.

Be Legendary,
Chad Howse

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