There are some things in life that get better as they age…

Cheese, investments, solid friendships, and your work jeans that finally break in…

But when it comes to your testosterone levels, eh, not so much.

Your testosterone lowers with age – once you hit the late 20’s mark to be exact.

Which is why it’s important for you to eat to boost your testosterone, get a good multivitamin, and hit the gym the right way.

But did you know that your T-count doesn’t only decrease on a large scale, but on a smaller, daily scale as well?

Well, unfortunately, it does.

From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep your testosterone levels are decreasing…

So it’s important to get them as high as you can before the sun comes up.

So here are 4 simple ways to skyrocket your testosterone levels before 9 AM.

1. Get A Healthy Amount Of Sleep

If you don’t start your day with solid sleep before the sun’s gotten up, you can forget about having high testosterone levels

In fact, the more sleep deprived you are, the more testosterone deprived you will be, making you weak, scrawny, unmotivated and unenthusiastic about life…

Time and again, studies have shown that sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of building testosterone…


Because most of your testosterone is produced while you sleep.

And every hour of sleep can boost your testosterone by 15%

The better you sleep, the higher your testosterone levels will be.

Ironically, as men we make all sorts of plans to be productive throughout our day. And if we don’t plan, we don’t get the job done…

Sleep is no different.

So prioritize getting a good night of sleep with good planning…

Try to clock at least 8 hours of rest so that your testosterone levels will be at their best to start your morning.

2. Meditate/Pray/Journal

When it comes to boosting your testosterone levels, it doesn’t matter when you wake up…

But it does matter how you wake up.

See, if your morning looks like chaos, even systematic chaos, your cortisol levels (stress) rise and your testosterone levels plummet.

So if you want to boost testosterone, you need to wake up better…

A few ways you can slow down your mornings are by meditating, praying or journaling.

Now, meditation, in its purest form means to fix your mind on something…

So meditating in the morning could mean sitting on the back porch, watching the sunrise and thinking about the good gifts you have in life: Your family, your accomplishments, your faith, and even your dreams.

You can also boost your testosterone by spending time in prayer…

Now, of course I’m not suggesting that you should pray in order to boost your testosterone levels, but it is a nice benefit of it.

I also recommend journaling…

Think of your journal as a personal memoir…

It’s the story of your life that’s unique to you and has the potential to impact the unique lives of those around you.

Write about what you’re learning in life, questions you have, books you’ve read.

Whatever you decide to do, start your morning the anabolic way and take control of your mornings so that your mornings don’t take control of you.

3. Drink Some Black Coffee

A cup or two of black coffee in the morning will raise your testosterone according to studies

Black coffee, men.

Not coffee loaded with cream and sugar.

So how does your average cup o’ Joe better your testosterone levels?

Well first off, black coffee doesn’t have any calories…

Which is a good way to boost your testosterone levels in the morning…

Because once you start eating, your testosterone levels begin to decrease.

But the good news is that the caffeine found in black coffee helps to suppress your appetite so that once you get a sip or two in your system, you won’t crave an early breakfast anyways.

So a cup of coffee is a dynamic duo in its own rite.

If you’re a guy who likes to get a good workout done in the morning, black coffee has particular benefits for you in that it’s proven to help build muscle strength.

Whether you’re doing sprints or getting your one-rep max numbers charted, black coffee should be your drink of choice…

Oh and just in case I wasn’t clear, I’ll say it one more time:

Black Coffee, men.

4. Take A Good Probiotic

Good gut health is key to having healthy testosterone levels

If your gut is out of whack when you wake up, you’re missing out on much-needed morning testosterone.

Here’s the deal…

Your body is made up of 100 trillion bacterial cells, which is more than the amount of stars there are in our galaxy.

So I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that bacteria are important…

And your gut is loaded with both good bacteria and bad bacteria…

But the problem is that the bad bacteria are perpetually causing your cortisol levels to rise and as a result, your testosterone levels to plummet…

So how to you combat it?

You need a good probiotic.

Good probiotics effectively reduce the amount of bad bacteria in your gut so that your testosterone levels can be at their best.

And here’s a study to prove it:

Male rats (having a similar biology to ours) were split up into two groups…

One with a probiotic and the other without a probiotic.

And the results of the study were undisputed.

The rats that were fed the probiotic:

  • Prevented age-related shrinkage
  • Increased testicle size by a significant amount
  • Increased testicular weight
  • Increased testosterone levels by a significant amount
  • Increased social domination compared to the controlled group
  • Increased sperm production and performance
  • Increase luteinizing hormone, a precursor to testosterone

The probiotic group simply had better testosterone levels than the controlled group.

So if you want to boost your testosterone levels, this one’s pretty simple: Try out a good probiotic and be consistent with it.

I recommend you check out this probiotic.

It’s called P3-OM and has been acclaimed as a superior anabolic probiotic for guys looking to increase testosterone levels.

Grab it for yourself here.


So there you have it, men.

4 simple ways to skyrocket your testosterone levels before 9 AM.

Don’t waste your morning s anymore.

Rise and shine by giving your testosterone a rise as well.

Until next time, stay manly!