The Death of Liberty as We Know It


Liberty is the most important right within a society. As soon as you shut someone down because they disagree with you, liberty and freedom die.

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Liberty is the right to think, speak, believe, and defend in whatever manner you want. The government can’t tell you who to be nor how to live. (Read This: Our Quest for Equality is Killing Our Liberty)

These are rights under God, not under the rules and regulations of someone – an entity – that you employ.

And what we’re seeing today are regulations being placed on our words. Most of us just go about our business because it doesn’t really affect us. But it’s these incremental changes that will remove our freedom entirely.

As we are today, both in countries like Canada and the U.S. and in Europe especially, we’re really not free.

Some like it like this so long as they have perceived safety. They’ll gladly believe certain things, think how they’re told, and hand over their guns if someone takes the responsibility for thinking freely and for self-defense away from them. (Read This: You Can Take Safety, I’ll Have Freedom)

That’s what’s wrong with a democracy, most are blind. They don’t want to think so they vote in a way where they don’t have to think. They want you, I, and everyone else to believe what they believe, to think as they think, so they vote in laws that crush individual liberty and freedom.

In Canada, there are governments who are now regulating speech in cities like Toronto. They’ve identified 30 genders (what the fuck!?!) in New York, and if a business owner doesn’t identify someone by the ‘gender’ they want to be identified as, they could be liable.

The freedom of speech is freedom, it’s the foundation of all other rights and liberties, and governments in seemingly ‘free’ societies are beginning to regulate it.

The right to bear arms defends the right to free speech, and when you see places like the UK or Australia ban guns  (with no positive effect to homicides – the U.K.’s homicide rates increased after their ban), the people become easier to control and rights become easier to seize.

California’s senate just voted to excuse themselves from their state’s rigid gun laws. No one wants to not be able to defend themselves or hunt their own food unless they really don’t care about freedom.

And so we have millions of people who don’t want liberty, they could care less about freedom, they don’t want to be able to speak their minds nor defend their families, and our rights are taken because they’re blind cowards.

Regardless of what you believe, be it pro gun or anti-gun, pro free speech or if you get offended when someone says something that’s different from your line of thinking, STAND FOR THEIR LIBERTY AND FREEDOM.

You can believe what you believe and they can believe what they believe, and you’ll find far more common ground than venomous differences.


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