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Man Up! Episode #22: Have a Plan, Don’t Depend on Motivation




Depending on motivation is what losers do. Winners rely on their habits. You have to force yourself to work, you have to force yourself to write.

Getting in the habit of waiting for motivation is what losers do. It’s a horrible way to live and to work because you rely on the whim of the muse.

You CONTROL the muse. You tell that bastard when to show its face.

Get in the habit of working when you set times to work, and your degree of motivation should be irrelevant. You’re a worker, regardless of whether you feel like it or not.


Titan by Ron Chernow – Book

Methodical Persistence Beats Motivation Every Time – Article


  1. Wait, you don’t start your day with 3 hours of meditation, journaling and working on your vision board?

    Seriously, this was really good. I’ve heard some of your ideas elsewhere, in good books like The One Thing and Essentialism, as well as courses I’ve paid for. While I’m not opposed to a quick morning ritual (prayer, brief journaling and planning, etc.), some self-improvement “gurus” recommend a long list of activities that kill most of your morning. This is especially true for us 9-to-5 types trying to work a side hustle at home.

    This is great stuff. Keep it coming!

    • thanks man. ya the whole spend hours ‘preparing’ makes no sense to me, it takes your best hours away from you. morning routines should be quit and have a purpose to them.


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