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Man Up! Episode #9: Why You’re Not Succeeding with Mike Matthews




Only a couple years ago Mike Matthews wrote a book, what followed was another book and then a web site and then a supplement company and in only a handful of months he created one of the most popular fitness web sites on the internet.

How, in an industry that’s somewhat set in stone, did he burst onto the scene pretty much doing what few – if any – had done before?

That’s what we cover in the podcast.

We go over what it takes to build a profitable business, a real business and not just a revenue stream like so many internet entrepreneurs have, and how to write books.

This podcast isn’t for people who want the easy way. Though he created a successful business very quickly, it wasn’t done with the snap of a finger, nor has he sat back and rested on what he’s done thus far.

Books recommended in the interview:


The One Thing



The Road to Character

Links to Mike’s site and the supplements I recommend you try:




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