There’s a myth that we all hold…

Each of us thinks and dreams that when the time comes we’ll rise to the occasion.

The occasion can be a job interview, an economic crisis, a financial crisis in our own homes or a fight that needs to be fought. The truth is that none of us rise to the occasion, we simply fall back on our training.

If you lack training, you’ll fall back and into the bad habits you’ve already created.

Your ‘training’ is your habits and what you practice. If you expect to rise to the occasion and defend your family, then you’d best start training how to fight or how to use a gun in stressful situations. If you expect to rise to the occasion when you face a financial crisis in your life you’d best start practicing frugality today, heck, why not just stop doing the things that will lead you to a financial crisis in the first place?

Save, invest, and don’t get caught up in the consumerism trap, one where image is more important than wealth and worth and value.

No, you won’t rise to the occasion, at least not if you don’t train and prepare yourself to be equipped to do so in the first place.

Take action on the Lost Art of Discipline