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ai en aristeuein; Always Be the Best

I remember college philosophy as being frustrating. The professor never took a hard stance, never said this is right or this is wrong and would throw out the phrase “slippery slope” any time a good point was made. I learned quickly that the best way to get a good grade was to side with the […]

Declaring a War on The Dad Bod

Being a new dad I’m involved in many different parenting and dads groups on Facebook. And over the last weekend I bumped into a disturbing meme – it had a fat guy in the background and the text read something along the lines of “dad bod – proof that you spend more time with your […]


In the movie Limitless, Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer (Eddie Morra) who’s introduced to a “smart drug” called NZT-48 – a pill that allowed Cooper to write 90 pages (of his books) in one sitting, learn languages quickly, and beat the stock market. Essentially, he becomes just that: limitless. (Read This: How to Create […]

The Darkside of Fitness: You’re Chasing The Wrong Goal

What you learn from the process of transforming your body through physical training – the grit, toughness, perseverance, and commitment – should bleed into every other aspect of your life, making you stronger in every area of your life. But there’s a darkside to fitness, too. Sometimes, if we’re not careful, something that has the […]

How to Eat Like a Man Every Day

Social masculinity appears to be on the decline which is why sites like this wonderful one have popped up to help men reclaim their manhood, become better at being men, and to become better men. While the art of being a man is being threaten by relic status, actual manliness on a biological level is […]


Life is filled with ebbs and flows, highs and lows, moments where we’re insanely productive, followed by moments where we’re relatively useless. Last week I took a trip back to Vancouver to visit family and friends and enjoy a wonderful Easter dinner with the folks. While the trip was great, my productivity and my routine […]

You Can’t Be Called a Man Unless You Have…

A man must stand erect, not be kept erect by others. ~Marcus Aurelius I remember being a kid no more than 4 years old watching my dad play hockey at a rink close to the townhouse I grew up in. I don’t remember a thing about the game, just images of a bent nose with […]

How Society is Making Winning, Evil

I couldn’t believe it. As the newscasters went through the different pros and cons of the political candidates, one candidate’s wealth was deemed as a knock, something that would be held against him as people went to the polls to vote for their next leader. (Read This: Your Idea of Equality Isn’t Very Fair) It made […]

5 Reasons Why Real Men Train for Strength

Being strong is about far more than heavy bench pressing. And although it’s nice to be able to deadlift 4 plates for multiple repetitions, it’s much nicer go to bed at night knowing that you’re able to protect your family. (Read This: The Code of Manhood) That’s why it’s odd to me when guys ask […]