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Man Up! Episode #9: Why You’re Not Succeeding with Mike Matthews

Only a couple years ago Mike Matthews wrote a book, what followed was another book and then a web site and then a supplement company and in only a handful of months he created one of the most popular fitness web sites on the internet. How, in an industry that’s somewhat set in stone, did […]

The Hard-Core Approach to Rock Hard Abs

Virtually everyone will tell you that they want to have six pack abs. Those same people will tell you that they want to live in a huge mansion with a Lamborghini in their driveway. These are nothing but preferences that people set for themselves. Everyone believes that they want the finer things in life. Unfortunately, […]

Man Up! Episode #8: Be Unbreakable

If all a man were to do is work hard at what he does and never quit he would acquire the grit and the toughness necessary to live a meaningful, purposeful, and most important, useful life. We see men being weakened almost daily. We see it in how we vote, and we want to remove […]

How Martial Arts Can Change Your Life

Your relationship with failure will dictate your level of success in every theater of life. Most people spend their entire lives avoiding it, never realizing that it’s a prerequisite for success. Our school systems have conditioned us to value obedience and perfection. The majority of college professors have very limited life experience outside of a […]

Man Up! Episode #7: How to Win Your Day Feat. Dave Ruel

Today’s podcast is with a guy I’ve known for some years now. We do a monthly call where he helps me with some business things. His name is Dave Ruel. He’s built 8 businesses now. The guy knows his stuff as far as how to create what you’ve envisioned and how to build both a […]

3 Tips to Avoid Getting Fat Over Christmas

THREE WAYS TO MAKE THIS DECEMBER THE BEST MUSCLE BUILDING AND FAT BURNING MONTH OF YOUR LIFE WHILE EATING THE FOOD YOU LOVE- BY LUIS RYAN DIAZ Let’s face it December’s here and you are going to be put through hell if you try and go on a diet right now. Instead embrace holidays, enjoy […]

The Death of Self-Reliance

It is unmanly to blame another for your failure. We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions. ~ Ronald Reagan It’s unmanly to think that someone is responsible for […]