Man Up! Episode #8: Be Unbreakable

If all a man were to do is work hard at what he does and never quit he would acquire the grit and the toughness necessary to live a meaningful, purposeful, and most important, useful life.

We see men being weakened almost daily. We see it in how we vote, and we want to remove freedoms because we’re afraid of being taken advantage of or we want someone else to be in charge of our safety.

This is what it means to man up! It’s responsibility for your life, your actions, and your welfare.

A man doesn’t need a caretaker! So why do so many want exactly that from their government while also aiming to remove the freedoms of those who want to be in charge of their own lives?

It’s time to wake up fellas. We go deeper into it in the podcast, but make sure you check out this article as well: Grit & Gameness: How to Be Good at Being a Man