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3 Micronutrient Deficiencies The Are Wreaking Havoc On Your T- Levels




Whether your 59 or 19 having high surging testosterone levels will make a big difference in your mood, sexual performance and appearance…(Experience This: The Man Diet)

Having experienced the effects of the getting the “micro-game” right and getting it horribly wrong I can attest to how much of a game changer getting the little things right will make in your life. Not only in the gym but also at work, in your relationships and towards your pursuit of becoming an alpha man who kicks ass in all areas of life.

In this article I’m going to discuss the three micronutrients that are ESSENTIAL and proven by science to play a key role in upping T-Levels naturally.

So if you deficient in any of the these then by normalizing your levels will have a positive impact on your testosterone levels.

I am also going to address so key details that will guide you when buying supplements and how to take each one so your actually absorbing the stuff.

But first here is the trap that 97% of guys fall into….

What most guys fail to address are the simple things such as a sound diet, quality sleep and knowing which micronutrients they need to be concerned with getting enough of.

Unfortunately many guys fall into the trap of buying outrageously expensive and ineffective T boosters and libido enhancers that has not been proven to work by any credible source….Its just a bunch of herbs in a bottle.

The fact is no fancy supplement (legal supplement) I know of can make up for taking care of the basics…sleeping right, exercising consistently, eating right and of course having more sex (this study showed that less sex could really, knock your testosterone levels down a bit.)

If you can get these things right on a consistent basis consistent basis then you will have
• Better sex
• Less fat
• More muscle

So let me stop beating around the bush about these all important micronutrients and give it to you straight.

If your t-levels are low then it may be linked to a deficient in magnesium, zinc, or vitamin D3. You need to be sure to pay attention to these three micronutrients in particular.


The studies show that low levels of magnesium are associated with lower testosterone levels. Also it has been proven that restoring this deficiency back to normal levels will restore your lagging testosterone level. However, it will not boost your t levels above normal if you are already getting enough.

A major concern for athletes is the loss of magnesium through sweat. Restoring this loss of magnesium is important for anyone one sweating a lot on a daily basis.

Buying and dosage:Elemental Magnesium is the true form of magnesium and its what you need to be concerned with when buying magnesium. Other forms such as magnesium citrate, magnesium diglycinate, and magnesium gluconate, are forms of magnesium that are commonly sold in supplement stores.

Be sure look on the label to find out the amount of elemental magnesium the product contains and not just the combined form. Magnesium gluconate is the form I use if you use it be sure to take it with a meal for optimal absorption. A standard dose of elemental magnesium is 200mg. Try to hit this number daily.

Best Sources: Shellfish, avocado, pumpkin seeds, dark leafy green (kale, spinach) and dark chocolate.


Zinc is found in high levels within the testes. A shortage of zinc is often linked to low testosterone levels.

Zinc is another micronutrient that is lost through sweat so its very important for anyone sweating a lot on a daily basis to replenish their zinc levels.

Restoring your zinc levels back to normal has been proven to bring testosterone levels back up with it.

However don’t over do it. Too much Zinc can cause GI problems and be detrimental to your kidney and liver health.

Buying and Dosage: Just like with magnesium check the label to see how much elemental zinc the supplement contains the standard dose is 25-30 mg. The label will list the elemental amount so use it for comparison.

Zinc does not absorb well with magnesium or calcium in large doses (over 800 mg). I take it with food to help abortion.

Best Sources: Oyster, crab, lobster, poultry, beef, chickpeas, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, kale, pumpkin seeds and whole grains.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D supplementation has been shown to increase free testosterone levels and protein bound testosterone levels…. Period. However, the devil is in the details.

Depending on where you live, your skin color and your diet you make or may not need to supplement with Vitamin D. However Vitamin D is super cheap so you won’t be breaking the bank if you need to.

Buying and Dosage:If you live near the equator and get lots of sun already then you should be fine. However, getting your vitamin D levels tested is always a good idea. Remember if you have darker skin you don’t absorb Vitamin D through sun-light as well.

As for dosing, the study above used a dosage of a little over 3000 IU. As you can see from the study testosterone levels were up all across the board by 25% after one year of supplementation. So if you know your deficient in Vitamin D then it would be a good idea to follow the protocols listed in the study above. Note Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin so taking it with a fat source is best for optimal absorption.

Vitamin D2 or D3?

There are actually two types of Vitamin D, D2 and D3. The one you want is D3. The D2 form is commonly added to food products (no good). Vitamin D3 is the type your body makes in response to sunlight exposer (good).

Finding a Quality Vitamin D Supplement
A few tips for buying a good quality Vitamin D supplement
1. Make sure it uses D3 not D2
2. For many reasons such as absorption and purity choose a supplement that uses capsules not tablets.
3. Use websites like examine.com and labdoor.com to do your homework and know what to buy before you fork over any cash.

Best Sources: Direct Sunlight (not through a window), Mushrooms, fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines)

Testosterone Takeaways

• Before spending a dime on supplements take care of the basics (eat like an alpha male (go here for more help with that), get quality sleep, skeet more (not masturbation but sex), follow a solid training program.

• After you have maxed out those. Go ahead and get tested to see if you are deficient in these micronutrients.

• Use the tips here to fix those deficiencies and set a goal to hit your specific micro nutrient numbers everyday.

Bonus Secret for keeping you T Levels surging………..

Stay LEAN! Typically that’s sub 12% body fat (my opinion) but there’s plenty of evidence that going up higher than 15% is going to have negative effects on testosterone and your ability to pack on lean muscle. I like to air on the side of caution and use mini cutting protocols when my body fat levels get around 12%.

Sum Up

If you fix your micronutrient deficiencies you will most likely fix your testosterone problems and ultimately become manlier.



Author Bio:
Luis Ryan Diaz
Nasm CPT

Luis is a certified personal trainer and NPC Mens physique competitor in West Palm Beach, Florida. He coaches individuals and groups online and in person. Most of his work is with athletes and young adults for strength, size and aesthetics. You can contact Luis at Luisryanfit.com or at [email protected]

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Instagram: @luis_ryan_fit
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