People think others are lucky. No one ever thinks that they are the benefactors of luck.

It’s a worldview that leads to envy and even depression.

We see our own lives as a series of blessings and curses. Rarely does anyone say I’m one lucky dude. If we get something we usually pat ourselves on the back, thinking we earned whatever we got. Other times we thank someone else for helping us out of for the blessings we’ve been given.

We don’t, however, attribute the good things in our lives to blind luck or fortune, but it’s not a bad thing to do or a bad way to think.

A buddy of mine genuinely thinks he’s lucky, and when you look at the myriad of odd, fortunate events that have taken place in his life in the past decade, you’d have to agree with him.

What is it, though?

Is it pure luck, or is it the belief in his own luck that consistently leads to endings that no one saw coming?

The Chicken or The Egg?

I know it’s his view, not the event.

Most people have lucky or fortunate things happen to them, or almost happen to them, but they’re too busy, too stressed and worried and afraid to recognize the horseshoe nestled in their butt – they (we) continually walk by opportunities and then see our lives as rough, unfortunate, lacking all luck or fortune.

As a case-study, my pal has an upbeat attitude on life. He’s always up for a good time, game to party or work hard or take a meeting. He’s made some odd moves that should have hurt business, but ended up compounding his business.

An open mind with a smile attached to it is nearly impossible to defeat.

The Take Away

I’ve seen the effects of the mindset that you’re lucky versus the effects of the mindset that you’re unlucky – the results are the result of the mindset, not of the circumstance.

If you think you’re lucky, you are lucky.

A quick exercise:

Write down 5 lucky things that have happened to you in the last month.

You could have had a role in making them come to fruition, but recognize the fact that good things tend to happen to you, and always be open to opportunities for other good things to come into your life as well.

It’s a simple mindset change that you can carry with you in your life if you choose. (Read This: 3 Things You Need to Become a Great Man)

This is something I’m actively adopting. I’ve seen its effects.

Work your ass off. Create your own luck, but see life with open eyes and a smile on your face knowing that, no matter what happens, the result will be a fortunate one.

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Chad Howse: Chad’s mission is to get you in the arena, ‘marred by the dust and sweat and blood’, to help you set and achieve audacious goals in the face of fear, and not only build your ideal body, but the life you were meant to live.

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