Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. ~ John D. Rockefeller

We do what we’re expected to do and too often these expectations are those of an average man, a mediocre man. (Read This: Fuck Mediocrity)

You have to pair this with MLK’s quote about doing your job better than anyone else can do it. The pursuit matters a great deal, don’t dare sell yourself short in what you aspire to achieve, but wherever you are right now you have to live as that man that you aspire to become.

Don’t be afraid to be something better than what you are and who you are and what you aim to do everyday.

Give up the good to go for the great. It’s a decision, one that’s backed by actions that fit a higher standard.

These actions creep into your thoughts, you can’t lend your mind to dirty, negative, unproductive thoughts if you’re to give up the way that most people live and become something better, aspire for something more. You cannot share the same habits as the average, those who give their time to TV and gossip and envy and even dreaming.

Don’t allow negative thoughts to grab your mind, instead, appreciate where you are and what you have and the fact that you can shape your future if you so choose.

It starts with a decision, sure, but it has to be carried out in your thoughts and actions and in your daily habits and it has to be in stark contrast to who you were because, well, who you are right now isn’t who you can be and who you can be and the life you can pursue are your duty to chase.

This isn’t a decision that should have to be made. To actually consider the choice of doing average work, choosing a mediocre path, versus doing more work, having more discipline, being more ambitious, should not be a choice, but a duty that each man pursues.