Not to feel one’s misfortunes is not human, not to bear them is not manly. Seneca


To be a little bitch is not manly (another way to put it).

Your misfortunes are yours and they’re yours to bear. That sounds incredibly insensitive, but it’s also true. We’ve gotten away from truth lately. We’ve created victims where there aren’t any.

We’ve ignored the roles of the sexes. We’ve turned our back on the fact that there is such thing as manliness, and it’s earned not innate. It’s earned through bearing one’s burdens manfully, with honor and courage and strength.

This isn’t to say you don’t talk about them in an effort to find a solution, it’s simply to say that you don’t complain about them, or talk about them looking for someone to save you from your misfortunes.

A reality you, I, we all have to come to grips with is that we are where we deserve to be. This place may suck, it may be warranted, or we could have simply lost the birth lottery. The reality is, however, that we are here for a reason, and it’s our duty to end up in a much better place. That doesn’t merely mean financially, but in our relationships, in the value we give others, in the men we are.

That better place is earned by bearing misfortunes with honor. It’s won by acquiring greater obstacles that come with more audacious goals.

Do not wish your misfortunes would go away. Bear them. Bear them with your head high and your mind set on finding, no, creating a solution.

You’re a man, don’t forget, and men don’t whine or wish, we forge onto victory.